Catalyst Ch. 24

Chapter Twenty-Four: Back Home

Eric’s POV:

We are home,” I announce after I open the condo door. With my Bonded and her brother starting college in a week, Sookie and I have decided to return to the Shreveport condo after arriving from the airport. It makes far more sense to do this rather than return to Bon Temps.

I’ve missed this place,” she tells me with a soft smile.

I have missed the privacy,” I confess with a leer. Sookie giggles at my confession and wraps her arms around my neck to bring me in for a kiss.

England, though entertaining and a good distraction for my Bonded and her sibling, was not the ‘honeymoon’ I had expected. Endless days and nights of fucking were what I had planned. Instead, we went sightseeing, exploring, and I was witness to my beautiful one inebriated for the first time in her short life. Though it was amusing to see her in such a fog, she quickly discovered it was not as much fun for her since her telepathy was amplified, and she found it hard to differentiate thoughts from words.

We ended up leaving the pub quickly after she answered one too many unasked questions.

My wishes for fucking and debauchery were quickly extinguished, having Stackhouse sharing our dwelling. Sookie demanded soft lovemaking, rather than unbridled, headboard banging, in deference to her brother’s proximity, and I willingly obliged.

Now I have her all to myself.

Sookie,” I murmur against my Bonded’s lips.

Hmm?” she purrs against my mouth.

I am going to fuck you,” I tell her point blank.

She whimpers at my declaration, and I feel her arms tense as she jumps and wraps her legs around my waist. “Really hard?” she asks breathlessly.

Even your living immortality will not allow you to walk by morning,” I assure her while I walk us toward the bedroom.

No,” she hisses and I frown at her resistance. “Not the bedroom. I’m so sick of beds. Fuck me right here,” she tugs at my hair imploringly, then leans backward toward the wall.

I snarl and push her against the wall beside the door, setting her bottom on the entryway table. I am yanking off her jeans and panties, and she is pulling away her shirt and unclasping her bra. Once she is naked, I drop to my knees and spread her thighs wide before enveloping her sex with my mouth.

She is panting in no time and I nip at her inner thigh, making her yelp. “Make noises, Dear One. You do not have to be quiet any longer,” I remind her.

Ah, Eric,” she complies while I lick the weeping lips of her pussy. Wrapping my hair tightly into her fist, she guides my mouth where she wants it, and I attack her clitoris mercilessly. “Oh, yeah,” she moans, then arches her spine.

Once I feel her climax approaching, I rise from my knees, pull my shirt from my chest, and quickly undo my pants. Her legs wrap around my waist after my trousers drop and pull me in toward her needy sex.

Grasping her hips, I shove my cock as deep into her waiting entrance as it can go and then proceed to fuck her upon the small table. Sookie howls and clings to me while my hips buck furiously against hers. Her hands are in my hair, her mouth finding every available inch of skin to kiss and lick as I continue my punishing rhythm.

“Yeah, Darlin’,” she moans more excitedly while she writhes against me. Small gasps and heady moans escape her lips after I lift her off the table and continue bouncing her on my cock. Somehow, I manage to toe off my shoes and socks while I keep slamming her against me and kick my pants to the side. Even as I continue to drive into her, earning every sultry noise echoing past her lips, I am already making my way to the kitchen.

I plant her bottom on the counter where two surfaces make a corner. I unwrap her legs from my waist and place her feet on either counter, then pull her ass from its perch, so it opens her wider, allowing me to plant myself so deeply, Sookie’s eyes are filling with tears.

Her bottom is only an inch or so lower than the counter, but I know she is not strong enough to hold this position for very long. Therefore, I make certain to take my limited time to my advantage. My hips accelerate to vampire speed, and Sookie’s mouth opens with an endless cry of pleasure that quickly crescendos in to a shriek.

The orgasm is sudden and swift and by the time it ebbs, Sookie is wrapping her legs around me once more, so I support her weight while she undulates frantically against me. Grasping her ass firmly with one hand, I give the other cheek a sharp swat, making her cry out and move as fast as she can. She bites my lip and pulls at my hair as her throat grunts and gasps for air.

Next, it is the dining room table. I pull out, drop her to her feet, spin her around, and push her chest against the new prop. Her legs are shaking from the exertion she has already spent, but I do not care as I spread her and reenter. She digs her nails into the lacquered wood, howling at my abrupt entrance, but her chant, “Yes, fuck me! Yes, fuck me!” assures me she is still enjoying herself.

Slapping her ass again, she rears back against me. I alternate cheeks until both are a pleasant shade of rosy pink. I am squeezing her bottom, spanking it, and spreading it as I ram into her from behind. She has already climaxed numerous times by now, but I am staving off my own release until I have brought her to completion with the stimulation of her ears.

I have discovered that if I nip at her cartilage when she is on the verge of orgasm, her inner walls will milk me dry of all emissions, and I want to fill her with all my pent-up desire.

Feeling her enthusiasm begin to fade with exhaustion, I lean over Sookie’s back and give the shell of her ear a firm nibble.

The explosive orgasm she experiences draws out my own. She is screaming and the upstairs neighbors are stomping for us to be quiet, but I could not care less for their ire when I snarl out during my own orgasm. I roar against Sookie’s ear while my hips push tightly into her backside and jerk several times.

Once I am spent, I slip from Sookie’s liquid embrace and fall to my knees behind her. I watch her pussy pulsing as her orgasm stills and the first drops of our combined passions trickle from between her swollen lips.

Push it out, Sookie,” I tell her softly as I reach up to spread her labia and ass. “Push it out and I will fuck you on the sofa next.”

Then will you order me a pizza?” she asks drowsily.

“Anything,” I assure her and then moan when I see the white dew. My mouth is no longer my own as it instinctively seeks the fountain of the sweet cocktail she stirs inside her. I sink my tongue deep into her, drinking our passion until she experiences a weaker climax that forces the remaining dregs into my mouth. Licking my lips while I pull away, I trace my hands up her legs before catching her at the waist and carrying Sookie to the couch. “Order or fuck first?” I ask after I throw down a blanket, then drop her atop it.

Pizza first,” she mumbles while her legs magically open for me.

Close your legs and I might be able to concentrate long enough for that,” I tell her amusedly while I reach for the phone on the coffee table.

Shakily, her thighs close and she turns on her side to assure they remain closed for now. After temptation is out of view, I quickly dial her favorite pizza place and order a large cheese pizza for delivery. Then I proceed to fuck my Bonded into the couch until I am interrupted by the delivery boy.

Making sure Sookie is well-covered, I head to the door, only pausing when she reminds me to put on my pants. I chuckle and slip on my jeans, reveling in the way the crotch and thighs stick to my skin because I have spent the last four hours inside my woman.

After I answer the door, the young man opens his mouth to state the cost, but it slackens when he stares past me to the disheveled blonde on my sofa. Once I tilt the door to obscure his view, the child shakes himself out of his stupor, hands me the pizza, and accepts my payment. I notice him staring at me strangely and hear my Bonded giggle lazily from the living room.

After I set the food on the coffee table and bring her a drink, I pull Sookie’s legs into my lap. “What were you giggling about?”

Look at your stomach,” she giggles again, reaching for the pizza box.

Glancing at my abdomen, I see it smeared in our love juices and chuckle to myself. That poor boy will probably have quite the tale to tell his coworkers after he returns to the shop!

How are you feeling?” I ask Sookie after she shoves half a slice of pizza into her beautiful mouth.

Hungry!” she tells me with a moan.

For?” I ask teasingly.

Pizza,” she grumbles while she quickly devours the rest of that slice, then reaches for a second.

After you finish eating, would you be so kind as to feed me?” I ask.

Feed you what?” she taunts, arching her hips toward me.

Mm,” I lick my lips. “I think first I will eat your pie, then wash it down with a drink.”

Sookie giggles and nods her head, “I think I can serve you a pretty saucy pie and beverage.”

Laughing, I pick up one of her legs and kiss the top of her foot.

Before either of us say another word, my cell phone begins to ring and I pull it out of my pocket. It is Ludwig.

Good evening, Doctor,” I greet.

I need to do Sookie’s ovulation eval,” Ludwig states.

Shall I have her dress?” I ask.

You know I do not care, but she does not need to be nude. If you believe she will be uncomfortable naked, then you should tell her to dress,” she explains.

Will it take long?” I hope not.

Only fifteen minutes or so,” Ludwig assures me.

She is eating right now.”

She can go fifteen minutes without eating,” Ludwig replies. “I will arrive in five minutes.”

Snapping my phone shut, I turn to Sookie, “Ludwig will be here in five minutes to do one of her evaluations.”

Sookie immediately jumps off the sofa and scrambles for her clothes. I am grateful that she forgoes replacing her undergarments.

By the time Ludwig arrives, Sookie has eaten half her pizza and is only just beginning to slow her consumption pace.

Good evening, Little Girl,” Ludwig greets after she drops her bag next to Sookie’s pizza.

Good evening, Doctor,” Sookie replies kindly.

Ludwig eyes the pizza with annoyance, “Will you drink some of your water and refrain from eating for the next few minutes?”

Sookie pouts, but nods in agreement. After taking a sip of water, she crosses her arms over her chest patiently.

Ludwig has her rise and begins measuring her. She hands Sookie a small cup and tells her to provide a sample. While my Bonded is gone, Ludwig digs in her bag for a syringe and collection vial. Once Sookie returns, Ludwig takes the urine and applies it to an applicator before taking the necessary blood sample.

Based on the ‘home’ test,” Ludwig states after the results are in, “there are no abnormally high fluctuations in your luteinizing hormones. They are about what we would expect from a human beginning ovulation. Endymion told me that your hormones must be excessively high to allow you to become impregnated by your Bonded, so it is my best guess that this is not a cycle where you will be fertile enough for vampire impregnation.”

Sookie and I nod in understanding as Ludwig pops a thermometer in Sookie’s mouth.

When was the last time she slept?” Ludwig asks me.

On the plane home,” I answer.

Ludwig groans, “Little Girl, when do you plan to sleep again?” We have discovered that my Bonded can remain awake for quite a long time when sufficiently fed.

Probably the night before my classes start,” she mumbles around the thermometer.

Looking at me, Ludwig states, “Call me when she is asleep for a few hours, so I can take a basal body temperature.”

Yes, Doctor,” I nod.

Taking the thermometer from Sookie’s mouth, Ludwig nods and writes down the results, “Slightly elevated, but I suppose you have been keeping her active.”

Very,” I agree with a grin.

Do we really have to do this every month?” Sookie asks sadly.

Yes. Until I know how your body is supposed to show signs of being fertile for vampire impregnation, we must make note of all fluctuations,” Ludwig tells us. Picking up another of her tests, Ludwig nods, “And you are not currently pregnant,” she announces.

So, when I ovulate or whatever, should Eric and I use some sort of protection?” Sookie asks.

That depends,” Ludwig frowns. “Given we do not know how often you will be able to become pregnant, there is a good chance that you could be waiting some time before your opportunity comes around again. Also, if you do ovulate like the fairies of the Queen’s dimension, you might not have much choice of becoming pregnant. From what I’ve read of that Ludwig’s notes, you will be completely insatiable, which might make condoms impractical, and there is not a pill or shot I am aware of that works as birth control for fairies.”

Sookie frowns and then whispers, “What if I don’t want to have kids?” I look at my Bonded in surprise.

What are you talking about, Sookie?” I ask, completely thrown by her question.

Ludwig is frowning as well, “Little Girl, is there something you want to share?”

Sookie plays with her fingertips, my beautiful, self-doubting Bonded, and it breaks my heart. After a moment of silence, she whispers, “When I chose Eric, I knew I was givin’ up havin’ kids. Not just because he couldn’t get me pregnant, but because if we adopted or did artificial insemination, they’d have to make a choice one day of whether to be immortal. At first, I didn’t want to take that gamble because if they didn’t choose immortality, I couldn’t bear to lose them. I knew I couldn’t force them to be turned or they’d resent me all their lives,” Sookie takes a deep, shuddering, breath. “Now, I can have my Bonded’s babies and they’ll be born immortals, and it feels like I’m still forcin’ them to be something out of my own selfishness,” she finishes quietly.

I stroke my Bonded’s back, unable to find words to allay her fears.

Ludwig merely shrugs and says, “All children must accept the repercussions of their heritage, Little Girl, whether they are degenerative heart conditions, diabetes, or immortality. Frankly, I’ll take immortality.”

But I chose this,” Sookie is still whispering.

You did,” Ludwig nods. “You made a decision with your heart before you had time to think of these repercussions. In time, you would have had to ‘pay the piper’ for that decision. It cannot be helped.”

But what if it happens real early and I’m still not ready to be a mom?” Sookie protests.

That is a bridge we will cross when we come to it,” Ludwig shrugs.

Sookie huffs irritably, and I rub her shoulders to help ease her souring mood.

If that is all, I will take my leave and perform the tests I need my office to run,” Ludwig announces while she packs away her items and then takes her leave.

Eric, did I damn our future babies?” she asks me.

I shake my head, “Dear One, with you as their mother, they cannot possibly be damned. Even with me as their father, they will be blessed.”

I feel the weight on her soul lift and I encourage that with all the love and devotion inside me. “Eric,” Sookie asks, “what if I get pregnant while I’m still in school?”

It is a possibility, Dear One, but you could always take a semester off to have the baby and then return afterward,” I tell her. “I will be home during the day to watch the little one and you do not need all that much sleep,” I remind her.

I guess,” she sighs sadly.

It irritates me how Ludwig effectively managed to take my Bonded out of the mood for unbridled debauchery, but with the frequency that I am inside her, the topic of children is probably an important one. Still, I much prefer this conversation over her terror at giving birth to immortal children.

Unlike most college-aged women, a pregnancy will not delay your education for long, Sookie,” I tell her. “However, since discovering that we would be able to have children together, I have thought quite a bit about the topic. I have a few…requests.”

Sookie raises her eyebrows, “Requests?” I nod slowly, praying this discussion goes better than I have anticipated over the last two months. “Please, submit your requests,” she says, sounding frosty.

I would like very much if you would stay home with our children until they begin school,” I tell her in a tone I have discovered is the perfect blend of ‘I am entirely serious’, but also ‘there is room for negotiation.’

Sookie blinks several times before a wide grin lights up her face, “Really?”

I frown, not having anticipated this response, “Yes?”

So, if it doesn’t happen while I’m in college, I get to stay home with our babies until they start school?” Her face is beaming. Floundering from the happiness in our Bond and the joy on her face, I can only nod.

She will quickly overcome this guilt over not giving the children a choice about immortality. My Sookie is a ‘Mrs. Cleaver’ at heart. She has longed to be a stay-at-home-mother and homemaker.

Sookie?” I begin hesitantly. “Do you want to go to college?”

She nods frantically, “Yes! Absolutely, I do. I just really don’t want to have to sacrifice anything when I’m a freakin’ immortal! I have nothing but time, and even if I don’t have the quarter-century ovulation and have six kids in six years, I don’t want to miss a second of their lives. I want to raise them and love them and be there for them,” she is beginning to cry at the thought. “I have the option of doing that because of you. I know you would easily and happily support us, so I could always be with them.”

