Keep Me Ch. 04

Chapter Four:

Awakening in the complete darkness of Eric’s safe room, Sookie stumbled around blindly, uncoordinated from her third sex marathon in as many nights. Even when they did not go for hours at a time, they still took a toll on the young telepath’s inexperienced body.

Sookie found the bathroom quickly, getting more and more used to the new daily routine, and started another bath like she had the previous morning. They seemed to really help her aching body after her nights with Eric.

After her bath, Sookie went to the kitchen to eat. Seeing that the weather was rather pleasant, Sookie made up a plate of fruit and took it outside to enjoy the fresh air and the crisp sunny day of mid-spring. She realized as she sat in the backyard that she had never even seen this part of his land. That was partly because Eric had not given her the codes to arm and disarm the exterior security system until last night. She giggled at the realization and flopped onto the grass, getting a strange gratification at the cool grass against her skin and the warm sun beating its golden rays down upon her.

Eric’s property seemed to stretch out forever. She could not be sure if he owned all of the land she was seeing, but she had a feeling that he did. There were no other houses that she could see, and Sookie giggled at the thought of removing all of her clothes and lying in the sun. The telepath had always enjoyed the feel of the sun on her skin, the way it felt warm and tingling all over her exposed flesh and seemed to embrace her.

Back when she was in the mental hospital, Sookie used to sit in the box of light from her window, letting the warmth cover her body and console her. At night, when the sedatives of the other patients had kicked in, and dampened down their aggressive brains, Sookie would sit in that same spot and talk to the moon until she could no longer see it from her vantage point. She did not care about anyone hearing her talking, presumably, to herself. She was, after all, in a mental hospital; what more could they do to her for being abnormal? The moon listened to her, and the sun held her when she was too overwhelmed with the oppressive and frightening thoughts of her fellow inmates. They were modest comforts, but they sustained her sanity better than any other amenities the hospital offered.

Sprawling out in the grass, Sookie closed her eyes and stared at the red haze that filtered through her eyelids. The warmth of the sun took the slight chill from the early spring afternoon, and she just enjoyed the sensation of the sun against her face.

In this solar embrace, Sookie began to think. Why were they here? Though she had found nothing in Douglas’s head last night to make her think that his address had been shared with anyone other than Mack, did that mean that this André character lacked the information? What if Mack had shared the location? What if Douglas had not thought about it while he was in fear of what Eric would do to him? There was a annoyingly persistent buzz of unease thrumming through the girl as she contemplated this possibility. After all, even Sookie had the pragmatism to know: never be where an enemy knows you are. How many times had Sookie taken refuge in some dark hideaway in Bartlett’s house? How many times did she slip away out of a window to take solace in the dying branches of the old living oak tree on the property, contemplating her escape and the possibilities of recapture? Sookie took a moment to remember that old oak, and the strength and courage that seemed to course throughout her body when she lay across a thick, mossy limb. That old oak was the only part of that house she would ever remember fondly…

After what felt like an hour of puzzling out Eric’s lack of action on this front, Sookie crawled back up from the ground, grabbed her partially eaten serving of fruits, and went back in the house to practice her reading with one of the stupid books Eric had gotten her. They were not stupid because Eric thought she needed them, they were stupid because they were just boring to read. Still, Sookie was adamant about learning to read. She was happy to find that when she picked up her book from yesterday, she did not need the pen at all to get through it. Surprised, but suspicious of herself, she picked up another and zipped through it as well. Was this normal? Did reading come naturally like this? Or did knowing her ABC’s and a few small words give her an advantage?

“Studying, Lover?” Eric appeared beside her, kissing her crown.

“I read four all by myself!” she told him proudly, knowing now that she had not just somehow memorized the first book.

“Very good!” Eric gave her another kiss to show his support. “Which ones did you read?” he asked. Sookie laid out the four books, and Eric nodded with pride. “I am very happy for you, Sookie,” He hugged her. After a moment, he pulled away and looked into the girl’s eyes. “Lover, I have felt that you are worried about something since before I could leave my chamber. What are you concerned about?” he asked.

