Catalyst Ch. 20

Chapter Twenty: Wedding Night Fiasco

Sookie’s POV:

Jason’s scratchin’ his head nervously as I keep leanin’ against the window waitin’ for Eric. It’s a little embarrassin’ knowin’ my brother knows what’s gonna happen tonight. Regardless, I’m still excited, and I’m surprised to find that my body already feels hot and slick as I wait impatiently for my Eric.

So, uh,” Jason mumbles behind me, “ya got plenty of clothes, and uh, your toothbrush… Umm,” he asks uncomfortably.

Yeah, Jason,” I tell him distractedly, cranin’ my neck to try and see around the block if Eric’s Corvette is comin’.

Ya got your cell?” he asks next.

Uh huh,” I mumble. The familiar sound of a certain red car’s engine comes to me from a distance and I feel my heart hammerin’ in my chest like crazy. “See ya later, Jason!” I bubble over, grabbin’ my bag up as I run toward the door and barely give Jason’s cheek a clip with my lips before runnin’ out the door.

Bye, Sook,” I hear Jason call after me. I hate that he sounds sad, but I can’t focus on that right now. Hopefully Pam will come over and take his mind off things….

Eric’s just pullin’ up to the curb when I come barrelin’ outta the apartment. He smiles, gets out from behind the wheel and comes to open my door for me.

Eager are we?” he asks as he closes my door, leans in and kisses my cheek.

Maybe,” I feel my cheeks heat up and a nervous smile tug at my lips. Eric takes my hand and kisses it softly. It makes me smile with a touch less nervousness. “Hey, where are we goin’?” I ask when he pulls into traffic the opposite direction of his condo.

The farmhouse,” he tells me with a grin. “After tonight, I will be able to walk into the sun. I want to make love to you in the sunlight.”

My face burns all over again, and I give his hand a gentle squeeze. I’m really happy to be returning to my childhood home for such a big event in my life. It’s like coming full circle or somethin’.

May I confess something to you?” Eric asks as he pulls onto the highway.

What’s that?” I look at him curiously.

I am a bit nervous,” he whispers.

What?” I laugh in surprise. “Why?”

Not about the sex, obviously. I know I will ruin you for any other creature on this planet,” He gives me that devilish grin of his. “The Bonding is what makes me feel nervous.”

Why?” I press gently.

You are giving me so much, Sookie. I suppose that I wish I deserved it more,” he explains quietly. “Impervious immortality… Children… A Bonded so sweet and lovely…” He shakes his head with somethin’ that looks like awe. “I cannot fathom what it is I could have done in this existence or any dimension that would rain so much fortune.”

Y’know, I feel the same way,” I tell him. “Even with what Endymion told us, I don’t see how this version of me deserves so much happiness.”

I think the most we can do is appreciate and respect the gifts we have been given,” Eric murmurs after a moment.

I think you’re right,” I agree as the streetlamps become fewer and fewer in between. Every amber glow warms for the briefest moment, and then the night swallows us back up.

Eric’s still squeezin’ my hand and kissin’ its knuckles every so often. I like how his thumb kneads at the fleshy part between my thumb and index finger. It’s slow and relaxing, exactly what I need before my eternal commitment.

It’s when he’s finally pullin’ up to the old family farmhouse that I have to take a deep, calming breath. He pulls into the new garage he’s built behind the house, and comes around to open my door.

This feels so weird,” I remark with a nervous giggle.

How so, Sookie?” he asks me as he takes my hand and walks with me into the house.

I shrug, “I don’t know, maybe it’s just that there’s nothin’ really to it. Like, you could bite me right now, and that would be it. It’d be over. Human marriages have all this build up, y’know? Finding the dress, picking caterers and bookin’ a hall… Bachelor and bachelorette parties. All that for the moment when the bride walks down the aisle, the bride and groom take one another’s hands and the “I Do’s”.”

Then let us get you built up,” Eric remarks. He leans in real close and murmurs in my ear, “How about a bath?”

I pull my lips between my teeth. I’m wearin’ the sexy underwear Pam picked out for me. I don’t want to ruin the surprise by takin’ it all off just to put it back on again for him to yank it off again.

