Catalyst Ch. 24

Chapter Twenty-Four: Back Home

Eric’s POV:

We are home,” I announce after I open the condo door. With my Bonded and her brother starting college in a week, Sookie and I have decided to return to the Shreveport condo after arriving from the airport. It makes far more sense to do this rather than return to Bon Temps.

I’ve missed this place,” she tells me with a soft smile.

I have missed the privacy,” I confess with a leer. Sookie giggles at my confession and wraps her arms around my neck to bring me in for a kiss.

England, though entertaining and a good distraction for my Bonded and her sibling, was not the ‘honeymoon’ I had expected. Endless days and nights of fucking were what I had planned. Instead, we went sightseeing, exploring, and I was witness to my beautiful one inebriated for the first time in her short life. Though it was amusing to see her in such a fog, she quickly discovered it was not as much fun for her since her telepathy was amplified, and she found it hard to differentiate thoughts from words.

We ended up leaving the pub quickly after she answered one too many unasked questions.

My wishes for fucking and debauchery were quickly extinguished, having Stackhouse sharing our dwelling. Sookie demanded soft lovemaking, rather than unbridled, headboard banging, in deference to her brother’s proximity, and I willingly obliged.

Now I have her all to myself.

Sookie,” I murmur against my Bonded’s lips.

Hmm?” she purrs against my mouth.

I am going to fuck you,” I tell her point blank.

She whimpers at my declaration, and I feel her arms tense as she jumps and wraps her legs around my waist. “Really hard?” she asks breathlessly.

Even your living immortality will not allow you to walk by morning,” I assure her while I walk us toward the bedroom.

No,” she hisses and I frown at her resistance. “Not the bedroom. I’m so sick of beds. Fuck me right here,” she tugs at my hair imploringly, then leans backward toward the wall.

I snarl and push her against the wall beside the door, setting her bottom on the entryway table. I am yanking off her jeans and panties, and she is pulling away her shirt and unclasping her bra. Once she is naked, I drop to my knees and spread her thighs wide before enveloping her sex with my mouth.

She is panting in no time and I nip at her inner thigh, making her yelp. “Make noises, Dear One. You do not have to be quiet any longer,” I remind her.

Ah, Eric,” she complies while I lick the weeping lips of her pussy. Wrapping my hair tightly into her fist, she guides my mouth where she wants it, and I attack her clitoris mercilessly. “Oh, yeah,” she moans, then arches her spine.

Once I feel her climax approaching, I rise from my knees, pull my shirt from my chest, and quickly undo my pants. Her legs wrap around my waist after my trousers drop and pull me in toward her needy sex.

Grasping her hips, I shove my cock as deep into her waiting entrance as it can go and then proceed to fuck her upon the small table. Sookie howls and clings to me while my hips buck furiously against hers. Her hands are in my hair, her mouth finding every available inch of skin to kiss and lick as I continue my punishing rhythm.

“Yeah, Darlin’,” she moans more excitedly while she writhes against me. Small gasps and heady moans escape her lips after I lift her off the table and continue bouncing her on my cock. Somehow, I manage to toe off my shoes and socks while I keep slamming her against me and kick my pants to the side. Even as I continue to drive into her, earning every sultry noise echoing past her lips, I am already making my way to the kitchen.

I plant her bottom on the counter where two surfaces make a corner. I unwrap her legs from my waist and place her feet on either counter, then pull her ass from its perch, so it opens her wider, allowing me to plant myself so deeply, Sookie’s eyes are filling with tears.

Her bottom is only an inch or so lower than the counter, but I know she is not strong enough to hold this position for very long. Therefore, I make certain to take my limited time to my advantage. My hips accelerate to vampire speed, and Sookie’s mouth opens with an endless cry of pleasure that quickly crescendos in to a shriek.

The orgasm is sudden and swift and by the time it ebbs, Sookie is wrapping her legs around me once more, so I support her weight while she undulates frantically against me. Grasping her ass firmly with one hand, I give the other cheek a sharp swat, making her cry out and move as fast as she can. She bites my lip and pulls at my hair as her throat grunts and gasps for air.

