Keep Me Ch. 17

Chapter Seventeen:

Welcome back, My Bonded,” Sookie heard as her eyelids fluttered open. She found the bleeding arm she had been nursing on was still hovering in front of her mouth even as it began to heal. “Are you all right?” Eric asked.

Y-yeah… What happened? I was dreamin’… Back in the hospital… Y’all weren’t vampires…” She mumbled incoherently as she looked around to find herself in the back of the Escalade. Pam was driving and Godric was craned around the front seat staring at her.

An hour or so after you fell asleep, you began having a nightmare,” Godric began explaining. “We knew it was not a… What did you call it? Power coma?” he smiled at her, “because we could still feel you. You were projecting your dreams to us. We tried sending to you too, but only parts of our messages were getting through. Your mind managed to meld them into conversations you were having with us in your dream.”

You could see it all?” she asked, still groggy.

For the most part. However, our concerns over being unable to wake you outweighed our concentration on what you were dreaming. And then there was the affect you were having on…” Godric paused briefly before finishing, “Eric…” He looked at his Child.

Your fear and anxiety were too much for me,” Eric continued where his Maker had trailed off. “Pam rented a vehicle and sped off to meet me down here mid afternoon, and Godric took you and flew off towards me as fast as he could once the sun set,” Eric murmured softly, in deference to her tired confusion.

Have ya seen the Queen yet?” she mumbled, turning her face into Eric’s chest as she shut her eyes once more.

Not yet.” He smoothed her hair gently, basking in the calm of being once more in her presence.

You’re gonna have to leave me again then?” she whispered.

Yes, but only for a little while,” he promised. “Pam wishes to take you shopping since we are in New Orleans. Would that be an enjoyable distraction?”

For me or for Pam?” Sookie asked with a teasing tone.

For you.” He smiled, turning her so that he could look down at her face. “Are you certain that you are all right?”

Yes,” she nodded. “I feel really weird. Parts of that dream seemed so… Useful.”

How so?” Godric asked from the front.

Sookie thought for a moment. “Like your invisible chess game with invisible Niall,” Sookie told him. “I guess since I don’t exactly know what Niall looks like- he was invisible. Of course it went with the fact that you were a patient too…”

I was a mental patient in the hospital?” Godric sounded amused.

Uh-huh,” Sookie nodded, “and you were sittin’ at a chess board with no pieces, and you wouldn’t let me sit across from you because you said it was Niall’s seat,” she explained. “You said that you didn’t like the way Niall was playin’ because he kept puttin’ his Queen in danger, and you don’t like players that don’t respect their Queen. You also said that he kept usin’ his pawns real well, and kept blockin’ you at every turn with them.”

That sounds about right for my opinion of Niall’s usual strategizing. He has no respect for any of the pieces in his game. He is the King, and feels that he is the only piece that needs to be protected or used with deep consideration of its welfare,” Godric frowned. “He uses his pieces well, to an extent, but his overall disregard for who is taken is not how one should strategize.”

But I thought the King was the only piece that mattered…” Sookie pressed.

All pieces matter,” Eric smiled down at her patiently. “Even the most expendable ones. There are times when sacrifices need to be made, but those sacrifices need to be calculated. Niall knows that he has an endless supply of pawns and treats them as such. He has never had to play a Queen though. He has no idea how to protect her or just how valuable she is.”

Sookie giggled, “You’re talkin’ about me now, aren’t you?” She stroked his cheek gently.

Of course.” He leaned down to kiss her lips, and he sighed as he pulled away. “What were we thinking?” Eric asked in a voice that was somehow both sad and amused.

I think,” Sookie began slowly, carefully, “that you wanted to see just how well you could do without me.”


Because you have to know. You’re pragmatic like that. You needed to know the distance you could put between us before it was unbearable. Knowin’ you, probably because you wanted to know the distance you could keep me from you if there was danger.” She was smiling at him, silently assuring him with her eyes that she did not have any anger for him.

I do not believe that I deserve your understanding most days.” Eric smiled back at her before kissing her crown and murmuring, “Though I am grateful for that understanding, I am unworthy of having it.”

