Never End Ch. 27

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Home

“Shh, shh,” Sookie soothed Mags and Junes as they lay on their sides trembling. “It’s all right, girls, I’m right here.”

“Endymion said they would not be in pain,” Eric reminded gently, sitting on the floor beside her in their Öland residence and placing his hand on her hip in a comforting manner.

The pair of dogs had held on admirably while Sookie had carefully set their crates in the middle of the living room and encouraged them to come out to her. Both collapsed onto the floor once they exited the cages, and Sookie immediately curled onto the floor, pulling Mags to her chest and Junes behind the curves of her knees.

“That doesn’t mean they aren’t scared,” Sookie crooned, reaching behind her to stroke Junes’ head. “When I was bleeding out in the police station, I wasn’t in pain. I knew I wasn’t going to really die, but I was still so afraid. It’s not an easy thing, no matter if you won’t be gone for good.”

“It was so long ago for me that I suppose I had forgotten. To be honest, when you were on the floor at the station, I was so terrified that you would not give me your consent I was too preoccupied to feel your own trepidations,” Eric confessed.

“I was very scared,” Sookie tried to explain. “Now? I think I’m finally coming back down. Being so afraid as long as I have, to the degree I have… This is nice. I want to keep feeling this way.”

“After Endymion announces our circumstances to the International Council, I can assure you that you will never feel safer,” Eric smiled down at her, squeezing her hip in his hand.

“You think? What if there’s someone out there who’s suicidal and wants to watch the world burn? What if a human who doesn’t know any better, comes at me with a stake?” Sookie continued.

“First off, no vampire who is suicidal wishes to take the universe with them. Vampires are masters of their own universe, and those who choose to meet the sun are usually quite…serene.”

“If you say so,” Sookie sighed. “Honestly, I don’t care if I have to watch my back every night for eternity. I was prepared already to do that as a cop, and I’m prepared to do that as Mags’ and Junes’ redeemer. Haha!” Sookie shook her head amused. “Who would have thought my dogs would give me such purpose! To think, it has nothing to do with my telepathy!”
“To think,” Eric added, “it had everything to do with all that love I saw inside of you, just looking for an aim.”

“I guess I really was a Bullet of Destiny. I was aimed toward Mags and Junes, and you. Three individuals I would love unconditionally who would help me protect the whole world, the whole universe!

“You are every bit the marvel I knew you were,” Eric agreed.

Their conversation was ended when Sookie felt her dogs go rigid, and one final, strained exhale rattled each body. Junes’ final breath came as a pitiful whine, causing Sookie to brush away a crimson tear. The four of them remained on the floor in complete silence until the stillness grew so overwhelming that Sookie began to breathe just to hear something.

Suddenly Eric grabbed Sookie by the waist, and pulled her away from her dogs in a movement so abrupt that it left the young vampire disoriented. As her eyes adjusted to her new position across the room, the bodies of her dogs began to expand. Sookie gasped in surprise as her beautiful shepherds seemed to explode into mammoth beasts, both the size of Clydesdale horses.

Mags was the first to spring to her feet, causing the shelves of the house to rattle. Next, Junes was clamoring up on her long, thick legs. Both were now entirely black, their eyes red as flames while they seemed to shyly look toward Sookie. There was hesitation in their body language, as though they were waiting to see if the love of their lives might run from them in fear.

Sookie darted to the large beasts, pressing her face into Junes’ broad chest and stroking the thick matt of black fur before giving the same loving embrace to Mags.

“You’re both still my girls,” Sookie told them sweetly. “You’ll always be my girls… Even though you seem to be boys now!” she laughed through her tears.

As she petted and soothed the dogs, she felt them diminish in size until they were once again the familiar colors and shapes of her beloved German Shepherds. It was not until they were returned to the size more familiar that Sookie noticed the destroyed carcasses beneath their feet. Sookie cringed away reflexively.
“W-what are those?” Sookie gasped.

Eric looked at the pelts that Mags and Junes stood upon and grimaced, “Ah, those would be the remains of your dogs’ mortal bodies. They are practically husks though, no blood, no entrails, just the bones, skin, and fur.”

Sookie shuddered at the sight, but then reasoned they were no different than taxidermy animals. Still, she begged Eric to quickly dispose of the remains for they unsettled her deeply. Kissing the top of her head, Eric made swift work of removing the carcasses and burying them in the back yard. When he returned, he found Sookie happily talking to Mags and Junes once more.

“So, just to get this straight, which of you is Garm?” Sookie asked. Mags let out a tiny howl that made Sookie grin. “That would make you Fenrir, right, Junes?” Sookie teased while scratching the other dog’s ear. Junes let out a low boom. “All right, I just wanted to be sure! You are very strong, handsome boys in your real forms,” she complimented, making the dogs spin happy circles. “So other than the whole “ending the world” thing, are there other things you can do?”