You are absolutely right,” I agree with a soft smile. Reaching over, I run my thumb across her cheek and brush away a stray tear. “I was concerned you would not see the long-term of my request and feel as if I was trying to keep you barefoot and pregnant.”

That would be fine by me!” she assures me. “Barefoot and pregnant, career driven and focused, tied up in our bedroom… Darlin’, I want it all!”

Tied up in our bedroom?” I smirk at her offer.

Ready and waitin’ for you, whenever you want me,” she purrs teasingly.

Leaning in, I capture her lips with my own and eventually tell her, “That sounds like a perfect game for winter break. Right now; however, I think I want you to hold your thighs open for me and offer a meal.”

I smile as my Bonded giggles and rises to remove her clothing once more. As she settles back onto the couch and opens her sexy limbs for me, I am overwhelmed by how absolutely perfect she is. I am floored by what a lucky motherfucker I am!

Sookie’s POV:

Eric’s tongue is licking and probing my ear. Fuucck-

I told you that was a terrible idea,” my Bonded murmurs as I jerk awake, panting and aching.

Those ears,” Ludwig is starin’ at me wide-eyed and she seems pretty impressed. She’s holdin’ a thermometer that takes my temp through my ear, and I realize I had been dreamin’ about Eric’s tongue against my ear. “Good Basal body temperature, though,” Ludwig announces. “That was all I needed.”

She vanishes with a loud pop and I whimper. “Eric,” I whine.

Yes, Dear One?” He crawls on to the bed, already pushin’ my legs apart to settle between them.

Don’t let the doc touch my ears,” I tell him sternly.

I told her it was a bad idea,” he assures me, rockin’ his hips, and rubbin’ slow and slick between my folds. I don’t know if it’s fluid from last night’s pre-bedtime activities, the dream, or that thermometer in my ear, but I’m super wet and achy. “Oh, Sookie,” Eric rumbles while his thick cock pushes against me with only his boxers keepin’ us apart, “your juice is soaking through my clothing!”

I whimper and throw my head back, “I want you in me,” I tell him weakly.

My thighs are pushed open wider and he pulls away briefly before I feel his tip nudging inside me. I arch and twist as he dives into me, stayin’ in real close and hard. “Fuuuck,” I whimper desperately after his mouth finds my ear and gives it a long, mischievous lick. I feel my inner walls give him a quick, hard hug that makes him snarl against my ear.

Eric makes hard love to me until I’m sated enough to fall back to sleep. He knows that when I get turned on by my ears, it takes a lot of effort to calm me back down. It’s only gotten that much more intense since I started havin’ sex. I don’t know that Ludwig’s right, that it will ever go away. Honestly, I don’t know if I want it to. The orgasms are so amazin’ when my ears get played with durin’ sex, and Eric’s already a master over them.

No one will ever know the amazingness of my husband’s sexual expertise like I will, I realize smugly. Eric’s told me that he has never been in a monogamous relationship like he has with me in just two short months. Part of it is because he doesn’t have to die for the day anymore, but mostly it’s ’cause he usually dropped his partners after only a few nights. That means as of now, Pam is the only creature who’s been to bed with my husband more times than me, but she’s said, “Judging by the frequency that headboard slammed against the wall in England, you are quickly catching up.”

Pam’s also told me that while Eric had sex with her often after she was first turned, they never shared the type of intimacy Eric and I have. She says that changes the sex a lot, and the kind of sex she had with him probably won’t be something I will experience, and, conversely, the type of sex Eric and I share is something that she never experienced, nor ever will.

As we’re layin’ in bed and I’m catchin’ my breath, I feel compelled to ask, “What kinda sex won’t you have with me?”

Sookie, I will have every kind of sex you want to share with me,” he replies with a chuckle and kisses my throat.

Pam said there’s types of sex she’s had with you I probably wouldn’t want,” I tell him.

Eric’s thoughtful for a moment, “With Pam’s consent, I did allow others to fuck her as a submissive while she sucked me off. I engaged in multiple partner relations and orgies with her as well. I do not want to share you.”

I don’t want to share you, either,” I whisper. “What’s a submissive?” I ask next.

Role playing of sorts,” he offers, but I can tell by his tone that it’s an in-depth topic, not exactly suitable conservation for just before going to sleep. “It is the surrender of one person’s body and will to another.”

I can’t help but giggle. “Haven’t I already done that?” I tease.

It is commonly used in situations connected to sadomasochism. It may involve bondage and, at times, many other aspects of an almost macabre theme. It is about pushing limits and exhibiting control, but the main idea is for the submissive to please their Dominant in every way,” he explains slowly, almost as if he doesn’t want to talk too much about it right now.

I think I could get down with the bondage thing,” I grin at him, and I feel him hold his breath before he groans.

You have been hinting at that heavily as of late,” he notes. “I might just have to make some plans for you next weekend.”

Such as?” I ask curiously.

I am very talented with rope,” he tells me in a dark, silky voice that makes my heart give a very impressive ‘THUD-UMP!’

Okay, but I don’t know about the sadomasochism thing. I don’t mind when you spank me or have rough sex with me…but, sometimes, when you wrap my hair in your hand, you catch the small hairs on the back of my neck and that, I don’t like.”

But otherwise, you like it when I move your head by pulling your hair?” he asks me patiently.

Yeah, a lot,” I assure him, “just not when the little hairs get pulled. That really hurts.”

What if I do it like this?” Eric fists his hand in my hair suddenly, giving it a sharp tug. He’s completely avoided catching the undermost layer.

I nearly shout while telling him, “Yeah, I like that!”

Tugging my hair to crane my neck backward, Eric claims my mouth with his in a very demanding kiss. He’s pullin’ my head so I’m forced to lay back on the mattress, and his body is crawlin’ over mine along the way. By the time he’s layered over me, I feel new moisture building between my legs.

Are you wanting to play, Dear One?” he growls against my mouth.

Oh, yes,” I whisper.

What do you want to play?” he asks.

Submissive,” I pant.

Eric gives me a sad smile and I feel regret swimming in the Bond, “I would prefer to spend more time talking with you about that before we explore it any further. Domination is not something I want us to ‘jump into.’ I would rather it be discussed to manage both of our expectations, and I feel your impatience for my attentions right now.”

Very,” I agree with a lazy grin, stroking his chest lovingly.

However, there is something I would like to begin teaching you now, if you are willing?”

Sexy stuff?” I ask, wiggling my eyebrows hopefully.

He thinks for a moment, “It will help with ‘sexy stuff’.”

Cool, I’m game!” I answer, ready to agree with just about anything.

Will you go kneel on the floor?” he asks, sitting up. I jump outta bed and find a comfy spot to fall to my knees, then wait to see what he’s going to do.

Open your mouth,” he tells me. I figure he’s gonna put his cock in my mouth after I open wide but, instead, he shoves two fingers past my lips. They press into my tongue before sliding back toward my throat. At some point, I gag and he pulls his fingers out of my mouth while I swallow around my contracting throat. I scowl at him for not warning me. “I want to train away your gag reflex,” he explains. “I want you to be able to swallow me whole, Sookie.”

You can do that?” I ask in surprise.

Yes, may I?” Eric asks.

I’d like not gagging on you anymore,” I reply, lost in whatever it is he’s doing.

I am going to put my fingers in your mouth again. You will gag, but I will not move my hand. Fight it for ten seconds by not pulling away and I will make you cum very, very hard.”

That offer automatically makes me forget my earlier annoyance. Eagerly, I open my mouth and his fingers don’t even touch my tongue until they’re pressin’ right into a spot that triggers my gag reflex. He’s true to his word and doesn’t pull away to let me collect myself. Instead, I’m gaggin’ ’round his fingers the whole time, and my eyes are leakin’ tears. I don’t pull away though, ’cause it’s gotta be almost ten seconds by now!

Finally, his fingers withdraw and the next thing I know, I’m thrown over the edge of the bed and my Bonded is takin’ me from behind. One of his hands is rubbin’ between where we’re joined and, for some weird reason, gaggin’ made me super wet!

Suddenly, I feel pressure against my back door. I tense ’cause, other than the occasional knock when he rubs between my buns, Eric’s never paid attention to my ‘exit only.’ I feel his thumb rubbin’ circles around the ring of muscles and I find myself holdin’ my breath.

We’ve never really talked about whether I’d ever do stuff in the butt. I think I said something about not thinkin’ I’d like it, but I’ve never actually said ‘no’ to it. He’s not tryin’ to put anything in there, though. His thumb’s just circling it, and it feels kinda nice.

Between his cock poundin’ into me, his right hand rubbin’ frantically at my clit, and his thumb tracin’ round my back door, I am one hyper-stimulated girl!

I think that’s why, when he leans over me and gives my ear a sharp nip, I scream while having the most intense and almost painful orgasm of my life. Not painful because I’m clenchin’ hard enough to turn coal into a diamond, but painful because I screamed so hard I think my vocal chords are torn. I’m sobbin’ and shakin’ and-

Oh, my gawd,” I cry into the mattress. My arms are shakin’. I’ve fallen off the bed and landed on my knees. I’m still sobbin’ and shiverin’ when Eric picks me up and lays me across our bed. He’s kissin’ me soft and slow, but still I can’t stop cryin’.

Sookie?” he whispers.

I love you so much,” I sob, and hold him to me as tightly as my weakened arms can manage. “You have no idea,” I pant. Never in my life has it felt so good to cry. It feels cathartic and just so right, almost as good as how hard he made me cum. I never knew feelin’ weak could feel so amazing.

I am your Bonded. I have quite a good idea,” he chuckles once again while he rubs his hands up and down my body, massaging and bringing it back from the over-stimulated mess he turned it into. “Did I not promise you a very, very hard orgasm?”

Yes, and it was the best of my life. Every best of my life is yours, Eric,” I mumble tiredly.

Damn right they are,” he snarls proudly and kisses my shoulder. After a moment, he says guardedly, “You seemed confused, maybe a bit panicked when I played with your bottom.”

I shrug tiredly, “You never have before. I guess I just wasn’t sure at first if I liked it, and maybe worried about what you intended to do. When I realized it felt good and all you were gonna do is rub me, I just let go and enjoyed.”

Would you be willing to let me play with your tight, little rosebud?” he asks in his hot, growly voice.

Right this second? No, ’cause, Darlin’, I’m exhausted. Later on? I guess. What did you have in mind?” I ask.

Fingers for now,” he suggests. “I want to bury my cock in there at some point in the future, but we will start with fingers and my mouth from time to time. I want you to find pleasure from it, and that will only happen with time and patience.”

Anything you want, Darlin’. You keep on givin’ me orgasms like that and you can plant yourself anywhere you want in me,” I tell him with a lazy grin.

Eric laughs rather loudly, “Is that right?” he asks, still laughing.

Mm-hmm,” I agree, “but for now, I think I’m gonna go back to sleep.”

All right, Sookie,” He kisses my head and pulls me into his arms. It’s so easy to fall asleep in his cool embrace.

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Catalyst Ch. 23

Chapter Twenty-Three: Goodbye, Old Life

Eric’s POV:

After I end the call with Stackhouse, I finish pulling my clothes back on. In the time between my Maker’s phone call and Jason’s final decision, I fucked my Bonded nearly into a coma, in part to buy some time, but more selfishly because I knew she would not be in the mood to play again, possibly the remainder of the evening.

Where ya goin’?” Sookie mumbles from the thoroughly disheveled bed.

I smile down at her, lean over, and kiss her warm forehead, “I forgot to grab the mail, even though we were outside all day,” I confess honestly. “Go back to sleep.”

Why are you worried if you’re just gettin’ the mail?” she demands softly.

I sigh and softly fall onto the bed, “Because I have something very sad to tell you, and I was not looking forward to doing it just yet.”

Sookie sits up quickly, “Jason-”

Is perfectly fine. I hung up with him only minutes ago,” I assure her. Sookie frowns at my comment, uncertain of what could possibly be sad news if her brother was not involved.

Pam and Godric-” she demands suddenly.

Are Impervious Immortals now, Sookie,” I smile at her concern. “I daresay we will have several centuries before anyone could fathom a way of slowing down either of them. Now, will you stop guessing and allow me to tell you what has happened?” I tease softly, attempting to lighten the atmosphere before plunging it into darkness. Sookie pulls her lips between her teeth and pinches them into a tight seal. “Your Aunt, Linda, and cousin, Hadley, were found dead in their home last night,” Sookie gasps, then brings her hand to her mouth. “It appears to be an overdose and suicide,” I finish gently.

Oh,” she whispers quietly, too stunned to speak.

The Monroe police just notified Jason, but he did not want you to feel obligated to stay with him. He reluctantly asked if I would tell you and keep you here,” I explain further, soothing her hair back while she absorbs all the information.

Oh,” she whispers again, staring blankly at my chest. I feel a blend of several emotions swirling inside me through her end of our Bond, regret, disappointment, concern, and the smallest twinge of anger. All of that, and guilt is still the strongest emotion flowing around inside her. I offer comfort in return of these unwanted emotions, and she begrudgingly permits herself to be soothed. “So,” she begins after a long moment of silence, “you think Linda found Hadley dead and killed herself?”

That appears to be the consensus,” I nod carefully, still stroking her blonde locks. “You are angry.”

Linda didn’t deserve that,” Sookie whispers. “I know Hadley’s been through a lot, but when you really look at it, Linda’s been through even more. I mean, just imagine findin’ out someone hurt your daughter the way Hadley was, and you didn’t do anythin’ to protect her? Linda’s husband blamed her for what happened to Hadley because it was Linda’s uncle who did it. Linda lost her husband, brother, father, and mother. Then she had to watch her daughter destroy herself with drugs?” Sookie shakes her head sympathetically. “I feel so bad for Aunt Linda…”

I can only nod and tuck Sookie’s head beneath my arm as I continue soothing her. “They both suffered greatly,” I murmur, “but do not feel angry, Sookie. Yes, Hadley was selfish and self-destructive, but she should not be hated for her weakness. She was only human. Do not be angry at her for something she could not control.”

Sookie nuzzles into my side and makes an assenting sound in reply to my plea. I do not enjoy feeling Sookie’s anger. Even though I understand from where that negativity stems, I would rather not encourage it.

I guess it’s easy to be angry,” Sookie murmurs after a moment. “It’s better to forgive.” Slowly I can feel her ire receding while she attempts to find forgiveness within herself. “Besides,” she whispers after a moment, “what good does anger offer?” I nod in agreement as she continues her internal struggle. “I just wish I could understand better, y’know? Understand what she went through.”

No,” I shake my head, “you would not wish to understand that at all. I would never wish for you to truly understand it.”

Her head peeks up at me, giving me a curious gaze, “Do you understand it?”

Oh, how the hell do you explain something like this? I wonder with a touch of frustration. “Sookie,” I start carefully, “if I were to tell you of my understanding, it would mean divulging another’s story.”

Her face falters as she comprehends that this is not my story to tell, but her eyes speak of a need that encourages me to share.

Godric came from a human existence of abuse and degradation. As a human, he was a slave boy, scooped from the fields of Gaul, and then later sold to a vampire in ancient Rome. That vampire abused and mutilated Godric for several years before turning him. He scarred and tattooed Godric until he was satisfied with the modifications he made, and immortalized his art.”