Sighing, Sookie thought hard about how she wanted to phrase her question. “Eric, why are we still in this house?” He raised his eyebrows at the question, and she could see the wheels turning behind those blue eyes. “I mean, André sent someone to kill you. Doesn’t that mean he pro’lly-”

Probably,” he corrected.

“Doesn’t that mean that he probably knows where you live? That he could send someone else as soon as he knows his first try didn’t work?” she finished.

Eric let out a conflicted noise before answering. “You are correct. We are in danger as long as we reside here. The changing of the security codes only offers so much protection,” he agreed. “However, my secondary residences are not equipped to sustain your living habits. They do not have toilets or electricity. They are literally holes in the wall where I am safe from sunlight. There is a pipe that hangs from the wall and supplies cold water if I should need to cleanse myself. They are no place for you.”

Sookie processed this for a moment. “I don’t want to sound like a busybody, but… Aren’t you rich?”

“I am not just rich, I am extremely wealthy,” Eric smirked.

“Then why only the one house?” she pressed.

Eric laughed. “I have many houses, but they are scattered all about the country, as well as the world. If you are curious why I only have one real house in this localized area, it is because I am not one to partake in extravagances such as those. I have my indulgences, such as my Corvette, and even the bathtub you seem to enjoy so much. However, in situations such as the one we find ourselves in now, my preparation to have a safe point to reside until new accommodations could be properly secured was my emergency plan. My belief was, that if this property were compromised, I would need to work under the assumption that all of my locations had been compromised as well. The hideouts are not owned by me, or anyone for that matter. They are places in random, public locations.”

“So,” Sookie began slowly, only barely understanding his explanation with so many unknown words, “we’re only still here ’cause you never thought you’d have to bring a human along with you if your safe house was ever found out?”

“That is correct.”

“So, you’re only keepin’ yourself out in the open like this ’cause of me?” She looked terrified and Eric could feel it.

“Sookie,” he smiled reassuringly, “I have taken precautions.”
“But,” Sookie was shaking her head as she fought back tears, “you could get killed! You’d be really dead and gone, and it would be because of me!” She swiped away a traitor tear. “Eric, go! Get out of here! I can take care of myself ’til we can be together again. I promise I’ll stay outta trouble! Go be safe and find me again when-”

“Sookie,” Eric wrapped his cool arms around her, wishing that they were Bonded and that she could feel the pride and overwhelming adoration he felt for her at that moment, “at this point, I could no more leave you behind, than I could plunge a piece of wood through my heart.” He leaned down and kissed her lips gently. “I promise you that I am already in the process of finding us new accommodations. But you will continue to keep me safe during the day until that time, yes?”

The girl nodded with so much determination and tears that it moved Eric’s unbeating heart. “Always!” she choked, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist.

With a smile, Eric asked, “What would you like to do this evening?”

Sookie was thoughtful for a moment as she continued to hold onto him. “Can we go to the mall or somewhere to work on my telepathy?” she asked, taking Eric by surprise. “I want to be more useful to you, and be able to protect you better,” she admitted after a moment. “I won’t be very useful if we have to stay away from a bunch of places, or only go places that I can hold onto you the whole time,” she pointed out, “and I want to have friends like you said I could… Gran was the closest person I had to a friend.”

“All right, Sookie. Go get ready while I shower and dress,” He kissed her forehead before leaving to use the shower.

Soon, they were in Eric’s Corvette and pulling onto the highway. “Where are we goin’?” Sookie asked.

“There is a nice restaurant just outside of Shreveport that I believe you will enjoy. It will put us in close enough proximity to others that we can work with your ability, but it will not be so crowded that it will overwhelm you. That is what I am hoping, at least,” he admitted, not entirely sure how her gift worked.

“Okay,” She smiled, exuding trust into his bond with her.


Sookie looked around timidly at the other restaurant patrons. She was still blissfully basking in the silence of Eric’s head, but she knew it would not last much longer. Any moment now, Eric would take his hand from hers, and the barrier would be gone from the contact he was providing.

“Sookie, close your eyes,” Eric said softly, and she did so without hesitation. “I want you to think of my silence as a physical manifestation.”

“Mani-what?” Her eyes opened to give him a gaze of confusion.

