Catalyst Ch. 21

Chapter Twenty-One: Brand New World

Eric’s POV:

I want to punch a hole through my wall, allowing the sunlight to wash in. It is going on ten in the morning and the sun has not forced me into death. By this time of year, I would have been rendered useless by nine, or at least had the bleeds now.

Before I can bring myself to rouse Sookie from her sleep, my cell phone begins to ring and I know it is Pam.

Reaching for my phone, I answer it, “Yes, Pam?”

I am playing checkers with Stackhouse!” she tells me excitedly. “In the living room! With the shades open!”

I chuckle at her enthusiasm and ask, “How does it feel?”

Amazing-… Wait… You have not gone outside yet!? I must have run clear across Shreveport five or six times since dawn!” Pam says in surprise.

Sookie is still asleep. I promised to hold her,” I explain.

How is she?”

Well. She is having very nice dreams by the feel of her,” I hold the phone between my ear and shoulder to reach out and push a stray lock of hair off her face. She nuzzles into my hand in her sleep, and it causes me to smile widely. “She has been asleep for quite awhile now, but I intend to wake her shortly.”

I will leave you alone then… Has Master Godric called?” She asks suddenly.

He has not,” I reply, running my thumb across Sookie’s lip thoughtfully. They purse and give the pad of my thumb a reflexive kiss. I cannot stop smiling…I think bemusedly.

That’s odd.”

I am sure he is reveling in the sun, and respecting I have newly Bonded,” I say pointedly.

But she’s sleeping,” Pam protests her faux pas.

And I was enjoying spending this time with her,” I remind.

Pam sighs, “Have a good day, Master.”

I hang up the phone and place it on the nightstand beside the bed. When my weight presses on the bed, shifting the mattress, Sookie rolls into my chest tightly, and I feel her lips moving against my nipple.

Awake at last?” I ask, teasing my sleepy lover.

I was havin’ a good dream,” she mumbles before briefly clamping onto my nipple.

Ah…” I gently ease her mouth from my flesh and lean over to kiss her lips. “Your dream was so much better than the reality?” I ask, feigning hurt.

Never, but there was a pleasant contentment inside me,” she whispers, closing her eyes softly. “I was dreamin’ you were watchin’ me sleep and you didn’t want me to end it by wakin’ up just yet. All the sudden, I felt this impatience, an urgency, and I knew the dream needed to end.”

I smile at her assessment, “Yes, that was exactly how I was feeling. I was impatient to be with you again.” She rolls her eyes, laughs, then pulls me in for a slow, soft kiss. “Not only like that,” I nibble her lip. “I wanted to talk with you. I missed talking with you while you were asleep.”

That’s sweet, Darlin’,” she combs her fingers through my hair gently and that, combined with the new endearment, makes my chest feel satisfyingly tight.

Are you hungry?” I ask, smoothing her hair.

Mmm-hmm,” she nods. “I think I want to grab a shower first, though. I feel all sticky.”

I grin down at her, “I will gladly make you sticky all over again…and again, and again…”

Hmmm,” she stretches languidly against me. “Then I guess you’ll just have to join me for one of those showers.”

I suppose I will,” I agree with another grin. “You go wash up. I will make you something to eat.” She raises her eyebrows at me. “What? I can cook!”

Can you?” She asks suspiciously.

Simple things, yes. Eternity is a long time, Sookie, you will find yourself learning all sorts of things to pass the time.”

Do you cook well?” She asks next.

Well enough that you will not spit it out,” I tease and kiss her lips once more. “Now hurry and clean up. I desperately wish to go outside.”

Okay, okay,” she whines and rolls out of bed. I chuckle at her amusedly before climbing off the bed as well. I grab my jeans off the floor and pull them up my legs. Even a vampire has no desire to have his genitals flecked with splashed, hot cooking grease!

I am just placing the toast and scrambled eggs on a plate when I feel Sookie experience a sudden burst of panic. Quickly, I run to the bathroom only to find her with her hands between her legs.

What are you doing?” I ask, confused as to why her fingers are probing her entrance.

What if it grew back!?” She shouts in obvious panic. “You told me I heal slow, but I still heal! What if it grew back!?”

Your hymen?” I ask, even more confused, something I never thought possible until my Sookie.

Y-yeah!” she hiccups through her sobs.

I do not believe it is a likelihood. You did not show any pain last night,” I point out.