Smirking at him, Sookie poked his chest gently before confessing, “I give you my understandin’ in exchange for your patience.”

Eric shook his head with amusement as he glanced up at the dashboard clock and sighed, “I will need to head towards my meeting place soon.” Looking back down at Sookie he asked, “Will you be all right?”

Yes. I’ll be just fine now,” she promised. “I’ll go shoppin’ with Pam, and have a good time.”

It was not difficult to feel Sookie’s desperate scrambling to resolve herself to be parted from him again. As a matter of fact, Eric found himself doing the exact same thing. With a clenching of his arms around her he murmured, “I will make this meeting as brief as possible. Perhaps Sophie-Anne will be able to assist in the matters involving Niall, and we can end this insanity soon.”

Sookie nodded in agreement, snuggling her head harder against his chest. “Just hold me tight until you have to go,” she requested.

Drive slowly, Pam,” Eric called to the younger vampire.

Yes, Master.”

The ride was entirely silent; the Bonded couple clinging to one another as the other two members of the bloodline left them in peace. Godric was relieved to feel his Child leveling back out. He would never mention it, but feeling Eric in such distress had hurt him worse than he thought possible. Though Godric had been concerned for Sookie and the circumstances that kept them from waking her, the ancient vampire had difficulty focusing on her torment with his progeny in so much mental anguish.

Pam, who was luckily blocked from Eric’s side of their bond, had been the one focused on the dream her telepathic friend had been having. She had witnessed it from beginning to end, and had to admit that she was particularly pissed off when Sookie had the chance to wake up and backed off instead. The fact that the young woman had intentionally kept herself under the influence of that dream like state had been more than frustrating.

What right did Sookie have to prolong her and Godric’s worry? What right did Sookie have to torture her own Bonded with the fear and anxiety she was certain the telepath had been sending Eric? When Sookie’s dream continued and the young woman finally had the opportunity to fight off her Great Uncle, Pam understood. Despite everything Sookie had claimed about her gratefulness that Eric had taken care of in that matter, Pam now knew that a part of the girl needed to finally fight him off. Even if it was only in a dream.

Perhaps it was the separation sickness, or maybe it was just opportunity, but whatever had spurred the dream Sookie had succumbed to, Pam hoped that it would give the young girl the strength she needed. The power her life with them would demand.

Master,” Pam rolled to a gentle stop, “we are a short distance from the meeting place.”

I will continue from here alone,” Eric sighed, untangling his body from his Bonded. “Sookie, will you-”

Yes, I’ll be fine,” Sookie smiled at him. “I’ll see you again shortly.” She leaned forward to offer him one last kiss before he departed. “I love you,” she murmured before his lips met hers.

As Eric pulled away after giving Sookie a long, deep kiss, he whispered back, “I love you, too,” and then was moving away from the vehicle at a fast, passing for human, pace.

The back door of the Escalade was closed by Godric as the ancient vampire came to sit in the back with Sookie.

Walking down the street briskly, Eric ran his hand through his hair. He could feel a blossoming sadness in the Bond and it took him a moment to realize that the sadness was his own. Pushing it down, he instead focused on sending Love and Encouragement to Sookie. Distracting himself from his anxiousness by assuaging hers.

It was a twenty minute walk at human speed to the back alley where he was meeting Sophie-Anne. He was not surprised to find himself the first that arrived. Taking out his cell phone, he hit speed dial and before the recipient of his call could say anything, he murmured in a low voice, “4-7-Q-S-R.” The other line hung up and Eric snapped his cell phone shut in his pocket.

In the remaining time that he was alone, he felt a flare of fear coming from Sookie, but it quickly abated. Smiling to himself, he figured Pam had traumatized his Bonded with her less than considerate driving techniques. After entertaining that thought for a short time, Eric went back to his tedious loitering. However, the Queen only had him waiting another ten minutes, and he bowed his head respectfully as she approached.

My Queen,” Eric greeted.

Sheriff,” Sophie-Anne nodded. “What is the news?”

