If You Want Blood

You Got It

All right, everyone, I know it has been a while since I posted anything here, but that will be changing shortly. Aside from the editing (Oh GOD! The editing!) of my previous works, I have written a new story that will be debuting (*Crosses Fingers*) sometime between now and Octoberish? It is in the editing process, but Keep Me is almost done with its polishing so at least something will be coming up shortly!

If you want to read my previous works now and not wait for me to edit; I totally understand. You can find them on my FF.net profile:


Keep in mind that all my Sookie/Eric stories, aside from Never End, were mostly proofed by me and me alone. Which is probably what will happen again because I am loading Msbuffy up with so much new material, and I am not about to throw…  4 hundred thousand+ more words at her. Therefore I am doing the general cleaning up of my older works myself. All of Keep Me should be up on WP by this weekend.


Now, the secondary reason for this post– The “You Want Blood Awards” are taking place, and I am honored/delighted/surprised to tell you all that I have been nominated for the Eric Is Mine Award, Rollercoaster Award, and The Viking Award. More than a little mind blowing, happy to be in the running with so many talented writers!

Please go to:


Read, vote, explore, and enjoy! There are lots of popular names in this competition, and it’s an excellent opportunity to discover new stories and writers. Here’s hoping to earn some votes, but mostly hoping to offer some good reads to everyone!

Love & Peace,



7 thoughts on “If You Want Blood

    • dream7me7to7sleep says:

      Yeah, apparently I am just as successful going into radio silence online as I am in real life. I get so caught up in the work and preparation, it’s easy to go, “I’ll just wait until I have something to say!”


  1. msbuffy says:

    I thank you for not throwing four thousand words at me, but it’s not impossible. You might have had to wait to awhile, like sometime later in the Fall, but it could have been done! That’s what arthritis cream & painkillers are for! 🙂 I work a little on the new story each FF editing day so it’s coming along nicely & nearly done.
    Congratulations on the additional nominations that I missed! I’m so happy for you! Every nominee is a winner though, so you can consider yourself one already! I wish you the best!


  2. tj6james6 says:

    If you want someone to help with the cleaning up, etc. shoot me a line :). I’ve got several people I am helping right now but I’m between chapters with all of them, having completed the most recent this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jules3677 says:

    Goody, you’re still out there, somewhere. Well deserved nominations for such an original author. Your wonderful writings are missed and as I reread your stories I discover more little fascinating parts. Fingers are crossed for the awards. 🙂


    • dream7me7to7sleep says:

      Well, I *did* have PDFs until my hard drive went and burnt out. Technically I still have them, but they’re only back-up files until I replace my computer. I don’t want to bog down my gaming laptop with my writing. So, until my desktop is replaced, I’ll be doing the bare minimum for my WP page.
      Once my desktop is replaced, I’ll be happy to start working on the PDF availability .


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