Next, it is the dining room table. I pull out, drop her to her feet, spin her around, and push her chest against the new prop. Her legs are shaking from the exertion she has already spent, but I do not care as I spread her and reenter. She digs her nails into the lacquered wood, howling at my abrupt entrance, but her chant, “Yes, fuck me! Yes, fuck me!” assures me she is still enjoying herself.

Slapping her ass again, she rears back against me. I alternate cheeks until both are a pleasant shade of rosy pink. I am squeezing her bottom, spanking it, and spreading it as I ram into her from behind. She has already climaxed numerous times by now, but I am staving off my own release until I have brought her to completion with the stimulation of her ears.

I have discovered that if I nip at her cartilage when she is on the verge of orgasm, her inner walls will milk me dry of all emissions, and I want to fill her with all my pent-up desire.

Feeling her enthusiasm begin to fade with exhaustion, I lean over Sookie’s back and give the shell of her ear a firm nibble.

The explosive orgasm she experiences draws out my own. She is screaming and the upstairs neighbors are stomping for us to be quiet, but I could not care less for their ire when I snarl out during my own orgasm. I roar against Sookie’s ear while my hips push tightly into her backside and jerk several times.

Once I am spent, I slip from Sookie’s liquid embrace and fall to my knees behind her. I watch her pussy pulsing as her orgasm stills and the first drops of our combined passions trickle from between her swollen lips.

Push it out, Sookie,” I tell her softly as I reach up to spread her labia and ass. “Push it out and I will fuck you on the sofa next.”

Then will you order me a pizza?” she asks drowsily.

“Anything,” I assure her and then moan when I see the white dew. My mouth is no longer my own as it instinctively seeks the fountain of the sweet cocktail she stirs inside her. I sink my tongue deep into her, drinking our passion until she experiences a weaker climax that forces the remaining dregs into my mouth. Licking my lips while I pull away, I trace my hands up her legs before catching her at the waist and carrying Sookie to the couch. “Order or fuck first?” I ask after I throw down a blanket, then drop her atop it.

Pizza first,” she mumbles while her legs magically open for me.

Close your legs and I might be able to concentrate long enough for that,” I tell her amusedly while I reach for the phone on the coffee table.

Shakily, her thighs close and she turns on her side to assure they remain closed for now. After temptation is out of view, I quickly dial her favorite pizza place and order a large cheese pizza for delivery. Then I proceed to fuck my Bonded into the couch until I am interrupted by the delivery boy.

Making sure Sookie is well-covered, I head to the door, only pausing when she reminds me to put on my pants. I chuckle and slip on my jeans, reveling in the way the crotch and thighs stick to my skin because I have spent the last four hours inside my woman.

After I answer the door, the young man opens his mouth to state the cost, but it slackens when he stares past me to the disheveled blonde on my sofa. Once I tilt the door to obscure his view, the child shakes himself out of his stupor, hands me the pizza, and accepts my payment. I notice him staring at me strangely and hear my Bonded giggle lazily from the living room.

After I set the food on the coffee table and bring her a drink, I pull Sookie’s legs into my lap. “What were you giggling about?”

Look at your stomach,” she giggles again, reaching for the pizza box.

Glancing at my abdomen, I see it smeared in our love juices and chuckle to myself. That poor boy will probably have quite the tale to tell his coworkers after he returns to the shop!

How are you feeling?” I ask Sookie after she shoves half a slice of pizza into her beautiful mouth.

Hungry!” she tells me with a moan.

For?” I ask teasingly.

Pizza,” she grumbles while she quickly devours the rest of that slice, then reaches for a second.

After you finish eating, would you be so kind as to feed me?” I ask.

Feed you what?” she taunts, arching her hips toward me.

Mm,” I lick my lips. “I think first I will eat your pie, then wash it down with a drink.”

Sookie giggles and nods her head, “I think I can serve you a pretty saucy pie and beverage.”