What if we just got cozy on the couch for a bit?” I suggest after a second. When he gives me a suspicious look I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind that will distract him. “If I’m gonna be all wet tonight, I’d prefer it all be because of you.”

His jaw slings open at my uncommonly brazen comment. I don’t think I’ve ever uttered something so bold in all my life. It’s true though. When my body gets all hot, soft and wet, I want to know he’s the one that caused it all. The idea is sexy and brings an increasingly familiar thrum in my groin.

Hmm,” Eric recovers slowly from my comment, and I can see that his eyes are very dark and hungry lookin’. “I wish you would say things like that more often to me, Sookie. That was very sexy,” His voice is this raspy, growly sound that makes my thrum even stronger. Without a word he picks me up by the tops of my thighs and carries me into the house through the garage.

Next thing I know, we’re on the couch, Eric’s layered over me with his hands buried in my hair while his mouth presses firmly against mine.

As our tongues tangle together, I marvel at how good I’ve gotten at this in the past six months. I’m not clumsy or insecure when our tongues dance together. It feels natural and intimate. The realization that I’ve learned to kiss and be kissed, and that Eric enjoyed bein’ with me through it the whole time is the last shred of comfort I need to go to bed with him. Sex will be the same exact way. I’ll be clumsy and uncertain, but Eric will enjoy teachin’ me how to make love just like he’s enjoyed teachin’ me to kiss. Eventually I’ll be good at it. Hopefully this time, I’ll just have a good time with it rather than worryin’.

With me, Lover,” Eric mumbles against my lips.

Huh?” I sigh as he begins kissin’ down my neck.

You are becoming distracted. Stay with me,” he murmurs, givin’ my throat a little nip and makin’ my hips arch into him.

A’right,” I whisper and comb my fingers into his hair, exposing the tip of his ear to gnash at with my teeth as he keeps suckling my neck. He groans into my skin and I feel him press his growing hardness against me.

His hand smoothly slips between my back and the couch, tuggin’ at the zipper of my dress until he can push the clothing out of his way.

I like this bra,” Eric tells me in a whisper. He easily finds a nipple through the lacy material and tugs it with his teeth.

I moan in reply before tryin’ to wiggle out from beneath him. He gives me a curious look, but moves so I can shimmy off the couch and stand, holdin’ my dress in place a moment. When he tilts his head, tryin’ to figure what it is I’m doin’, I turn my back to him. Slowly, I push the dress down toward my hips. With a deep breath, I let it fall to the floor, but I can’t step out of it. The dress is snagged on the buckle of my strappy shoe, and I bend over to untangle it only to hear Eric suck in a deep breath. I look back over my shoulder at him, and he’s sittin’ up on the couch, starin’ at my butt.

Good view?” I ask, finally gettin’ the stray thread from my buckle, and kickin’ the dress to the side.

Best fucking view of my existence,” Eric snarls, grabs me by the waist and pushes me over the arm of the couch. I giggle at his actions but it quickly turns to a moan when his fingers grab the strings of the ‘cage back’ panties and pull them tightly over my bottom. “These are the sexiest panties I have ever seen,” he declares. “Widen your stance,” he commands, shovin’ my foot that’s planted on the floor further away. I hear him groan behind me. “They are split up the middle!” He immediately buries his face against my core, and I whimper, clutchin’ the arm of the couch as his tongue snakes inside me. His fingers are pullin’ at the strings of my panties, diggin’ them into my skin. His tongue his runnin’ up and down my slit in this feverish rhythm that makes me want to sob.

Oh my, God! I think at the first touch of his tongue against my center. This is what he’s been keepin’ from me!? I could SMACK him!

He uses his thumbs to spread my lower lips and then his tongue snakes inside me and I groan. His tongue squirms inside me a moment before slipping back out and curling around my clit. I moan. Next, his finger is pressing against my opening, and I can feel it rubbing against my inner walls all slow and firm. He slides in and out so smooth… His tongue is still swirlin’ against my nub, and there’s a new pressure.