Sookie’s jaw slackens with surprise and disgust at my explanation of Godric’s origins. I continue soothing her hair, trying to ease the resentment the story brings.

Godric was very angry… For a long time, he took that anger and ruthlessness out on any and all he encountered. He was vicious and cruel, mostly to those he found performing acts on others that had been performed upon him up until his Maker’s True Death a few centuries before he turned me. After his Maker was gone, some of that anger was quashed, but his temper remained volatile. After Godric turned me, I think that is when he truly began to heal. He could tell me his secrets, and knew that they were safe…”

I’m sorry,” Sookie whispers urgently. “You can stop. I won’t tell him that I know-”

I sigh. He would understand. “He spoke to me about the overwhelming loss of hope. He whispered to me the experience of having all your strength and will stripped from you. His pain that he shared through our link was a lesson that bridged a gap in my perception that I needed to fully understand. I needed to fully understand so he could begin healing. So he could have a partner through time who understood his pain.”

You’re grateful for that, aren’t you?” she asks me in a soft, but surprised voice.

Eternally,” She stares at me in disbelief. “You could say it was the first dose of compassion I ever knew. If he had not shared and taught me this emotional pain I had never known, I would not have been able to console Pam upon her turning.”

It’s difficult to fathom,” Sookie admits after a moment. “Even after what was done to Hadley when we were children, I never fully understood any of it. I thought I did, but as I grow older, the memories hurt differently. It’s scary in new ways, but not painful. I can’t comprehend the pain.”

I am grateful for that,” I tell her softly. “I never want you to know that pain. Even the pain I have experienced is second-hand. My Maker protected me from knowing it, as I will protect you, and so will he.”

I love you,” she whispers, and I can hear the tears building in her eyes by the strain in her voice.

As I love you,” I answer before we dissolve into a thoughtful quiet.

We lay in silence for awhile longer, our hands exploring comforting touches. I can feel that she is still out of sorts, but cannot determine if her unease is due to her family or the story I shared. It was a poor time to disclose that information, but it is far too late to take it back. Also, in a way, she needed to know that I understood her cousin’s suffering on a slightly better scale than she originally thought. In a way, I prayed I could always protect her as Godric protected me.

Sookie’s POV:

I can’t get my mind off Hadley and Linda. Though my unwanted anger has subsided, a piece of me is still reeling at the terrible news. I want to go to Jason and curl up with him. I know he doesn’t need to be comforted and really, neither do I. Still, the thought that we’re literally the last of the Stackhouses is makin’ me want to be near my brother.

Maybe it’s a need of fortifying our strength as a family after you find yourself thrust into potential oblivion. Maybe it’s just ’cause we’ll be attending yet another funeral, and I need some inner peace before that event.

And today was such a good day, I think morosely.

The last time Jason and I saw Linda and Hadley was at Gran’s funeral. It had already been a trying day, then I’d found Hadley shooting up in the bathroom of the funeral home. I’d told Jason, and he’d gone and told Linda to get Hadley the heck outta there. Then our battle with Social Services had begun, and Jason and I wouldn’t risk goin’ anywhere near our family in fear of being caught in proximity with drugs might do to us.

I begin to wonder if things might have been different if Jason and I hadn’t distanced ourselves so completely from Hadley and Linda. I remind myself I can’t think that way, trying to blame myself for their misfortune. Jason and I had to protect ourselves and I shouldn’t feel guilty for that.

Eric’s kissin’ the top of my head and playin’ with my hair while we continue layin’ in bed together. It’s cozy and content, and I focus on that instead. I start fantasizing about being in London with him, curled up in bed, waiting for our next adventure to begin.


Never thought I’d see somethin’ so sad,” Jason says softly, giving my hand a squeeze.

I look slowly around the mostly empty room. The only ones occupying the space are me, Jason, Hadley, and Linda. No one has been by the wake all day. It’s just been me and my brother in a room with two dead bodies all day.

And then there’s the little one, I think depressed. Hadley had been two and a half months pregnant when she died. That’s the reason they think Linda may have intentionally overdosed her own daughter. Linda’s thumb print had been found on the plunger of the needle that delivered the fatal dose of heroin. The police think Linda killed her daughter before turning her Winchester upon herself. Maybe we’ll never know the whole truth…

It’s too bad Eric couldn’t come,” Jason murmurs, puttin’ his arm around my shoulder.

Yeah, he said the three of them took enough chances that first day. Until they’re ready to let their kind know about their lack of limitations, they really can’t risk bein’ caught on camera anywhere durin’ the day,” I say sadly.

I know,” Jason sighs. “It just feels … so empty in here.”

Are you as creeped out as me?” I ask in a whisper.

Hadley don’t look like herself at all,” Jason nods. “It’s like they gave us a police sketch to bury.”

He did a real nice job on Linda,” I offer.

Yeah,” Jason nods again, lookin’ more and more uncomfortable.

How long do we have to keep this goin’?” I ask guiltily. It’s goin’ on four in the afternoon and we’ve had no one come in to pay their respects.

I dunno,” Jason confesses. “When Gran died, we coulda kept goin’ a week and people woulda shown up… I feel terrible, findin’ out that Linda did a pretty solid job of isolatin’ her and Hadley, y’know?”

Yeah,” I reply sadly. Gran was the only one who could get Linda or Hadley to come out among regular people. Linda would only speak with Gran and her psychiatrist. As far as I knew, Hadley only spoke to her dealer and whomever she saw at the gas station where she worked.

We stand in silence a while longer before Jason combs his hand through his hair and mumbles, “We’ll end it at five, I guess?”

Okay,” is all I can offer along with a comforting pat to his arm.

The minutes tick by slowly, and each one makes me feel worse for longing after it. Am I a terrible person for just wanting to go home already?

Of course, me and Jason are both sad about what’s happened, but, at the same time, we haven’t seen Hadley or Linda since I was five-years-old. That’s not counting the four-minute, awkward conversation during our parents’ funeral, or the twenty-minute sob fest at Gran’s funeral. Over the last thirteen years, I’ve seen my cousin and aunt for a total of thirty minutes.

When we finally leave for the day, hand-in-hand, I ask Jason, “How terrible of a person am I for wanting to get outta there?”

Not a terrible person at all, Sook,” Jason assures me, kissin’ the top of my head while we walk to his truck. “I’m just surprised no one came. Ain’t like Bon Temps is a boomtown or somethin’. They may not remember Hadley, but the old timers and Linda’s old classmates shoulda remembered her,” he grumbles, put off by the lonesome afternoon.

I guess… Do you mind drivin’ me to the store on the way to the house?” I ask as we make our way to his truck.

That’s fine. What do you need?” he asks, helping me into the tall truck since my heels and skirt make it difficult.

Just some staples,” I reply. “Eric mostly had a lot of non-perishables in the house. I just want to cook some real food… Want to join me for an early supper?” I ask.

Sounds good,” Jason nods before going to the driver’s side and clamberin’ in.

We go to the little grocery store in Bon Temps. There’s a few cars parked out front, and I hope Jenny isn’t still the cashier. Three cars in the parking lot will keep us in line for a good ten minutes if she’s the one checking us out.

Sookie?!” I hear, crowing at me down the bread aisle. I turn and see my former best friend, running toward me with her arms flung open.

“Tara!” I shout in surprise, opening my arms to receive her while she nearly hugs the life out of me.

“Girl, I haven’t seen you in so long! What have you been doin’?” Tara asks excitedly.

Well, I just had my graduation the other day,” I offer. “How have you been?”

Really? You goin’ to college?” She doesn’t reply to my remark, and I see in her mind that she dropped out and lives in the nearby trailer park. At least she’s out of her mother’s house, I think sympathetically.

Yeah, I got my acceptance letter from Endene the other day,” I tell her. “What’s new with you?”

And Jason Stackhouse!” Tara grins up at my brother with her glossy, white teeth. “You’re lookin’ pretty good there!”

Thanks, Tara,” Jason smiles at her. “You’re lookin’ pretty good yourself.”

You seen Hoyt yet?” she asks him.

Nah, this is really the first I’ve stepped into town since around Christmas,” he shrugs.

What’s with the clothes? You look like you’ve been to a funeral,” Tara frowns.

Wake, actually. Our aunt and cousin passed away the other day,” Jason tells her.

Hadley’s dead?” Tara frowns. “Dang, guys, your family can’t catch a break!”

I grimace at Tara’s comment, but I’m also confused by it. “We put out a local obituary,” I say.

Tara shrugs, “I don’t read any newspapers. I’m surprised Hoyt’s momma didn’t tell the whole town. Gossipy bitch.”

I frown at my friend’s harsh words. “So,” I try once more to find out what’s been going on with Tara, “what have you been up to lately?”

Tara dismisses my inquiry again with a wave of her hand, “This and that. Mostly watchin’ every sorry ass gal we shoulda graduated with together marry the first piece of shit who got them in the backs of their Chevys.”

Jason immediately takes my hand in his, clenching it around my engagement ring to hide it from Tara’s sights. Deep down, I’m grateful for his defending response. The last thing I want is to listen to Tara gripe about me being a ‘child bride.’

I don’t know what’s been happening to Tara over the past three years, but it’s plain to see those years have been about as kind to her as they have been to me and Jason.

Well,” I begin awkwardly, “we have to get goin’. We haven’t eaten all day.”

Why you shoppin’ here?” Tara tilts her head curiously. “Thought you two was livin’ it up in Shreveport now?”

We know the guy who bought the farmhouse,” Jason answers smoothly. “He’s lettin’ us stay there, what with the wake and funeral stuff goin’ on.”

Ugh,” Tara makes a dissatisfied noise, “you see what he done to your old place? I saw demo crews coming in and outta it for weeks.”

It’s actually really nice inside,” I protest. “He mostly just replaced damages, added a garage, and redid the kitchen layout.”

Tara snorts dismissively at my defense, “Yeah, whatever. Big shot comes in and buys up all that land, practically robs you guys of your heritage, and you cozy up to him? Girl, you just be careful what you bargain to try and get your house back.”

My face creases into a frown, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

With a knowing smile, Tara looks at me, “Sook, it’s plain as day what you got on your mind.”

Really? ‘Cause I don’t see it,” I try to keep the snarl out of my tone, but at Jason’s warning squeeze of my hand, I know I failed.

You’re gonna try and charm your way back into your old house,” Tara tells me. “That’s cool. You got the goods. I bet you could pull it off.”

My lips purse with dissatisfaction. I don’t know what’s happened to my former best friend these past few years, but, at this point, I couldn’t care less! My brother and I limped through losses, CPS threats, hunger, and exhaustion. We didn’t let all that change us into whatever Tara’s on the verge of becoming.

Tara,” I begin slowly, letting the disappointment ring in my voice, “I don’t know that you were ever my friend if that is what you think I’m capable of. If you’re going to make up tales like that and believe them, fine! Spread them around if it makes you feel better about yourself, but the next time you see me in the grocery store, you’d be better off ignoring me!” I yank my hand out of Jason’s and hold up my engagement ring for her to see. “You can believe this is the result of me worming my way back into my childhood home, but the truth is, I cared about that man before I even knew he owned it.”

Tara blinks rapidly at my declaration, unable to fathom the rock on my ring finger. I hear her thinking the diamond can’t possibly be real, but I’ve already dismissed her opinion of being of any importance to me.

Get yourself together, Tara, and stop blaming everyone else for how your life is turning out. If you think everyone’s an asshole, maybe you should take a long, hard look in the mirror to realize that asshole is you,” I take Jason’s hand back into mine and drag him toward the checkout. We don’t have everything we came for, but I don’t want to be near my former best friend any longer than necessary.

Dang, Sooks!” Jason gasps. “I ain’t ever heard you talk to someone like that!”

I hope you never do again,” I reply, practically slamming our food on to the register. “Can you believe her?!” I demand icily. “Did you hear how she said ‘we should have graduated together with’?! Like moving to Shreveport was my idea?!” Jason catches the carton of eggs I was about to smash in to the belt.

Whoa, Sookie, calm down!” Jason laughs. “You know Tara, she’s always been like that. Her problems are always everyone else’s fault. Failed her English test, and it was your fault for not being a better tutor. Couldn’t do her science lab and it was the teacher’s fault for not explaining it properly. Missed the eighth-grade dance and it was Lafayette’s fault for getting high with her beforehand.”

As Jason lists examples, I begin to wonder how Tara and I ever remained friends. My face frowns at the thought. Tara wasn’t all bad. Sure, she had issues accepting she brought most of her misfortunes upon herself, but, at the same time, Tara had a mighty strong cop-out. Her mother.

Ms. Thornton was an abusive alcoholic. Tara spent more nights at Gran’s house than she did at her own. We shared everything, and practically grew up as sisters. After Gran died, I wasn’t the only one who lost her mother figure. Tara had, too. The difference was, I had Jason. Tara didn’t have anyone.

I was conflicted now. Maybe if I’d tried harder to stay in contact with her after I’d left, things wouldn’t have been so hard on her. Maybe she could have made it through high school.

Sookie,” Jason nudges me out of my thoughts, “I know that look, and I know when to tell you to let it go. There was nothing you coulda done.”

I could have stayed in touch,” I mumble.

How? Sook, we were both working and going to school every minute of our lives! You couldn’t have taken a minute outta studyin’ and won that scholarship to Endene. We’ve been fighting tooth and nail since we lost Gran, and we finally managed to crawl out of a hole!”


No, Sook,” Jason hands Jenny the money for the food and takes the grocery sacks from the bagger, “there are no ‘buts’. Sometimes friends grow apart. It happens. You can’t take responsibility if a former friend’s life went south. It’s Tara’s life, and you can’t let her bring you down this way. Tara’s doing what she’s always done, tryin’ to blame someone else for not keeping her shit on track.”

I just feel like I should help her,” I admit while we walk back to the truck. Jason puts the passenger seat forward to set down the groceries, then helps me into my seat.

Of course, you do! You’ve always tried to help everyone you could. You spent every spare second you could doin’ those high school charity events. I think you was workin’ on about as much sleep as I was those times. You starved yourself last winter just so I could keep my rations the same. You tutored classmates at the diner. Sook, you do enough. There’s no rule sayin’ none of that means anything just ’cause Tara wasn’t one of the people you helped.”

He closes my door and walks around the truck to the driver seat. When he’s settled behind the wheel, he takes my hand and starts driving us to the farmhouse.

Once we arrive home, Eric is already walkin’ out to meet us and helps me out of the truck while Jason gets the groceries.

How are you feeling, Sookie?” Eric asks me sweetly, pushing some loose strands of hair behind my ears and looking in to my eyes like he’s tryin’ to judge by them alone.

We’re Bonded, Eric. You know the answer,” I tease weakly.

Knowing how you feel and knowing why you feel that way are two completely different things,” he points out.

I sigh as we make our way to the kitchen. Jason and I quickly unpack the food, and I begin preparing an early supper.

What can I say?” I flounder a moment. “It was a crappy, depressing day. No one showed up for the wake. We sat around with a couple corpses all day, and then I ran into my former best friend at the grocery store. She proceeded to talk crap about me, and I feel like a jerk for abandoning her-”

Sook, you didn’t abandon Tara!” Jason snarls. “Get it outta yer head already. She’s a bitch, and she ain’t worth your time worryin’ over her.”