I-I know, but that was ’cause I was all turned on and stuff! What about spontaneity!?” She is a complete wreck, so I walk the short distance between us.

Without a word, I lift her by her hips and place her on the bathroom counter. “Do you even know what it is you are looking or feeling for?” I ask teasingly, kneeling between her legs to spread them open widely. Sookie holds her thighs apart. I smile when I open her nether lips for my inspection, “Oh, you are in serious trouble.”

It grew back!” she cries.

No, it did not, but now I have this delicious pussy in front of my face, so you will not be eating before me,” I explain, snaking my tongue out to caress her entrance. I notice Sookie’s hands tensing around her thighs at both my words and actions.

Eric,” she speaks my name with a hesitation that makes me glance from between her folds and raise my eyebrows. My tongue continues a slow, steady pace as I gaze at the melting anxiety in her blue irises. Her unease is steadily replaced with passion while my mouth ceaselessly works against her softening flesh. Finally, she sighs, leans back against the mirror, and tangles her hand in my hair.

Soon she is cumming against my tongue, and I happily lap up the surge of fluids she provides with her orgasm. Once I rise to my feet between her trembling thighs, I lift Sookie into my arms and carry her to the kitchen.

It’s probably not very hygienic to eat breakfast naked,” she mumbles shyly after I deposit her next to the cooling plate of eggs and toast.

Probably not, but it seems a waste of time to put on clothes I will only rip off you again shortly,” I tell her.

Sookie giggles bashfully and grabs a fork to begin eating the meal I made for her. Her eyes light up, “I wasn’t expectin’ it to taste so good!”

I told you that I picked things up over time,” I sit beside her at the table, playing with the fingers of her free hand while she eats.

I’m just goin’ to clean up the kitchen real quick,” she tells me after she finishes her food.

I will grab a blanket for us to lay on outside,” I announce, heading back to our bedroom and grabbing the quilt from its rack. Its existence is purely style, nothing more, but I enjoy the ‘lived in’ look, and am certain Sookie will enjoy it come Winter. Before I return to her, I snatch the little box from my nightstand and stuff it into my pocket. “Dishes done?” I ask once I rejoin Sookie in the kitchen. She is standing gloriously naked at the sink, and the sight of her full breasts swaying in tandem with the scrubbing motion of her arms is hypnotic.

Almost,” she calls back when I take a step behind her and place my hands on her hips. Gently she rocks back against me and laughs. “What, you get turned on watchin’ me do the dishes?” She asks, wiggling her bottom against my groin.

You cannot possibly mistake this,” I dig the small box into her backside, then center my growing length between her cheeks, “for this.”

You’re never gonna get out in the sunlight if you keep this up,” she moans, pulling the plug from the drain, and then bending forward slightly to push back against me.

I have only one thing left to do before we go outside,” I tell her, reaching for a hand towel.

What’s that?” She asks after I take her left hand and begin drying it slowly, patting away the moisture.

Reaching into my pocket, I remove the small box and crack it open, “I need to place this on your ring finger.”

ERIC!” she shouts, now startled. There is surprise and excitement laced with a good dose of confusion after she sees the ring.

What?” I laugh as I pluck the ring from the box and hold it to her eye level. “You cannot deny me now, Dear One, but I must ask even so. Will you marry me?”

She gives me the sweetest eye roll I have seen in my entire existence. “Well, duh! Yes! Of course!” she laughs and holds her hand with her fingers splayed far apart. “Wow… Eric,” she looks up at me shyly, nibbling her lip, “this looks real big.”

Leaning my forehead against hers, I whisper in a conspiratorial way, “That is because it is quite big.” It is nowhere near what I could have afforded to give her, but I know my Sookie. My pride can take a back burner to her comfort. She would be a constant nervous wreck, wearing a stone any larger.

It’s too much for me,” she murmurs.

Do you like it?” I ask her.

It’s beautiful,” she replies self-consciously.

Then it is almost enough for you,” I tell her, kissing the top of her head. “Do you know, I have never seen a diamond in the sunlight before?”

She pulls her lips between her teeth and combs her hair back with the fingers of her right hand. “I guess we should fix that, now shouldn’t we?” She finally asks.

Throwing the quilt over one arm, I stoop down and throw Sookie over my other shoulder. The sound of her shrieking laughter makes a huge grin light up my face. Once I make it to the back door, I take a large breath. I am about to step out into the sun, not be chased back into the darkness by it, I realize with rapid, building excitement.