“A physical form,” he restated, using a smaller word. “Give it a body, make it into something visible. Like an almost clear shield around you,” he instructed, choosing his words more carefully.

Sookie nodded and closed her eyes again. She visualized a bubble surrounding her, and it was strange because it seemed to mute the physical sounds around her as well; the vocalized chatter, the clinking of glasses and silverware. All of it seemed to dampen in sound and the silence was all consuming.

When Sookie’s breathing evened out, Eric slipped his hand from her grasp and watched her. Her face showed no sign that she had been assaulted by thoughts when he took his hand away. “Keep visualizing that shield around you, make sure that it is complete, that there are no holes.” Sookie nodded slowly, and it was fascinating to watch her eyes moving beneath their covers. “Is your shield secure?” She nodded again. “Open your eyes slowly now, and look to me.” Sookie did as he said and kept her eyes trained on his. “Without closing your eyes, check your shield. Is it still secure?” he asked and she nodded after a second of staring off into nothingness. “There is a man sitting behind me. He is sitting with a red headed woman. I want you to look at him, and open your shield around him. Let his thoughts in. Only his,” he told her. Sookie began to tremble as she forced a puncture through her shield. The entire thing seemed to pop when she tried to bring someone else into that shield, and the tidal waves of others’ thoughts came washing over her like a cold shower. Eric clamped his hand over Sookie’s wrist to bring the silence back to her. “Shh, Sookie. Do not react,” he told her, seeing the tense lines about her eyes like an individual dealing with a developing migraine. “Take deep breaths and breathe through it,” he suggested.

They went through this exercise several times until Sookie was too fatigued, and Eric just let his hand remain in hers while she ate.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled around a bite of chicken.

“There is nothing to apologize for, my Lover,” Eric smiled reassuringly at her. “Just like your reading, you will get better at this.” He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it softly. “Do not be upset. You will get there. There is no rush,” he assured.

“I just don’t wanna be slowin’ ya down,” Sookie whispered quietly.

Eric chuckled, “You are not slowing me down at all, Lover. I have all of the time in the world.” He noticed that she had finished her meal. “Would you like dessert?” She shook her head, her expression still somber. “What would you like to do now?” She shrugged and Eric sighed. He knew it would take time for her to know her own mind again. He also figured that she was so disconnected with being out in the world, that she was unaware of what it had to offer. “Ah,” he remembered something he had meant to do the other night, “Sookie, would you mind very much if we went to the drugstore?” She shook her head, curiosity making her glance at him wondrously. “I meant to buy some vitamins for you the other night, but, due to the circumstances, never got to it,” he explained.

“Vitamins? What for?” she asked as he paid the bill for her food and his unconsumed drink.

While they were walking towards the door, he explained, “An iron supplement as well as B-12 vitamins. Since I hope to be drinking from you regularly, they would help you stay healthy and replenish what you lose in the sustenance you give me. You should also be drinking a lot of water,” he informed her.

“Oh!” Sookie was happy to be enlightened. “Okay.”

They were driving to a nearby Walgreens when Sookie glanced at a dance club curiously. “Would you like to go there?” he asked, catching her intrigued expression.

“What is it?” she asked as they drove past, and she could feel the vibrations from the music inside even through the car as they drove.

“A dance club. Do you like to dance?” he asked.

Sookie shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“After the drug store, I will take you in.”

“Don’t you need to be 21 or somethin’?” she asked.

“18 for that particular club, but if I must, I will glamour the bouncer to get you inside. I doubt that it will come to that, though,” He smiled.

“Okay,” She seemed apprehensive.

“I will hold onto you the whole time. You will not need to focus on your shield that way,” he assured. “You have done enough mental exercising for one night.”

She beamed at him happily as they pulled into the Walgreens parking lot. They were in and out quickly, and then doubling back to the club.

Eric held her hand as they stood in the queue outside the dance club, running his thumb over the back of her hand gently. Sookie leaned into him happily as they scooted up the line. Eric decided that if Sookie enjoyed dancing, he would have to get to know the owner so that he would not have to wait in line when he took her here again. He had his suspicions that she would enjoy it, her foot was already tapping to the beat that pulsed out of the club.

