Catalyst Ch. 44

Chapter Forty-Four: Runaway Bridal Party

(Wedding Arc Finale)

Jason’s POV:

So, the Ancient Pythoness and her Sugar Mama know all about what’s up. She even knows about my telepathy. Apparently, she’s known since Sookie and Eric Bonded. That was when the vision came to her.

The Pythoness, who saw what we would become, witnessed two futures. In one, we continued to hide our advantages, in another we came out on this night. In the first world many ancient vampires lost their existences. In the second, the loss was way down. Unfortunately, in both possibilities, the Ancient Pythoness does not see herself existing much longer…

‘Do not tell them about me, Young One,’ the Pythoness doesn’t beg, but somethin’ in her mind gets to me. ‘We will stand behind your bloodline, but you cannot tell Diedre or your family what is to become of me.’ After the commanding thought, there’s this glimpse of an image. Just a little scrap of foresight. It’s Diedre in the arms of someone taller than her. I can’t tell much, ’cause I’m seeing it from a downward perspective. It’s like I’m looking at Thorn from someone taller’s perspective, but there’s some arms around her in a loving kinda way. Just like that, the image is gone.

Do you know me, Young One?” the Pythoness asks simultaneously, ‘Do you understand?’

Yes, M’am,” I swallow hard. How long will I have to keep this from everyone? But if the Pythoness says no one can know, then I gotta be strong and keep this part to myself.

‘In both time lines, the only thing that stopped the deaths was my own. However, without your family’s abilities outed, the wrong party will go unpunished, and a whole new problem will grow.’

I see the countless humans screamin’ and fleein’. I swallow hard a few times as I realize what it is the Pythoness has to see all the time. All I can do is hope she gets to see nice things from time to time too.

Thank you, M’am,” I murmur. I hope she knows when I say that, I mean for her sacrifices and the pain she’s probably had to endure for a very long time.

Leanin’ into Godric, I give him my best ‘I need to talk to you now‘ face while Diedre talks to Eric and Sookie. He gets my point, looks at Eric sternly, and then leads me out to the balcony. At first, I look at him in confusion. The balcony doesn’t offer any privacy from Supes, but he answers my confusion by bear huggin’ me and flyin’ up into the sky.

Speak quickly,” Godric tells me impatiently when we are up so high no one could ever hear us.

Uh, Pythoness obviously knows everything. She’s sayin’ if we don’t come out now a lot of people and vamps will lose their lives,” I tell him. “If we don’t make our announcement tonight, it could start a timeline we can’t hope to fix later. Diedre and the Pythoness have our backs, though. They’ll stand with us.”

Fuck,” Godric growls low under his breath. I admit, he doesn’t curse much, so it catches me a bit off guard. As we start descendin’ toward the balcony, Godric tells me, “Keep up appearances. Keep your sister calm. If I could tell you were having a telepathic conversation, so could she. After the humans leave, we will make our announcement and simultaneous exit. Your and Pam’s jobs are to get Camilla and Sookie to safety. Fuck the hotel. Head straight back to Shreveport. We will regroup there.”

Yes, Master,” I tell him a bit cheekily. I don’t usually do the vampire formalities, but he’s gone into full-Maker-mode, so I can’t really help myself. Godric actually sighs and rolls his eyes a little bit once we land.

First thing I do is write out a note for Pam. Godric does the same, but for Eric, and then goes to my brother-in-law’s side. I find Pam as quick as I can, show her the note, and watch as her face remains politely stoic. Damn, these vamps can keep a straight face when they need to!

Pam takes the note and burns it on the candle on a nearby table’s centerpiece. Across the room, I see Eric doin’ the same thing as he nods to Godric. A human at that table gives Eric a confused look but, other than that, he just shrugs and goes back to starin’ at the dance floor.

None of the vamps in the room look like the burnin’ of notes is anything suspicious. Obviously, because there’s some things that are just meant to be between members of a bloodline and no one else.

Once everyone’s brought up to speed, except Sook and Cammie, Eric takes my sister back onto the dance floor and makes a show of dippin’ and spinnin’ her. They’re gonna have some beautiful weddin’ pictures of the two of them dancin’.

All too soon, the humans start leavin’ and I know that our playtime is comin’ to an end. Once all the mortals are gone, Godric will only have a short amount of time to make the announcement. That’s when Pam and I make our designated moves. I grab Cammie and Pam grabs my sister so we can disappear among the departin’ guests. Pam’s changed Sookie into a dress that appeared out of nowhere and we meet out by the door.