I am confused,” Eric sits at the kitchen counter next to Jason while I bustle around the kitchen. “Why do you feel guilty for dropping a friend who treats you terribly?”

Because Sookie should fix everyone’s problems,” Jason answers sarcastically. “Nothing’s ever anyone’s fault but hers.”

You see, that makes sense,” Eric nods in agreement. “After all, an eighteen-year-old woman has all the time in the world to fix every problem under the sun.”

Oh, don’t forget, she has to be an honor roll student with a full scholarship, community service hours, workforce experience… Oh, and she has to know what it’s like to starve-”

Enough!” I snap. “I get it. I’m spreading myself too thin! I still have the entire summer. I could at least help her try to get her GED.”

Sookie,” Eric interrupts me, “we leave for England this weekend and will not return until the week before your first day of college.”

Oh, right,” I mumble, going back to the meal I’m working on.

Just let it go,” Jason begs.

I murmur an apology and a tentative promise to do my best. I don’t know if I can keep that promise, though. I don’t know if I can abandon Tara, no matter how much help she does or does not deserve from me.

On to Chapter Twenty-Four!

Catalyst Ch. 22

Chapter Twenty-Two: First Day in the Sun

Jason’s POV:

Fuck, Pam,” I pant, and then clench my teeth around her shoulder while I cum for the fifth time that day. “I can’t go no more!” I collapse next to her on the roof of our building, pressing my sweaty palms into my eyes. I’m startin’ to get a migraine, and I don’t think I can take any more!

It is only three in the afternoon,” she protests mischievously, rakin’ her nails across my abs as if they could possibly wake up my cock from the coma she’s put it in.

Yeah, well, I’m still human,” I point out tiredly. “Ya gotta give a man a break!”

Pam stretches out next to me on the afghan we dragged up to the roof with us. She’s been wantin’ to do everythin’ and anythin’ she possibly can outside while the sun’s up, not that I blame her. I know the novelty will wear off eventually, but I get the feelin’ it will be a long-ass time till it does. It’ll probably be even longer for Eric or Godric to get used to it since they’ve been vampires for such a long time.

C’mon, let’s do somethin’ other than fuck,” I urge her. “We could take the chess pieces or checkers to the park and play a few rounds,” I suggest.

I destroyed you in both of those games,” Pam teases.

I don’t care. I beat Sooks all the time. It’s okay to lose,” I shrug.

Pam considers my proposal another moment before rising to her feet and walkin’, naked, toward the building’s roof access door. I swear she has not an ounce of shame in her as she walks inside.

I guess it don’t matter, though. No one lives in the second apartment anyway. We practically have the whole place to ourselves.

So, you know where Sooks and Eric are gonna live? The condo or the farmhouse?” I ask Pam once we return to the apartment and start gettin’ dressed.

Probably the farmhouse during the remainder of the summer, then the condo once the school year starts. Maybe the farmhouse on the weekends and vacations,” Pam replies thoughtfully. “I know Sookie prefers the farmhouse for reasons other than it being your ancestral home. The city is a difficult place for her to live with her gift. Her range is quite large, and all of the minds living and moving in proximity make it difficult for her to sleep or concentrate on her studies.”

Huh, I never thought about that,” I frown sadly. It’s still frustrating to realize all the hardships she’s had to put up with because of her telepathy. The fact she’s always hid it so well only confirms what a good sport she is.

We gather our stuff and I drive to a nearby park. It’s got chessboards, so all we needed to bring was our own pieces to play. Pam flattens me, and we gain a couple old spectators, one who challenges my friend and gets destroyed even quicker than me.

So, what do you think you’re gonna do with all this new, free time?” I ask her while we pack up, and then just stroll around the park, enjoyin’ the nice day.

Pam frowns contemplatively again, starin’ straight ahead while she considers my question. “I will probably expand my languages further… Eric speaks so many languages and I would like to do so, too. Hmm, maybe I will learn to play an instrument.”

Does Eric play anything?” I ask.

He can carve a flute and play it,” Pam laughs. “He can play many old, handmade instruments, but he has never been musically inclined, although that may change with the spare time he’ll have. Being Bonded will prevent him from becoming bored any time soon.”

I grimace when I hear that. I don’t wanna think about Sookie fillin’ spare time.

Hello, Pam.”

Pam and I spin around to find Godric standin’ a few feet away. We both let out long, relieved sighs once we realize who’s recognized her.

Hello, Godric,” Pam shakes her head in astonishment. “Have you just arrived?”

Very early this morning,” Godric answers. “Before sunrise.”

Really?” Pam raises her eyebrows. “You’ve just been wandering the city this whole time?”

“Yes,” he nods, and with a grin so elated, I don’t think I’ve ever seen what elation was, it covers his entire face. “People are so energized during the day. It has been a marvel to experience.”

Yeah, y’all are probably used to seein’ drunks and druggies all the time,” I laugh at the realization.

Godric smirks, but nods that I’m not too far off my assessment. “Are you enjoying your first day out after so long, Pamela?”

I do not believe I’ve been indoors for more than a few minutes all day,” she responds. “Stackhouse has spent the day humoring me. We have gone for walks, played several board games on the roof of their apartment, fucked in almost every location where we could get away with it, and we just finished a few rounds of chess.” She points vaguely at the boards set up near one of the walkin’ paths. I could’ve lived without her divulging the fuckin’ part, but…whatever. They’re vamps, so it really don’t mean much to them. They’ve all done more than their fair share of bonin’.

I have been spending the day contemplating just how long our future family member will be remaining mortal,” Godric tells us, and I can’t help but swallow hard. Already thinkin’ about endin’ my life. “I believe turning you shortly before the Revelation would be optimal. It will be much harder to conceal our Bloodline’s abilities afterward because you may become known as vampire otherwise, so that would not bode well with your desire to remain a teacher,” he explains in a low voice I have trouble hearing, even standin’ as closely to him as I am.

Will I be able to teach after first becomin’ a vamp?” I ask curiously, tryin’ to keep my tone just as soft.

You will be fine. We will turn you during the summer vacation and, with the right training, I am certain you will be under perfect control. I am also quite certain Eric may pull some strings to have you and Sookie working in the same school. I know he would prefer if someone were with his Bonded during her working hours,” Godric tells me.

So, when’s the Revelation?” I ask.

Three years,” Pam answers.

“Huh, twenty-five… That’s cool. Twenty-five’s an okay age, I guess. Might’ve been nice to be a little older,” I confess. “Then again, Eric was younger than that when he was turned, and he looks a lot older than twenty-four.”

The times took their toll on the body more harshly during Eric’s human years. As did mine,” Godric smirks.

That makes sense, I guess, plus, y’all didn’t have all these hygiene products we do today,” I realize. “Although, I understand that Vikings really had a thing for cleanliness.”

Yes,” Godric laughs. “They really did!”

The three of us chat for a good while. I convince them to catch a movie with me, but Pam’s antsy the whole time, wantin’ to get back out in the sun. My skin needs a good break. I think my face got burnt from bein’ out all day. I practically pass out durin’ the movie. The theater’s all dark and cool, and it feels awesome on my scorched skin. While we’re leavin’, Pam takes one look at me and starts laughin’.

What?” I frown.

Your face is as red as a lobster!” she cackles.

Yeah, well, that’s what happens when ya keep a guy out in the sun all day,” I grumble back, feelin’ my burnin’ cheeks while I dig my phone outta my pocket to turn it on. I wiggle it free, turning it on while we make it on to the sidewalk. I notice a missed call from my sister. “Hold on. Sookie called,” I tell the other two and I hit her number in my contacts to call her back.

Hey, Jason,” Sookie sounds breathless.

I make a face. “Why’d ya answer the phone if you’re screwin’ ’round!?” I snarl.

I’m not. Eric and I are on a walk!” she protests. “You try keepin’ pace with a six-and-a-half-foot vampire and not be outta breath!”

Sorry, sorry! Why’d ya call?”

Eric wants to go traveling for a month, so when we get back, it won’t make the fact I’m movin’ out such a weird transition for us. He thought that we and his entire Bloodline should go somewhere and just have a blast! He’s already called his boss and told her that he’s Bonded and wants to go on leave. It’s approved and he has the next twelve weeks off!”

That is so cool. So, where we goin’?” I ask.

Wherever you and I want! He said we gotta pick one place though, ’cause he, Godric, and Pam are gonna make sure we see everything!”

Well, it’s kinda your honeymoon, so why are you givin’ me a choice? I never been anywhere. I’ll be stoked no matter where we go!” I point out.

I was thinkin’ the U.K., tons of different cultures and experiences crammed all together! Tons of history for you, books for me… Still, I hear the food’s not so good, but we could stay in a place with a kitchen where I could cook us stuff a little reminiscent of home.”

I smile at her thoughtfulness. The U.K. sounds more than cool with me. “Sounds great, Sis. I’ll let Godric and Pam know the plan.”

Godric’s with you?” Sookie asks in surprise.

Yup. He’s been hangin’ with me and Pam for a couple hours now, got in first thing this mornin’.”

Wow! Huh? Okay, Darlin’…Eric says he’s welcome to stay at his condo if he’d like ’cause he’s still workin’ on getting the property he wants for Godric’s permanent residence. Eric and I won’t be usin’ the condo at all till school starts,” she tells me. Godric’s noddin’ that he’s heard the message loud and clear.

Well, I need to get us some paperwork, so we can get us some passports then. You get back to enjoyin’ married life. Talk to ya later,” I quickly hang up before she starts yackin’ again. She doesn’t need to be tryin’ to placate me so much. I’m a big boy, and it’s time I learn to live without my sister. After a trip to the U.K. that is, I think amusedly.

Shall we go get your D-11’s?” Pam asks curiously.

Yeah, I guess,” I mumble.

I can’t believe you don’t have a passport,” Pam rolls her eyes after we start trekkin’ down the street.

I give her an odd look, “You saw how we were livin’ before. You think we could afford to go anywhere further than Monroe?”

She nods her head, understanding my explanation, “I suppose that is true.”

The three of us walk toward the sunset, talkin’ and laughin’ as though we were three, normal, human friends just like anyone else.

Pam’s POV:

It is strange to see Godric so full of fun and lighthearted, enjoyable, yes, but strange, nonetheless. He is smiling more than I have ever seen, joking with Jason, pointing out children on bicycles, and commenting on how beautiful a woman’s hair looks when it banners through the air of a passing convertible. I cannot wait to watch him and Eric together, and I know I will have my chance once we set them loose in England. It will be so exciting, taking Jason and Sookie to pubs, pumping them full of historical events, and reminiscing on my human years.

Still, there remains a dark cloud for me in London, though I have many fond memories, too, escaping my arranged marriage and my overbearing father by becoming a Lady of the Evening are only some of them. Prostitution has never been a glamorous profession, but I managed to make it so. Many men called me their Muse back then. I had the good fortune to have been born to a rather prestigious family, raised as a lady, and knew the ins and outs of high society gatherings. I was very much like the high-end escorts of today’s era.

I lived in a lush apartment, enjoyed sex, and was rather inventive in the arts of love-making, even before becoming a vampire. I seduced the rich and well-kept, earning my salons and fashions until I fell into the trap of women.

Whoever could have blamed me for longing toward the fairer sex? The way they moved and murmured in soft, beautiful voices, the way they fanned themselves when given a compliment or blushed prettily at the mildest of gestures. They were women whom I never could be, and I loved it.

I was more of a man for them than any of their husbands or suitors. Most had never even considered the existence of an orgasm until I laid them down in their beds myself. Awareness of female sexuality was probably inspired by the likes of me in gloomy, old London. I was turned into a martyr of the sexual awakenings for women during those times. Casanova inspired the women of the Renaissance, but it was me who introduced enlightenment for the women of my era and great city.

Man,” Jason murmurs once we arrive at the apartment after having obtained the applications for his and Sookie’s passports, “I’m wiped. I’m gonna pass out for a bit.” He yawns and stretches his way down the hall toward his bedroom. He leaves the door open, and I hear him collapse onto his bed.

It will be pleasant having you around, Master Godric,” I say softly to my Maker’s creator.

It will be pleasant to be around,” he chuckles in reply. “I cannot remember the last time I felt this much excitement about anything.”

I wish I could comprehend the appreciation you and Eric seem to have regarding our new immunities,” I tell him while we sit around the kitchen table. “You two seem far less…”

Urgent to be in the sun as you?” Godric finishes.

Yes,” I confess. “The two of you have been cloaked in the darkness for so much longer than me, yet you seem far less preoccupied with the need to be out in the sun. I find it confusing.”

Godric smiles patiently, then tells me, “Believe me when I say those two hours in the movie theater were most trying. I want nothing more than to laze about in the sun all day as well. Still, I believe this lack of desperation is more about contentment. Eric, obviously, has something far more important to him than sunlight. Of course, he is more than enthusiastic about being in the sunlight, but Sookie remains his primary focus. As for me… Well, I am in awe of our beautiful gift. I suppose it is keeping more in my nature to approach things slowly and to absorb everything around me. You, on the other hand, are still so young, Pamela. Just as a small child would, you wish to do everything now, and to ignore the finer details. Perhaps it may be that Eric and I have become relegated by the darkness. We are not quite certain what to make of it yet.”

I smile at his remark. “Do you fear you may lose it? Could that be why you are so hesitant to leap in head first?”

Godric shakes his head, “Not at all. I cannot foresee any of us risking the loss of this perfection. Although…”

You will find your Mate, Godric,” I assure him gently. I know he is very lonely, and I also suspect he is very envious that his Child has found such a magnificent Mate before him.

Perhaps a being created out of the darkness as I was cannot actually love,” Godric murmurs. “Maybe I was incapable of love, even before my turning.”

No one loves more than you, Godric,” I remind him.

Now, that, we know is not true. You could cut the love between Eric and Sookie with a knife.”

What is the saying? ‘When you stop looking for love, it will find you’?” I offer.

Godric grunts with a dark laugh, “Have you been reading those ‘Dear Abby’ articles again? Eric told me about your mild obsession with them since meeting Sookie.”

I just like having things to tell her. She is very delicate in some ways,” I try to explain. Before Godric can reply, there is a buzz from the intercom, and I rise to answer it, “Stackhouse residence.”

May I speak to Jason Stackhouse, please?”

He is asleep,” I respond professionally.

This is Detective Carrick of the Monroe Police Department. I would greatly appreciate if you would wake him,” the officer replies.

My eyebrows rise at the visitor’s identity. I know neither of the Stackhouses have been anywhere near Monroe from the time we first met them. “I will wake him. Come on in,” I tell the officer, then disengage the intercom. Godric waits at the door to let in the police officer while I go to wake and retrieve Jason.

Slowly, I enter Jason’s room, and I must nudge him several times before he jerks awake.

Wha? How long I sleepin’?” he mumbles, hugging his pillow to his head.

Not long. You have a visitor,” I explain.

Is it Sook?” he grumbles into the mattress.


Tell ’em t’come back later,” He buries his head under his pillow.

It is an officer from the Monroe police department,” I explain.