I got ya, Darlin’,” Sookie soothes, running her hand up and down my back from her vantage point over my shoulder. “Let’s go…”

With that, I open the door and step out on to the enclosed porch. The sun is shining through the screens of the large windows, as if welcoming me.

Sookie is still rubbing my back when I open the weather door to take my first steps into the sunlight. The warmth I feel is immediate, a luxury, in fact. Though vampires are not effected by hot and cold weather, aside from freezing to the spot in subzero temperatures, we still appreciate and long for heat. It is what makes bedding mortals so appealing. Aside from the sustenance they offer, their warmth is a major factor in the frequency with which we fuck them.

Mmm,” Sookie moans as the sun soaks into her skin, and I feel her give a kittenish stretch in response to the rays warming her bottom. “I’ve never sunbathed naked before,” she tells me in a shy whisper.

Sookie, you will do all sorts of things naked now that you are Bonded to me,” I tell her jokingly before setting her on her feet. I look around, assuring myself that we are well hidden from the road or any random passersby before flipping the quilt open to its full size. When I have it spread out across the lawn, I lay down and pull Sookie to spoon beside me. “Your hair looks so beautiful in the sunlight,” I whisper, pressing my nose into the shining strands, smelling the sunlight saturating the scent of her shampoo.

You look pretty gorgeous yourself, Northman,” she giggles, winding a strand of my hair between her fingertips.

When will you move here with me?” I ask softly.

Huh?” Her big eyes blink at me in confusion.

You are my Bonded now, my wife. When will you move in with me?” I ask again.

Oh,” her face frowns thoughtfully. “I guess I didn’t think much beyond after we were Bonded. I figured we’d move in together right after, but Jason…”

What if we went away, you, me, Godric, Pam, and Jason? On a grand vacation before you and your brother start school this fall? After we return, you could come to live with me,” I suggest.

Can you three all get that time off?” She asks me curiously.

Godric is already prepared to hand off his title of Sheriff and I know it is his wish to be part of your brother’s life before turning him. The climate here in Louisiana is very mild now, and I am certain I can encourage Carlos to supervise my Area once I announce to my Queen I am now Bonded and desire time with you,” I reassure her.

Where would we go?” I feel her anticipation rising quickly inside the Bond.

Anywhere you like. If you wish to discuss it with Jason and allow him to put forth an opinion, that is your right.”

You don’t want to weigh in?” Sookie pouts.

There is really nowhere I have not been before, Sookie, and everywhere I would like to go again now that I will experience it in the sun with my Bonded,” My thumb traces her plump bottom lip. It is so warm and tempting. “I will request you two choose one location. We will stay there a month, so we may take in everything the area has to offer.”

Oh, my gosh!” Sookie is about ready to leap off the blanket, and I catch her at the hips to prevent her departure. “Oh, my gosh! How do I pick one place!?”

You will have the best and safest tour guides on the planet, Sookie,” I laugh. “We will make sure there is always something to do,” I assure her. “Hmmm, lay on your back,” I ask.

Huh?” She frowns at my sudden request.

Your breasts look so soft and inviting in the sunlight,” I tell her and she giggles, allowing me the sight of her body flushing from her face to her collarbones. Still, she obliges me and lays on her back, absorbing the sun. “Gods, the things I want to do to you,” I murmur, kissing her shoulder.

One thing at a time, Lover,” she replies, then leans on her side to lick a warm trail over my throat.

Hmm, I am your Bonded now, not merely your lover…and you are always bouncing between Sultry Sookie and Shy Sookie. I never know which one of you I am taking to bed,” I confess as I grab her hips and pull her tightly against my growing erection.

You get Sultry today ’cause Shy went and made an idiot of herself last night. Now,” she shoves me onto my back and begins kissing down my bare chest, “lay back and enjoy.”

Placing my hands behind my head, I watch as Sookie kisses her way down my chest with much more confidence than I have yet to see. She presses her fingers between the spaces of my ribs in smooth, firm strokes. Her hair tickles my abdomen while she works her way lower and lower, clipping my last rib with her teeth before tracing the lines of my abdominal muscles with her tongue.

My hips flex slightly when she slides down and her breasts perfectly encase my engorged member. I would absolutely love to thrust between that magnificent pair until my pleasure coats her face and chest, but she is enjoying her own path right now.

She is kissing, licking, and nibbling the border of my jeans now while her hands deftly work the fastenings.