Laughing, I pick up one of her legs and kiss the top of her foot.

Before either of us say another word, my cell phone begins to ring and I pull it out of my pocket. It is Ludwig.

Good evening, Doctor,” I greet.

I need to do Sookie’s ovulation eval,” Ludwig states.

Shall I have her dress?” I ask.

You know I do not care, but she does not need to be nude. If you believe she will be uncomfortable naked, then you should tell her to dress,” she explains.

Will it take long?” I hope not.

Only fifteen minutes or so,” Ludwig assures me.

She is eating right now.”

She can go fifteen minutes without eating,” Ludwig replies. “I will arrive in five minutes.”

Snapping my phone shut, I turn to Sookie, “Ludwig will be here in five minutes to do one of her evaluations.”

Sookie immediately jumps off the sofa and scrambles for her clothes. I am grateful that she forgoes replacing her undergarments.

By the time Ludwig arrives, Sookie has eaten half her pizza and is only just beginning to slow her consumption pace.

Good evening, Little Girl,” Ludwig greets after she drops her bag next to Sookie’s pizza.

Good evening, Doctor,” Sookie replies kindly.

Ludwig eyes the pizza with annoyance, “Will you drink some of your water and refrain from eating for the next few minutes?”

Sookie pouts, but nods in agreement. After taking a sip of water, she crosses her arms over her chest patiently.

Ludwig has her rise and begins measuring her. She hands Sookie a small cup and tells her to provide a sample. While my Bonded is gone, Ludwig digs in her bag for a syringe and collection vial. Once Sookie returns, Ludwig takes the urine and applies it to an applicator before taking the necessary blood sample.

Based on the ‘home’ test,” Ludwig states after the results are in, “there are no abnormally high fluctuations in your luteinizing hormones. They are about what we would expect from a human beginning ovulation. Endymion told me that your hormones must be excessively high to allow you to become impregnated by your Bonded, so it is my best guess that this is not a cycle where you will be fertile enough for vampire impregnation.”

Sookie and I nod in understanding as Ludwig pops a thermometer in Sookie’s mouth.

When was the last time she slept?” Ludwig asks me.

On the plane home,” I answer.

Ludwig groans, “Little Girl, when do you plan to sleep again?” We have discovered that my Bonded can remain awake for quite a long time when sufficiently fed.

Probably the night before my classes start,” she mumbles around the thermometer.

Looking at me, Ludwig states, “Call me when she is asleep for a few hours, so I can take a basal body temperature.”

Yes, Doctor,” I nod.

Taking the thermometer from Sookie’s mouth, Ludwig nods and writes down the results, “Slightly elevated, but I suppose you have been keeping her active.”

Very,” I agree with a grin.

Do we really have to do this every month?” Sookie asks sadly.

Yes. Until I know how your body is supposed to show signs of being fertile for vampire impregnation, we must make note of all fluctuations,” Ludwig tells us. Picking up another of her tests, Ludwig nods, “And you are not currently pregnant,” she announces.

So, when I ovulate or whatever, should Eric and I use some sort of protection?” Sookie asks.

That depends,” Ludwig frowns. “Given we do not know how often you will be able to become pregnant, there is a good chance that you could be waiting some time before your opportunity comes around again. Also, if you do ovulate like the fairies of the Queen’s dimension, you might not have much choice of becoming pregnant. From what I’ve read of that Ludwig’s notes, you will be completely insatiable, which might make condoms impractical, and there is not a pill or shot I am aware of that works as birth control for fairies.”

Sookie frowns and then whispers, “What if I don’t want to have kids?” I look at my Bonded in surprise.

What are you talking about, Sookie?” I ask, completely thrown by her question.

Ludwig is frowning as well, “Little Girl, is there something you want to share?”