Jason peeks from beneath his pillow and gives me a quizzical look. “Monroe? I ain’t been there in nearly three years…”

He climbs out of bed and follows me down the hallway. I smile once he is under the lights and I can see the bright red of his burnt cheeks and nose.

Walking toward the kitchen, Jason yawns, and holds out his free hand to shake the detective’s, “I’m Jason Stackhouse. What can I do for ya?”

Mr. Stackhouse, I am Detective Carrick with the Monroe Police Department. I am sorry to tell you that your Aunt, Linda Delahoussaye, and her daughter, Hadley, were found dead in their home late last night.”

My eyes widen at the name Hadley. I know this is the cousin Jason told me about several weeks ago.

Jason’s shoulders sag for a moment before he asks in a rough voice, “Wha-what happened?”

Preliminary reports appear to be an overdose and suicide,” the detective responds sympathetically. “Do you know if your cousin had a drug problem?”

Uh, yeah… Ya mind if I sit down a minute?” He points desperately to the kitchen table and chairs. “Um, Pam, can you… Shit… Um, will you call Sook? No, don’t do that… Shit! Call Eric? Get him to bring her back in Shreveport? Just try not to let her find out why? Fuck!”

Mr. Stackhouse, why don’t you sit down?” Carrick encourages. “I should have suggested that before making the notification.”

Nah,” Jason allows himself to be pushed into a kitchen chair, “better ya didn’t. I woulda thought my sister was hurt if ya did.” He looks at me and Godric before saying, “Can you give us a minute? Find a way to get Sook back home?”

Of course,” Godric ushers me out the door.

Jason’s POV:

Sorry ’bout that… My sister got engaged last night and she’s been out celebratin’ with her fiancé,” I explain my disorientation regarding my sister.

I’m sorry to bring such bad news for ya,” Carrick grimaces. “Are you sure you want to answer my questions right now?”

Y-yeah. I’m sorry. Just distracted. Go on… Oh, Hadley and drugs,” I remember after a moment. “Yeah, she had a drug problem. It’s one of the reasons I ain’t been in Monroe the last three years to visit.”

Because you did not want to be around drugs?” Carrick asks.

Well, that, and our parents died when me and my sister were real young. We lived with our grandmother who passed away three years ago. I took custody of my sister, and I just didn’t wanna risk potentially bein’ near any drugs with Social Services watchin’ us like hawks,” I explain quickly. “Hadley’s had a substance abuse problem since she was thirteen, though.”

Carrick nods, taking notes. “Do you recall your aunt having troubles with depression?”

I don’t know,” I shrug weakly. “It’s hard to say. I mean… Ya gotta understand, our family’s had a real rough time. Our Gran’s brother raped Hadley when she was barely in the second grade. Linda’s husband left her that same year. Her brother, my dad, died a few years after that. Then Hadley started usin’ drugs when she was thirteen. Then Linda’s mom, our gran, died suddenly just a few years after that. If Linda wasn’t depressed at the start, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was by now… Did she find Hadley dead and kill herself? Is that what you think happened?” I ask. I wish Sooks was here. She’d know exactly what the cop thought.

That is our interpretation of the situation,” Carrick nods. “We just wanted some confirmation. Suicides are always initially treated as homicides… Do you know if your aunt carried a gun?”

Um, an old Winchester. Only gun she had, but I don’t know if she kept it in very good condition at all. Ain’t seen her hunt since I was four,” I explain.

Carrick nods and jots that down, too.

So, um, what do we do about a funeral?” I ask quietly. “I take it ya can’t find her ex-husband, so that’s why you’re comin’ to me as next of kin?”

You may contact a funeral home to coordinate with the Monroe Medical Examiner’s office,” Carrick offers. “The bodies will be released once the Coroner determines there was no foul play involved. With hope, that probably won’t take too long.”

You won’t need me to identify the bodies, right?” I ask squeamishly. Oh yeah, future vampire in the makin’ right here!

No, that’s already been handled,” Carrick assures me. I just nod blankly and rise when the Detective does. “I will contact you should there be any more questions,” He shakes my hand firmly while I barely manage to keep up the good manners of walkin’ him to the door.

Thanks for lettin’ me know ’bout my aunt and cousin,” I mumble while I open the door.

I’m sorry for your loss,” Carrick pats my back briskly, then leaves without another word.

I sigh and lean against the doorframe ’til Pam and Godric return. Once I see them comin’ toward the door, I slink back into the apartment, and flop onto the couch.

I called Eric,” Godric announces after he and Pam come through the door. Pam sits next to me on the couch, awkwardly pattin’ my chest in comfort. She still doesn’t do the comforting thing all that good, but I don’t got the heart to push her hand away. “He asked if you wished to be the one to break the news to your sister, or if you would rather he did it?”

I frown. It really is my place to tell Sookie, but I don’t wanna tell her over the phone. That means Eric would have to drive her all the way over here just for me to give her the shitty news. Then she’ll be all upset and won’t want to leave me ’cause she’ll think I need her to stay.

Sighing, I get up off the couch, walk over to the phone, and call Eric. He answers on the first ring.

Stackhouse,” Eric’s voice greets.

Yeah,” I mumble, “you can just go ahead and tell her. If ya bring her here, she’ll feel obligated to stay, and I don’t want that. So, just break the news, and tell her I said to stay in Bon Temps.”

You are certain?”

Yeah… Sorry to lay this on you,” I whisper.

It is no more inconvenient than the news itself,” he responds. “I will let her know what has happened.”


With that, we both hang up. I feel like such a dick, lettin’ Eric give my sister such bad news when they should still be celebratin’, but at least he can get her to stay in Bon Temps after he tells her. If she returned to Shreveport, he’d never get her back home any time soon.

Lookin’ across the room, all I can think is that I’m the weak link. I’m the last livin’ relative Sookie’s got, and I could still be taken from her. Maybe it’s selfish, tryin’ to stay human for as long as I can. Maybe I should let Godric turn me after I graduate… I just don’t wanna cause her any more pain.

Jason,” Godric snaps me outta my thoughts, “I will not allow anything to happen to you before you are prepared to be turned. Relax. There is no hurry.”

I still wanna be turned before the Great Revelation,” I whisper.

All right, then we shall aim for that,” Godric nods.

I lean back into the couch, and Pam’s hand is there again, rubbin’ at my sternum. I hate that I’m so keyed up that Pam is takin’ on this consoling act.

It’s so not her thing…

On to Chapter Twenty-Three!

Catalyst Ch. 21

Chapter Twenty-One: Brand New World

Eric’s POV:

I want to punch a hole through my wall, allowing the sunlight to wash in. It is going on ten in the morning and the sun has not forced me into death. By this time of year, I would have been rendered useless by nine, or at least had the bleeds now.

Before I can bring myself to rouse Sookie from her sleep, my cell phone begins to ring and I know it is Pam.

Reaching for my phone, I answer it, “Yes, Pam?”

I am playing checkers with Stackhouse!” she tells me excitedly. “In the living room! With the shades open!”

I chuckle at her enthusiasm and ask, “How does it feel?”

Amazing-… Wait… You have not gone outside yet!? I must have run clear across Shreveport five or six times since dawn!” Pam says in surprise.

Sookie is still asleep. I promised to hold her,” I explain.

How is she?”

Well. She is having very nice dreams by the feel of her,” I hold the phone between my ear and shoulder to reach out and push a stray lock of hair off her face. She nuzzles into my hand in her sleep, and it causes me to smile widely. “She has been asleep for quite awhile now, but I intend to wake her shortly.”

I will leave you alone then… Has Master Godric called?” She asks suddenly.

He has not,” I reply, running my thumb across Sookie’s lip thoughtfully. They purse and give the pad of my thumb a reflexive kiss. I cannot stop smiling…I think bemusedly.

That’s odd.”

I am sure he is reveling in the sun, and respecting I have newly Bonded,” I say pointedly.

But she’s sleeping,” Pam protests her faux pas.

And I was enjoying spending this time with her,” I remind.

Pam sighs, “Have a good day, Master.”

I hang up the phone and place it on the nightstand beside the bed. When my weight presses on the bed, shifting the mattress, Sookie rolls into my chest tightly, and I feel her lips moving against my nipple.

Awake at last?” I ask, teasing my sleepy lover.

I was havin’ a good dream,” she mumbles before briefly clamping onto my nipple.

Ah…” I gently ease her mouth from my flesh and lean over to kiss her lips. “Your dream was so much better than the reality?” I ask, feigning hurt.

Never, but there was a pleasant contentment inside me,” she whispers, closing her eyes softly. “I was dreamin’ you were watchin’ me sleep and you didn’t want me to end it by wakin’ up just yet. All the sudden, I felt this impatience, an urgency, and I knew the dream needed to end.”

I smile at her assessment, “Yes, that was exactly how I was feeling. I was impatient to be with you again.” She rolls her eyes, laughs, then pulls me in for a slow, soft kiss. “Not only like that,” I nibble her lip. “I wanted to talk with you. I missed talking with you while you were asleep.”

That’s sweet, Darlin’,” she combs her fingers through my hair gently and that, combined with the new endearment, makes my chest feel satisfyingly tight.

Are you hungry?” I ask, smoothing her hair.

Mmm-hmm,” she nods. “I think I want to grab a shower first, though. I feel all sticky.”

I grin down at her, “I will gladly make you sticky all over again…and again, and again…”

Hmmm,” she stretches languidly against me. “Then I guess you’ll just have to join me for one of those showers.”

I suppose I will,” I agree with another grin. “You go wash up. I will make you something to eat.” She raises her eyebrows at me. “What? I can cook!”

Can you?” She asks suspiciously.

Simple things, yes. Eternity is a long time, Sookie, you will find yourself learning all sorts of things to pass the time.”

Do you cook well?” She asks next.

Well enough that you will not spit it out,” I tease and kiss her lips once more. “Now hurry and clean up. I desperately wish to go outside.”

Okay, okay,” she whines and rolls out of bed. I chuckle at her amusedly before climbing off the bed as well. I grab my jeans off the floor and pull them up my legs. Even a vampire has no desire to have his genitals flecked with splashed, hot cooking grease!

I am just placing the toast and scrambled eggs on a plate when I feel Sookie experience a sudden burst of panic. Quickly, I run to the bathroom only to find her with her hands between her legs.

What are you doing?” I ask, confused as to why her fingers are probing her entrance.

What if it grew back!?” She shouts in obvious panic. “You told me I heal slow, but I still heal! What if it grew back!?”

Your hymen?” I ask, even more confused, something I never thought possible until my Sookie.

Y-yeah!” she hiccups through her sobs.

I do not believe it is a likelihood. You did not show any pain last night,” I point out.

I-I know, but that was ’cause I was all turned on and stuff! What about spontaneity!?” She is a complete wreck, so I walk the short distance between us.

Without a word, I lift her by her hips and place her on the bathroom counter. “Do you even know what it is you are looking or feeling for?” I ask teasingly, kneeling between her legs to spread them open widely. Sookie holds her thighs apart. I smile when I open her nether lips for my inspection, “Oh, you are in serious trouble.”

It grew back!” she cries.

No, it did not, but now I have this delicious pussy in front of my face, so you will not be eating before me,” I explain, snaking my tongue out to caress her entrance. I notice Sookie’s hands tensing around her thighs at both my words and actions.

Eric,” she speaks my name with a hesitation that makes me glance from between her folds and raise my eyebrows. My tongue continues a slow, steady pace as I gaze at the melting anxiety in her blue irises. Her unease is steadily replaced with passion while my mouth ceaselessly works against her softening flesh. Finally, she sighs, leans back against the mirror, and tangles her hand in my hair.

Soon she is cumming against my tongue, and I happily lap up the surge of fluids she provides with her orgasm. Once I rise to my feet between her trembling thighs, I lift Sookie into my arms and carry her to the kitchen.

It’s probably not very hygienic to eat breakfast naked,” she mumbles shyly after I deposit her next to the cooling plate of eggs and toast.

Probably not, but it seems a waste of time to put on clothes I will only rip off you again shortly,” I tell her.

Sookie giggles bashfully and grabs a fork to begin eating the meal I made for her. Her eyes light up, “I wasn’t expectin’ it to taste so good!”

I told you that I picked things up over time,” I sit beside her at the table, playing with the fingers of her free hand while she eats.

I’m just goin’ to clean up the kitchen real quick,” she tells me after she finishes her food.

I will grab a blanket for us to lay on outside,” I announce, heading back to our bedroom and grabbing the quilt from its rack. Its existence is purely style, nothing more, but I enjoy the ‘lived in’ look, and am certain Sookie will enjoy it come Winter. Before I return to her, I snatch the little box from my nightstand and stuff it into my pocket. “Dishes done?” I ask once I rejoin Sookie in the kitchen. She is standing gloriously naked at the sink, and the sight of her full breasts swaying in tandem with the scrubbing motion of her arms is hypnotic.

Almost,” she calls back when I take a step behind her and place my hands on her hips. Gently she rocks back against me and laughs. “What, you get turned on watchin’ me do the dishes?” She asks, wiggling her bottom against my groin.

You cannot possibly mistake this,” I dig the small box into her backside, then center my growing length between her cheeks, “for this.”

You’re never gonna get out in the sunlight if you keep this up,” she moans, pulling the plug from the drain, and then bending forward slightly to push back against me.

I have only one thing left to do before we go outside,” I tell her, reaching for a hand towel.

What’s that?” She asks after I take her left hand and begin drying it slowly, patting away the moisture.

Reaching into my pocket, I remove the small box and crack it open, “I need to place this on your ring finger.”

ERIC!” she shouts, now startled. There is surprise and excitement laced with a good dose of confusion after she sees the ring.

What?” I laugh as I pluck the ring from the box and hold it to her eye level. “You cannot deny me now, Dear One, but I must ask even so. Will you marry me?”

She gives me the sweetest eye roll I have seen in my entire existence. “Well, duh! Yes! Of course!” she laughs and holds her hand with her fingers splayed far apart. “Wow… Eric,” she looks up at me shyly, nibbling her lip, “this looks real big.”

Leaning my forehead against hers, I whisper in a conspiratorial way, “That is because it is quite big.” It is nowhere near what I could have afforded to give her, but I know my Sookie. My pride can take a back burner to her comfort. She would be a constant nervous wreck, wearing a stone any larger.

It’s too much for me,” she murmurs.

Do you like it?” I ask her.

It’s beautiful,” she replies self-consciously.

Then it is almost enough for you,” I tell her, kissing the top of her head. “Do you know, I have never seen a diamond in the sunlight before?”

She pulls her lips between her teeth and combs her hair back with the fingers of her right hand. “I guess we should fix that, now shouldn’t we?” She finally asks.

Throwing the quilt over one arm, I stoop down and throw Sookie over my other shoulder. The sound of her shrieking laughter makes a huge grin light up my face. Once I make it to the back door, I take a large breath. I am about to step out into the sun, not be chased back into the darkness by it, I realize with rapid, building excitement.

I got ya, Darlin’,” Sookie soothes, running her hand up and down my back from her vantage point over my shoulder. “Let’s go…”

With that, I open the door and step out on to the enclosed porch. The sun is shining through the screens of the large windows, as if welcoming me.