Oh!” I cry as my body feels tighter and I realize he’s got two fingers in me now. He flexes them apart, spreadin’ my insides, making me wanna squeeze them without knowin’ why. His tongue is light on me, his fingers firm, the contrast is hypnotic and I start gasping for breath in rhythm with the movements he’s set in tempo. “Eric,” I choke, fallin’ into some sort of spell he’s cast. I can hear the sound of his fingers thrustin’ inside me and the gentle lap of his tongue. I can feel everything like all my nerve endings are tuned in on what’s happenin’ between my legs. I can smell my own arousal, and when I feel his fingers hit this really sensitive spot inside, I let out a shout, “OH!”

I break my field of vision, arching and graspin’ at the couch’s arm as I cum. It’s overwhelming, sensory overload, and I can’t hold back the yell that tears at my throat.

Eric, mmm, please. Finish the Bond?” I whimper, already startin’ to shake with the beginnings of another orgasm.

Without any preamble, Eric’s got me spun around and pulled into his lap. His erection is pressin’ up against me hard when a bloody wrist is pushed against my lips.

As I draw my lips around the wound and begin nursin’ on it, Eric captures my throat in his own mouth, sucklin’ on it sweet and slow before I feel the sharp lance of his fangs.

A rhythm builds between us as we drink each other’s blood. It’s like this pulse I can feel throughout my entire body. All my muscles are contractin’ and relaxin’ in time with the suction of my mouth and swallowing of his blood. He’s in perfect rhythm with me. This steady sensation of fulfillment and loss; like when his fingers rock inside of me.

Suddenly this pulsing quickens, and I pull away to gasp and then moan. My muscles tighten, and this full body orgasm just tears through my entire self. I know I’m sobbin’ as it’s the sweetest feelin’ I’ve ever experienced. It’s all consuming, like bein’ wrapped up in the softest, warmest blanket.

“Oh my God,” I whisper as my pleasure doubles, and Eric roars beneath me. “Oh, oh, Eric,” I sob, clutchin’ at the front of his shirt as I feel him pulsing against my core. His hands are all over me, strokin’ my breasts and throat. My chest feels like it’s expanding, like my heart’s doubled in size, makin’ room for this new source of emotions that tangle it with love and devotion. I’ve never felt so much love in my life.

The moment doesn’t end, though. Even as my body stops tensing and relaxing with orgasm, that Love and Devotion is steady and all consuming. My heart just feels like it could grow right outta my chest!

Through my back, I think as a pressure surges behind my shoulder blades. It’s not uncomfortable, just really foreign and peculiar.

I feel my spine curving, forcing me to press my forehead into Eric’s chest between my hands. “Eric, ah, my heart!” I cry as it’s hammerin’ a mile a minute. The strange pressure in my shoulder blades grows, and then when I let out another sob, it abates with this strange sensation of sweeping relief.

Eric gasps beneath me, and I tilt my head back to look at him curiously. My pulse is slowin’ finally, and I can finally sit up. When I do, there’s this weird resistance. Like drag.

Looking behind me, I can feel my jaw sling open. Endymion wasn’t jokin’ ’bout wings! I think in shock at the off white, gossamer wings juttin’ outta my back. Oh my God! How am I suppose to hide these!?

Eric, Eric! What do I do?” I ask worriedly, pressing against one of the wings. It flexes in resistance to my attempts to push it aside.

Calm down, Sookie,” Eric presses his fingertip to my lips. “I am certain Endymion will drop in and explain how to retract them in time. For now-”

There’s this bright flash beside us, and before my eyes can adjust, Eric’s got my dress wrapped around me haphazardly.

You could not knock!?” Eric roars at the mischievous arrival of the Voice of God. He has my dress coverin’ my backside, and he pulls my chest flush against his to protect my modesty.

Do you wish to try and navigate coitus around her wings, or do you want free range?” Endymion asks cheekily, comin’ to stand behind me.

Eric snarls in frustration of Endymion’s reply. I feel a warm hand between my shoulder blades, and this very uncomfortable pressure. When I crane my neck to see what he’s doin’, I find my wings receding back beneath my flesh.