Sookie plays with her fingertips, my beautiful, self-doubting Bonded, and it breaks my heart. After a moment of silence, she whispers, “When I chose Eric, I knew I was givin’ up havin’ kids. Not just because he couldn’t get me pregnant, but because if we adopted or did artificial insemination, they’d have to make a choice one day of whether to be immortal. At first, I didn’t want to take that gamble because if they didn’t choose immortality, I couldn’t bear to lose them. I knew I couldn’t force them to be turned or they’d resent me all their lives,” Sookie takes a deep, shuddering, breath. “Now, I can have my Bonded’s babies and they’ll be born immortals, and it feels like I’m still forcin’ them to be something out of my own selfishness,” she finishes quietly.

I stroke my Bonded’s back, unable to find words to allay her fears.

Ludwig merely shrugs and says, “All children must accept the repercussions of their heritage, Little Girl, whether they are degenerative heart conditions, diabetes, or immortality. Frankly, I’ll take immortality.”

But I chose this,” Sookie is still whispering.

You did,” Ludwig nods. “You made a decision with your heart before you had time to think of these repercussions. In time, you would have had to ‘pay the piper’ for that decision. It cannot be helped.”

But what if it happens real early and I’m still not ready to be a mom?” Sookie protests.

That is a bridge we will cross when we come to it,” Ludwig shrugs.

Sookie huffs irritably, and I rub her shoulders to help ease her souring mood.

If that is all, I will take my leave and perform the tests I need my office to run,” Ludwig announces while she packs away her items and then takes her leave.

Eric, did I damn our future babies?” she asks me.

I shake my head, “Dear One, with you as their mother, they cannot possibly be damned. Even with me as their father, they will be blessed.”

I feel the weight on her soul lift and I encourage that with all the love and devotion inside me. “Eric,” Sookie asks, “what if I get pregnant while I’m still in school?”

It is a possibility, Dear One, but you could always take a semester off to have the baby and then return afterward,” I tell her. “I will be home during the day to watch the little one and you do not need all that much sleep,” I remind her.

I guess,” she sighs sadly.

It irritates me how Ludwig effectively managed to take my Bonded out of the mood for unbridled debauchery, but with the frequency that I am inside her, the topic of children is probably an important one. Still, I much prefer this conversation over her terror at giving birth to immortal children.

Unlike most college-aged women, a pregnancy will not delay your education for long, Sookie,” I tell her. “However, since discovering that we would be able to have children together, I have thought quite a bit about the topic. I have a few…requests.”

Sookie raises her eyebrows, “Requests?” I nod slowly, praying this discussion goes better than I have anticipated over the last two months. “Please, submit your requests,” she says, sounding frosty.

I would like very much if you would stay home with our children until they begin school,” I tell her in a tone I have discovered is the perfect blend of ‘I am entirely serious’, but also ‘there is room for negotiation.’

Sookie blinks several times before a wide grin lights up her face, “Really?”

I frown, not having anticipated this response, “Yes?”

So, if it doesn’t happen while I’m in college, I get to stay home with our babies until they start school?” Her face is beaming. Floundering from the happiness in our Bond and the joy on her face, I can only nod.

She will quickly overcome this guilt over not giving the children a choice about immortality. My Sookie is a ‘Mrs. Cleaver’ at heart. She has longed to be a stay-at-home-mother and homemaker.

Sookie?” I begin hesitantly. “Do you want to go to college?”

She nods frantically, “Yes! Absolutely, I do. I just really don’t want to have to sacrifice anything when I’m a freakin’ immortal! I have nothing but time, and even if I don’t have the quarter-century ovulation and have six kids in six years, I don’t want to miss a second of their lives. I want to raise them and love them and be there for them,” she is beginning to cry at the thought. “I have the option of doing that because of you. I know you would easily and happily support us, so I could always be with them.”

You are absolutely right,” I agree with a soft smile. Reaching over, I run my thumb across her cheek and brush away a stray tear. “I was concerned you would not see the long-term of my request and feel as if I was trying to keep you barefoot and pregnant.”

That would be fine by me!” she assures me. “Barefoot and pregnant, career driven and focused, tied up in our bedroom… Darlin’, I want it all!”

Tied up in our bedroom?” I smirk at her offer.

Ready and waitin’ for you, whenever you want me,” she purrs teasingly.