Sookie is still rubbing my back when I open the weather door to take my first steps into the sunlight. The warmth I feel is immediate, a luxury, in fact. Though vampires are not effected by hot and cold weather, aside from freezing to the spot in subzero temperatures, we still appreciate and long for heat. It is what makes bedding mortals so appealing. Aside from the sustenance they offer, their warmth is a major factor in the frequency with which we fuck them.

Mmm,” Sookie moans as the sun soaks into her skin, and I feel her give a kittenish stretch in response to the rays warming her bottom. “I’ve never sunbathed naked before,” she tells me in a shy whisper.

Sookie, you will do all sorts of things naked now that you are Bonded to me,” I tell her jokingly before setting her on her feet. I look around, assuring myself that we are well hidden from the road or any random passersby before flipping the quilt open to its full size. When I have it spread out across the lawn, I lay down and pull Sookie to spoon beside me. “Your hair looks so beautiful in the sunlight,” I whisper, pressing my nose into the shining strands, smelling the sunlight saturating the scent of her shampoo.

You look pretty gorgeous yourself, Northman,” she giggles, winding a strand of my hair between her fingertips.

When will you move here with me?” I ask softly.

Huh?” Her big eyes blink at me in confusion.

You are my Bonded now, my wife. When will you move in with me?” I ask again.

Oh,” her face frowns thoughtfully. “I guess I didn’t think much beyond after we were Bonded. I figured we’d move in together right after, but Jason…”

What if we went away, you, me, Godric, Pam, and Jason? On a grand vacation before you and your brother start school this fall? After we return, you could come to live with me,” I suggest.

Can you three all get that time off?” She asks me curiously.

Godric is already prepared to hand off his title of Sheriff and I know it is his wish to be part of your brother’s life before turning him. The climate here in Louisiana is very mild now, and I am certain I can encourage Carlos to supervise my Area once I announce to my Queen I am now Bonded and desire time with you,” I reassure her.

Where would we go?” I feel her anticipation rising quickly inside the Bond.

Anywhere you like. If you wish to discuss it with Jason and allow him to put forth an opinion, that is your right.”

You don’t want to weigh in?” Sookie pouts.

There is really nowhere I have not been before, Sookie, and everywhere I would like to go again now that I will experience it in the sun with my Bonded,” My thumb traces her plump bottom lip. It is so warm and tempting. “I will request you two choose one location. We will stay there a month, so we may take in everything the area has to offer.”

Oh, my gosh!” Sookie is about ready to leap off the blanket, and I catch her at the hips to prevent her departure. “Oh, my gosh! How do I pick one place!?”

You will have the best and safest tour guides on the planet, Sookie,” I laugh. “We will make sure there is always something to do,” I assure her. “Hmmm, lay on your back,” I ask.

Huh?” She frowns at my sudden request.

Your breasts look so soft and inviting in the sunlight,” I tell her and she giggles, allowing me the sight of her body flushing from her face to her collarbones. Still, she obliges me and lays on her back, absorbing the sun. “Gods, the things I want to do to you,” I murmur, kissing her shoulder.

One thing at a time, Lover,” she replies, then leans on her side to lick a warm trail over my throat.

Hmm, I am your Bonded now, not merely your lover…and you are always bouncing between Sultry Sookie and Shy Sookie. I never know which one of you I am taking to bed,” I confess as I grab her hips and pull her tightly against my growing erection.

You get Sultry today ’cause Shy went and made an idiot of herself last night. Now,” she shoves me onto my back and begins kissing down my bare chest, “lay back and enjoy.”

Placing my hands behind my head, I watch as Sookie kisses her way down my chest with much more confidence than I have yet to see. She presses her fingers between the spaces of my ribs in smooth, firm strokes. Her hair tickles my abdomen while she works her way lower and lower, clipping my last rib with her teeth before tracing the lines of my abdominal muscles with her tongue.

My hips flex slightly when she slides down and her breasts perfectly encase my engorged member. I would absolutely love to thrust between that magnificent pair until my pleasure coats her face and chest, but she is enjoying her own path right now.

She is kissing, licking, and nibbling the border of my jeans now while her hands deftly work the fastenings.

Yikes,” Sookie laughs after she opens my pants, “How do you even keep this thing in here?”

I groan around my laughter. Only my Sookie could make such adorable comments and observations while seducing me, and still succeed at both.

It is magic,” I confess around another chuckle.

I’d believe it,” she shrugs, prepared to take my excuse as legitimate, instead of a joke. Rather than dwell, Sookie begins removing my pants entirely until she can throw them across the yard.

Once I am completely naked, Sookie takes my shaft into her hand firmly and begins to stroke me. As she does, her mouth encases my head and her tongue dances all around the tip, alternating between caresses of her tongue and short, swift, bobbing motions. I am forced to restrain my hips from their fully intended motion when her free hand grasps my testicles and squeezes them with an assured sense of authority. I swear I almost hear her thinking ‘These are mine now,’ as she does this.

Sookie,” I groan, and find I am reaching down to fist her hair around my hand. “Min Sookie, that feels so good,” I praise, not only to encourage her efforts, but because she is making me feel very good.

I fix my eyes on her and accommodate her movements while I have her by the hair. When she begins walking on her knees to kneel at my side, I know she is trying to find a better angle to try to deep throat me. I felt the head of my cock strike her tonsils several times already, making her back off from her attempts. When she is squared at my hip, she manages to take me into her throat shallowly at first. At one point, I feel her throat contract around me, and I swiftly help her raise her head as she sputters and coughs.

Slowly, Sookie,” I encourage her. “You will learn those things in time.”

With a disappointed nod, she returns to her task. She does not try to take me in as deeply, but her enthusiasm doubles while she tries to make up for her current limitations.

While she repeatedly treats me to her very clever mouth, I reach out with my free hand and begin caressing her bottom. Instead of causing her to still, she continues her task with greater relish than before. As a reward for her efforts, I begin tracing the hot, moist spot accumulating between her folds, brushing my knuckles against her swelling clitoris. Her bottom wriggles in response, but she continues the beautiful torture of my cock with her mouth.

My fingers spread her open gently, touching her wet flesh with my thumb. I slip the more dexterous digit inside her, hooking it against the spot behind her pubic bone while my remaining fingers rub and tease her clitoris.

I feel Sookie moan around my cock, and I flex my hips moderately, pushing a bit further into her throat. She squeezes my balls in response and I hiss her name.

You are so fucking beautiful, Sookie,” I snarl as my hand speeds up against her. Short, rapid bursts of cool air blow against my cock in her mouth, and I know that the pleasure is beginning to cause her to pant. Withdrawing my hand from her folds, I smile as her mouth disengages me to stare in longing. “Get on top of me, Sookie,” I tell her after I give her bottom a less than gentle spanking.

She yells in surprise at being spanked, but I do not feel any sort of negative response to my action. In fact, the brief flash of lust is more than encouraging.

Come, Sookie,” I urge, “ride my cock.”

My Sookie quickly clambers over me, and I hold my member in place as she positions herself above it. “Just like that, Dear One,” I murmur, helping her guide herself down on me. After she slips me inside of her, I feel her tight walls welcoming me home. “Yes, just like that,” I repeat and sit up completely to wrap my arms around her waist.

Before she can seat herself all the way, Sookie rears back as if she has been bitten.

All right?” I gasp at the quick stroke she has given me.

It’s so deep,” she whimpers.

Mmm-hmmm,” I agree with a purr, then lift my hips slightly to show her exactly how deep she can now feel me. Her face scrunches in reply to my action, and I give her a brief kiss. “It is all yours, Sookie,” I tell her, flopping back against the quilt once more. “Let go and have fun.”

I watch as she raises and lowers herself experimentally at first. She fully sheathes me inside her and gives her hips a small swivel. She adjusts herself on the balls of her feet and tries her control that way. She returns to her knees and leans all the way forward before rising and lowering, then all the way backward with the same curiosity. Finally, she seems to know what she wishes to do, and begins to gyrate against me in such a seductive pace that I place my hands on her hips to control myself.

All too soon, I feel the surging energy of my impending climax, and my hand is quick to action between Sookie’s thighs, urging her toward the edge with me. When the telltale flex of her walls around me begins, I moan in pleasure. Soon I start to spasm within her, and her walls are contracting harshly around my member. I cry out in my orgasm, reveling in the wail that echoes from my Bonded’s lips above me.

Sookie remains frozen above me for an extended moment until her body goes boneless and collapses atop my chest. She is trembling and whimpering from aftershocks, and my cool hand traces her spine of sun-kissed skin lazily while she comes back down from her oblivion.

That,” I rumble against the top of her head, “was spectacular.”

A small giggle tickles the fine hairs of my chest. “Yeah, it really was,” she agrees. Propping herself up on her elbows, Sookie gazes at me lovingly and I arch toward her for a brief kiss.

You are so beautiful, Sookie,” I tell her.

You sure do like makin’ a girl feel special, Eric,” she presses her lips back to mine in a second, quick, kiss.

I sure like makin’ this girl feel special,” I reply in my best imitation of her accent.

She giggles at my attempt, “Apparently, backwoods Louisiana accent isn’t somethin’ you’ve practiced to pass the time.”

I will have your beautiful voice coaching me for the rest of our eternity, Sookie. I am certain to pick something up along the way,” I tell her with a smile.

I hope I don’t lose my accent,” she pouts.

It will evolve, I am sure, but even when I speak my native tongue, it is as pure as when I was human,” I assure her.

Sookie grins up at me and gives me another soft kiss, “Your skin’s gettin’ real warm.”

I feel very warm,” I reply, feeling her contentment and a gentle wave of Love wending its way around my heart. I send the sentiment back to her, marveling at the way her eyelids droop in pleasure.

I like this Bondin’ thing. I feel all wrapped up in you, Eric,” she whispers softly as she stretches out across the quilt in the brilliant, late morning sun.

Before I can respond, I hear my cell phone ringing inside my discarded jeans. With a sigh, I reach for them and extract my phone. “Yes, Dr. Ludwig?” I sigh in irritation at the interruption.

You are aware! You are Bonded to the special girl! When might I examine her?” Ludwig asks excitedly. As a fellow ancient creature, I know that the ‘newness’ Sookie has brought is quite the experience for the doctor.

Let me ask her,” I answer before turning to my Bonded. “Dr. Ludwig wishes to know when you would be willing to have her examine you.”

Sookie frowns thoughtfully a moment, “After sunset? I really just want you to be able to enjoy your first day in a long time without any more interruptions.”

Did you hear that, Doctor?” I ask softly, stroking Sookie’s hair absentmindedly while I await the doctor’s response.

That is fine. I will arrive at sunset,” With that, the doctor hangs up, and I toss my phone on the pile of my jeans.

Have you heard from Pam or Godric?” Sookie asks me while I snuggle her comfortably against my chest.

Pam called shortly before you woke,” I answer. “She is spending the day with Jason and being quite annoying.”

She giggles at my remark. “Not Godric, though?” She sounds surprised.

I shrug, “I am certain that he is too busy marveling at his ability to walk in the sun. He has been quiet within me all day, probably to let me focus on you.”

That’s mighty nice of him,” Sookie nuzzles me lazily, and I find myself rolling out of the way, so she topples on to her stomach, “Hey!” she protests. Rather than reply, I straddle her bottom and begin rubbing my hands all over her back, kissing at her nape. “Mmm, never mind. Proceed,” she mumbles, going still beneath me.

I chuckle at the compliant flesh beneath my hands, and rain kisses between her shoulder blades. Her skin is hot and soft against my lips. Her hips are flexing gently beneath me.

I just want to lick, suck, and fuck you all day, Sookie,” I whisper in her ear, intentionally allowing my lips to caress it with each word. A shiver runs throughout her body, and it makes my body tighten pleasurably when I feel her lust through the Bond.

Lift your hips a little, Sookie,” I encourage while I lift my weight off her. Her bottom rises enough for me to arrange her knees and anchor her posterior in the air without causing too much of a stretch in her legs.

What are ya gonna do?” She sounds nervous.

I am going to fuck you from behind,” I tell her, caressing her bottom and making her wriggle. “Is that all right?”

Um,” Her shoulders tense, and I find my hands returning to glide up her back, trying to soothe her nerves. “I-I don’t think I want that.”

I contemplate her hesitation a moment before I realize what has her so scared. I am forced to stifle a laugh. “I am not going to fuck your ass, Sookie.”

Oh,” Her shoulders relax quickly beneath my hands. “Okay.”

Shaking my head at her misunderstanding, I let my hands move back down to her torso. I would certainly like to claim her bottom, but that can wait. I spread her cheeks and glance longingly at the tight ring of muscle she is intent on denying me now. All good things…I think with a sigh before allowing my hand to slip between the space of her thighs. Her legs stiffen instinctively until my finger begins to trace her folds. While I pay this sensitive area attention, her legs lose their tension, and my fingers begin to slide with her body’s welcome.

When plenty of her moisture is coating my fingers, I push her legs further apart and settle amidst their embrace. Pressing the tip of my cock at her entrance causes Sookie to moan and her hips undulate receptively. As more of my length eases into her, she whimpers, and I stroke her back while her hands grip the quilt by her head.

Oh, it feels so full,” she whispers around another moan.

Yes,” I grunt back after I guide myself the rest of the way with my hips alone. Her tightness forced me to stabilize myself with my hand, but now her opening is more gracious about my invasion. As I slip inside, I layer myself over her back, kissing her spine and shoulders. She squirms against me, and then stills once I am buried to the hilt. “You are squeezing me so tightly, Sookie,” I murmur against the tip of her ear. Planting my elbow against her shoulder, I draw my hips back, and slowly push in. She whimpers, pressing her forehead to the quilt. “Tilt your hips away from my stomach,” I suggest. When she complies, I feel some relief from the death grip of her walls.

As I begin thrusting in even, slow strokes, Sookie’s hands fist in the blanket once more. Her buttocks wiggle slightly to and fro, and her legs spread further, opening herself to me. After she has adjusted, my movements increase their speed, and her hips are raised enough now that I can reach beneath her and gently stroke her clitoris.

Uh, mmm,” she sighs, pulling at the blanket and squeezing her eyes shut. “Faster?” She pleads weakly.

Wordlessly I comply, and soon find my body moving against hers at a rather heightened pace. She is grunting with every impact, and her sounds spur me on. My hand is working rapidly between her legs, my cock sliding in and out of her heat so quickly that her grunts become one continuous moan of pleasure.

Please, please,” she begins to beg me, and I doubt she has any understanding as to why she is repeating herself. “Please, oh, please…”

When her walls begin to clench in warning, I tug the edge of her cartilage between my teeth and send her shrieking into orgasm. Her back curves, pressing firmly into my chest as I bury myself inside of her and release my own pleasure.

As she lays panting beneath me, I lean down and kiss the back of her neck. Her closed eyelids squeeze tighter and she lets out a strained whimper after I withdraw and lay on my side next to her.

Eric,” she is still breathing hard, trying to re-center herself, “I need a little break.”

You also need to get out of the sun,” I tell her, tracing my fingertips over the areas she normally has protected by a bathing suit. “Your skin is getting very red.”

It’ll heal quick enough, though, right?” She mumbles tiredly into the blanket.

