Catalyst Ch. 27

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Passing Time

Sookie’s POV:

Oh, no! Save it! Save it!” Kristin squeals excitedly after her poorly-tossed Frisbee lists far from target and I’m forced to make a mad dash.

Kristin is a super-pretty blonde in my first morning class. We both have huge gaps between our two morning classes, so we’ve taken up Frisbee to pass the time. As we get better and better, we try to see how long we can go without missing a catch. Right now, we’re at thirty minutes, and she’s gone and spun it like a mad woman! Jason might have something to say about my intensity for playing games like these. Just like with pick-up football, I take sports very seriously. Diving for the Frisbee, I snatch it from about six inches off the ground, then slide almost three feet on my side.

‘Jesus, it’s just a game!’ I hear someone think in bewilderment as I sit back on my knees, the Frisbee held over my head in triumph. Kristin starts screaming excitedly, and I’m grinning hugely after I jump to my feet and lob it back to her.

We manage to go another ten minutes before she throws another wobbly disc and this time, I can’t save it. Groaning because our streak has ended, we both flop down in to the grass to catch our breath. The game was pretty intense in those last five minutes!

Kristin takes a deep breath and starts laughing, “You’re very intense with sports, huh?”

I blush guiltily, “Yeah, and I get a little mean, too.”

Really?” Kristin looks at me curiously. “I didn’t notice.”

That’s because you didn’t blame me for the miss at the end,” I laugh.

Kristin groans, “Oh, gawd! I know the types you’re talking about! The ‘future pros,’ right?”

I nod frantically, “The ones who think they’re so good, if their pass gets intercepted, it’s always the receiver’s fault, every time.”

What about the pitcher who blames the outfielders for home runs!” Kristin giggles.

Gosh, I haven’t played ball in forever!” I confess.

Really? I’m part of a softball league,” Kristin tells me. “You should try and join!”

I consider it a moment before confessing, “I used to be on my school’s softball team, but I haven’t played since my freshman year.”

It’s not like it’s the college team,” Kristin teases.

Are there any night games?” I ask optimistically.

Kristin shakes her head, “No. Sometimes we might run pretty close to dusk, but there’s no actual night games. Why?”

I shrug sadly, “My fiancé works a lot. He has a tough time getting outta work before night time.”

That’s perfect then!” Kristin beams. “That way you’ll have something to do while he’s at work!”

I mope internally. It means I would spend less time with my Bonded; no afternoon delight, no more comin’ home from classes to be pushed up against the wall by the front door and gettin’ the day’s lessons humped out of my head.

Externally, I grin and nod, “Yeah, maybe I’ll try out!”

Kristin smiles at me with a strange, knowing expression on her face, “Does your fiancé work from the house?”

Er, yeah, why?” I ask cautiously.

She shrugs and giggles, “Your eyes got a little sad and distant. I figured maybe he takes a little break from work after you get home.”

My face flushes while I quietly admit, “More than a little break.”

Kristin full-out laughs. “Well, it’s not like we practice every day, and you could always just join as a substitute. Then you don’t have to be there for every game,” she suggests.

My face brightens. It would be the best of both worlds!

That sounds great! How do I try out?” I ask.

Shrugging, Kristin tells me, “We have a practice this Saturday. I’ll let the team know I have a friend who’s interested in substituting.”

Thanks, Kristin!” I grin at her.

Which has me thinking…”

What?” I ask curiously.

Would you like to hang out some time outside of school? Maybe go for coffee?” she asks hesitantly.

That would be great,” I hope she is reassured by my tone I am not sayin’ it out of obligation.

“Cool. Maybe Thursday? We could go to Starbucks and just hang out after classes?” she suggests, now a bit more self-assured.

I think about my classes that day and tell her, “I’m out at two.”

I’m done at three-thirty,” she grimaces.

That’s okay,” I assure her. “I’ll hang with my brother until you get out.”

Kristin nods and then asks, “Do you drive?”

I shake my head, “No, Jason was supposed to teach me over the summer, but we got distracted with the engagement. Then we went to England until school started.”

Wow! You’ve been overseas?” Kristin rises off the ground and I follow. Our next classes are in the same direction, but different buildings. We always walk as far as we can before we say goodbye.

Yeah, it was our first time,” I tell her. “My fiancé took both us and his siblings.”