Soon we’re all piled into the Escalade and tearin’ toward the highway.

Someone wanna explain what’s goin’ on?” My sister asks in confusion.

Pam chucks a metal and plastic wand at me and tells me to sweep the car for bugs before she’ll explain anything. I climb over seats and find nothin’. I guess they learned it was a waste of time and resources, buggin’ our cars.

The Ancient Pythoness knew of your brother’s ability. She has issued a warning that if we keep our powers hidden, great misfortune will befall both humans and vampires,” Pam tells them.

Sook nods, “I figured the Pythoness knew about my brother. Cammie and I looked a lot like Jason and the Pythoness did when we were having conversations no one could hear. Too long periods of silence, too many meanings to my responses.”

Yes,” Pam nods, “even I knew what was happening.”

So, what’s the plan?” Cammie asks as she relaxes into her seat.

We are driving straight back to Shreveport,” Pam tells her. “We will wait for Godric and Eric to return to the farmhouse, and then we will decide from there what it is we must do.”

Somethin’ in the tone of Pam’s voice makes my body tighten. She doesn’t sound so confident. She actually sounds a little concerned and I know if Pam’s worried, the rest of us should be shittin’ ourselves. What aren’t you sayin’, Pam?

Godric’s POV:

Northman, where is your Bonded Bride?” Sophie-Anne asks of my Child, scanning the room curiously. She is understandably surprised to see the newlyweds separated. Even though vampires hold no considerations for human marriages, they are still aware of their significance to humans. Therefore, undoubtedly, she is curious to why Eric’s Bonded would have left his side on their wedding day.

I had her leave ahead of me,” Eric replies firmly. “There are matters that must be negotiated now, so this is no place for her.”

Sophie-Anne smiles at his statement and waves her hand for us to address our requests. No doubt the Queen is assuming we are vying for a decree for Sookie to fall under her Queendom’s protection. Our actual requests will certainly create a riff in our relationships!

Sookie is not human,” Eric tells her and the vampire chatter dies behind us. All attention is now upon the throne as my child and I open a whole new world for those who had believed they had seen everything. “Upon my Bonding to Sookie,” I feel Diedre’s hopeful stare and I find her gaze, briefly, among the fifty or so vampires in attendance, “the bloodline of Gaul became immune to the sun.”

The silence that falls after Eric’s announcement is a silence that can only occur within a roomful of vampires. No breath is taken, no eye blinks, no heart beats. It is a silence of death. Diedre and the Pythoness are the only ones among the throng who lack any note of surprise in their expressions. Still, their masks do not match. Where Diedre wears a face of hope, the Pythoness wears a face of hesitation. What is that look?

And what, pray tell, is your Bonded Bride?” Sophie-Anne asks in a quiet whisper. The sound of weight shifting behind us alerts me to the presence of a potential blitz.

She is a descendant of an Angel,” Eric tells her as we had discussed in one of our many different scenarios for this moment. Feeling the room beginning to contract around us, there is little option other than to warn that a fight with us is one that will not succeed. “Which means that her lifespan is one without end. She is a true immortal and now so are all who share the magic of her blood. Even Master Godric’s Mate has been gifted the benefit of living immortality.”

You are telling me that…that the entire Gaul line is immune to any final death?” Sophie-Anne demands quietly. Her face speaks of displeasure and disbelief.

I am,” Eric confirms. “You may try to take my head right here and now if that is your desire, but it will only provoke a fight, one you cannot win. We will fend you off until daybreak, and then end what would have sparked a war.”

Then what have you stayed to negotiate?” Sophie-Anne hisses angrily. I both feel and see ourselves being enclosed by the minimal mass of vampires; Jorge leading the mass. What fifty of them plan to accomplish when the likes of Joan and Russell are standing, shocked, yet unmoved, along the edges of the mob, I could not say.

Finally, it is my turn to speak. Turning to face both the queen and all those in attendance, I call out, “It is the desire of the Gaul line to secede from the vampire community. From here forth, we will not interfere with vampire politics and we will not be interfered with by vampire politics. That is our offer. We ask that in return for peace.”

A violent murmur rolls through the crowd, some voicing outrage and others disbelief. Finally, Diedre silences all with a raising of her arms and impossible silence fills the room once more.

Are you saying you refuse to act with or against vampire policy?” Diedre demands, but I can see a glint of hope.