Regardless,” I laugh, “I would rather not have to delay my lips touching any part of you.”

Sookie giggles and wraps her arms around me as I rise from the ground. Holding her to my body while her arms and legs circle tightly about my neck and waist, I quickly pick up my pants and the quilt before heading back into the house.

Once we are back inside, I wrap Sookie’s hair into a high bun and nudge her toward the bathroom for a quick shower. We are both coated in evidence of our sexual exploration and her sweat. A quick rinse will go far in preventing Sookie from becoming disgusted by the fluids beginning to cake her inner thighs.

Hmmm, what now?” She asks in that delicious, sultry voice after we are dried off and standing naked in the bathroom.

Tracing my thumb against her pouting lower lip, I ask, “How about a walk?”

On to Chapter Twenty-Two!

Catalyst Ch. 20

Chapter Twenty: Wedding Night Fiasco

Sookie’s POV:

Jason’s scratchin’ his head nervously as I keep leanin’ against the window waitin’ for Eric. It’s a little embarrassin’ knowin’ my brother knows what’s gonna happen tonight. Regardless, I’m still excited, and I’m surprised to find that my body already feels hot and slick as I wait impatiently for my Eric.

So, uh,” Jason mumbles behind me, “ya got plenty of clothes, and uh, your toothbrush… Umm,” he asks uncomfortably.

Yeah, Jason,” I tell him distractedly, cranin’ my neck to try and see around the block if Eric’s Corvette is comin’.

Ya got your cell?” he asks next.

Uh huh,” I mumble. The familiar sound of a certain red car’s engine comes to me from a distance and I feel my heart hammerin’ in my chest like crazy. “See ya later, Jason!” I bubble over, grabbin’ my bag up as I run toward the door and barely give Jason’s cheek a clip with my lips before runnin’ out the door.

Bye, Sook,” I hear Jason call after me. I hate that he sounds sad, but I can’t focus on that right now. Hopefully Pam will come over and take his mind off things….

Eric’s just pullin’ up to the curb when I come barrelin’ outta the apartment. He smiles, gets out from behind the wheel and comes to open my door for me.

Eager are we?” he asks as he closes my door, leans in and kisses my cheek.

Maybe,” I feel my cheeks heat up and a nervous smile tug at my lips. Eric takes my hand and kisses it softly. It makes me smile with a touch less nervousness. “Hey, where are we goin’?” I ask when he pulls into traffic the opposite direction of his condo.

The farmhouse,” he tells me with a grin. “After tonight, I will be able to walk into the sun. I want to make love to you in the sunlight.”

My face burns all over again, and I give his hand a gentle squeeze. I’m really happy to be returning to my childhood home for such a big event in my life. It’s like coming full circle or somethin’.

May I confess something to you?” Eric asks as he pulls onto the highway.

What’s that?” I look at him curiously.

I am a bit nervous,” he whispers.

What?” I laugh in surprise. “Why?”

Not about the sex, obviously. I know I will ruin you for any other creature on this planet,” He gives me that devilish grin of his. “The Bonding is what makes me feel nervous.”

Why?” I press gently.

You are giving me so much, Sookie. I suppose that I wish I deserved it more,” he explains quietly. “Impervious immortality… Children… A Bonded so sweet and lovely…” He shakes his head with somethin’ that looks like awe. “I cannot fathom what it is I could have done in this existence or any dimension that would rain so much fortune.”

Y’know, I feel the same way,” I tell him. “Even with what Endymion told us, I don’t see how this version of me deserves so much happiness.”

I think the most we can do is appreciate and respect the gifts we have been given,” Eric murmurs after a moment.

I think you’re right,” I agree as the streetlamps become fewer and fewer in between. Every amber glow warms for the briefest moment, and then the night swallows us back up.

Eric’s still squeezin’ my hand and kissin’ its knuckles every so often. I like how his thumb kneads at the fleshy part between my thumb and index finger. It’s slow and relaxing, exactly what I need before my eternal commitment.

It’s when he’s finally pullin’ up to the old family farmhouse that I have to take a deep, calming breath. He pulls into the new garage he’s built behind the house, and comes around to open my door.

This feels so weird,” I remark with a nervous giggle.

How so, Sookie?” he asks me as he takes my hand and walks with me into the house.

I shrug, “I don’t know, maybe it’s just that there’s nothin’ really to it. Like, you could bite me right now, and that would be it. It’d be over. Human marriages have all this build up, y’know? Finding the dress, picking caterers and bookin’ a hall… Bachelor and bachelorette parties. All that for the moment when the bride walks down the aisle, the bride and groom take one another’s hands and the “I Do’s”.”

Then let us get you built up,” Eric remarks. He leans in real close and murmurs in my ear, “How about a bath?”

I pull my lips between my teeth. I’m wearin’ the sexy underwear Pam picked out for me. I don’t want to ruin the surprise by takin’ it all off just to put it back on again for him to yank it off again.

What if we just got cozy on the couch for a bit?” I suggest after a second. When he gives me a suspicious look I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind that will distract him. “If I’m gonna be all wet tonight, I’d prefer it all be because of you.”

His jaw slings open at my uncommonly brazen comment. I don’t think I’ve ever uttered something so bold in all my life. It’s true though. When my body gets all hot, soft and wet, I want to know he’s the one that caused it all. The idea is sexy and brings an increasingly familiar thrum in my groin.

Hmm,” Eric recovers slowly from my comment, and I can see that his eyes are very dark and hungry lookin’. “I wish you would say things like that more often to me, Sookie. That was very sexy,” His voice is this raspy, growly sound that makes my thrum even stronger. Without a word he picks me up by the tops of my thighs and carries me into the house through the garage.

Next thing I know, we’re on the couch, Eric’s layered over me with his hands buried in my hair while his mouth presses firmly against mine.

As our tongues tangle together, I marvel at how good I’ve gotten at this in the past six months. I’m not clumsy or insecure when our tongues dance together. It feels natural and intimate. The realization that I’ve learned to kiss and be kissed, and that Eric enjoyed bein’ with me through it the whole time is the last shred of comfort I need to go to bed with him. Sex will be the same exact way. I’ll be clumsy and uncertain, but Eric will enjoy teachin’ me how to make love just like he’s enjoyed teachin’ me to kiss. Eventually I’ll be good at it. Hopefully this time, I’ll just have a good time with it rather than worryin’.

With me, Lover,” Eric mumbles against my lips.

Huh?” I sigh as he begins kissin’ down my neck.

You are becoming distracted. Stay with me,” he murmurs, givin’ my throat a little nip and makin’ my hips arch into him.

A’right,” I whisper and comb my fingers into his hair, exposing the tip of his ear to gnash at with my teeth as he keeps suckling my neck. He groans into my skin and I feel him press his growing hardness against me.

His hand smoothly slips between my back and the couch, tuggin’ at the zipper of my dress until he can push the clothing out of his way.

I like this bra,” Eric tells me in a whisper. He easily finds a nipple through the lacy material and tugs it with his teeth.

I moan in reply before tryin’ to wiggle out from beneath him. He gives me a curious look, but moves so I can shimmy off the couch and stand, holdin’ my dress in place a moment. When he tilts his head, tryin’ to figure what it is I’m doin’, I turn my back to him. Slowly, I push the dress down toward my hips. With a deep breath, I let it fall to the floor, but I can’t step out of it. The dress is snagged on the buckle of my strappy shoe, and I bend over to untangle it only to hear Eric suck in a deep breath. I look back over my shoulder at him, and he’s sittin’ up on the couch, starin’ at my butt.

Good view?” I ask, finally gettin’ the stray thread from my buckle, and kickin’ the dress to the side.

Best fucking view of my existence,” Eric snarls, grabs me by the waist and pushes me over the arm of the couch. I giggle at his actions but it quickly turns to a moan when his fingers grab the strings of the ‘cage back’ panties and pull them tightly over my bottom. “These are the sexiest panties I have ever seen,” he declares. “Widen your stance,” he commands, shovin’ my foot that’s planted on the floor further away. I hear him groan behind me. “They are split up the middle!” He immediately buries his face against my core, and I whimper, clutchin’ the arm of the couch as his tongue snakes inside me. His fingers are pullin’ at the strings of my panties, diggin’ them into my skin. His tongue his runnin’ up and down my slit in this feverish rhythm that makes me want to sob.

Oh my, God! I think at the first touch of his tongue against my center. This is what he’s been keepin’ from me!? I could SMACK him!

He uses his thumbs to spread my lower lips and then his tongue snakes inside me and I groan. His tongue squirms inside me a moment before slipping back out and curling around my clit. I moan. Next, his finger is pressing against my opening, and I can feel it rubbing against my inner walls all slow and firm. He slides in and out so smooth… His tongue is still swirlin’ against my nub, and there’s a new pressure.

Oh!” I cry as my body feels tighter and I realize he’s got two fingers in me now. He flexes them apart, spreadin’ my insides, making me wanna squeeze them without knowin’ why. His tongue is light on me, his fingers firm, the contrast is hypnotic and I start gasping for breath in rhythm with the movements he’s set in tempo. “Eric,” I choke, fallin’ into some sort of spell he’s cast. I can hear the sound of his fingers thrustin’ inside me and the gentle lap of his tongue. I can feel everything like all my nerve endings are tuned in on what’s happenin’ between my legs. I can smell my own arousal, and when I feel his fingers hit this really sensitive spot inside, I let out a shout, “OH!”

I break my field of vision, arching and graspin’ at the couch’s arm as I cum. It’s overwhelming, sensory overload, and I can’t hold back the yell that tears at my throat.

Eric, mmm, please. Finish the Bond?” I whimper, already startin’ to shake with the beginnings of another orgasm.

Without any preamble, Eric’s got me spun around and pulled into his lap. His erection is pressin’ up against me hard when a bloody wrist is pushed against my lips.

As I draw my lips around the wound and begin nursin’ on it, Eric captures my throat in his own mouth, sucklin’ on it sweet and slow before I feel the sharp lance of his fangs.

A rhythm builds between us as we drink each other’s blood. It’s like this pulse I can feel throughout my entire body. All my muscles are contractin’ and relaxin’ in time with the suction of my mouth and swallowing of his blood. He’s in perfect rhythm with me. This steady sensation of fulfillment and loss; like when his fingers rock inside of me.

Suddenly this pulsing quickens, and I pull away to gasp and then moan. My muscles tighten, and this full body orgasm just tears through my entire self. I know I’m sobbin’ as it’s the sweetest feelin’ I’ve ever experienced. It’s all consuming, like bein’ wrapped up in the softest, warmest blanket.

“Oh my God,” I whisper as my pleasure doubles, and Eric roars beneath me. “Oh, oh, Eric,” I sob, clutchin’ at the front of his shirt as I feel him pulsing against my core. His hands are all over me, strokin’ my breasts and throat. My chest feels like it’s expanding, like my heart’s doubled in size, makin’ room for this new source of emotions that tangle it with love and devotion. I’ve never felt so much love in my life.

The moment doesn’t end, though. Even as my body stops tensing and relaxing with orgasm, that Love and Devotion is steady and all consuming. My heart just feels like it could grow right outta my chest!

Through my back, I think as a pressure surges behind my shoulder blades. It’s not uncomfortable, just really foreign and peculiar.

I feel my spine curving, forcing me to press my forehead into Eric’s chest between my hands. “Eric, ah, my heart!” I cry as it’s hammerin’ a mile a minute. The strange pressure in my shoulder blades grows, and then when I let out another sob, it abates with this strange sensation of sweeping relief.

Eric gasps beneath me, and I tilt my head back to look at him curiously. My pulse is slowin’ finally, and I can finally sit up. When I do, there’s this weird resistance. Like drag.

Looking behind me, I can feel my jaw sling open. Endymion wasn’t jokin’ ’bout wings! I think in shock at the off white, gossamer wings juttin’ outta my back. Oh my God! How am I suppose to hide these!?

Eric, Eric! What do I do?” I ask worriedly, pressing against one of the wings. It flexes in resistance to my attempts to push it aside.

Calm down, Sookie,” Eric presses his fingertip to my lips. “I am certain Endymion will drop in and explain how to retract them in time. For now-”

There’s this bright flash beside us, and before my eyes can adjust, Eric’s got my dress wrapped around me haphazardly.

You could not knock!?” Eric roars at the mischievous arrival of the Voice of God. He has my dress coverin’ my backside, and he pulls my chest flush against his to protect my modesty.

Do you wish to try and navigate coitus around her wings, or do you want free range?” Endymion asks cheekily, comin’ to stand behind me.

Eric snarls in frustration of Endymion’s reply. I feel a warm hand between my shoulder blades, and this very uncomfortable pressure. When I crane my neck to see what he’s doin’, I find my wings receding back beneath my flesh.

There,” Endymion grins, “like it never happened. I will drop in next week to answer any questions you may have, but you should see Ludwig within the next two days so she can start mapping out changes.”

Thank you, Sir,” I mumble as my face reddens and I bury it in Eric’s shoulder.

If you do not mind?” Eric gestures to the door, makin’ Endymion laugh again.

Eric!” I scowl into his neck. “Say ‘thank you’! I didn’t wanna juggle those things tonight!”

I can practically feel him roll his eyes, “Thank you. Now please leave?”

Good night, Eric. Sookie,” Endymion is still laughing as another brilliant flash fills the livin’ room, and a tinkle of wind chimes rents the air.

Eric throws my dress off to the side now that we are once again alone.

Is this normal? People just poppin’ in whenever they feel like it?” I ask worriedly.

Eric laughs and nods his head, “Yes, but it is not usually as frequent as it has been lately. They do pop in whenever it suits them, however.”

Like that?” I ask, referring to Endymion’s particularly invasive appearance.

Only Endymion and Ludwig,” he chuckles. “However, I have the feeling we will see far less of Endymion after we meet with him next week. I have seen him more this year than I have my entire existence.”

What about Ludwig. She just pops in too?” I ask him.

Yes, but unless circumstances are dire, she usually calls first,” he explains, brushing his fingers through my hair gently. “Hmm…”

Hmm?” I lean back to tilt my head at him curiously.

Endymion’s appearance has subsided your arousal considerably. I wish to rectify that situation,” He grins at me devilishly.

You aren’t exhausted from that orgasm from our Bonding?” I ask him in surprise. “I feel wiped out!”

He snorts at my confession, “Sookie, there is no exhausting a vampire. You will never have a reprieve from me for the rest of eternity.”

Gosh, what’s that gonna be like?” I ask bemusedly.

Eric grins up at me, pulls me in for a kiss and murmurs against my lips, “I will show you.”

Eric’s POV:

Lifting Sookie into my arms, I carry her to my bedroom. I can put the window back in here, I think distractedly as I lay her across the duvet. Already I am anticipating the rising sun. I want to lay a blanket across the grass, spread her open upon it naked and just watch the warm sun kissing her skin. I want to feel her sun warmed skin on my tongue.

You will have to wear this again for me at another time, My Bonded,” I tell her, hooking the strings of her panties in my fingers and tugging them smoothly from her long, tan legs. She sits up and undoes the clasp of her bra before throwing it aside. I smile at her impatience, and kneel down in front of the bed to undo the clasp of her sandals. She leans forward as I remove one shoe and then the other, reaching for my shirt and yanking it off my body. “Impatient?” I ask in surprise as I feel her anticipation rising, though her arousal is still underwhelming. I can fix that shortly. While I am kneeling, I unlace my boots so I can easily kick them off.