Okay, I want you to tell me everything about England when we go for coffee on Thursday! We’ll have to find someone to take us, though, ’cause I drive, but I don’t have a car down here,” Kristin explains.

I’m sure Jason would drop us off,” I shrug. “If we stay out until Eric’s done with work, I know he’d be happy to pick us up and take you back to campus.”

You’re sure?”

Posi-” my voice fails me as I clutch at my heart. My throat feels as though it’s closin’ and my legs go weak. It feels like part of my soul just up and vanished when Eric’s familiar, sulkin’, boredom suddenly evaporates.

I can’t feel Eric!

Kristin grabs me as my legs buckle and I choke on a sob. Now in a blind panic, I search for Eric, feelin’ for anything I can possibly find. Before I can put forth a proper search, my panic doubles and just as suddenly, I feel Eric return. I haven’t even comprehended what happened when I hear my phone buzzing.

Sookie! Are you all right?” Kristin asks me over and over.

I-I’m fine,” I tell her shakily while I fall on my bottom and dig for my phone.

What happened!?” she demands, worried and righteously so.

I think I-I bruised a rib on that divin’ catch,” I placate her once I’ve finally dug my phone out. “Go on to class. Eric’s callin’ me.”

I’m flippin’ my phone open while Kristin begins to tentatively walk away. She stops after a few feet, and I know she’s not gonna leave me behind.

E-Eric?” I answer.

“Sookie, what happened?”

You felt it, too?” I ask in a whisper.

Felt what?” Eric asks sharply.

“I couldn’t feel you in our Bond,” I cry.

I hear him sigh, and then he lets out a weird, self-deprecating, groan, “Sookie, I died for the day. I did not vanish; you just have never felt me devoid of any emotion. I was there, but you are untrained to feel me in such a state.”

So, you’re okay?” I ask nervously.

I am perfectly fine,” he assures me.

Why did you die for the day?” I press him.

Because you mentioned that my boredom has been distracting you. I thought this might make it easier for both of us. Plus, I wanted to see if I still could do it if I wanted,” he tells me. “I apologize, Dear One. If I had known it would have caused you any sort of panic, I would never have even considered-”

It’s okay. It just took me by surprise. Could you do it again, now that I know to expect it?” I request.

You are certain?” he asks hesitantly.

Yeah. Go ahead. I’ll see you when I get home.”

All right, Sookie. About one minute after you hang up, my presence will wane. Follow it as it recedes and you will be able to find me more easily,” he explains.

Okay. I love you.”

I love you, too. Have a good day, Sookie.”

You, too, Eric.”

I hang up and clutch the phone nervously while I wait. I focus intently on him and just as Eric predicted, a minute later, I feel his presence in me dwindling. However, this time I’m focused on him only and even in his death, there’s still this small part of my heart tellin’ me he’s there and he’s fine.

With a huge sigh, I rise to my feet and make my way to Kristin. She’s considerately waited for me and asks again if I’m all right.

Yeah. All the sudden my rib ached, and it took me a minute to work it out,” I offer lamely.

You scared the life out of me!” Kristin scolds. “You looked like someone had died or something!”

I snort. She has no idea that, in a way, she’s right on point. “Nah, I just couldn’t get any air for a second, and it made me panic.”

Do you want to go to the infirmary?” Kristin asks.

No, it’s not so bad now. I just don’t wanna take too deep a breath,” I am placatin’ her again, and she shakes her head.

Well, this is me. I’ll see you tomorrow!” she waves and takes the fork in the path to her next class and I continue on my way to mine.

Tomorrow,” I agree, waving goodbye.

I’ve only been at Endene a month, and I’ve already gone to my first party and now have my first coffee date with a new friend! I’m grinning throughout the rest of my day and it doesn’t even fade after I see Kappa President, Cynthia Marsters, waitin’ at my brother’s truck.

Hi, Sookie!” Cynthia greets, over-cheerfully.

Hi, Cynthia,” I just can’t take my tone to her phony level of enthusiasm, probably because the last time we were alone together, all she could think about was stealing my fiancé…

We’re throwing a party for all our new little sisters and we want you to come, too. I really wish you had pledged,” she pouts, and her thin lips look suspiciously more like a sneer.