Leaning in, I capture her lips with my own and eventually tell her, “That sounds like a perfect game for winter break. Right now; however, I think I want you to hold your thighs open for me and offer a meal.”

I smile as my Bonded giggles and rises to remove her clothing once more. As she settles back onto the couch and opens her sexy limbs for me, I am overwhelmed by how absolutely perfect she is. I am floored by what a lucky motherfucker I am!

Sookie’s POV:

Eric’s tongue is licking and probing my ear. Fuucck-

I told you that was a terrible idea,” my Bonded murmurs as I jerk awake, panting and aching.

Those ears,” Ludwig is starin’ at me wide-eyed and she seems pretty impressed. She’s holdin’ a thermometer that takes my temp through my ear, and I realize I had been dreamin’ about Eric’s tongue against my ear. “Good Basal body temperature, though,” Ludwig announces. “That was all I needed.”

She vanishes with a loud pop and I whimper. “Eric,” I whine.

Yes, Dear One?” He crawls on to the bed, already pushin’ my legs apart to settle between them.

Don’t let the doc touch my ears,” I tell him sternly.

I told her it was a bad idea,” he assures me, rockin’ his hips, and rubbin’ slow and slick between my folds. I don’t know if it’s fluid from last night’s pre-bedtime activities, the dream, or that thermometer in my ear, but I’m super wet and achy. “Oh, Sookie,” Eric rumbles while his thick cock pushes against me with only his boxers keepin’ us apart, “your juice is soaking through my clothing!”

I whimper and throw my head back, “I want you in me,” I tell him weakly.

My thighs are pushed open wider and he pulls away briefly before I feel his tip nudging inside me. I arch and twist as he dives into me, stayin’ in real close and hard. “Fuuuck,” I whimper desperately after his mouth finds my ear and gives it a long, mischievous lick. I feel my inner walls give him a quick, hard hug that makes him snarl against my ear.

Eric makes hard love to me until I’m sated enough to fall back to sleep. He knows that when I get turned on by my ears, it takes a lot of effort to calm me back down. It’s only gotten that much more intense since I started havin’ sex. I don’t know that Ludwig’s right, that it will ever go away. Honestly, I don’t know if I want it to. The orgasms are so amazin’ when my ears get played with durin’ sex, and Eric’s already a master over them.

No one will ever know the amazingness of my husband’s sexual expertise like I will, I realize smugly. Eric’s told me that he has never been in a monogamous relationship like he has with me in just two short months. Part of it is because he doesn’t have to die for the day anymore, but mostly it’s ’cause he usually dropped his partners after only a few nights. That means as of now, Pam is the only creature who’s been to bed with my husband more times than me, but she’s said, “Judging by the frequency that headboard slammed against the wall in England, you are quickly catching up.”

Pam’s also told me that while Eric had sex with her often after she was first turned, they never shared the type of intimacy Eric and I have. She says that changes the sex a lot, and the kind of sex she had with him probably won’t be something I will experience, and, conversely, the type of sex Eric and I share is something that she never experienced, nor ever will.

As we’re layin’ in bed and I’m catchin’ my breath, I feel compelled to ask, “What kinda sex won’t you have with me?”

Sookie, I will have every kind of sex you want to share with me,” he replies with a chuckle and kisses my throat.

Pam said there’s types of sex she’s had with you I probably wouldn’t want,” I tell him.

Eric’s thoughtful for a moment, “With Pam’s consent, I did allow others to fuck her as a submissive while she sucked me off. I engaged in multiple partner relations and orgies with her as well. I do not want to share you.”

I don’t want to share you, either,” I whisper. “What’s a submissive?” I ask next.

Role playing of sorts,” he offers, but I can tell by his tone that it’s an in-depth topic, not exactly suitable conservation for just before going to sleep. “It is the surrender of one person’s body and will to another.”

I can’t help but giggle. “Haven’t I already done that?” I tease.