Abundant,” he sighed. “I will begin with why my existence was threatened. I regret to inform you that your favored Child has been making unfavorable dealings. André has been in contact with Niall Brigant.” Eric did not miss Sophie-Anne’s tensing frame. “With the help of André and William Compton, Niall has managed to position himself into a potential arrangement for vampire soldiers to fight in the Elfyrian civil war. In his eyes, the only things standing in his way are you and I.” The Queen’s jaw tightened now. “Fortunately, he does not know the enemy he has made of his own blood.”

Fintan?” she guessed.

Is dead.”

Really? How did this come about?” Sophie-Anne asked.

Eric crossed his arms over his chest, “A few months ago I came upon a young woman. She is the reason I continue to exist. She spared my existence by slaying a Were that had been hired to end me. She is now my Bonded, and, by blood, Niall Brigants Great granddaughter.” Sophie-Anne growled. “Her loyalty is mine entirely.”

How can you know this? The Fae are tricky creatures without an ounce of loyalty!” Sophie-Anne snarled.

My Bonded is also a Natural Witch,” Eric continued. “She has a few very useful powers, and maybe more in time. She is the one responsible for Fintan’s death. She is also responsible for the final death of William Compton.” Sophie-Anne’s eyes widened. “He attempted to glamour her and then touched my Bonded knowing she was my other half.” The Queen nodded in understanding. “Sookie’s final goal is to have Niall’s head. Niall took everything from her from the very beginning of her short life. He not only took her family, but he denied her any affection from her family. He, with the help of Compton’s glamour, made them hate her, fear her. She wishes to avenge her forsaken life.”

Sophie-Anne was quiet a moment before asking, “And how does André play in this?”

He is the one that sent an assassin after me to put Compton in my place. He wanted Compton there to procure Sookie so that he could take Sookie as his mate and future Queen once Niall had you assassinated. Niall planned on using Sookie as a broodmare to produce an heir for Elfyria. With Sookie as a vampire royal’s queen, and her child as the ruler of Elfyria; they would have a long truce,” Eric told her.

Sounds like Niall is trying for supernatural peace,” Sophie-Anne smirked.

I am a warrior, I do not enjoy peace all that much,” Eric smirked right back. “And I would never approve of a peaceful world built on the despair and destruction of a woman like my Bonded.”

Sounds like you’re going soft, Viking,” she goaded.

Nothing is “soft” where Sookie is involved.” Sophie-Anne smiled devilishly at Eric’s declaration. “How do you wish to proceed?”

Perhaps I should meet your Bonded. I am curious about these gifts you claim she has.” Eric could see the wheels grinding behind Sophie-Anne’s eyes.

That is not safe. The Fae can track their blood. If you are near Sookie, you give Niall an opportunity to take you.”

Sophie-Anne laughed, “You think that fairy fuck would attempt to take me himself? True, he is great at magic, but never so bold as to risk his safety.”

He is growing desperate,” Eric tried to explain. “There is no telling to what lengths he will go to make André king.”

Yes… André,” Sophie-Anne became thoughtful. “What to do about André…” Eric could see more than a little hurt in her expression. “I cannot believe my favored Child…”

Many stronger than he have succumbed to the temptations of a Fae,” Eric tried to sound reassuring.

I always thought that he loved me above all else. He has risked his existence so often in defense of my own,” Sophie-Anne continued. “All of my Children have loved me unconditionally. What could have possibly changed all of that?”

My Queen-”

I will use my Maker’s command to garner the truth from him, and then, if what you have said is true… You will give him his final death,” She let out an unneeded breath at that decision. “However, if I find that you have lied to me, that your known contempt for him has lead you to slander his loyalty; you can guarantee that I will subdue you in silver, and you can enjoy watching as I end your Child and destroy your Bonded before your very eyes!” she shouted that last part.

Eric’s rage flared so quickly that he was in the Queen’s face, snarling, “If you threaten my blood and Bonded so blatantly again, I will be the next King of Louisiana!” Sophie-Anne’s startling was so acute that her eyes rounded like a doe in the beams of an oncoming car. She actually began breathing quickly in surprise. “You can threaten my limbs and existence, but the moment you threaten my blood you mark yourself my enemy. Do you wish to be the enemy of the Ghal line?” he demanded.