There,” Endymion grins, “like it never happened. I will drop in next week to answer any questions you may have, but you should see Ludwig within the next two days so she can start mapping out changes.”

Thank you, Sir,” I mumble as my face reddens and I bury it in Eric’s shoulder.

If you do not mind?” Eric gestures to the door, makin’ Endymion laugh again.

Eric!” I scowl into his neck. “Say ‘thank you’! I didn’t wanna juggle those things tonight!”

I can practically feel him roll his eyes, “Thank you. Now please leave?”

Good night, Eric. Sookie,” Endymion is still laughing as another brilliant flash fills the livin’ room, and a tinkle of wind chimes rents the air.

Eric throws my dress off to the side now that we are once again alone.

Is this normal? People just poppin’ in whenever they feel like it?” I ask worriedly.

Eric laughs and nods his head, “Yes, but it is not usually as frequent as it has been lately. They do pop in whenever it suits them, however.”

Like that?” I ask, referring to Endymion’s particularly invasive appearance.

Only Endymion and Ludwig,” he chuckles. “However, I have the feeling we will see far less of Endymion after we meet with him next week. I have seen him more this year than I have my entire existence.”

What about Ludwig. She just pops in too?” I ask him.

Yes, but unless circumstances are dire, she usually calls first,” he explains, brushing his fingers through my hair gently. “Hmm…”

Hmm?” I lean back to tilt my head at him curiously.

Endymion’s appearance has subsided your arousal considerably. I wish to rectify that situation,” He grins at me devilishly.

You aren’t exhausted from that orgasm from our Bonding?” I ask him in surprise. “I feel wiped out!”

He snorts at my confession, “Sookie, there is no exhausting a vampire. You will never have a reprieve from me for the rest of eternity.”

Gosh, what’s that gonna be like?” I ask bemusedly.

Eric grins up at me, pulls me in for a kiss and murmurs against my lips, “I will show you.”

Eric’s POV:

Lifting Sookie into my arms, I carry her to my bedroom. I can put the window back in here, I think distractedly as I lay her across the duvet. Already I am anticipating the rising sun. I want to lay a blanket across the grass, spread her open upon it naked and just watch the warm sun kissing her skin. I want to feel her sun warmed skin on my tongue.

You will have to wear this again for me at another time, My Bonded,” I tell her, hooking the strings of her panties in my fingers and tugging them smoothly from her long, tan legs. She sits up and undoes the clasp of her bra before throwing it aside. I smile at her impatience, and kneel down in front of the bed to undo the clasp of her sandals. She leans forward as I remove one shoe and then the other, reaching for my shirt and yanking it off my body. “Impatient?” I ask in surprise as I feel her anticipation rising, though her arousal is still underwhelming. I can fix that shortly. While I am kneeling, I unlace my boots so I can easily kick them off.

Unceremoniously, I rise from my knees and unfasten the front of my jeans. I let them drop to the floor, kick off my shoes and step out of my pants before crawling between her legs on the bed. The acceleration of her heart tells me that she is not ready, though I am already more than aware.

I would not take you just like that, Sookie,” I click my tongue disappointedly at her concern. “I want your world to disappear tonight.”

She sucks in a surprised breath at my declaration, and I smile as I lean in to kiss her softly. I begin kissing down the length of her body. At each landmark, I pay great attention. Her clavicles, breasts, navel, and hover only briefly at her pussy before pushing her legs wide open. I glance up and see her watching me intently with her dilated eyes. Her mouth is parted slightly, panting softly as I stare up at her. As my tongue reaches out to lick at her folds, I see her hold her breath, and it makes me smile.

I am unsatisfied at her level arousal in this moment. Her flavor is strong from her Bonding induced orgasm, and I take care that all of the moisture between her folds is hers from the present alone. I prod with my tongue and fingers, suckling, nibbling, and stroking her until her body begins responding the way I want. Finally my fingers are gliding smoothly in and out of her opening. Her legs are shaking, and her chest is falling and rising rapidly.

Do you want more, Sookie?” I ask between careful laps of my tongue, twisting my fingers just right inside of her to make her hips flex in reply.