Yikes,” Sookie laughs after she opens my pants, “How do you even keep this thing in here?”

I groan around my laughter. Only my Sookie could make such adorable comments and observations while seducing me, and still succeed at both.

It is magic,” I confess around another chuckle.

I’d believe it,” she shrugs, prepared to take my excuse as legitimate, instead of a joke. Rather than dwell, Sookie begins removing my pants entirely until she can throw them across the yard.

Once I am completely naked, Sookie takes my shaft into her hand firmly and begins to stroke me. As she does, her mouth encases my head and her tongue dances all around the tip, alternating between caresses of her tongue and short, swift, bobbing motions. I am forced to restrain my hips from their fully intended motion when her free hand grasps my testicles and squeezes them with an assured sense of authority. I swear I almost hear her thinking ‘These are mine now,’ as she does this.

Sookie,” I groan, and find I am reaching down to fist her hair around my hand. “Min Sookie, that feels so good,” I praise, not only to encourage her efforts, but because she is making me feel very good.

I fix my eyes on her and accommodate her movements while I have her by the hair. When she begins walking on her knees to kneel at my side, I know she is trying to find a better angle to try to deep throat me. I felt the head of my cock strike her tonsils several times already, making her back off from her attempts. When she is squared at my hip, she manages to take me into her throat shallowly at first. At one point, I feel her throat contract around me, and I swiftly help her raise her head as she sputters and coughs.

Slowly, Sookie,” I encourage her. “You will learn those things in time.”

With a disappointed nod, she returns to her task. She does not try to take me in as deeply, but her enthusiasm doubles while she tries to make up for her current limitations.

While she repeatedly treats me to her very clever mouth, I reach out with my free hand and begin caressing her bottom. Instead of causing her to still, she continues her task with greater relish than before. As a reward for her efforts, I begin tracing the hot, moist spot accumulating between her folds, brushing my knuckles against her swelling clitoris. Her bottom wriggles in response, but she continues the beautiful torture of my cock with her mouth.

My fingers spread her open gently, touching her wet flesh with my thumb. I slip the more dexterous digit inside her, hooking it against the spot behind her pubic bone while my remaining fingers rub and tease her clitoris.

I feel Sookie moan around my cock, and I flex my hips moderately, pushing a bit further into her throat. She squeezes my balls in response and I hiss her name.

You are so fucking beautiful, Sookie,” I snarl as my hand speeds up against her. Short, rapid bursts of cool air blow against my cock in her mouth, and I know that the pleasure is beginning to cause her to pant. Withdrawing my hand from her folds, I smile as her mouth disengages me to stare in longing. “Get on top of me, Sookie,” I tell her after I give her bottom a less than gentle spanking.

She yells in surprise at being spanked, but I do not feel any sort of negative response to my action. In fact, the brief flash of lust is more than encouraging.

Come, Sookie,” I urge, “ride my cock.”

My Sookie quickly clambers over me, and I hold my member in place as she positions herself above it. “Just like that, Dear One,” I murmur, helping her guide herself down on me. After she slips me inside of her, I feel her tight walls welcoming me home. “Yes, just like that,” I repeat and sit up completely to wrap my arms around her waist.

Before she can seat herself all the way, Sookie rears back as if she has been bitten.

All right?” I gasp at the quick stroke she has given me.

It’s so deep,” she whimpers.

Mmm-hmmm,” I agree with a purr, then lift my hips slightly to show her exactly how deep she can now feel me. Her face scrunches in reply to my action, and I give her a brief kiss. “It is all yours, Sookie,” I tell her, flopping back against the quilt once more. “Let go and have fun.”

I watch as she raises and lowers herself experimentally at first. She fully sheathes me inside her and gives her hips a small swivel. She adjusts herself on the balls of her feet and tries her control that way. She returns to her knees and leans all the way forward before rising and lowering, then all the way backward with the same curiosity. Finally, she seems to know what she wishes to do, and begins to gyrate against me in such a seductive pace that I place my hands on her hips to control myself.

All too soon, I feel the surging energy of my impending climax, and my hand is quick to action between Sookie’s thighs, urging her toward the edge with me. When the telltale flex of her walls around me begins, I moan in pleasure. Soon I start to spasm within her, and her walls are contracting harshly around my member. I cry out in my orgasm, reveling in the wail that echoes from my Bonded’s lips above me.