Sookie focused her attention on Eric as they approached the bouncer, and the man seemed to take Eric’s apparent age into consideration over Sookie’s, and waved them both in after Eric handed him a fold of bills for the cover charge and a tip. Once they were inside, Sookie let out a deep sigh of relief as the pounding of the music washed over her. Eric smiled as he felt her body immediately begin moving to the music; yes, she would love dancing.

“Isn’t the music really loud to you?” Sookie screamed.
Eric shook his head. “High pitches are more annoying than this type of thing. When music is being played loudly, it becomes more like a background noise. I can choose what I listen to by focusing on specific tones.”

“So, you can control the volume you hear things in dependin’ on what you want to listen to more?” Sookie stopped shouting to see if he could hear her over the music.

“Something like that,” He smiled, the arm at her waist guiding her onto the dance floor.

Sookie took to dancing like a fish to water. Her body gyrated and swung to the beat in an almost hypnotic fashion. Eric could watch her body move like that all night. Although, he would have preferred her to be naked and on top of him as she did so.

It was an hour of nonstop dancing before Sookie pulled Eric off of the floor, fanning herself. “I have to use the bathroom,” she told him, looking apprehensive to release his hand.

“I will be close by. You will be just fine for a few minutes,” Eric reassured her, using his great height as an advantage in hunting down the restrooms. He lead Sookie towards the back of the club to the ladies’ room and kissed her forehead before releasing her. He frowned as Sookie flinched, took a deep breath and collected her shields. She seemed a bit dazed by the exertion, but went into the washroom quietly.

Sookie did her business quickly and went to wash her hands when a girl with black hair that was florescent green at the tips came stumbling in. “Heeeeey!” She surprised Sookie with a hug. “Blessed Be, Sister!” She was grinning from ear to ear.

Sookie leaned back weakly against the counter. The physical contact this stranger made had punctured the telepath’s weak shield and now an onslaught of thoughts was making her dizzy.

“Don’t get too many of us in these parts,” The girl with black and green hair leaned towards the mirror as she fixed her deep red lipstick before smoothing out the smudges of her eyeliner.

“Too many of what?” Sookie asked nervously, managing to regain some modicum of awareness.

“Witches,” The other girl turned from the mirror to lean against the counter and look Sookie over. “You must be something else! I could feel you before I even came in here! It was like my witch-ey radar went off before my hand was against the door. I’m Angie, by the way.”

“Sookie,” Sookie held out her hand, nervous about more skin contact breaking through her poorly reconstructed shields, but not wanting to be impolite with her first pleasant human encounter in years, “and I’m not a witch.”

Angie scoffed. “Sure you are! Your Third Eye chakra is glowing so brightly, it looks like you were exposed to radiation.”

Sookie leaned away apprehensively, “I don’t know what yer talkin’ ’bout.”

Angie’s demeanor changed dramatically. “You don’t know?” she took on a maternal tone. “Sweetheart, you’ve got all the energies of a witch, actually, stronger than most I’ve seen.”

“My boyfriend’s waitin’ fer me outside. I need t’ go,” Sookie mumbled uncomfortably, trying to sidestep the witch.

“Wait, Sugar,” Angie got in front of the telepath, “don’t be scared. I didn’t mean to scare you! Do you have any gifts? I’m a healer,” she explained.

“I need t’ leave,” Sookie’s heart rate accelerated, and the door burst open as Eric stormed in.

“Woah!” Angie gasped at the vampire’s sudden appearance. “A vamp? You with a vamp, Sugar?” She eyed Sookie with awe.

Eric growled. What was with random women spotting him as a vampire all of the sudden?

“She’s a witch,” Sookie whispered to her lover quickly.

“Is she a danger?” Eric asked.

“No, she’s just completely amazed. She’s never been this close to a vampire before,” Sookie told him.

“Telepathy!?” Angie shrieked. “Holy shit!” She was impressed. Angie noted how the other girl relaxed when the vampire took her hand. “Oh, it’s really intense when someone touches you, isn’t it? It must suck being in here with all these heads. And what’s a vampire doing hanging with a witch anyway? You guys think we’re all batty,” Angie looked at Eric.