There is no point referring to things that have not yet happened. Therefore, in my most commanding voice, my reply is simple, “I am saying that my bloodline wishes to exist alongside the human race rather than the vampire race. However, we do wish to offer peace. If the vampire community finds itself needing our assistance, we will happily come to its aid.”

Diedre looks pleased by my response, “I see.”

You are siding with the breathers over your own kind!?” Sophie-Anne demands shrilly.

We are siding with freedom,” I reply. “The freedom to live, not merely exist.”

Camilla’s POV:

Pam and Jason are being quieter than I am used to. Normally the two are making rude jibes at one another or lewd innuendos that are both creative and simultaneously embarrassing. Seeing them both this quiet, though, is worrisome.

Guys, everything’s going to be okay, right?” I ask from the backseat where Sookie and I were shoved upon our escape from the Queen’s estate.

Pam glances at me from the rear-view mirror and I see her shoulders lift. A shrug is promising. A shrug implies she is more at ease than I thought, but I can see the sternness in her eyes, which isn’t a good sign, and I’m left stumbling in uncertainty about the situation.

Truly, the only comfort I can take is Godric’s emotions. He’s calm, occasionally amused, but there’s a sense of caution about him that has me on edge.

Don’t worry,” Sookie takes my hand and gives it a good squeeze. “They’ll be fine. The most you can do is stay calm and don’t distract them. Okay?”

“I wish I could do more,” I whisper.

Me, too, but, for now, this is it,” She squeezes my hand again and I let out a resigned sigh.

Before Sookie can comfort me further, I feel a surge of anger and maybe a little bit of glee. Sookie must be feeling something similar coming from Eric because our hands simultaneously clutch one another’s. I hear Jason gasp in the front seat and could swear Pam’s body tensed up.

Is this a fight?!” I ask anxiously.

No,” Pam answers me sharply. “This is something far different than a fight. They are gloating.”

Sookie groans, “What about approachability?”

It would seem that option was not met with enthusiasm,” Pam replies.

Which means?” Sookie demands impatiently.

Pam lets out another sigh, “More than likely they will be forced to fight their way out. Eric will love that! Either way, our request to be treated separately from the vampire community will be respected.”

I can feel Godric calm suddenly, maybe even a small inkling of disappointment. I wish I knew what was happening!

Eric’s POV:

Damn Endymion!

I watch as the Voice of the Pantheon approaches the dais where Godric and I have announced our bloodline’s newest status. There is a hush amongst us Supernaturals and Endymion smiles smugly at the attention his presence commands.

Good evening,” Endymion begins in a rather professional timbre. Gone is the jovial, teasing cadence he usually maintains around my bloodline. In its place rings a voice of authority and little patience. “It is my duty as the Voice of the Pantheon to inform those in attendance to spread word far and wide among those of Supernatural ancestry and creation that the Gaul Line is to maintain human appearances as the multiple supernatural communities make themselves known to the world of mortals.” The command brings no questioning murmurs. No one dares to risk obscuring Endymion’s decree. “Susannah Stackhouse-Northman is a creature sent by myself and the Pantheon to maintain balance between the supernatural and mortal worlds. Through Fate, her heart has chosen the Gaul line to represent her support. I do not appear before you to sweep the Gaul line into the Divine Protection of the Pantheon, nor threaten with our wrath should they be harmed. I appear now to assure you that the immunities and abilities of the Gaul line are ones of truth and those who wish to take up arms, be assured your true deaths will be imminent. The Gaul line needs no sweeping protection from the Pantheon. They are more than capable of protecting themselves. Take them on at your own risk, and lose the peace offering they have extended to you all.”

There is a pause in the silence as if one burning question can be contained no longer. Finally, a hidden face shouts, “Why give them such power!?”

Endymion’s body tightens, justifiably angered at being questioned by a lowly vampire, “Because this world is on a precipice of destruction. Within it, a cancer is festering and we need Susannah to rid this world of it. In this world lurks a darkness that only a God or Goddess could rid. Susannah is the answer the Pantheon has sent.”

Without another word, Endymion vanishes before our eyes and in his place, are faces of anger and disbelief. I can read resentment there. I can see pair after pair of eyes wondering, demanding, to know what makes the line of Gaul so much greater than their own. Why should our bloodline receive such gifts and not theirs? The answer is simple, of course.

Because Sookie is mine. In this world and the next. Because I make Sookie a hero where others make her a damsel in distress. In return, she makes me her hero, someone whom she can look up to and she makes me kinder. Yes, where I give Sookie strength, she gifts me with compassion. The truth behind her power is not the strengths or immunities she provides; it is that she makes me care for more. She makes me desire the intangibles. Sookie is the harbinger of love. She makes me love her and she makes me love any world with her in it and all those she loves. That is her true power. She is an Angel of Love.