“Sookie,” Eric interrupted worriedly, “Fenrir is incredibly strong. Perhaps you should ask him to leave the house before displaying his power?”

“I don’t doubt that. Junes was always the tank of the two,” Sookie laughed. “You aren’t afraid of my dogs now, are you, Eric?” she teased.

“It would be arrogant of me to not respect their capabilities,” Eric offered, making his Bonded laugh even more.

“Wow, they are, like, super warm now! I’m gonna love having you snuggling me on cold winter nights.”

“We are going to need a bigger bed,” Eric chuckled.

“They can fit in this shape just fine,” Sookie told him.

“I suppose that is true,” Eric strode across the room to greet the dogs anew. “You two are not going to become territorial of her now, are you?”

Mags leaned her head into Eric’s side, letting out a low groan while Junes slid to the floor to lay down.
“I think they know perfectly well how much I love you. They won’t get in the way,” Sookie assured him.

Nodding in agreement, Eric gestured to the house. “There were some calls you wished to make once we arrived. Would you like to do that now?” he asked.

“Oh! Trent!” Sookie rushed toward the phone and picked it up, dialing from memory after adding the necessary digits Eric provided earlier that week to call outside the country.

When the call picked up, a confused, “Hello?” graced her ears.

“Trent? It’s Sookie! I have so much to-”

Sookie? What the hell? Where have you been? Whose phone is this?” Trent asked, surprised after not recognizing the number or area code.

“I’m in Sweden! This is Eric’s house phone in Öland,” she explained quickly.

Sweden!? What are you doing there?”

“It’s a super long story that I can’t really get into. I’m spending my first year as a vamp here.”

Safety measure?” Trent guessed.

“Sort of,” Sookie sighed. “Like I said, it’s a very long story.”

Hey, I’m off work. I got time,” Trent laughed.

“I didn’t wake you up, did I?” Sookie wondered.

The Were laughed, “It’s only seven P.M. here, Sooks.”

Sookie looked at her Bonded worriedly, but he nodded his agreement that she could share their edited story. “I was attacked by the Magister. He was threatening me and threatening to expose my quirks. He glamoured Jason into telling him all about me. Eric and I left to flee to Sweden, but not before the Magister tried to kidnap me at the airfield. Eric killed him, and then we had to run away.”

There was a long silence over the phone before Trent rasped gravely, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Believe me, I could not make up such a story,” Sookie whispered back. “We haven’t been exiled or anything! The vampire King of Sweden has already conferenced with the European Council and the International vampire rep. We’ve been cleared of any wrongdoing, but the stress of it all has Eric wanting to keep me in one place for a while. He thinks another big move so soon would be a bad idea, so we decided to stay here for a year.”

That sucks, Sookie,” Trent moaned. “We all already miss you at the Department. I know you can’t come back to work your first year, but we all really wanted to see you before then.”

“I know. Me too,” Sookie told him earnestly. “I’ll call a ton, I promise.”

It’s not the same,” Trent protested. “Still, it’s about time you did something right for you, and if this is what you need, then I’ll suck it up and deal. You better call at least once a month.”

“I promise.”

Good… So, tell me. How is it being a vampire?”

Sookie spoke to her best friend about her experiences up until that point. She gushed over the speed and strength, but admitted that everything felt remarkably alien. Touches, sounds, smells, but mostly her own body was a labyrinth of riddles.

Hehe, it sounds like that first year of yours is gonna be all ’bout figuring out the new responses. Just be careful not to raise too much hell!”

Sookie laughed right along with him and they talked about a slew of trivial, friendly things. Trent informed her of the cases on which her division was currently working. He went on and on about Murphy secretly glancing at her desk and quietly missing her. Then he went on to explain how Kleinman had gone as far as putting Sookie’s service photo on her desk in her absence.

It felt good to still have this connection with her old cadet buddy. Despite being thrust halfway across the world, she felt as though a part of her was still alive in Louisiana. People missed her. People wanted her back in their lives. Vampirism had not changed that. Being the clinical, cold, professional Detective Stackhouse had not kept others from caring for her, no matter how hard she tried to convince herself that she had been alone all those years.

“I have to get going, Trent,” Sookie told him, her voice thick with emotion as she realized that even before Eric she had been loved. Feeling the breaking of her heart with the realization that it would be a year before she might see any of their faces again only confirmed to Sookie that she had loved them all too.

All right, Sooks. Talk to you soon.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “real soon.”