Yes,” she whines.

Leaning my face away from her center, I slip my fingers from inside and begin stroking her clitoris while kissing my way back to her lips. When I arrive at her mouth, her hands tangle in my hair as her tongue wraps enthusiastically around my own.

My finger slides back inside her sheath, rocking gently until a second digit is smoothly encased. She whimpers at the additional pressure, arching into my hand. I try to work a third finger into her depths, but there is resistance to the stretch at first. After coaxing and kisses, her body relaxes enough to accept my offering.

Are you ready, Sookie?” I ask, kissing along her jaw toward her ear. I let my tongue barely clip her lobe.

YES!” she cries, and I begin to remove my fingers. I stroke myself with her juices coating my shaft before guiding myself to her entrance. I trace the swollen head against her wet slit, letting it strike her bundle of nerve endings several times before easing myself into her tight channel. “Ah,” Her hands tighten in my hair, and I can feel her walls squeezing me, trying to reject me. I lick her ear again briefly and she relaxes around my girth. As I press forward, her body tries to thwart me again. I can feel that my techniques are failing to quell her anxiety. Her anticipation is her worst enemy as far as being receptive goes.

I chuckle against her ear, “You are just too tight, Dear One…” She whimpers at my comment, but I pull her earlobe between my lips and suckle it slow and soft until her body opens to me. As I draw my tongue repeatedly against her earlobe, Sookie arches beneath me with a harsh moan, and I am fully sheathed within her, only the briefest of resistances betraying her former virginity. “There now,” I release her ear from its torment, “you took me all the way in.” I kiss the side of her head as she pants anxiously beneath me. “Are you all right?” My thumb strokes her bottom lip as she tries to look between our bodies in surprise.

Uh, yeah,” she is staring at where we are joined and her hands are like vices on my forearms.

You are okay,” I assure her. “Your body is meant to take it.”

I-I know,” she whispers, but she is distracted. Almost captivated. She is staring between our bodies in surprise and wonder. “It’s all inside me?” she asks curiously.

You cannot feel how deeply I am filling you?” I laugh softly, intentionally tightening my pelvic floor so that my member flexes inside of her.

Sookie’s response to my action is throw her head back and moan, “Ah! Ah! I didn’t think it could a-all fit!” Her hands tighten impossibly harder around my forearms.

It is all in here,” I chuckle and press firmly against her abdomen as I give my hips a gentle rock. She whimpers and arches again at the sensation, making me smile. Her wonder and pleasure fill me with something I have never before felt during sex. She makes me feel light. Lighthearted, carefree, jovial. I have had fun during sex, but it was a dark entertainment. I press the tops of my thighs between hers. She mewls beneath me as my hand continues to rub across her abdomen, simultaneously circling my thumb over her clitoris.

Immediately I capture her lips with mine, pushing my tongue past her teeth and tangling it with her own. I help her lose the lingering doubts and anxiety with my kiss, and finally feel her arms and legs tense around me once more.

Slowly I ease out of her before pressing back in, and Sookie moans into my mouth in reply. Her hips switch to and fro as I begin a slow undulation. She feels exquisite around my length; all hot and squeezing me.

You feel so good, Sookie,” I mumble against her mouth and she whimpers again. A firmer collision with my hips earns an abrupt shout of pleasure and her head tilts away as her spine arches in pleasure. With her mouth out of comfortable reach, I attack her breast, and a hard pull on her nipple makes her internal muscles contract around me. “Just like that, Sookie,” I encourage against her breast before tugging at her again with my teeth this time. She flexes even harder. “You are so perfect, Min Sookie,” I groan as my hips pick up speed.

She is crying out with every meeting of our hips, twisting and jerking in a beautiful delirium that I find absolutely mesmerizing. I find myself speeding the movements above where we are joined, playing with her clitoris more intently even though she is already on the edge of orgasm. I want to see her wildness become all consuming. I want to watch her completely dissolved in euphoria, and feel her orgasm spasming around me.