N-no, Northman,” Sophie-Anne panicked.

My Bonded has destroyed Weres, Vampires, and Fae without preamble or hesitation. Who do you think you will take from me? Who do you think you could take from me?”

I’m sorry, Northman!” she cried out in alarm. No guards flanked her, no Child was available to sacrifice themselves for her. “You have always been loyal to my crown, and had you wished to wear it, you would take it. As André’s Maker, it is I who should pay the penalties he has incurred. I will use my Maker’s command to get the absolute truth and extent of his plans for you, so that you may use them against Niall. Then, you will have his existence in your hands to dispose of as you wish!”

Eric made a space between them once more and crossed his arms over his chest again, “It will be public and Sookie will destroy him so that all of your kingdom knows that my Bonded is not to be trifled with. For it is not my wrath alone they need fear if they threaten her.”

Yes, Northman,” Sophie-Anne nodded, quick to agree to any conditions he wished at that moment.

Dana will be your second in command once you have subdued your Child. She is more loyal to you than you know, and her Maker is in my pocket. She will serve you well,” Eric told her. “You will have time with your Child even after he has made his confessions. Sookie cannot risk being near you until Niall is neutralized. Enjoy your remaining time with him.”

Sophie-Anne nodded numbly as Eric turned away from her. “Northman,” she called, waiting for the warrior to turn, “why did you never take control of my kingdom?”

I have never desired a headache,” he sighed and left without another word to the Queen.


Stop the car…” Sookie breathed suddenly as Pam zoomed down the streets of New Orleans. “PAM! Stop the car!” she cried, lurching violently as the vampire slammed on the breaks.

Sookie, what is-”

The woman was yanking her seat belt off and grasping for the door as Godric tried to find out what had suddenly come over her. Through Eric, he could feel fear, curiosity, and maybe even a little elation.

Godric, hurry!” Sookie shouted as she jumped from the vehicle and into the street, disregarding oncoming traffic and the few pedestrians that stopped to watch the curious scene. Cars were honking as the large Escalade blocked their progress down the street, which only forced Pam to wave her middle finger out the window at them before parallel parking a little ways down the road.

Sookie was dashing down the sidewalk, looking for the golden mind that had taunted her as they had passed.

Sookie, what is going on?” Godric asked as they were running side by side now.

Someone called for me.” This mind was silent, not like a vampire’s void that was thickly layered in magic and mystery that she could yank off with enough intent. It was not fast and violent like a Were’s red snarls, or hushed and all scent and sound like a shifter’s scarlet growls either. Just golden and amusedly teasing her as it asked, “Can you find me?”

The telepath’s immediate thought was, “YES I CAN!

The golden mind was now stationary, leading Sookie and Godric down one of the access alleys a few blocks further from the street on which she had started.

Hello?” she called down the dark passage, Godric taking her hand firmly, prepared to pull her from danger. “Did you call me?” Sookie asked carefully amping up some internal fear. If this was a trap, she assured that her ensnarer would not last long enough to regret laying it.

Yes, I did,” An old woman stepped from the shadows, her dark skin and whitening hair somehow appearing from the deep recesses of the alley like a mist dispersing about a tentative figure in the woods. Godric pulled Sookie slightly behind him as she continued, “Even before Ludwig called me, I knew that you would be coming. She said she would like me to meet you. I told her not to worry, that you would come to me.”

You’re a witch?” Sookie asked tentatively.

I am Octavia Fant,” The old woman inclined her head and Sookie let out a sigh of ease when Godric relaxed, “and you are Sookie Stackhouse.” Sookie nodded even though Octavia had not stated this as a question, merely a claim that she was more than aware of what was going on. “Ludwig wanted me to teach you about being a Witch.” Sookie nodded again. “You don’t believe in Gods and Goddesses.” Sookie’s mouth clenched. “Because they never watched over you. You prayed nightly, daily to any deity that would listen and all you were given was more pain. You begged Artemis, and you took comfort in Apollo’s embrace, but they did not spare you all the tragedies you had to overcome.”

You’re talkin’ about when I used to talk to the moon and sit in the sunlight, aren’t you?” Sookie’s entire face frowned. “How do you know about that?”