With that, she hung up the phone and looked at her Bonded. He was smiling his indulgent I-told-you-so smile.

“What?” she snapped, flicking at an unbidden tear.

Eric shook his head amusedly, “You thought yourself incapable of love this whole time.” He actually laughed at that statement. “My silly, oblivious Bonded. No one has ever underestimated anyone as much as you underestimate yourself.”

“Oh,” Sookie sauntered toward him, her eyes narrowed playfully at the accusation, “and you just had me all figured out from the very beginning?”

“I definitely would not say that,” he snickered. “It is just much easier to see someone in denial than for the person to see how they deny themselves.”

“People actually care about me,” Sookie lost her playfulness and stared pensively at Eric’s chest.
“People love you, Sookie. Trent as a brother, Kleinman as a daughter, and your entire precinct loves you. If you could have realized how they looked at you after that Nina Sanchez incident-”

“It was pity, Eric,” she protested.

“It was heartbreak,” he argued back. “They did not pity you for having to take a life. Their hearts were breaking to see you trying to keep up that impervious façade of yours. No matter how much distance you tried to put between yourself and them, you are a very loveable woman, the cool, sharp detective who never had a mean word for anyone. Perhaps they could not understand the depths of which you strived to do your job, but they could see it. They could respect it.”

Sookie gazed across the room while she considered her Bonded’s explanation. She thought back, trying to recall the thoughts of her colleagues at the time, but it was impossible. Fear of the images in their heads and the mental condolences had only urged Sookie to push them away. She had not wanted sympathy, nor some artificial regret. The woman had only wanted the opportunity to know her own mind in those moments without the interference of any outside interpretation. That was the part of telepathy that many would never comprehend the frustration, the part that came with not knowing or understanding your own mind.

“I can’t say for sure if that’s true,” Sookie admitted after a moment. “I needed to know how I felt at the time, and I did the best I could to keep others’ thoughts out. It’s no simple thing, coming to grips with the fact you’ve killed someone, and then having to also deal with how others may feel about it.”

“Their thoughts might have been probable source of comfort for you,” Eric replied.
Sookie shook her head, “I didn’t want their comfort or assurances. I just wanted to fall to pieces, and then decide how I felt.”

Staring pensively at her hands after her Bonded made his point, it was so much easier to deny his claim, so much easier to live in the delusion where she was unwanted and unloved before him. If she did not, then what had been the purpose of her isolation? Why had she denied herself so many things in life? Why had she put herself through so much pain?

Looking at Mags and Junes, Sookie wondered if she could have given the pair of them all of the love that had subdued the rage of Garm and Fenrir if she had not been so reliant upon them. Would she have been able to show them all of her devotion if she had been out with her division getting drinks every other night?

Next she contemplated her Bonded and considered the likelihood that he could have been everything she wanted and needed if she had not stubbornly resisted the love and considerations of those around her prior to his arrival in her life.

Eric tilted his head as Sookie was suddenly overcome with amusement. “What is it, Sookie?” he asked when a small smile tugged at her mouth, and she ruefully shook her head.

“Oh, nothing,” she laughed. “I just realized how funny life is. I don’t know how many of my decisions pulled me down this path we’re on. What I did that mattered, and what I did that just lead to me torturing myself. All I know is it doesn’t matter. I’ve jumped those hurdles. They’re in the past, and now I have my Bonded and my girls forever. No matter what I had to go through in the past, or have to deal with along the way, I just realized how blessed I was…” She began laughing almost hysterically. “I’ve been beating my fists against a wall all these years, and the bricks just tumbled at my feet so suddenly that I almost fell on my face!”

Placing his hands on Sookie’s shoulders, Eric smiled down at her gently as he reined in the hysteria with which his Bonded was beginning to bubble over. However, he was particularly encouraging of a meltdown that was so positively provoked. She needed laughter at a time such as this, and as long as he could keep her emotions from overwhelming him, he felt as though he should encourage it.

“Those final walls are finally tumbling down, Dear One. I cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes me,” Eric murmured into her hair.

“It’s a relief to me,” Sookie let out a long breath as if to dispel any lingering venom in her body from previous anguish.

Eric smiled widely, “You know what I always found the most impressive about you, Sookie?” He reached out to play with a tendril of her hair framing her face. “Despite everything you heard, you never allowed others to make up your mind for you.”

“I don’t know,” she told him playfully, “I think you managed to make some decisions for me.”

Eric cocked his head to the side as he traced her cheekbone with his thumb, “No, I merely gave you the information you needed to make your own decision.”

Smiling at his words, Sookie nodded in agreement, “I think you’re right.”