Sookie remains frozen above me for an extended moment until her body goes boneless and collapses atop my chest. She is trembling and whimpering from aftershocks, and my cool hand traces her spine of sun-kissed skin lazily while she comes back down from her oblivion.

That,” I rumble against the top of her head, “was spectacular.”

A small giggle tickles the fine hairs of my chest. “Yeah, it really was,” she agrees. Propping herself up on her elbows, Sookie gazes at me lovingly and I arch toward her for a brief kiss.

You are so beautiful, Sookie,” I tell her.

You sure do like makin’ a girl feel special, Eric,” she presses her lips back to mine in a second, quick, kiss.

I sure like makin’ this girl feel special,” I reply in my best imitation of her accent.

She giggles at my attempt, “Apparently, backwoods Louisiana accent isn’t somethin’ you’ve practiced to pass the time.”

I will have your beautiful voice coaching me for the rest of our eternity, Sookie. I am certain to pick something up along the way,” I tell her with a smile.

I hope I don’t lose my accent,” she pouts.

It will evolve, I am sure, but even when I speak my native tongue, it is as pure as when I was human,” I assure her.

Sookie grins up at me and gives me another soft kiss, “Your skin’s gettin’ real warm.”

I feel very warm,” I reply, feeling her contentment and a gentle wave of Love wending its way around my heart. I send the sentiment back to her, marveling at the way her eyelids droop in pleasure.

I like this Bondin’ thing. I feel all wrapped up in you, Eric,” she whispers softly as she stretches out across the quilt in the brilliant, late morning sun.

Before I can respond, I hear my cell phone ringing inside my discarded jeans. With a sigh, I reach for them and extract my phone. “Yes, Dr. Ludwig?” I sigh in irritation at the interruption.

You are aware! You are Bonded to the special girl! When might I examine her?” Ludwig asks excitedly. As a fellow ancient creature, I know that the ‘newness’ Sookie has brought is quite the experience for the doctor.

Let me ask her,” I answer before turning to my Bonded. “Dr. Ludwig wishes to know when you would be willing to have her examine you.”

Sookie frowns thoughtfully a moment, “After sunset? I really just want you to be able to enjoy your first day in a long time without any more interruptions.”

Did you hear that, Doctor?” I ask softly, stroking Sookie’s hair absentmindedly while I await the doctor’s response.

That is fine. I will arrive at sunset,” With that, the doctor hangs up, and I toss my phone on the pile of my jeans.

Have you heard from Pam or Godric?” Sookie asks me while I snuggle her comfortably against my chest.

Pam called shortly before you woke,” I answer. “She is spending the day with Jason and being quite annoying.”

She giggles at my remark. “Not Godric, though?” She sounds surprised.

I shrug, “I am certain that he is too busy marveling at his ability to walk in the sun. He has been quiet within me all day, probably to let me focus on you.”

That’s mighty nice of him,” Sookie nuzzles me lazily, and I find myself rolling out of the way, so she topples on to her stomach, “Hey!” she protests. Rather than reply, I straddle her bottom and begin rubbing my hands all over her back, kissing at her nape. “Mmm, never mind. Proceed,” she mumbles, going still beneath me.

I chuckle at the compliant flesh beneath my hands, and rain kisses between her shoulder blades. Her skin is hot and soft against my lips. Her hips are flexing gently beneath me.

I just want to lick, suck, and fuck you all day, Sookie,” I whisper in her ear, intentionally allowing my lips to caress it with each word. A shiver runs throughout her body, and it makes my body tighten pleasurably when I feel her lust through the Bond.

Lift your hips a little, Sookie,” I encourage while I lift my weight off her. Her bottom rises enough for me to arrange her knees and anchor her posterior in the air without causing too much of a stretch in her legs.

What are ya gonna do?” She sounds nervous.

I am going to fuck you from behind,” I tell her, caressing her bottom and making her wriggle. “Is that all right?”

Um,” Her shoulders tense, and I find my hands returning to glide up her back, trying to soothe her nerves. “I-I don’t think I want that.”

I contemplate her hesitation a moment before I realize what has her so scared. I am forced to stifle a laugh. “I am not going to fuck your ass, Sookie.”

Oh,” Her shoulders relax quickly beneath my hands. “Okay.”