I read it in the cards,” Octavia answered. “The past is always much clearer to see than the future because it already is what it is. The future is ever changing.” The old woman let out a long sigh, “I don’t know that I would be a strong enough witch to train you. You are already familiar with your gifts and use them well. There is a chance that you might have progressed beyond my capabilities to help you already. The blood in your body made the basics all the more easy to master.” Octavia nodded her head contemplatively, “But then, you are all willpower, not mental strength.”

What do you mean by that?” Sookie growled.

I mean that you have come to manage your gifts by sheer determination, not by familiarity and practice. You still cannot hear vampires, correct?” Octavia asked.

I have once, but it caused a lot of backlash, and it’s really obvious if I do it.”

Then I will teach you to use it properly,” Octavia turned to leave.

When!?” Sookie called after the woman even after the shadows swallowed her back up.

When I come to set wards on your new home!” Octavia called back from the darkness.

Godric finally released Sookie’s hand when the woman had left them. “That was dangerous for you to do, Sookie,” he told her quietly.

I know, but… Somehow, I knew I was meant to,” she answered.

The vampire nodded, “At least you had sense enough to bring me.”

Sookie smirked, “She could block her thoughts. I wasn’t about to risk it.”

He nodded again, “We should get back to Pam. I am certain that she is curious as to our sudden desire to jog.”

The telepath laughed as they walked back to where they had abandoned their third member of the group. When they climbed back into the car, Pam craned around her seat to glare at them. “Well?” she asked with a hiss.

Godric quickly explained the impromptu meeting with Octavia Fant and the Witch’s future role as Sookie’s mentor.

Hmm,” Pam was thoughtful as she drove through the streets of New Orleans, “at least you had enough sense not to run off like an imbecile and get yourself killed.” Sookie shook her head with a small smile, amused at Pam’s way of showing that she cared. “By the way,” Pam continued, “I heard of a clothing shop on the French Quarter that I want to take you to.”

Sookie rolled her eyes, “Wow, Pam knowin’ about a clothing store. How did I not see that one comin’?” Godric chuckled at the telepath’s sarcasm.

I think the clothing there will suit you. It is a bit retro. A lot of 40’s and 50’s style clothing that I think will look good on you. The dresses in particular, actually. And the style take away from that era will accentuate your body while maintaining a level of modesty that Eric would approve of his Bonded wearing,” she explained.

Sookie let out a resigning sigh. She needed to stop letting Pam manipulate her into doing things by throwing Eric’s name into the persuasions. Still, Pam had been with Eric for almost two hundred years, and Sookie could not deny that she was perfectly aware of his personal tastes in clothing and other such


When they arrived at Pam’s suggested shop, Sookie had to admit that the clothing was quite to her taste as well. It made some girly part inside of her elated to learn that she would enjoy wearing things in which Eric would be just as thrilled to see her.

After nearly an hour of trying on clothing, Sookie came out in a white dress with red flowers printed on it. The neckline was similar to a sweetheart, but came about her neck like a halter would. As she gave a spin for Godric and Pam, she heard a familiar wolf whistle and beamed at the arrival of her Bonded.

Forgetting her showcasing, Sookie ran towards Eric, leaping into his arms happily. “Did everything go well?” she asked.

Eric’s expression was lacking and Sookie slid down from his embrace, her mind preparing for the worst.

We will discuss it later,” Eric whispered. “Right now… That dress!” He leaned down and captured her lips heatedly, his hands at her hips, tugging her closer to his body in a suggestive way that did not escape his lover. “Go back into the dressing room. I will follow shortly. Leave the dress on.”

Sookie bit her lip, not even trying to suppress the blooming blush of excitement on her cheeks. Quickly, she spun on her toe and briskly walked back into her dressing room stall.

You might want to find another of that dress in her size,” Eric suggested to Pam as he walked to the stall as well. Pam grinned wickedly and went to do as was recommended.

Opening the door, which had been left slightly ajar, Eric was graced with the sight of his Bonded leaning with her back against the wall, still nibbling her bottom lip with anticipation. Slipping past the door, Eric shut it gently behind him and gave the wall behind her back a tentative pressing.