When is it?” I ask, ignoring her comment about my lack of interest in pledging.

This Saturday, starting at eight,” she tells me. “It’s ‘after five’ attire and you should probably bring a date.”

I’ll see if Eric can free up his Saturday night,” I reply, without committing to anything.

Great!” Cynthia beams excitedly, and I can already see her fantasizin’ about talkin’ to Eric the second I step out of his sight. If it weren’t for Piper and Leslie bein’ so nice, I’d probably just tell Cynthia I wasn’t interested in attending another Kappa party for as long as I live. I remind myself that Piper is a Junior and Cynthia is a Senior. If I just tolerate Cynthia for the one year, I’ll be fine.

Hey, Cynthia,” Jason calls when he walks up to his truck. “What’s up? You waitin’ for me?” He gives her a playful wink, and I need to use my best manners, so I don’t get caught rollin’ my eyes. You can do so much better, Jason!

Actually, I was inviting your sister and her boyfriend-”

Fiancé,” Jason and I both say together. She does that on purpose!

Oh, right,” she giggles. “Sorry, it’s just that you’re only eighteen and already engaged! I’m so used to the Freshmen jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend. I’m super-jealous-”

Envious,” I correct curtly. “Jealous would mean you were worried over losin’ something that was yours. Envious is wantin’ something someone else has,” I tell her. While she blinks rapidly at me, I give her a big smile and remind her, “Sorry, I’m an English major. I guess my inner teacher just popped out!”

She laughs a bit too high and I think she’s finally caught on to the fact that I know what she’s up to. “Ha-ha, well, you’ll be a great school teacher. You jumped right on that!”

Mm-hmm,” I nod slowly.

I’ll see you Saturday for the party?” she asks, a bit put out now.

Wouldn’t miss it,” I assure her.

After she leaves, I turn to Jason and sigh. Why can’t she just back off?

Eric’s POV:

My hair was this long before? I wonder in surprise. Pam cut it to my shoulders over thirty years ago, and somehow, I forgot it had once been past my shoulder blades.

As I feel Sookie coming nearer, I feel trepidation over what her reaction may be to my longer hair. She said she wished to see it, and now I am almost fearful she will not like it. Now that it is back to its full length, my hands twist about the ends as if they have found some long-lost security blanket. I missed my hair and now that its weight is resting protectively against my back, I do not wish to part with it again.

Darlin’! I’m home!” Sookie’s voice calls to me from the front door. I pull my braid straight against my spine as not to take her by surprise.

Welcome home, Sookie,” I call. “I am in the bathroom.”

Did you shower or somethin’?” she asks, coming into the washroom and eyeing me curiously.

I have something to show you,” I tell her.

“Oh, yeah? What is it?” she asks excitedly. I reach behind my neck and pull my braid over my shoulder. Sookie squeals and claps her hands. “Ooh! It’s still wet! Can I brush and dry your hair!?” she begs like a little girl, making me laugh.

“Yes. I would like that,” I agree and allow her to lead me where she wants. She quickly grabs the hair dryer and a narrow, long-toothed comb, then hops spryly onto the counter.

Pressing my back between her legs, I slide down until I reach a height that gives her enough access to my head. My legs support my weight without protest from my awkward stance, and I close my eyes to enjoy the sensations of my Bonded tending to my hair.

She is gentle and methodical as she dries my hair, barely tugging and never burning me with the hot air. It is soothing and tranquil, being in her care. Once my hair is dry, she pushes me away, and slips off the counter in one fluid motion. Then, she is grabbing my hand again and leading me to the bedroom. She has two different brushes in her hand and several elastic bands wrapped around her thumb.

Seating me on the bed, Sookie kneels behind me and begins brushing my hair again. I feel the many soft bristles of one brush in the beginning, then a hard, plastic one, sectioning pieces of my hair bit by bit. At another point, I feel her finger-combing and pressing the pads of her fingers into my scalp while she runs her hands through my hair over and over.

All right, all done!” she declares. “Go see if you like it,” She points toward the bathroom. Curious, I go to the mirror and smile at what I see she has done. My ragged wisps of hair are tamed and lovingly cared for now. She threaded two loose braids into the flow of my hair. It is much like the way my human wife often braided my hair. “Do you like it?” Sookie calls from the bedroom.