Her Bonded shook his head with a laugh, “Sookie, believe me, no one has ever made you do anything you did not want… With the exception of Sophie-Anne, but if we are fair, she gave you very few options.”

Nodding sadly, Sookie was inclined to agree. Smiling up at him, Sookie asked joyously, “Want to go out with the girls and see what happens when they cut loose?”

“Admittedly, that is disconcerting, to think of those two “cutting loose”,” he laughed.

“Oh, you know what I mean. Speed, strength. Not destruction!” Sookie giggled.

“All right,” Eric agreed with a grin. “Let us see what their capabilities are.”


“I can barely keep up!” Sookie moaned, staring at the back end of Junes as Eric chuckled alongside her. “She used to be the slow-poke!”

“They seem to only be warming up,” he agreed as they wove through the woodlands.

Mags was nearly a quarter mile ahead of them, putting more and more distance between the trailing trio.

“Mags, slow up!” Sookie called, relieved to see the dark hindquarters growing nearer.

“Sookie, watch it!” Eric snapped as his Bonded nearly ran headlong into a tree. Before the vampiress could react, Junes threw her shoulder into the large Scots Pine. The timber shattered at the force with which it was struck and was flung several yards away. Eric’s arms were wrapped around Sookie protectively, but not a single piece of wooden shrapnel imbedded within him.

When the vampire pair looked up, Junes was in her Fenrir form, and shaking out the deadly debris. The wooden shards fell to the ground with a gentle clatter like distant rain.

“She did that so fast, I didn’t even see her change shapes!” Sookie gasped.

“Most impressive,” Eric kept his watchful gaze on the potential hazard of an impromptu staking.

“Mags, come back!” Sookie called to her other dog, surprised to see the large beast already returning with a slow trot. “Oh, she changed too!”

“So I see,” Eric mumbled. “We should head back. We have been at this for hours. The summers here give us short evenings.”

“You’re right,” Sookie pouted as Eric began leading them through the woods at a much slower speed than they had previously traveled.

“I cannot believe how easily she took out that tree,” Eric commented. “That was a mature pine nearly six feet thick and she shattered it so casually!”

“What would have happened if I hit it?”

“I was not about to let you do that,” Eric chuckled. “But if I had, the damage would have been catastrophic for you at such a young age. You would have taken several evenings to heal, assuming that the impression you made did not manage to stake you.”

“I’m more impressed that Junes shielded the shards like that,” Sookie told him.

“Yes, that was quite impressive,” he agreed.

When they arrived at the house, Eric drew Sookie into the living room and curled her against his chest on the couch. Mags and Junes, once more in their Shepherd forms, flopped lazily on the floor next to the sofa.

“Are you ready for your Swedish lessons before daybreak?”

“Oh, sure,” Sookie settled into position with her back against his chest. “I hope I’m a good student. I’ve never really been good at foreign languages. I took French in high school, but I was terrible at it,” she confessed bashfully.

“You have forever to get it right,” Eric chuckled. “Besides, if it comes down to it, you always have me for a translator.”

“Mmm, sexy translator,” she purred, wiggling back against him.

“Hey now,” Eric gave her side a firm pat, “lessons now. Play later.”

Grumbling to herself, Sookie settled down as Eric began teaching her the basics of his native tongue. She had to admit that listening to him speak in his calm, deep timbre was anything but conducive to absorbing what it was she was meant to learn. Every so often his hands would come to her mouth and squish her lips together to form a word, or gently contract around and guide her throat to create a particular sound to take the “twang” out of her articulation.

“You sound like an American,” Eric laughed.

“Imagine that!” Sookie gasped in feigned disbelief. “And stop strangling me already. I know I don’t gotta breathe, but that’s getting annoying.”

“You need to speak more from the back of your throat, not your nose,” Eric tried to explain. “Try not to sling your jaw when you speak in Swedish. It is giving you a strange lilt.”






Eric laughed, leaning his forehead to the back of her scalp. “I cannot tell if you are teasing me or not.”

“I can tell I’m not saying it right,” Sookie whined, “but I can’t get my mouth to make that noise right.”

“Which noise?”


“It is a ‘thanks’, Sookie. Not a noise.”

“I know what it is,” she glowered impatiently. “But my mouth can’t say it right.”

“All right,” he relented. “how about varsågod?”

“Yeah, Darlin’, I couldn’t get one syllable words out proper, and you think I can say that?”

“Try,” he encouraged.

“Varser cod.”

“Gah, there is a Gah, Sookie. Not a ‘K’.”

“Varser God.”

“Varsågod,” he repeated to refresh her memory.

“Varse God,” Sookie answered with frustration.

“All right, all right. You are getting angry now. Say your favorite phrase instead.”