Sookie does not disappoint. Like an explosion she screams as her body clamps and releases in a deep thrumming pulse around me. Her contractions are a violent massage around my cock, and I feel my own release detonate within her. My movements become frictionless between our combined fluids, and I almost slip from my haven.

Her legs clench me tightly against her, and my throbbing shaft pulses in time with her heavenly walls.

Stay close,” she breathes into my ear even as her arms embrace me tightly.

Anything you want,” I whisper back, kissing her neck and shoulder contently. I want nothing more than to have her again, but her inexperienced body needs time to recover. The healing property of my emissions will let me enjoy her sooner than a mortal man could, but it is still better to give her time. Even though she is now a Living Immortal, her body still recovers much slower than a vampire’s. She may even desire a moment to herself, an opportunity to become reacquainted with her body.

Even as we are still connected, I slowly tilt onto my side, bringing her with me so that we are both in a more natural, restful position. Once she no longer needs to cling to me, I let my hand rest on her hip, stroking it soothingly. Lovingly.

Sookie’s POV:

Ah, hey, stop it,” I grumble as Eric starts playin’ with one of my nipples. He’s spooned up behind me, holdin’ my breast in one hand while my head is restin’ on his other arm.

Why?” he teases, leanin’ over me, capturin’ my nipple in his mouth, and givin’ it a deliciously firm suck.

‘Cause ya played hard with ’em earlier and now they’re tender,” I explain, grabbin’ his face and givin’ him a kiss of consolation.

I see,” He ghosts his hand up and down my belly. “Is anything else too tender for me to play with?” he asks and I giggle as his hand starts movin’ toward my center.

When his fingers find me, I groan and clamp my thighs around his hand. I can hear a wet squishin’ sound as they pump firmly inside me. God, how am I still so wet?

His fingers leave me and I whimper at his teasin’. Then his hand is in front of my face and it’s thickly coated with all kinds of fluids. He’s pushin’ his fingers past my lips, and it tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Thick, sweet, coppery and dark. My cheeks redden and I moan as he coats my lips in the stuff.

Do we taste good?” he asks and then kisses my lips and thrusts his tongue into my mouth. He moans into my mouth, and I find my legs wrappin’ ’round his hips. I want him again already. “We taste very good together,” he whispers in my ear. His voice sounds all naughty and sexy that I feel a throb in my womb. “Do you want me again already, Sookie?” he rumbles in my ear and it’s another sound that goes straight to my sex.

Yes,” I whimper and push my hips up at his. He grabs my butt as I arch against him, and a second later he’s slippin’ back inside me, “OH! Ye-es!” I sob as he’s fillin’ me again. Once he’s all the way inside he practically body slams me back into the mattress, and his hand is in the crease of my knee, pushin’ it up toward my chest. My jaw clenches tight as his hips really start movin’. I feel like I’m sittin’ on a jackhammer, as my sweet, patient vampire evaporates and a demon is suddenly between my legs. “AH!” I cry from between my teeth. I can hardly breathe as each impact steals the air from my lungs. He feels so deep, and every stroke feels calculated to touch me in all the right spots. It’s animalistic and viciously sexy. I feel helpless and that he could do whatever he wants to me and I couldn’t do a thing to stop him. Would he stop? Why would I want him to?

The thought of being consumed by him makes me throb around his cock that is sliding so effortlessly within me. I’m his to do with as he pleases, to please me endlessly. It’s a heady, dark realization that almost frightens me. Almost. Rather than fear, I feel my passion build. If I am his to do with as he desires, then he is mine to control and manipulate as I desire.

I can touch him whenever I want, have him inside of me whenever I want.

Oh, God! Please!” I cry when all of the possibilities flitter past my mind. “Fuck me, please, harder!”

All right,” He presses his mouth against mine, and catches my other knee into his hand. As he kisses me, his hips begin to move faster. His pubic hair is against my nub, rubbin’ at it, his mouth leaves mine and starts kissin’ up toward my ear. Rather than playin’ with my weak spot, he whispers, “Do you want to cum?”

Mmm, yeah,” I’m panting again, movin’ with him, and gettin’ lost in the magic of his breath against my sensitized ears while he pounds into me. “Oh, oh, Eric,” I murmur as I feel my body risin’ again. He releases the leg he’s been keepin’ pinned up longer and grasps my breast hard.