I love it,” I tell her while I return to the room. “Do you like it?” I point to my longer hair.

Yes!” she crows happily. “I love playin’ with it,” she explains and tangles her fingers around several long strands. “I’ll have to keep my hair straight ’til it grows out more, or else it’ll look longer than mine!”

Laughing, I slowly crawl atop her body and capture her lips with mine. “Have you eaten dinner yet?” I ask between kisses.

Not yet,” she answers.

Get dressed. I will take you out for dinner,” I lean back and give her bare thigh a pat.

There’s food here,” she protests. “I can eat later.” She grabs my arm and pulls me back on top of her, wrapping her arms around my neck.

You should eat, and I have been stuck in the condo far too much lately,” I explain.

Make love to me first?” she asks sweetly, batting her eyelashes at me. Who could resist that request?

As you wish,” I smile.

“‘Princess Bride’?” she asks, hope clear to see in her big, blue, eyes.

Hmm, movie, food, or lovemaking? You have to choose one at a time, Dear One,” I chuckle.

Umm, lovemaking, then dinner, a walk, and then curl up back home with a movie, followed up by more lovemaking?” she suggests.

A full evening ahead of us then,” I chuckle and dive once more into her lips and start pushing away her clothing. “What do you want for dinner?” I ask against her mouth and she laughs while her jeans and panties drop to the floor. “What?”

One at a time, Darlin’,” she replies and pulls away from my lips to lick a warm trail against my throat. Her feet dance for a moment while she toes off her shoes, then steps out of her bottoms.

With that, I clasp my hands beneath her rear and look around the room, trying to decide where to take her. We need more furniture, even if it is only purchased for a new surface to make love on. Suddenly, I remember the one room in the entire condo we have never had each other in, and I make a straight line for the entryway closet.

Where are you taking me!?” she giggles when I walk to the coat closet and fling open the door. From the inside of the closet, the frame of the door is within reaching distance of Sookie’s legs.

Hold onto me,” I tell her, and she happily wraps her arms and legs tightly around my body. I push the garments hanging in the closet aside until I can press Sookie tightly against the wall. “Hold me with only your arms, stretch your legs behind me, locking them against the doorframe,” I instruct her.

Sookie’s eyes light up when she does as I suggest. Her legs tense as she tries to push back against the wall. One of my hands grabs her bottom to support some of her weight and the other traces its thumb between her thighs. She is already becoming wet, so I go to my knees. She remains suspended above me, but I allow her to brace most of her weight on my raised hands. I feel as if I am praying, my upturned hands in supplication to my own personal Goddess. As my mouth descends upon her sex and I drink in the sweet ambrosia of her well, I know I am in the presence of a Goddess.

Eric, Eric,” she moans, and I hear the creak of the drywall as she pushes with her legs. “Eric, I can’t cum like this,” she whimpers, and I feel her thighs begin to tremble. The drywall gives another groan, and I know it is time to give her limbs a break. Immortal body or not, it is still physically weak. She has the strength and endurance of a human woman, but not an Olympian.

Rising to my feet, I hold Sookie up with my power alone. I hold her body tightly to mine, rocking her slick pussy against my lower abdominals until she is trembling in my arms. When her teeth start nipping at my throat and I feel her hands tugging impatiently at my hair, I end the torment and reach between us to guide my cock to her entrance.

She writhes as I sink deeply inside, moaning and tugging sharply at my earlobe while simultaneously tugging my hair. I chuckle, seeing as her actions are very telling. Sookie often does to me what she wants done to herself.

Reaching behind her, I twist her hair around my fist and pull her head to the side. She moans as my hips undulate slowly against hers. The friction of our flesh becomes smoother while the little tug increases her arousal. With her ear now exposed to me, I gently trace it with my tongue and feel the muscles of her womb begin to grip me. I scrape the shell of her ear with my teeth and they clench harder. I pull the lobe into my mouth and the contractions almost synchronize with the suckling of my mouth. Finally, my teeth nip the fleshy part of her ear and Sookie howls with an orgasm that earns my own answering roar.

Maybe,” she pants against my ear, “I should stretch before sex.”

I chuckle and kiss the soft spot behind her ear, “You should probably start working out, too.”

Am I gettin’ fat?” she asks, alarmed suddenly.