It would never hold up,” He frowned when he pressed just slightly harder and heard the plaster groan. Sookie pouted at his observation. “Oh, we are still going to fuck in this booth, Lover, just not against the wall,” he assured. “That dress you are wearing will not permit me to purchase it before properly defiling you in it.” The woman giggled at his remark as she closed the space between them and placed a well learned hand over his growing bulge. The vampire hissed at her firm grip, rocking his hips gently into her fist.

The sight of Sookie dropping to her knees caused her Bonded to place a steadying hand on the dressing room wall. He had never been more weakened in the knees than when he felt, and watched his woman so eager to please him. Many women before her had done so with enthusiasm, but it was with an eagerness for his reciprocation, not enjoyment of the actual act of satisfying him. As Sookie opened his trousers, she licked her lips in anticipation, her breathing becoming labored from excitement. When his member sprung free from the confines of his pants, his Bonded’s mouth rounded in an inviting “O” as she engulfed him with a practiced ease. Her tongue, lips, teeth, and hands exerted loving caresses, and they earned every choked murmur and gasp that they drew from Eric’s throat.

Soon, Eric was beckoning Sookie up from the floor, and turning her to face away from him. She giggled as he gave her bottom a firm squeeze as he dropped to his own knees. The back of her skirt was gathered up above her round cheeks, and she bent forward slightly to jut her sex at his face invitingly as his fingers dragged her panties down to bunch at her ankles.

Mmm, this pussy looks hungry, Lover,” Eric growled as he spread her thighs apart to get a better view. His free hand rubbed the wet gash before allowing three of his fingers to slip right into the hot channel, “It swallowed those fingers right up, and it still wants more.” He gave her right cheek a hard bite and reveled at the fresh saturation of her honey that the action brought. “Do you want to devour my cock with that hungry little pussy, Lover?” He rumbled against her thigh as he brought his dripping fingers to his mouth to clean.

Ah, yeah, gimme your cock, Eric,” she moaned softly as her bottom involuntarily wriggled against his face. The vampire quickly kicked one of his legs free from his pants and stood up behind the shivering girl.

Planting his foot on the low ledge of the dressing room, Eric hooked Sookie’s leg over his thigh, effectively putting the girl on the very tip of her toes. She bit her lip uncomfortably at the position, but Eric was soon supporting her weight, and lifted her the remaining distance off of the ground. Gathering the front of her skirt up, he put the material in her hands, “Hold your skirts up, Lover, I want to watch your greedy pussy using my cock,” He was biting her neck with his blunt teeth as she took her skirts into her hands. Hand now free, Eric used it to rub the head of his shaft against her wet folds before lining up to thrust upward.

Sookie choked on a breath as his powerful collision knocked the air from her lungs, “Look, Lover,” Eric growled in her ear. “Look at your body taking in all of me so easily,” She looked into the mirror, watching his shaft disappearing into the embrace of her body and then reappearing with a smooth motion of his hips. Next, she was witnessing her Bonded reaching between her thighs to play with that pleasure point right above where his cock was sliding inside of her. His hand was quick and merciless in satisfying her. The sounds of their skin mashing together, the deep growling voice in her ear, the sensations, and now the visual stimulus of watching Eric fucking her sent Sookie tumbling into a climax before she had time to begin enjoying this new embellishment to her sexual experiences. “Mmm, I love how you come so easily. How many times can I make you come before a sales woman attempts to check on you?” he playfully questioned her. Sucking on her shoulder until he could taste the blood vessels under her skin popping, Eric took his hand from between her thighs and brought it to the neckline of her dress. “Let me see those beautiful titties bouncing around this time,” he requested. He ripped the front of the dress open without further delay. Sookie let out an impassioned groan at the display of impatient strength. That same hand was now palming one of her breasts as it tugged and pinched at a peaked nipple.

It was not long before her inner walls were clamping down around his girth again, and went wild in his arms once more. “Eric, Eric, Eric,” she moaned softly, over and over. His fingers were back between her legs, working more enthusiastically than before and dragged a body wracking scream from Sookie’s throat as she climaxed again quickly.