I whimper and arch. Yeah, this is just the right amount of untamed I need right now. It’s fierce, fast and hard, and I love it!

Fuck, Sookie,” Eric snarls into my throat as his hips thrust against me unrelentingly. His hand wraps under the base of my spine, arching my back so his length drags against that delicious spot, and I don’t even care that he’s not playin’ with my clit like he was earlier. “Min Sookie, FUCK!”

I can tell the second he’s startin’ to lose it ’cause he starts babblin’ in a language I can’t even begin to understand, and he’s pumpin’ into me so relentlessly that everything goes black behind my eyes.

Sookie?” I hear my name chuckled and manage to blink in a pair of ocean blue eyes. “Are you still with me, Dear One?”

The most I can offer is a sleepy moan.

Sookie,” I hear against my ear and whimper at the throb it causes.

Get away from m’ear,” I moan, shovin’ at his face.

I cannot touch your nipples, I cannot be near your ears… Is there anywhere I am allowed to touch you?” he teases me, and his breath assaults my cartilage again.

No,” I pout.

“Sookie,” his voice is a bit further now, to my relief.


Will you do something for me?” he asks, soundin’ a bit too excited. I don’t know I wanna get Eric excited again too soon. Immortal body or not, I need to recover from that!

Wha?” I mumble instead of sayin’ ‘no’.

Straddle my abdomen,” he requests.

“Eric, Ah’m bone tired,” I confess. “If ya want more sex, y’all’re gonna have to do it all yerself.” Dang, I’m so exhausted, I can’t even get the backwoods outta my accent no more!

I will keep that in mind, and might I say that has to be the most southern phrase I have ever heard you utter?” He’s teasin’ me again, and I’m too tired to smack him.

What do ya want then?” I grumble.

Straddle my abdomen,” he says again, and I begrudgingly start to crawl on top of him. I pull my legs astride his waist, and he bends his knees behind me. “Lean back,” he encourages, and I do so. This actually feels kinda nice, I think, shuttin’ my eyes and lettin’ him take all my weight. Then his thumb is pullin’ my lower lip to the side and I crack an eyelid open to look at him suspiciously. He’s starin’ at my lady parts rather intently, and I’m nervous about the excitement I can feel buildin’ inside him. Not to mention the excitement I can feel buildin’ against my rear!

What are ya doin’?” I mumble and shut my eyes again. His other thumb starts to very gently circle my nub and I moan. “Dooon’t….”

Shh,” he soothes, but keeps rubbin’, and starts pushin’ on my belly. When he does that, my insides squeeze, and I feel a very familiar sensation inside me.

“Oh, no!” I cup myself in a panic. “Did my period start!?”

No,” Eric laughs at my reaction and pulls my hands outta the way. “Relax. If you clench, it will not come out.”

What won’t come out!?” I hiss.

That delicious cocktail you brew,” he pushes me back against his knees and starts strokin’ me again. Suddenly I realize he’s talkin’ about our fluids, and I blush. Pam did say he liked that! I remember in shock. I hadn’t known exactly what it would feel like, and it freaked me out at first.

You want me to push it out?” I ask, uncertain how to do that exactly.

Oh yes,” he rubs my thigh with one of his hands while still rubbin’ my clit with the thumb of the other one. “Filling you up with my pleasure and watching it drip back out is very arousing.”

I moan at the flare of lust I feel come from him as more of his spendings drip out of me. His member his pushin’ between my butt cheeks insistently, and somewhere in my exhausted body, I feel my arousal growing too. That’s why I begin experimenting with my abdominal muscles until I feel a rather persistent flow of fluid push out of me.

Oh, yes,” Eric growls at what he must being seeing. His hands grasp my hips, and I feel his erection slide between my lower cheeks. It makes my face burn when I feel his tip knock against my backdoor, but it don’t slip in, so I don’t say anythin’. “I want to fuck you,” he rumbles excitedly.

I whimper and shake my head, “Make love to me?” I request as I feel the last of his emissions drip out of me. “I can’t take another fuckin’. I’m so tired.”