“Did you just say that my lover is a witch?” Eric asked.

“She’s got the makings for it. Super powerful, too; if she focused it,” Angie nodded.

“Eric, I wanna go home,” Sookie was falling back behind her lover.

“I don’t mean to upset you, Sweetheart,” Angie’s eyes softened as she gazed at Sookie.

“She is uncomfortable around people right now,” Eric told the witch.

“I’m sure her gift would have that effect on anyone,” Angie sighed sympathetically. “My gift was a lot more subtle, so it was easier for me to blend in.”

Sookie remained quiet behind Eric. “Sookie, Lover, does she make you this uncomfortable?” She shook her head against Eric’s back. “Why are you so scared right now then?”

“There are a buncha vampires in here,” Sookie whimpered.

“You cannot hear vampires,” Eric was confused, noticing that her speech patterns regressed once again when she was nervous.

“No, but… I noticed when I let go of yer hand outside the bathroom that yer silence takes up a spot inside all of the chatter. It’s like a blank spot. There are a lot of bodies in here, but not all of them are makin’ noise… The red snarls are in here, too, so there are at least two Weres,” She was trembling. Sookie was afraid of Supes that were not her Eric, reasonably so, considering a Were had almost killed her, and Charles had made it more than clear that he wanted to eat her; only his respect for Eric preventing it. Herveaux had not seemed too bad, but he was still unfamiliar and made cause for apprehension.

“Wow, she’s good,” Angie grinned.

“She is still learning. I am doing my best to train her, but our lessons are restricted to evenings,” Eric explained.

“Oh… Well, I don’t know any telepaths, but one of my Sisters is an empath,” Angie explained.


“What’s that?” Sookie was confused.

“She can feel other people’s emotions. I’ve got a touch of it that helps with my healing, but its no where near as strong as Stella’s,” Angie explained. “Listen, Sugar, I know I kinda came on strong, and probably scared the hell out of you, but if you need anything give me a call.” Angie took out an old receipt from her purse and her black eyeliner. Writing out her phone number, she handed it to Sookie, who took it carefully. “Careful with it ’til you get home and can write it down on something less smudge-y,” She laughed. “My Sisters and I would be really excited to help you out. Your gift needs to be nurtured.” Eric eyed Angie carefully. “If you’re really nervous about it, we can all meet somewhere public, and you can bring your boy-… Er… Vampire. I don’t know, do you guys use titles like “boyfriend” and stuff?”

Eric refrained from smirking, “I am her lover, and she is Mine.”

“Okay, you lovers come meet us some time,” Angie grinned and turned towards the door.

“A-Angie?” Sookie stammered.

“Yeah, Sweetheart?” She turned around to smile again.

“I… You should know,” She took a deep breath, not sure how to say anything she wanted to explain. She was embarrassed, scared, and weary of the humiliation that would follow. “I’m really stupid.”

Angie laughed, “I doubt that, Sugar.”

Eric looked at his lover in shock. “Why would you say something like that, Sookie?”

“Just,” Sookie gasped around tears, “let yer friends know that I don’t know how t’ read, and… and t’ try ‘n’ not laugh at me-”

“Oh, Sweetheart,” Angie came back and hugged Sookie, “no one’s gonna laugh at you.” She gave the blonde a tight squeeze. “You just give me a call some time, and we’ll all get together and hang out. We won’t even talk about witch stuff until we all get to know each other,” she assured.

“Okay…” Sookie replied timidly, surprised when Eric took Angie’s number from her hand and glanced at it before shoving it into his pocket.

“Ack! It’ll be all smudged out now,” Angie frowned.

“I have it memorized,” Eric sighed. Another girl came into the bathroom, but saw Eric, squealed and ran back out. “I suppose my presence in here has worn out its welcome.”

Sookie giggled. “Can we go home now?” she asked quietly.

“Yes, Lover. It has been a long evening for you- training, dancing, and making new friends,” He smiled adoringly at her, and it made Angie’s heart race to see such a thing.

“Yeah, it is,” Sookie nodded to Angie’s unasked question and the girl laughed her way around a blush.