Is everything okay in there!?” a woman called from the other side of the door. Both Sookie and Eric did not miss Pam’s laughter not too much further away.

It’s fine!” Sookie called breathlessly, “It’s great, just g-go away!”

Pam’s chuckle grew closer, and Sookie felt the saleswoman’s mind go foggy.

I feel cheated,” Eric gave a sharp nip to her shoulder. “I am certain I could have gotten more than three orgasms from you, had you not screamed so easily.” He sounded amused and disappointed at the same time, something Sookie had not thought possible. Sookie was still trembling from her third orgasm, and Eric took the opportunity to withdraw entirely and spin Sookie around. The girl was slightly dazed as she found herself once more on her knees, Eric’s thick column of flesh pressing against her lips as he began to climax in her mouth. The delirium cleared up quickly as his essence coated her tongue and she began drinking him down as she cleaned her own juices from his flesh. Eric released a pleasured sigh as she did this before smiling down at her, “I did not think you would want to go the entire car ride with my come pooling in your panties,” He smirked now.

Sookie’s face flushed a deep red at his explanation. As she finished licking him clean, she accepted his hand to help her rise back up from the floor. He could feel by the amount of her weight she was having him support that her legs were still weak from the wide stretch he had them in for such an amount of time. The minute tremors of her thigh muscles was both entertaining and arousing for Eric. He had left many women weak limbed before, but none had been so endearing in their weakness as his Sookie.

With Eric’s help, Sookie was dressed once more in the clothes which she had begun the day. As they opened the door Pam was standing just outside the dressing room with bags of purchases for herself and Sookie. Eric was rolling the destroyed dress into a ball and tossed it into a trash receptacle right outside of the store as they left.

I liked that dress…,” Sookie frowned as they continued walking down the street. Godric was walking behind the trio with an amused little smile on his face.

I had Pam grab another one for you. She paid for it and the one I was about to destroy,” Eric assured her, “Believe me- I liked that dress even more than you did.”

Another of Sookie’s infamous blushes flooded her cheeks as she took Eric’s hand in hers.

When are we goin’ to talk about what happened with the Queen?” Sookie asked him mentally.

Eric sighed,“After my phone rings.” Sookie quirked an eyebrow at him, but continued to follow him toward the Escalade.

The group was silent as they sat in the vehicle. Pam was waiting for a destination to be given, but in truth, what they truly awaited was more than a route. The hand of destiny was about to sweep all four of them in one direction or another. All that was left to do was to sit and wait for the phone to ring; to designate where they might meet up with that future.

After nearly an hour of sitting in silence, all pondering their roles in several outcomes, the phone finally rang.

“Speak,” Eric’s voice was steady, belying the tension Sookie could feel rolling out of the Bond.

You were right. She would have killed me.”

I am glad you escaped with your existence, Dana,” Eric smiled, “Go to your Maker. Tell him 0-9-Q-9-0. He’ll know what orders to follow through with.”

Thank you.”

Did you learn anything else?” Eric asked.

She was quick to shut down my video set up, but André was with her. It did not seem like they were about to run. From my experience with working with the Queen, I would have to say she is making a stand,” The vampiress was quiet a moment, “They were talking too quietly for the audio, but her Children were on their way into my room before she disconnected my camera. If all of her Children are around her, then she’s buckling down.”

Yes. Whatever choice you make tonight, Dana, you will still be in good standing with me,” Eric hung up his phone without so much as a ‘farewell’.

0-9-Q-9-0…,” Godric was frowning, staring at Eric carefully before taking out his own phone and dialing, “Isabel, go to my study and retrieve the paperwork in the bottom drawer on the right. Submit that to the King immediately.”

Godric?” Isabel sounded alarmed and confused.

Thank you, Sheriff,” Godric hung up the phone and turned back to Eric, “I am prepared whenever you are.”

“Eric, what is goin’ on?” Sookie moaned. The overall resolve she could feel resonating throughout the Bond was not just Eric’s. Pam and Godric were fastening in for a long night, too. So strongly, in fact, that it was more than apparent to the telepath.

We are taking the throne,” Eric told her.

On to Chapter Eighteen


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