It is commonly used in situations connected to sadomasochism. It may involve bondage and, at times, many other aspects of an almost macabre theme. It is about pushing limits and exhibiting control, but the main idea is for the submissive to please their Dominant in every way,” he explains slowly, almost as if he doesn’t want to talk too much about it right now.

I think I could get down with the bondage thing,” I grin at him, and I feel him hold his breath before he groans.

You have been hinting at that heavily as of late,” he notes. “I might just have to make some plans for you next weekend.”

Such as?” I ask curiously.

I am very talented with rope,” he tells me in a dark, silky voice that makes my heart give a very impressive ‘THUD-UMP!’

Okay, but I don’t know about the sadomasochism thing. I don’t mind when you spank me or have rough sex with me…but, sometimes, when you wrap my hair in your hand, you catch the small hairs on the back of my neck and that, I don’t like.”

But otherwise, you like it when I move your head by pulling your hair?” he asks me patiently.

Yeah, a lot,” I assure him, “just not when the little hairs get pulled. That really hurts.”

What if I do it like this?” Eric fists his hand in my hair suddenly, giving it a sharp tug. He’s completely avoided catching the undermost layer.

I nearly shout while telling him, “Yeah, I like that!”

Tugging my hair to crane my neck backward, Eric claims my mouth with his in a very demanding kiss. He’s pullin’ my head so I’m forced to lay back on the mattress, and his body is crawlin’ over mine along the way. By the time he’s layered over me, I feel new moisture building between my legs.

Are you wanting to play, Dear One?” he growls against my mouth.

Oh, yes,” I whisper.

What do you want to play?” he asks.

Submissive,” I pant.

Eric gives me a sad smile and I feel regret swimming in the Bond, “I would prefer to spend more time talking with you about that before we explore it any further. Domination is not something I want us to ‘jump into.’ I would rather it be discussed to manage both of our expectations, and I feel your impatience for my attentions right now.”

Very,” I agree with a lazy grin, stroking his chest lovingly.

However, there is something I would like to begin teaching you now, if you are willing?”

Sexy stuff?” I ask, wiggling my eyebrows hopefully.

He thinks for a moment, “It will help with ‘sexy stuff’.”

Cool, I’m game!” I answer, ready to agree with just about anything.

Will you go kneel on the floor?” he asks, sitting up. I jump outta bed and find a comfy spot to fall to my knees, then wait to see what he’s going to do.

Open your mouth,” he tells me. I figure he’s gonna put his cock in my mouth after I open wide but, instead, he shoves two fingers past my lips. They press into my tongue before sliding back toward my throat. At some point, I gag and he pulls his fingers out of my mouth while I swallow around my contracting throat. I scowl at him for not warning me. “I want to train away your gag reflex,” he explains. “I want you to be able to swallow me whole, Sookie.”

You can do that?” I ask in surprise.

Yes, may I?” Eric asks.

I’d like not gagging on you anymore,” I reply, lost in whatever it is he’s doing.

I am going to put my fingers in your mouth again. You will gag, but I will not move my hand. Fight it for ten seconds by not pulling away and I will make you cum very, very hard.”

That offer automatically makes me forget my earlier annoyance. Eagerly, I open my mouth and his fingers don’t even touch my tongue until they’re pressin’ right into a spot that triggers my gag reflex. He’s true to his word and doesn’t pull away to let me collect myself. Instead, I’m gaggin’ ’round his fingers the whole time, and my eyes are leakin’ tears. I don’t pull away though, ’cause it’s gotta be almost ten seconds by now!

Finally, his fingers withdraw and the next thing I know, I’m thrown over the edge of the bed and my Bonded is takin’ me from behind. One of his hands is rubbin’ between where we’re joined and, for some weird reason, gaggin’ made me super wet!

Suddenly, I feel pressure against my back door. I tense ’cause, other than the occasional knock when he rubs between my buns, Eric’s never paid attention to my ‘exit only.’ I feel his thumb rubbin’ circles around the ring of muscles and I find myself holdin’ my breath.