Loving amusement trilled through the Bond when she stated as cleanly as she could, “Jag älskare dig.”

Very good,” he crooned in her ear, incapable of grimacing at her accent when he heard those words from her. “I love you too.”

“Can we take a break?” Sookie asked hopefully.

“It has only been an hour or so,” Eric protested.

“An hour or so with an easily distracted, Bonded baby vampire,” Sookie groaned, arching back against him. “This is too much focus for too long.”

“Oh, is that it?” Eric taunted, running his hand up and down her hip. “It has nothing to do with this yearning lust you have been practically shoving into the Bond since shortly after we began?”

“Please?” she tilted her head to try and catch his gaze, fluttering her eyelashes flirtatiously.

“Well, the sun will be rising soon,” he considered thoughtfully. “And we do need to christen our new bed, yes?”

“Yay!” Sookie turned swiftly in his arms and crushed her mouth to his, smothering his laughter.

Eric’s arms immediately snaked around her waist as he began to sit up. When he stood, Sookie’s legs constricted over his hips and the older vampire carried her to their bedroom. As he dropped her onto their bed, he grinned down at the woman and asked, “How do you want it, Sookie?”


“Fast or slow? Hard or Gentle?”

Sookie gaped at him a moment as she absorbed his question. She was a vampire now, and there was a distinct possibility that she had never even challenged his capacity for ‘fast and hard’ as a mortal. The curiosity aroused her, and she knew Eric could feel it.

“There is definitely an option that is turning you on. Now which will it be?” he teased as his frame began to drape over hers.

“Fast and hard,” Sookie panted beneath him.

Eric growled hungrily at her request, but he wasted no time at responding. Violently, he tore open her shirt and pushed her skirt up past her hips. Sookie gasped at the ferociousness and suddenness of his actions as she was quickly flipped onto her stomach. In the same movement, Eric’s hand collided with her backside.

“Ah, Eric,” Sookie whined at the pleasant sting of his slap. Her knees instinctively drew to her chest, putting her bottom in the air for his considerations.

“Brace your arms behind your knees, Sookie,” Eric instructed even as he pulled her arms to lock into position so that she was prostrating herself before him. Her fingers locked together before pinning her arms between her thighs and calves. “That is perfect,” he purred. “Stay just like that and you will not lose any impact.”

“You put me in a damn crash landing position,” Sookie pointed out.

“Which is exactly what you asked for,” he assured as he took step behind her. “And I thank you for that. Your bottom is glorious to behold.” His hand caressed the globe before giving it another playful swat with his hand. Before she could cease wriggling from the little pain, she felt his length intruding on her walls.

“Oh!” she cried out at the abrupt invasion. There was no opportunity to recover as he was gone just as swiftly as he arrived. Over and over, a constant state of infinitesimal pressure and relief, every stroke was varied just enough to make a different experience. Sookie could feel one of his hands clutching the space between her neck and shoulder, preventing her from escaping the impact behind her. However, though the speed was impressive, the collisions were underwhelming. She began to wonder where was the ‘hard’ part of her request.

“Really? You are bored?” Eric laughed. “I suppose you might not be able to appreciate this speed just yet. It is most likely feeling like continuous pressure to you. Unless I do this,” his free hand tilted her hips upward until her back arched, forcing her shoulders and neck against the mattress. The effect was instantaneous as Sookie let out a strangled cry, unlocked her hands to clutch at the bedding and her left leg jerked free and kicked him in the thigh. Even as he laughed at her response, Sookie was still garbling around pleasurable sobs. “Not so boring now, am I?” Eric taunted as he curled his chest around her back and bit her ear. “Are you going to get back into ‘crash position’, or are you done with ‘hard and fast’?” Eric asked teasingly as her body continued to flex and twitch beneath him.

“I-I ca-can’t,” she ground out as his shaft continued its torturous assault on a sensitized pressure point inside of her. “I-I-I-”

“What can you not do, Sookie?” Eric asked as he purposely flexed inside of her and earned an entirely new, guttural sound from her lips. “Oh, is this how I need to teach you to make noises in the back of your throat? That was very good! Now say ‘thank you’.”

“TACK!” Sookie cried.

“Very good!” he laughed amusedly. “Now get that left leg back where it needs to be and lock your fingers behind your knees.”

“Eric,” she whimpered as her body convulsed with electrical jolts of pleasure while he continued to torture that part inside of her only he ever managed to find. She could not make her joints move at her will, instead they only came to life in response to his movements. Coiled, compressed, wound, that was how she felt in the moment. Her actions were no longer her own, and she feared the release. “Eric, I-I. STOP!”