Unceremoniously, I rise from my knees and unfasten the front of my jeans. I let them drop to the floor, kick off my shoes and step out of my pants before crawling between her legs on the bed. The acceleration of her heart tells me that she is not ready, though I am already more than aware.

I would not take you just like that, Sookie,” I click my tongue disappointedly at her concern. “I want your world to disappear tonight.”

She sucks in a surprised breath at my declaration, and I smile as I lean in to kiss her softly. I begin kissing down the length of her body. At each landmark, I pay great attention. Her clavicles, breasts, navel, and hover only briefly at her pussy before pushing her legs wide open. I glance up and see her watching me intently with her dilated eyes. Her mouth is parted slightly, panting softly as I stare up at her. As my tongue reaches out to lick at her folds, I see her hold her breath, and it makes me smile.

I am unsatisfied at her level arousal in this moment. Her flavor is strong from her Bonding induced orgasm, and I take care that all of the moisture between her folds is hers from the present alone. I prod with my tongue and fingers, suckling, nibbling, and stroking her until her body begins responding the way I want. Finally my fingers are gliding smoothly in and out of her opening. Her legs are shaking, and her chest is falling and rising rapidly.

Do you want more, Sookie?” I ask between careful laps of my tongue, twisting my fingers just right inside of her to make her hips flex in reply.

Yes,” she whines.

Leaning my face away from her center, I slip my fingers from inside and begin stroking her clitoris while kissing my way back to her lips. When I arrive at her mouth, her hands tangle in my hair as her tongue wraps enthusiastically around my own.

My finger slides back inside her sheath, rocking gently until a second digit is smoothly encased. She whimpers at the additional pressure, arching into my hand. I try to work a third finger into her depths, but there is resistance to the stretch at first. After coaxing and kisses, her body relaxes enough to accept my offering.

Are you ready, Sookie?” I ask, kissing along her jaw toward her ear. I let my tongue barely clip her lobe.

YES!” she cries, and I begin to remove my fingers. I stroke myself with her juices coating my shaft before guiding myself to her entrance. I trace the swollen head against her wet slit, letting it strike her bundle of nerve endings several times before easing myself into her tight channel. “Ah,” Her hands tighten in my hair, and I can feel her walls squeezing me, trying to reject me. I lick her ear again briefly and she relaxes around my girth. As I press forward, her body tries to thwart me again. I can feel that my techniques are failing to quell her anxiety. Her anticipation is her worst enemy as far as being receptive goes.

I chuckle against her ear, “You are just too tight, Dear One…” She whimpers at my comment, but I pull her earlobe between my lips and suckle it slow and soft until her body opens to me. As I draw my tongue repeatedly against her earlobe, Sookie arches beneath me with a harsh moan, and I am fully sheathed within her, only the briefest of resistances betraying her former virginity. “There now,” I release her ear from its torment, “you took me all the way in.” I kiss the side of her head as she pants anxiously beneath me. “Are you all right?” My thumb strokes her bottom lip as she tries to look between our bodies in surprise.

Uh, yeah,” she is staring at where we are joined and her hands are like vices on my forearms.

You are okay,” I assure her. “Your body is meant to take it.”

I-I know,” she whispers, but she is distracted. Almost captivated. She is staring between our bodies in surprise and wonder. “It’s all inside me?” she asks curiously.

You cannot feel how deeply I am filling you?” I laugh softly, intentionally tightening my pelvic floor so that my member flexes inside of her.

Sookie’s response to my action is throw her head back and moan, “Ah! Ah! I didn’t think it could a-all fit!” Her hands tighten impossibly harder around my forearms.

It is all in here,” I chuckle and press firmly against her abdomen as I give my hips a gentle rock. She whimpers and arches again at the sensation, making me smile. Her wonder and pleasure fill me with something I have never before felt during sex. She makes me feel light. Lighthearted, carefree, jovial. I have had fun during sex, but it was a dark entertainment. I press the tops of my thighs between hers. She mewls beneath me as my hand continues to rub across her abdomen, simultaneously circling my thumb over her clitoris.

Immediately I capture her lips with mine, pushing my tongue past her teeth and tangling it with her own. I help her lose the lingering doubts and anxiety with my kiss, and finally feel her arms and legs tense around me once more.

Slowly I ease out of her before pressing back in, and Sookie moans into my mouth in reply. Her hips switch to and fro as I begin a slow undulation. She feels exquisite around my length; all hot and squeezing me.

You feel so good, Sookie,” I mumble against her mouth and she whimpers again. A firmer collision with my hips earns an abrupt shout of pleasure and her head tilts away as her spine arches in pleasure. With her mouth out of comfortable reach, I attack her breast, and a hard pull on her nipple makes her internal muscles contract around me. “Just like that, Sookie,” I encourage against her breast before tugging at her again with my teeth this time. She flexes even harder. “You are so perfect, Min Sookie,” I groan as my hips pick up speed.

She is crying out with every meeting of our hips, twisting and jerking in a beautiful delirium that I find absolutely mesmerizing. I find myself speeding the movements above where we are joined, playing with her clitoris more intently even though she is already on the edge of orgasm. I want to see her wildness become all consuming. I want to watch her completely dissolved in euphoria, and feel her orgasm spasming around me.

Sookie does not disappoint. Like an explosion she screams as her body clamps and releases in a deep thrumming pulse around me. Her contractions are a violent massage around my cock, and I feel my own release detonate within her. My movements become frictionless between our combined fluids, and I almost slip from my haven.

Her legs clench me tightly against her, and my throbbing shaft pulses in time with her heavenly walls.

Stay close,” she breathes into my ear even as her arms embrace me tightly.

Anything you want,” I whisper back, kissing her neck and shoulder contently. I want nothing more than to have her again, but her inexperienced body needs time to recover. The healing property of my emissions will let me enjoy her sooner than a mortal man could, but it is still better to give her time. Even though she is now a Living Immortal, her body still recovers much slower than a vampire’s. She may even desire a moment to herself, an opportunity to become reacquainted with her body.

Even as we are still connected, I slowly tilt onto my side, bringing her with me so that we are both in a more natural, restful position. Once she no longer needs to cling to me, I let my hand rest on her hip, stroking it soothingly. Lovingly.

Sookie’s POV:

Ah, hey, stop it,” I grumble as Eric starts playin’ with one of my nipples. He’s spooned up behind me, holdin’ my breast in one hand while my head is restin’ on his other arm.

Why?” he teases, leanin’ over me, capturin’ my nipple in his mouth, and givin’ it a deliciously firm suck.

‘Cause ya played hard with ’em earlier and now they’re tender,” I explain, grabbin’ his face and givin’ him a kiss of consolation.

I see,” He ghosts his hand up and down my belly. “Is anything else too tender for me to play with?” he asks and I giggle as his hand starts movin’ toward my center.

When his fingers find me, I groan and clamp my thighs around his hand. I can hear a wet squishin’ sound as they pump firmly inside me. God, how am I still so wet?

His fingers leave me and I whimper at his teasin’. Then his hand is in front of my face and it’s thickly coated with all kinds of fluids. He’s pushin’ his fingers past my lips, and it tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Thick, sweet, coppery and dark. My cheeks redden and I moan as he coats my lips in the stuff.

Do we taste good?” he asks and then kisses my lips and thrusts his tongue into my mouth. He moans into my mouth, and I find my legs wrappin’ ’round his hips. I want him again already. “We taste very good together,” he whispers in my ear. His voice sounds all naughty and sexy that I feel a throb in my womb. “Do you want me again already, Sookie?” he rumbles in my ear and it’s another sound that goes straight to my sex.

Yes,” I whimper and push my hips up at his. He grabs my butt as I arch against him, and a second later he’s slippin’ back inside me, “OH! Ye-es!” I sob as he’s fillin’ me again. Once he’s all the way inside he practically body slams me back into the mattress, and his hand is in the crease of my knee, pushin’ it up toward my chest. My jaw clenches tight as his hips really start movin’. I feel like I’m sittin’ on a jackhammer, as my sweet, patient vampire evaporates and a demon is suddenly between my legs. “AH!” I cry from between my teeth. I can hardly breathe as each impact steals the air from my lungs. He feels so deep, and every stroke feels calculated to touch me in all the right spots. It’s animalistic and viciously sexy. I feel helpless and that he could do whatever he wants to me and I couldn’t do a thing to stop him. Would he stop? Why would I want him to?

The thought of being consumed by him makes me throb around his cock that is sliding so effortlessly within me. I’m his to do with as he pleases, to please me endlessly. It’s a heady, dark realization that almost frightens me. Almost. Rather than fear, I feel my passion build. If I am his to do with as he desires, then he is mine to control and manipulate as I desire.

I can touch him whenever I want, have him inside of me whenever I want.

Oh, God! Please!” I cry when all of the possibilities flitter past my mind. “Fuck me, please, harder!”

All right,” He presses his mouth against mine, and catches my other knee into his hand. As he kisses me, his hips begin to move faster. His pubic hair is against my nub, rubbin’ at it, his mouth leaves mine and starts kissin’ up toward my ear. Rather than playin’ with my weak spot, he whispers, “Do you want to cum?”

Mmm, yeah,” I’m panting again, movin’ with him, and gettin’ lost in the magic of his breath against my sensitized ears while he pounds into me. “Oh, oh, Eric,” I murmur as I feel my body risin’ again. He releases the leg he’s been keepin’ pinned up longer and grasps my breast hard.

I whimper and arch. Yeah, this is just the right amount of untamed I need right now. It’s fierce, fast and hard, and I love it!

Fuck, Sookie,” Eric snarls into my throat as his hips thrust against me unrelentingly. His hand wraps under the base of my spine, arching my back so his length drags against that delicious spot, and I don’t even care that he’s not playin’ with my clit like he was earlier. “Min Sookie, FUCK!”

I can tell the second he’s startin’ to lose it ’cause he starts babblin’ in a language I can’t even begin to understand, and he’s pumpin’ into me so relentlessly that everything goes black behind my eyes.

Sookie?” I hear my name chuckled and manage to blink in a pair of ocean blue eyes. “Are you still with me, Dear One?”

The most I can offer is a sleepy moan.

Sookie,” I hear against my ear and whimper at the throb it causes.

Get away from m’ear,” I moan, shovin’ at his face.

I cannot touch your nipples, I cannot be near your ears… Is there anywhere I am allowed to touch you?” he teases me, and his breath assaults my cartilage again.

No,” I pout.

“Sookie,” his voice is a bit further now, to my relief.


Will you do something for me?” he asks, soundin’ a bit too excited. I don’t know I wanna get Eric excited again too soon. Immortal body or not, I need to recover from that!

Wha?” I mumble instead of sayin’ ‘no’.

Straddle my abdomen,” he requests.

“Eric, Ah’m bone tired,” I confess. “If ya want more sex, y’all’re gonna have to do it all yerself.” Dang, I’m so exhausted, I can’t even get the backwoods outta my accent no more!

I will keep that in mind, and might I say that has to be the most southern phrase I have ever heard you utter?” He’s teasin’ me again, and I’m too tired to smack him.

What do ya want then?” I grumble.

Straddle my abdomen,” he says again, and I begrudgingly start to crawl on top of him. I pull my legs astride his waist, and he bends his knees behind me. “Lean back,” he encourages, and I do so. This actually feels kinda nice, I think, shuttin’ my eyes and lettin’ him take all my weight. Then his thumb is pullin’ my lower lip to the side and I crack an eyelid open to look at him suspiciously. He’s starin’ at my lady parts rather intently, and I’m nervous about the excitement I can feel buildin’ inside him. Not to mention the excitement I can feel buildin’ against my rear!

What are ya doin’?” I mumble and shut my eyes again. His other thumb starts to very gently circle my nub and I moan. “Dooon’t….”

Shh,” he soothes, but keeps rubbin’, and starts pushin’ on my belly. When he does that, my insides squeeze, and I feel a very familiar sensation inside me.

“Oh, no!” I cup myself in a panic. “Did my period start!?”

No,” Eric laughs at my reaction and pulls my hands outta the way. “Relax. If you clench, it will not come out.”

What won’t come out!?” I hiss.

That delicious cocktail you brew,” he pushes me back against his knees and starts strokin’ me again. Suddenly I realize he’s talkin’ about our fluids, and I blush. Pam did say he liked that! I remember in shock. I hadn’t known exactly what it would feel like, and it freaked me out at first.

You want me to push it out?” I ask, uncertain how to do that exactly.

Oh yes,” he rubs my thigh with one of his hands while still rubbin’ my clit with the thumb of the other one. “Filling you up with my pleasure and watching it drip back out is very arousing.”

I moan at the flare of lust I feel come from him as more of his spendings drip out of me. His member his pushin’ between my butt cheeks insistently, and somewhere in my exhausted body, I feel my arousal growing too. That’s why I begin experimenting with my abdominal muscles until I feel a rather persistent flow of fluid push out of me.

Oh, yes,” Eric growls at what he must being seeing. His hands grasp my hips, and I feel his erection slide between my lower cheeks. It makes my face burn when I feel his tip knock against my backdoor, but it don’t slip in, so I don’t say anythin’. “I want to fuck you,” he rumbles excitedly.

I whimper and shake my head, “Make love to me?” I request as I feel the last of his emissions drip out of me. “I can’t take another fuckin’. I’m so tired.”

His response is to roll us over until I’m beneath him. His stomach presses tightly against mine, and I can feel our fluids squish between our flesh. I groan as he wraps my legs around him and starts to slide inside me. It feels good, like he’s comin’ home, and his coarse curls are ticklin’ my nub.

My arms reach up tiredly to snake around his neck, and his hips start to rock slowly against mine. When he arches away to get as deep as he can, I feel the suction of our stomachs and giggle softly at the sound it makes.

He’s slidin’ in and out over and over. It’s like bein’ rocked to sleep, but it feels too good to let sleep come. Instead, my body starts to coil slowly, and I can feel my release buildin’ until a sudden sob tumbles from my lips as I am washed away in ecstasy.

Eric stays in real close, and in my delirium, I feel him pulsin’ and hear his pleasured moan as he lets loose deep into my womb. I can feel my body clenching around him, earning every drop of his pleasure until he’s kissin’ at my face and rollin’ us over until I’m layin’ on top of him bonelessly.

Now you can rest,” he rumbles above my head, vibrating his chest against my cheek as his hand starts strokin’ my spine soothingly.

All I can respond with is a gentle nod against his chest. He continues to stroke my back for awhile, and I feel his chest begin to move in time with my breathing. It feels like I’m on a boat. Softly rollin’ along the waves.

Sookie,” I hear against my hair and I stretch out long and slow.

Hmmm?” I mumble.

I still want to make love to you in the sunlight tomorrow,” Eric tells me.

You’ll hold me till I wake up though, right?” I’m comfy and he’s so cozy!

He chuckles at my plea, “Yes. Now sleep well, Dear One. I will make you tired again when you wake.”

Just don’t forget… To feed me,” I mumble, and then I’m out like a light.

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