Pam’s POV:

How do I tell them that we may not be able to take on this human façade of which they all dreamed?

It would destroy Jason to learn he won’t be able to pretend he’s still human and explore his dream of becoming a teacher. What can we do, though? If we do not offer some sort of gesture of subordination, we will be fending off attacks from all angles.

The complications of our new gifts grow more and more each day. I charged headlong into those gifts, never fully appreciating the complications they brought. Now that Thorn and the Ancient Pythoness have shown themselves to be less than trustworthy allies, our secession from the vampire community is likely to become much more complicated.

Endymion did warn us that our relationship with the vampire community would never be the same again, I remember nervously. Even though we cannot be killed, the prospect of being attacked endlessly or being constantly on guard protecting Sookie and Camilla is daunting.

Still, these fluctuations within Godric and Eric are curious, if not plain-old confusing. At this point, I have no idea if Eric’s announcement is one merely stating we are daywalkers, or if it is a declaration of our bloodline’s secession from the vampire community. Godric and Eric had planned several different circumstances and responses for this very moment. The only consistency to those options was that Jason and I were to remove Sookie and Camilla before any action was set into motion.

So, here I drive North, returning to the farmhouse, and wondering what life I will be leading from this moment forth. Will I live an existence of freedom in the sun, or freedom in the moonlight? Will I escape the persecutions our kind may expect in upcoming years, or openly exercise my overwhelming power and abilities freely? I have hidden my true power for over a century. I have learned to protect myself without exposing my gross advantage over mortals. In my mind, the only freedom I truly want and desire is the sunlight. I want to stroll in its golden rays and watch the beautiful women jog half-naked through the parks, their breasts bouncing and glistening with sweat in the warm sunlight. Hardly any women jog half-naked at night through the parks, and there are no twinkling beams of light to make their bodies glow invitingly.

There is a calm in the connection with Eric and I feel him and Godric speeding toward us. No doubt they have taken to the air. Perhaps we will have our answers upon arriving in Bon Temps rather than waiting there for answers.

Eric’s in the air,” Sookie announces and then blushes. “Sorry, I forgot Jason can feel Godric now,” she confesses with a laugh.

No worries, I was wonderin’ why he was movin’ so fast,” Jason replies with a chuckle.

Feels like they made it out without a fight,” Sookie frowns. “Does that mean they didn’t announce anything other than the daywalking?”

Maybe they made a really good demonstration of how futile a fight with them would be?” Camilla suggests hopefully.

We will know in two short hours,” I tell them sharply. “It would be best not to speculate before then.”

Though my words bring respectful silence from my companions, I know they are all doing exactly as I am, wondering about what the future holds. Two hours, even for immortals, is a long time to wait to know the path your entire future is now headed down.

Sookie’s POV:

Eric!” I yelp excitedly as I lunge out of the car and fling my arms around my Bonded. Camilla’s done practically the same thing as me with Godric and she’s nuzzlin’ into him as we all walk toward the house.

What happened?” I ask impatiently as we are walkin’ up the porch steps.

Before Eric replies, he scoops me up into his arms and carries me through the front door Godric opened for us. His lips press to mine as he carries me over the threshold, and then sets me back on my feet.

We are no longer under vampire rule. We are, for lack of a better term, humans,” Eric tells us with an expression that shows a surprising lack of disgust. I’m not at all oblivious to the fact Eric thinks himself a far greater caliber of creature than human. “Officially, we are free to walk about in the day.”

YES!” Jason and Pam yell, raising their arms up into the air excitedly. Jason turns to her for a high five, which Pam rolls her eyes at, but begrudgingly returns. I have to laugh at their sudden show of exuberance, mostly ’cause they were both so tight-lipped and solemn over the last three hours. Seein’ that somberness break is both relieving and entertaining. It’s like two kids who just found out they’re goin’ to Disney after havin’ the chicken pox!

Though Jason still needs to complete his newborn year before he can comfortably remain aware throughout the day,” Godric reminds my brother and he scowls openly. And that’s the look of a kid bein’ told he’s too short to go on Splash Mountain, I think pityingly.

But no vamp formality crap?” Jason asks hopefully.

No vampire formality,” Godric agrees with a smile. “However, you will need to forgive Eric and I if we fall on old habits. You must understand we have over a thousand years of that “formality crap” guiding us.”