His movements ceased immediately as he withdrew. Carefully he turned her over onto her back and looked at her worriedly. “Are you all right?” he demanded, looking her over anxiously as she continued to shake on their bed. “Did I scare you? Was that too much?” he berated letting his dominant side loose on her so strongly, but it had been a long time since he had last challenged his speed and strength sexually.

“Yes,” Sookie nodded jerkily as her body trembled. At his heartbroken expression, she immediately tried to explain, “No, no! No, you didn’t scare me. I scared myself. Yes, it was too much, but I mean the pleasure, not the aggression. I like you aggressive in the bedroom,” she found her body calming as she could finally articulate her feelings. “I don’t know what that was, but it was like being on the verge of an orgasm that wouldn’t come, and you can just tell it won’t. All that energy, it just. It was too much, and it wouldn’t let go. I was scared to let it go.”

“Like when we first began our intimacy?” Eric tried to understand.

“No, I was scared to cum in the beginning because I was shy. This has nothing to do with shy. I felt like I was going to explode, but in the vampire incinerating kind of way, not the orgasmic bliss way. The only times I’ve felt that energy was when I was in turmoil, and I guess, getting that feeling like I would explode like that made me panic.”

“I see,” Eric nodded. “Are you feeling better now?” he asked.

Sookie nodded shakily, “Yeah, I just got overloaded.”

“Shall we save ‘hard and fast’ for when you are more accustomed to your vampire emotions and responses?” Eric suggested.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. I’m pretty sure if I blew up again it wouldn’t hurt you any cause it didn’t harm you at all at the airfield, but it still makes me nervous.”

“I understand,” he assured her. “Do you want to continue slow and gentle, or do you want to relax until dawn?”

“Can we just finish each other off orally? I think I really just need an orgasm to burn off some of whatever this is,” she admitted. Eric chuckled and leaned in to kiss her crown before drawing her hips to the end of the bed. “Er, actually, can I do you first? I think I need to just calm down a little bit more.”

“You will definitely not hear me object to that!” Eric flopped onto the bed beside her and tangled his hand into Sookie’s hair as she drifted down his waist to wrap her mouth around his cock.

Eric groaned when her tongue snaked down his length and he gave her locks in his hand an encouraging tug. He could practically feel her lips form into a smirk around him and it caused his hips to flex warningly.

“No need to be so smug, Sookie,” Eric rumbled. “You should know by now that you have the devil’s tongue.”

“It’s still nice to be reminded that my thousand-year-old Viking likes my mouth the best,” she taunted, and then trailed her tongue down toward his balls.

“Everything about you, I like the best,” Eric replied breathlessly, earning an approving hum from his Mate as she manipulated his sack with her mouth. “Gods, that feels good!”

Her stroke was firm and slow, making Eric’s hips twitch impatiently beneath her. It was not long before his moans and twitches proved to Sookie how going down on her Bonded was anything but calming. Slowly, she let one of her hands leave his thigh to travel down her belly.

“Oh no,” Eric jerked into a seated position and took her hand. “There will not be any of that!” he gave her hand a squeeze. “That is for me.” Somehow Sookie managed a pout with her lips wrapped around his cock, and it made Eric laugh. “Just to make sure you are not tempted again, I will keep a hold on these,” He took both of her wrists into his hand and let the other fist once more in her hair.

Arms and hair held above her head, Sookie was at the mercy of his hips as he began to thrust into her mouth. Though she had been getting better at taking more of his length into her throat over time, she was surprised that as a vampire she could now take the entirety of him.

Her throat flexed rhythmically with his thrusts, able to enjoy his dominance freely without the panic of oxygen deprivation. It was even more arousing without her eyes watering from strain, or the distraction of her labored gasps for air.

“Just like that, Sookie,” Eric snarled in a primal way as her tongue danced feverishly over his sex. Shortly after, she could feel his cock pulsing in her throat and another growl rumbled from his chest as he came. “Ready for yours now?” he asked tauntingly as he released her hair and wrists.

Sookie looked up at him, catching remnants of his release from the corner of her mouth and licking it clean. With a kittenish stretch, she crawled into his lap and giggled when he rolled her beneath him.

He did not leave her waiting for any preamble as he drifted down the length of her body. He could feel how aroused she was and knew that she needed no further attention than what he would give to her center.

Splitting her legs open, Eric ran his tongue up her gash, but was stunned when he flickered her clit and Sookie buckled beneath him with an ecstatic cry.

Looking up at her in surprise, the older vampire witnessed her writhing with orgasm and bucking her hips toward the sky as her pearl skin glowed with heat. Her thigh felt alive with warmth, her scent was alluringly delicious, and she was still convulsing with the force of her orgasm.