Shaking my head at her misunderstanding, I let my hands move back down to her torso. I would certainly like to claim her bottom, but that can wait. I spread her cheeks and glance longingly at the tight ring of muscle she is intent on denying me now. All good things…I think with a sigh before allowing my hand to slip between the space of her thighs. Her legs stiffen instinctively until my finger begins to trace her folds. While I pay this sensitive area attention, her legs lose their tension, and my fingers begin to slide with her body’s welcome.

When plenty of her moisture is coating my fingers, I push her legs further apart and settle amidst their embrace. Pressing the tip of my cock at her entrance causes Sookie to moan and her hips undulate receptively. As more of my length eases into her, she whimpers, and I stroke her back while her hands grip the quilt by her head.

Oh, it feels so full,” she whispers around another moan.

Yes,” I grunt back after I guide myself the rest of the way with my hips alone. Her tightness forced me to stabilize myself with my hand, but now her opening is more gracious about my invasion. As I slip inside, I layer myself over her back, kissing her spine and shoulders. She squirms against me, and then stills once I am buried to the hilt. “You are squeezing me so tightly, Sookie,” I murmur against the tip of her ear. Planting my elbow against her shoulder, I draw my hips back, and slowly push in. She whimpers, pressing her forehead to the quilt. “Tilt your hips away from my stomach,” I suggest. When she complies, I feel some relief from the death grip of her walls.

As I begin thrusting in even, slow strokes, Sookie’s hands fist in the blanket once more. Her buttocks wiggle slightly to and fro, and her legs spread further, opening herself to me. After she has adjusted, my movements increase their speed, and her hips are raised enough now that I can reach beneath her and gently stroke her clitoris.

Uh, mmm,” she sighs, pulling at the blanket and squeezing her eyes shut. “Faster?” She pleads weakly.

Wordlessly I comply, and soon find my body moving against hers at a rather heightened pace. She is grunting with every impact, and her sounds spur me on. My hand is working rapidly between her legs, my cock sliding in and out of her heat so quickly that her grunts become one continuous moan of pleasure.

Please, please,” she begins to beg me, and I doubt she has any understanding as to why she is repeating herself. “Please, oh, please…”

When her walls begin to clench in warning, I tug the edge of her cartilage between my teeth and send her shrieking into orgasm. Her back curves, pressing firmly into my chest as I bury myself inside of her and release my own pleasure.

As she lays panting beneath me, I lean down and kiss the back of her neck. Her closed eyelids squeeze tighter and she lets out a strained whimper after I withdraw and lay on my side next to her.

Eric,” she is still breathing hard, trying to re-center herself, “I need a little break.”

You also need to get out of the sun,” I tell her, tracing my fingertips over the areas she normally has protected by a bathing suit. “Your skin is getting very red.”

It’ll heal quick enough, though, right?” She mumbles tiredly into the blanket.

Regardless,” I laugh, “I would rather not have to delay my lips touching any part of you.”

Sookie giggles and wraps her arms around me as I rise from the ground. Holding her to my body while her arms and legs circle tightly about my neck and waist, I quickly pick up my pants and the quilt before heading back into the house.

Once we are back inside, I wrap Sookie’s hair into a high bun and nudge her toward the bathroom for a quick shower. We are both coated in evidence of our sexual exploration and her sweat. A quick rinse will go far in preventing Sookie from becoming disgusted by the fluids beginning to cake her inner thighs.

Hmmm, what now?” She asks in that delicious, sultry voice after we are dried off and standing naked in the bathroom.

Tracing my thumb against her pouting lower lip, I ask, “How about a walk?”

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      • teachert99 says:

        I hear ya and I feel the same way. There is absolutely no way you’re crazy because that would make me crazy right along with you! And Godric is such a potentially amazing character that left the show too soon. I love when writers weave him into their stories.
        ❤ Terryl

        Liked by 1 person

  5. ericluver says:

    I’m a little concerned for Godric too! Hope he’s ok and just giving Eric and Sookie some privacy while they all enjoy the sun.
    Fun, sexy-time for Sookie and Eric. Cute chapter.


  6. Jackiedm69 says:

    Wow Eric in the sun making love to his Sookie…just beautiful!;-)
    Wonder if Godric is enjoying the sunshine too?!?


  7. redequus says:

    Holy monkey balls! That was awesome! Every time Eric gets lost within Sookie’s actions and responses you (and Eric) get a little reminder that this is Sookie’s first time. As enthusiastic and eager as she is, she’s still gotta take it slow. Plus, it’s not like she doesn’t have eternity! Her response to thinking he was going to try anal on her for the first time was cute.


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