No, but for all the things I want to do with you, building some more endurance would be a good idea,” I explain.

She sighs softly with exhaustion, “Yeah, you might be onto somethin’ there.”

Slowly, I lower Sookie to her feet, slipping from her liquid embrace, longing to return to it. Sookie saunters out of the closet with that delicious roll of her hips that is only so prevalent after sex. She disappears into our bedroom, and then I hear the shower.

I follow her, only jumping in long enough to rinse off, and give her delicious bottom a playful smack.

Sookie swats my chest angrily before shoving me out of the shower. “That hurt, Eric!” she chastises me and I can feel her annoyance as she steps out of the shower.

I am sorry, Dear One,” I apologize playfully, seeing my pink handprint on her bottom. I fall to my knees behind her and kiss the angered flesh. “Do you forgive me?” I kiss my handprint again before raining kisses all along her backside.

“Eric,” she groans. “I’m never gonna eat if I gotta shower again.”

This is just for you, by way of apology,” I assure her. Sookie bends over the sink while I widen her stance.

After I bring her to orgasm, Sookie has her cat-with-cream grin firmly in place. She then dresses, her eyes hooded in complete satisfaction.

On to Chapter Twenty-Eight!


15 thoughts on “Catalyst Ch. 27

  1. ericluver says:

    I already hate Cynthia! Sookie is right, she’s envious not jealous…and I think she’s going to be a problem. Not that Eric would ever look at her twice.
    I’m dying to see him put Cynthia in her place. She’d be a fangbanger for sure if vampires were already out of the coffin. Hehe!

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  2. jules3677 says:

    Sookie’s maybe making a real friend who likes her for herself rather than because who her brother is. The Kappa President, Cynthia could be a problem. She is human so maybe Pam or Godric can glamour her to stay away from Sookie and Jason. Just a thought 🙂 .

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  3. desireecarbenell says:

    I am glad that Sookie had made a new girlfriend. Can we only hope that maybe Godric like’s her. I keep hoping that he is able to meet some one. He is too good to be lonely. Cynthia is a spiteful bitch. Sookie will always be able to read her mind to know when she is stiring shit up. Not to worried about that one.

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  4. mom2goalies says:

    I want to see Eric and Sookie put Cynthia in her place! She has one hell of a nerve trying to get between an engaged couple!
    Happy Sookie seems to have made a good friend with Kristin, hopefully she will stay a good friend.
    Needing to build up stamina to stay on pace with Eric sounds like a fun reason to me!
    I would love to see Eric with the full, lush, long hair described in the books, such a shame HBO took the cheap way out with that crappy wig. I know he had the crew cut from Generation Kill but come on, they could have done better.

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  5. murgatroid98 says:

    It’s nice that Sookie has a new friend. Chasing the frisbee is great exercise for both of them. Cynthia may have to rejected definitively to finally get a clue. I hope she won’t do any harm before she ceases to become a problem. As always, Eric and Sookie’s interludes at home are sexy and loving. Great chapter.

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  6. ashmo2000 says:

    Looks like Sookie has found a good friend in Christian. Eric trying to sleep was a smart idea, but he needs to warn Sookie before doing it. Finding Cynthia’s shady ass just waiting by Jason’s truck with all her fakeness just hanging out. I that shady bitch can Sookie don’t really do fake bitches like that. I think Christian would like Godric and vise\versa.

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  7. redequus says:

    I think Cynthia needs a come-to-Jesus moment! Cause if she steps too far Sookie’s going to light her up like fourth of July (or Thunder Over Louisville)! I totally want to see that happen! Sookie and Eric sexy scenes are awesome per always!


  8. teachert99 says:

    Wow! Great chapter! The closet, huh. I’ve never thought of that, but then, all of mine are stuffed full of stuff! 🙂 Ok, I’m joining the hate Cynthia club, too. While I don’t want Sookie to have to hear her, if she tried to make a pass at Eric, that might be funny. He’d be quite firm in turning her down and it might even be funny if she pushed it. He wouldn’t be kind. Anyway, I love the idea of Eric’s long hair. It just seems to fit who he was when human.


  9. tleel says:

    I agree with everyone else Cynthia needs to be put in her place but not so much that there will be grudge and cause trouble for Sookie. Like her new friend Kristin. Hope Godric finds somebody.


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