His response is to roll us over until I’m beneath him. His stomach presses tightly against mine, and I can feel our fluids squish between our flesh. I groan as he wraps my legs around him and starts to slide inside me. It feels good, like he’s comin’ home, and his coarse curls are ticklin’ my nub.

My arms reach up tiredly to snake around his neck, and his hips start to rock slowly against mine. When he arches away to get as deep as he can, I feel the suction of our stomachs and giggle softly at the sound it makes.

He’s slidin’ in and out over and over. It’s like bein’ rocked to sleep, but it feels too good to let sleep come. Instead, my body starts to coil slowly, and I can feel my release buildin’ until a sudden sob tumbles from my lips as I am washed away in ecstasy.

Eric stays in real close, and in my delirium, I feel him pulsin’ and hear his pleasured moan as he lets loose deep into my womb. I can feel my body clenching around him, earning every drop of his pleasure until he’s kissin’ at my face and rollin’ us over until I’m layin’ on top of him bonelessly.

Now you can rest,” he rumbles above my head, vibrating his chest against my cheek as his hand starts strokin’ my spine soothingly.

All I can respond with is a gentle nod against his chest. He continues to stroke my back for awhile, and I feel his chest begin to move in time with my breathing. It feels like I’m on a boat. Softly rollin’ along the waves.

Sookie,” I hear against my hair and I stretch out long and slow.

Hmmm?” I mumble.

I still want to make love to you in the sunlight tomorrow,” Eric tells me.

You’ll hold me till I wake up though, right?” I’m comfy and he’s so cozy!

He chuckles at my plea, “Yes. Now sleep well, Dear One. I will make you tired again when you wake.”

Just don’t forget… To feed me,” I mumble, and then I’m out like a light.

On to Chapter Twenty-One!


19 thoughts on “Catalyst Ch. 20

  1. howyoudsdoin says:

    Wow, your man must be seriously putting to you good for you to write that scene LOL! That was some of the hottest sexy time I’ve ever read, cigarette time for my old bones… thanks for the chapter we’ve all been waiting for, it was totally worth the wait woman!
    Until next week,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mom2goalies says:

    When they were in the car one of my thoughts was only Eric could pull of being humbled by what he will be given by bonding with Sookie AND arrogant about his prowess in ruining her for any other creature! Lol, and pull that last one off he did!!! Loved his patience with her and then allowing some of his ‘monster’ side out. I think he and Sookie are going to have an amazing time exploring each other (and I have no objections to reading all about it! lol)

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  3. jules3677 says:

    So glad you dedicated a chapter to their Bonding. Definitely a chapter I can save and read over and over. Thank you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. tleel says:

    Loved it, so worth the wait for the bonding. I especially loved the last line, don’t forget to feed me. Yeah they can walk in the sun light and she is a living immortal. Keep up the wonderful writing, loving it.

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  5. ericluver says:

    Well damn! That was so hot and sex. Fanning myself here. But loving too. Every girl should have such a “first.”
    So now Sookie has wings. It will be fun to see her learning to control and use them. She and Eric can go flying together. Lol.
    Looking forward to seeing Eric, Godric and Pam out in the sun. (Can’t remember. Is Nora in this? If she is, I wonder what she’ll think?)
    Can’t wait for more.


  6. ashmo2000 says:

    Looks like all we need is a Viking… He gives you wings! Sookie’s first time had to be wonderful for her;)
    I wonder what it’ll be like for the vamps in the morning? Wonder what they’ll do on their first day in the sun, can they get a tan?

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    Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  8. askarsgirl says:

    I wouldn’t call that a fiasco…😃
    Well worth the wait. Every woman needs an Eric in their life! I think Sookie is going to need to have some more of Eric’s blood or she’s definitely going to be walking funny the next day! Can’t wait until the next chapter and see Eric’s reaction to being able to be in the sun again.


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    aww the farmhouse is a sweet surprise. All ladies should have someone making it good for them like this…..sigh.

    ROFL for the Endy interuption. Awesome end to thier ‘first’ night together


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