Tempted by her wildness and aroma, Eric bit into her thigh and was rewarded with thick, syrupy sweetness. He wanted to nurse her wound like a babe latched to a breast. She was frantic with the recycling of her pleasure, and Eric was finding it difficult to disengage from the injury he had inflicted. Somewhere, he found the willpower to withdraw, but his tongue continued lapping at the puncture even after it had healed.

Running his hands up and down her body as she recovered from her bliss, Eric reveled in her warmth. She felt alive with the heat she was emitting, but her body was still as the grave now.

“Are you all right, My Sookie?” Eric asked after a moment.

“Uh huh,” she mumbled incoherently.

“Can you please stand up? I want to see you move a bit. You look dead.”

“I am dead,” she grunted.

“You know what I mean,” he playfully patted her thigh. “Please, I want to be sure that you are well.”

Sluggishly, Sookie clambered off the bed and slouched around the room dazed.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Tired. I haven’t felt tired like this since you turned me,” she admitted.

“Put on a nightgown. I am going to call Ludwig,” Eric told her as he found a pair of track pants for himself before grabbing his phone.

Sookie nodded numbly as she found one of his shirts and pulled it awkwardly over her head.

“Ludwig, I think you should step in. We have had a new occurrence,” Eric murmured into his phone before hanging up.


“I know I said I wouldn’t charge you where it concerned her, but you have to keep in mind I am a doctor. Not an on-call, private physician. I have other patients,” Ludwig snapped as she flung her black doctor’s bag on the bed. “Oh my,” she gawked at Sookie. “What happened?”

“A very powerful orgasm,” Eric folded his arms over his chest contemplatively. “Feel her skin. She is warmer than a human!”

Ludwig pressed her hand against Sookie’s forehead and nodded, “Yes, very warm! Did anything else happen other than heating up?”

“She mentioned she felt a similar sensation to when she uses Fairy Light. We took a short break from our activities, but when we continued, her arousal-”

“Please, Eric, this is super embarrassing,” Sookie moaned.

“I am a doctor, Baby Vampire,” Ludwig reminded. “When it comes to you, I need to know everything.”

Sookie moaned and flopped on the bed next to Ludwig’s bag.

“As I was saying, her arousal when we continued was quite intense. I barely touched her and she orgasmed, and then her skin heated up drastically. She smelled irresistible. I bit her, and her blood was delectable. It did not offer me any nourishment, but I found it difficult to stop drinking,” Eric concluded.

“Did it intoxicate you at all?” Ludwig asked, feeling Sookie’s skin again and noting that it was cooling down.

“No, but like I said, it was very difficult to disengage.”

Ludwig shrugged, “Sounds like a basic power surge. Strong emotions can cause those. Did she put off Fairy Light?”

“She did not,” he told her.

“She is already coming back down to room temperature. Are you tired, Little Vampire?”

“Very,” Sookie mumbled into a pillow.

“Are you thirsty?”

“Now that you mention it, I’m very thirsty,” she confessed.

“Hmm,” Ludwig grabbed her bag and rifled through it. Extracting a bottle of blood, she stopped before offering it to Sookie. “Have you tried mixing in honey yet?”

“No. This is our first night undisturbed since you made the suggestion,” Eric admitted.

Nodding in understanding, Ludwig reached back in the bag and found bottle of honey that she added to the blood and shook it. Finally, she gave Sookie the bottle and the young vampire guzzled it like ambrosia. “Good?” Ludwig chuckled.

“So good!” Sookie chugged until the bottle was drained, and she was poking her tongue inside to capture more sweetened drops. “Can I have another?” she begged, making the doctor laugh and mix another.

Sookie drained it similar to the first. “Is this TrueBlood?” she asked.

“No, that is regular human blood. I bottled some so that you could try it with honey.”

“Thank you,” Sookie upturned the bottle, trying to coax the final dregs into her mouth.

“You are very welcome.” Turning to Eric, she added, “Make sure she does not regurgitate it and I will return tomorrow evening to check in on her.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Eric nodded.

With that, Ludwig vanished from the room and Sookie sighed with relief. Seeing so much of the little doctor put the vampire on edge.

“So, when a vamp regurgitates, is there any warning it’s gonna happen? I’d hate to make a mess,” Sookie mumbled.

“Your stomach will contract in intervals for about five to ten minutes before expelling its contents. It is not all that uncomfortable, but it is noticeable. If you are dead for the day when your body tries to reject it, then you will make a mess. There is nothing to do about it,” Eric shrugged. “Although,” he frowned now and double checked his watch before tasting the air, “the sun has already broken the horizon. You should be unconscious right now.”