We all laugh and crowd up in the livin’ room to talk some more. Discussions about our next course of action, timelines for how long we can remain in one area before our lack of aging forces us to depart. Heck, we even talk about findin’ Camilla a magic tutor now that her powers are starting to resurface.

Finally, sometime around five in the mornin’, everyone leaves for their own houses and Eric turns to look at me.

What?” I ask, tiltin’ my head curiously at his intent gaze.

Eric smiles and pushes a stray lock of hair from my face, “I was just wondering if my bride was interested in consummating our marriage?”

The question’s barely outta his mouth and my butt’s jumped off the sofa impatiently. “Darn right I am!” I tell him, reachin’ for his hand to drag him to our bedroom. He laughs again as he finds himself in our bedroom with a needy, new wife climbin’ him like a tree.

So impatient!” he chuckles against my mouth as I yank his shirt open and rake my nails through his curly chest hair. I give a lock of it a tug, makin’ him let out a little snarl. “How am I going to make your wedding night special if you do everything yourself?” he asks as my hand is already undoin’ his pants to play with his hardenin’ cock.

I was thinkin’ you’d put it up my butt,” I tell him with this devilish wink I’ve developed in the past year and a half. Eric looks at me stunned. “What? I gave ya one virginity for our Bondin’, I figured you’d get the other for our wedding.”

You are the strangest girl,” Eric tells me, his eyes full of lust and humor, a strange combination, but mighty powerful. “You barely handle two of my fingers up that tight ass of yours,” he rumbles against my ear and I melt.

I’ll take anything and everythin’ you give me, Darlin’,” I assure him with a moan.

Gods, I love you, Sookie,” he whispers and catches my ear between his teeth. I cry out at the attack and bring his hands against my body to rub them all over. We haven’t had sex all week, which is really like two weeks since we’re both awake nonstop. It’s been torture, but I don’t want to leave our lil’ love nest until the end of winter break. We’re not even havin’ a Christmas celebration this year just so I don’t have to leave the house.

My anticipation for the next few weeks is pushed to the back of my mind as Eric pushes me onto my back on our bed. His mouth is coverin’ me in kisses, but I ain’t had him in a week and I just want him inside me, makin’ me forget it’s been so long since he’s been where he’s supposed to be.

Eric, please, I don’t wanna play. I want you so bad,” I tell him weakly, drawin’ my arms and legs around him. His mouth covers mine now and I feel one of his hands trace down my body to test between my thighs. How can he not tell how bad I need him!?

When he’s satisfied with the fact there’s a flood worthy of Noah’s Arc between my legs, Eric wastes no time divin’ himself deep inside me. I cry out when he’s finally home and wrap my limbs around him tightly, keepin’ him in close for a moment longer, and savorin’ how long seven days felt without this familiar sensation.

In no time at all I feel myself start to cum and as the tremors are still wrackin’ my body, Eric flips me onto my front and drives right back in. I cry out at the roughness, but it’s an appreciative cry. Lord knows how long it’s been since I’ve felt any sort of genuine discomfort durin’ sex!

Of course, I know the reason he’s put me on my chest and knees and I’m proved right when I hear the click of a tube of lubricant and feel his thumb pressin’ and probin’ at my backdoor. I just let myself get lost in the stroke of his cock and try to enjoy the far less common sensation of fingers strokin’ and twirlin’ up my butt. We’ve been playin’ back there for a few months now and I take his fingers easily enough. I’m relaxed and maybe a bit impatient to finally try anal sex.

Are you ready, Dear One?” Eric whispers against my ear and I shiver with anticipation and arousal.

Uh huh,” I mumble my consent and take calm even breaths to keep my body from coiling from the excitement. My Bonded Husband chuckles as he can feel exactly what I’m doin’ in the Bond, but I feel him slip from my pussy and start pushin’ against my butt. “Ah, ah!” I do my best not to panic at the sudden pressure and fullness and Eric stills to let me accommodate the girth I’m not used to.

Slowly, Eric starts to slip deeper and deeper until I feel his curls pressed firmly against my bottom.

Like a pro,” Eric tells me and I feel his wonder and marvel at my newest accomplishment. I want to laugh at his awed voice, but the sensation of him fillin’ me in this new way has stolen my words. Instead, I grunt and gasp as his hips buck short, soft little bucks against me. “Gods, Sookie, I finally have all of you. Every inch of you is mine at last,” He’s bitin’, lickin’, and kissin’ my neck and ears. Down one side, up the other and back again. It’s arousing and soothing all at once.