We’ve never really talked about whether I’d ever do stuff in the butt. I think I said something about not thinkin’ I’d like it, but I’ve never actually said ‘no’ to it. He’s not tryin’ to put anything in there, though. His thumb’s just circling it, and it feels kinda nice.

Between his cock poundin’ into me, his right hand rubbin’ frantically at my clit, and his thumb tracin’ round my back door, I am one hyper-stimulated girl!

I think that’s why, when he leans over me and gives my ear a sharp nip, I scream while having the most intense and almost painful orgasm of my life. Not painful because I’m clenchin’ hard enough to turn coal into a diamond, but painful because I screamed so hard I think my vocal chords are torn. I’m sobbin’ and shakin’ and-

Oh, my gawd,” I cry into the mattress. My arms are shakin’. I’ve fallen off the bed and landed on my knees. I’m still sobbin’ and shiverin’ when Eric picks me up and lays me across our bed. He’s kissin’ me soft and slow, but still I can’t stop cryin’.

Sookie?” he whispers.

I love you so much,” I sob, and hold him to me as tightly as my weakened arms can manage. “You have no idea,” I pant. Never in my life has it felt so good to cry. It feels cathartic and just so right, almost as good as how hard he made me cum. I never knew feelin’ weak could feel so amazing.

I am your Bonded. I have quite a good idea,” he chuckles once again while he rubs his hands up and down my body, massaging and bringing it back from the over-stimulated mess he turned it into. “Did I not promise you a very, very hard orgasm?”

Yes, and it was the best of my life. Every best of my life is yours, Eric,” I mumble tiredly.

Damn right they are,” he snarls proudly and kisses my shoulder. After a moment, he says guardedly, “You seemed confused, maybe a bit panicked when I played with your bottom.”

I shrug tiredly, “You never have before. I guess I just wasn’t sure at first if I liked it, and maybe worried about what you intended to do. When I realized it felt good and all you were gonna do is rub me, I just let go and enjoyed.”

Would you be willing to let me play with your tight, little rosebud?” he asks in his hot, growly voice.

Right this second? No, ’cause, Darlin’, I’m exhausted. Later on? I guess. What did you have in mind?” I ask.

Fingers for now,” he suggests. “I want to bury my cock in there at some point in the future, but we will start with fingers and my mouth from time to time. I want you to find pleasure from it, and that will only happen with time and patience.”

Anything you want, Darlin’. You keep on givin’ me orgasms like that and you can plant yourself anywhere you want in me,” I tell him with a lazy grin.

Eric laughs rather loudly, “Is that right?” he asks, still laughing.

Mm-hmm,” I agree, “but for now, I think I’m gonna go back to sleep.”

All right, Sookie,” He kisses my head and pulls me into his arms. It’s so easy to fall asleep in his cool embrace.

On to Chapter Twenty-Five!


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  1. jules3677 says:

    Impressed with how you have Eric slowly bringing her to experience different sexual pleasure and ensuring that she enjoys it all. He really has the perfect partner, one he loves and can train to pleasure him no knowing any other sexual partner. Dr. Ludwig should be careful, Sookie will learn to bite back. 🙂


  2. mom2goalies says:

    I love the way Eric is teaching Sookie about pleasure! So patient and explaining everything along with asking her questions to find out how she feels. He’s a perfect partner. Ludwig might find Sookie fighting back if she’s not careful, lol

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  3. murgatroid98 says:

    Looks like England was a nice, fun trip, but not much of a honeymoon. They are having that at home. I do think they need more time together before becoming parents, but I think they will make wonderful parents. I’m wondering if they will have a girl that will be Godric’s mate like Queen Sookie did. Great chapter.


  4. Nurse A says:

    I have been enjoying this story up to now, but this chapter for me, went somewhat off the rails. I am in full support of the premise that it’s your story and therefore you do with it as you will. To me, this just did not feel true to Sookie in this story. I know she is maturing, but I don’t feel she would be jumping so quickly into rough sex, bondage, submissive ect..Eric was more true to character trying to put the brakes on somewhat. Just my opinion.


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