“For real?” Sookie tilted her head before trying her own hand at tasting the rising sun. “I don’t even feel nervous like I usually do just before dawn!”

“Hmm, I wonder if it is the honey or that release you had?” Eric brought her to bed, but kept from climbing in beside her when he heard Mags and Junes pawing and whining at the door. “All right, all right!” he grumbled, going over and letting the pair sneak in. Both dogs quickly jumped on the bed and ensconced Sookie. “Excuse me,” Eric came to her side and shoved Junes out of the way, “this is my spot.”

Junes grumbled to herself and sprawled instead across Sookie’s legs as Mags pressed tightly into Sookie’s side opposite Eric.

“Jealous?” Sookie teased as she wrapped herself around Eric.

“They may be hell beasts, but this is still my spot,” he snarked.

“Always,” she assured him, kissing his chest.

Running his fingers through her hair, Eric let the silence of the room linger. The events of the past week were running through his head, and he allowed the quiet to continue as he broke down all of the impossibilities that had transpired.

After a while, Sookie could not take the silence in conjunction with Eric’s mood. “What are you thinking?” she finally asked.

“About the Magister.”


Eric shook his head, “I cannot believe that he tried to do what he did! How could he possibly consider he could get away with manipulating you like that? Even if he had managed to scare you into admitting what you were, once you were presented to the Council and Ancient Pythoness, it would be known that he had procured you under false pretenses. The Ancient Pythoness would have known Jorge had meddled in the safety and harmony of a Bonded couple. Not to mention, when they found the stress he had subjected a newborn to…?”

“I don’t understand why the Ancient Pythoness wasn’t at the trial,” Sookie admitted. “I mean, Frøkn stated plainly that under our circumstances there was no reason for her not to be there.”

“Oh, that is simple enough,” Eric replied. “Sophie-Anne apparently pissed off the Council and she was going to be put to death regardless. Therefore, there was no need for the Ancient Pythoness to attend. The trial was just for show. No doubt, if we had failed to make our case, Jorge had his own accusations against her that could be proven.”

“Then why stress us out?” Sookie demanded. “And why didn’t I hear that in his mind?”

Eric shrugged, “Quite possibly he was too entertained by the trial to think about the outcome. As for why he put pressure on us, he rather enjoyed the discomfort he was putting us through. Jorge was quite the sadist. An opportunity to push the buttons of a Bonded couple does not come often and he was taking full advantage of that. I wonder if he was hoping that we would fail to prove our claim so that he might put us to death as well. He would have relished in that. I am certain he would have killed you first and made me wait a time for my own death just to see ‘The Viking’ shrieking in agony.”

Sookie shivered, “That’s terrible.”

“Quite,” he agreed darkly.

“So does that mean we called his bluff and that attempt at the tarmac was just a last, desperate resort?” Sookie asked.

“More than likely… Still, as I said, the Council would have known what he had done once you were presented to them. His plan was very flawed.”

“Is that strange for vampires?” Sookie asked. “To go ahead with such imperfect plans that could lead to their true death?”

“Some are more impulsive than others,” Eric frowned. “Jorge is not one I would have considered ‘impulsive’.”

“I wonder if we’ll ever know why he did it,” Sookie sighed, nuzzling into his chest.

“Regardless, we have a very full immortality to look forward to. We have already been cleared of any and all wrongdoing in North America. After a couple decades, the European Council will lift their visiting restrictions and the world will be our oyster once more.”

“I’d really like to return to Louisiana after my first year,” Sookie confessed. “I want to see Trent and my division and say proper goodbyes.”
Eric’s eyebrows raised, “Goodbyes?”

Smiling sadly, Sookie whispered, “You were right about shrugging off my mortal coil. I’m going to give Jason our Gran’s house and say goodbye to the Shreveport P.D. Maybe we could go live in Dallas with Godric and Emily. I need to make a new family, an immortal one, and I can’t do that if I don’t start making steps toward letting them know me properly.”

“I see….”

“You’re surprised,” she commented.

“A bit, but I am very happy to hear you are already preparing to try. If anyone had a reason to cling, it would be you, and I would have respected that.”

“It’s better for everyone if they can just bury me,” Sookie murmured. “At least I can let them say proper goodbyes.”

“I suppose.”

“You disagree.”

Smiling, Eric replied, “No one is better off not having you in their life, Sookie.”

On to Chapter Twenty-Eight


8 thoughts on “Never End Ch. 27

  1. mom2goalies says:

    I so love this story! Mags and June are magnificent and so protective. Love Eric taking back ‘his’ spot in bed, lol. I hope things start to calm down with Sookie’s changes soon. They both could use a break. They did bring up good points about the Magister – wondering if there is more to the story?


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