I find myself widening my thighs a bit and pushing back ever so slightly to encourage him to move more. He takes my silent hint and begins to openly thrust inside of me and it is the strangest sensation of wrong and right I’ve ever felt. When his free hand finds my clit and begins rubbing at me, all former ideas of ‘wrong’ are thrust away, everything becomes just right.

I love you, Sookie,” Eric tells me as his hips start to move in a familiar rhythm. He’s not bein’ careful anymore. He knows I can take it just like I said, that my body can recover from him being less than gentle, and that I love the less than gentle.

I love you, too, Eric,” I tell him in a much higher voice. Anal sex definitely isn’t my preferred act, but hot damn, does it change up the game!

My husband snarls at my words and I feel his movements become more erratic until he’s pressed as deep as he can get. I feel his cock begin to pulse in a way I’ve never truly felt before. Admittedly, feelin’ him cum inside my butt is much different than when he cums in my pussy. It’s like my walls are holdin’ him so tight I can feel every little quiver of his cock. That’s so sexy, I think with a tired moan and a slightly kinder criticism for anal.

Shower?” My husband asks me and I know it’s a sensitive way for him to offer cleaning me up.

Mmhmm,” I agree. “You gonna do me again in the shower?”

Of course,” he laughs and lifts me into his arms.

As I’m placed carefully on my feet in the shower and the water starts to fall around me, all I can do is reflect on the last two years. All I can think to do is thank every one of my lucky stars as my husband wraps his arms around me in the warm spray. Officially, I am home with my husband, enjoying an evening in.

On to Chapter Forty-Five!


11 thoughts on “Catalyst Ch. 44

  1. jules3677 says:

    The cats out of the bag about the Gaul line. But Jason has a secret, will Godric use a Maker’s command to discover what he is hiding? They are a small step forward in becoming another species!

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  2. ericluver says:

    Well, their announcement went over like a lead balloon but obviously Endymion showing up made a difference somehow because there’s been no violence…yet!

    So now the Gaul line is separate to the vampires. Wonder what this will lead to?

    And a sexy wedding night for the lovebirds.
    Great chapter.

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  3. mom2goalies says:

    Have to wonder how Jason will handle the secret he has been made to keep? Her loss will be a shock when it happens. Eric may have looked forward to a fight and proving what they said but I think Endymion appearing was probably more effective. Their lives will probably not be boring.

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  4. murgatroid98 says:

    They sure stirred up the vampire community. Endymion ‘s arrival convinced them where nothing else would have worked. I’m sure Sophie Anne would have loved taking advantage of the family’s presence in her territory. I think Russell and Joan are likely to be allies. I would love to see more interaction with the AP and Thorn. There is something important in what Jason saw. Great, too short as usual, chapter.

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  5. tleel says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm I’m wondering if the AP hasn’t just given Jason a look on who his bonded will be with that look at someone’s arms wrapped around the Thorn but not letting him see the face of who’s arms are doing the wrapping. I agree I believe Russell and Joan will be there allies, thou I do see QSA being a thorn in there side with her childish acts and. I’m sad to see that the AP will be meeting her end, but then again she may be seeing that as her reward so she doesn’t have to see things she can’t change without further dire consiquenses (or however you spell it).

    Another great chapter looking forward to the next one.

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  6. galwidanatitud says:

    i can see in the future a load of problems from Sophie Anne, as bratty as she is. it was a great risk revealing themselves like that but i guess the power that might be decided for them.
    excellent chapter, as always. 🙂

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  7. ashmo2000 says:

    It’s finally public knowledge that the most feared bloodline is now more powerful and scarier. I’m sure there will be plots to take them out and for that an example will be made. Unfortunately the fight is not over and hopefully the vamps will catch on and give the Gaul bloodline the peace they asked for.

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  8. redequus says:

    Damn! Jason is just now having to deal with what Sookie has dealt with in the past…only the shit he’s hearing is quite a bit heavier!
    I feel like Godric would be one to hand out Gibb-slaps. Lol.
    Approachability! BWAHAHAHA! Since when does that and Eric go in the same sentence?
    Holy monkey balls! That was HOT!


  9. desireecarbenell says:

    I am glad that the Vampire world knows about the Gaul line. I do see trouble as some vamps might think that taking Sookie will transfer power to their line. Jason may be Diedre’s bonded. Maybe the AP will not die now that the voice has made known the wishes of the Panthenon.


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