“Yes, what is?” Eric was confused.

“She caught one of my stray thoughts,” Angie shook her head, blushing shyly. “We’ll talk more about that when your lover-vampire is out of earshot,” She laughed.

“There is one more thing before we depart…” Eric said quietly, drawing Angie’s attention back to himself.

“Yeah?” Her jaw slackened immediately when Eric caught her eyes with his own.

“You will find yourself unable to speak of Sookie’s gift with anyone but her or myself. When asked about her gift all you will remember is her strong aura,” He spoke in an even tone as he instilled a glamour to keep Sookie’s telepathy a secret without the risk of Sookie re-exposing it by accident. He wanted for Sookie to have a confidant, but he could not risk that Angie would not intentionally or accidentally put his lover in danger. They had enough threat directed at them without Angie’s help.

The couple parted from the witch while she was still staring blankly at the bathroom wall and left the club to head home. “Did you really have to glamour her like that?” Sookie asked a bit sadly.

“I did. I will not risk your gift becoming common knowledge. I have found that humans tend to let secrets slip too easily,” he explained.

Sookie contemplated this for a moment before a curiosity struck her. “Eric… Why didn’t André glamour Douglas? He was the closest link to him, right? So, why didn’t André cover his tracks in case Mack failed to kill you? Why leave Douglas around and risk you findin’ out that André was the one who got Douglas to give you up?”

“That,” Eric began slowly, “is one of the other reasons I have delayed in leaving our house. What if André left Douglas’s memories intact for the very reason, that in the event I was not assassinated, I would flee to one of my shelters. The only security they offer is the fact that they are completely off the grid.” Smiling a bit, he added, “There is one other measure of safety I have decided to take, that I forgot to mention… Since you have confirmed that Sophie-Anne had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, I will be sending her a notice about the attempt on my existence, and ask that she assign an investigator to look into it.”

“Will the investigator keep ya safe?” Sookie asked hopefully.

Eric snorted. “Hardly. Sophie-Anne will more than likely have André assign the investigator, and he will most definitely choose the individual he intended to replace me with. It will be an excuse to send someone into the Area to snoop around like André wanted in the first place.”

“How’s that another safety measure!?” Sookie asked desperately.

The vampire laughed. “I will have my own tail on the investigator, and since the primary function of the investigator’s duties will be unknown, I can steal whatever it is André is after without being reprimanded for taking an item set for procurement,” Eric told her. “Also, if I get a tail on the investigator early, I will have a warning of any future attempts on my existence. There is also the possibility that, with the investigator in the Area, able to look around freely, André may no longer see a necessity for killing me.” Eric patted her knee gently and decided to change the topic, “Now, no more worries about André. Are you excited about talking to Angie again soon?”

“Is it really okay if I call her?” Sookie asked.

“I would be delighted to see you making friends,” Eric nodded. “As I said, I am hoping for you to have others to be around during the day so you do not spend so much time alone. I did like the witch’s offer to allow me to be present when you meet all of them. She was very considerate towards your nervousness with new people. I was not overly fond of her touching you so openly, but I do know that many humans have that trait of remaining oblivious to personal space.”

“Yeah-Yes, she was definitely touchy-feely,” Sookie giggled, beginning to automatically correct herself once more.

Eric smiled at Sookie’s lightheartedness. He was glad to see her calming back down. “You should call your witch tomorrow while I am at rest. Maybe the two of you can set up an evening in the near future to get together,” he suggested.

“I’d like that,” Sookie nodded.

As they pulled into the driveway of Eric’s home, Sookie grinned as Eric did not even open her door, but scooped her up over it. She giggled as he carried her into the house and into their bedroom. As he dropped her onto the bed, Sookie sighed appreciatively as he began pulling her clothes off. When she was completely naked, Eric took her hands into his and placed them into the crooks of her knees.

“Hold your legs open wide for me, Lover,” he instructed with a wicked grin that made Sookie tremble. She tugged her knees back and far apart as she shook in anticipation. Sookie blinked her eyes shut tightly as Eric’s finger traced her slick folds, lying down on his side to stroke her lazily as he watched. Sookie whimpered, tilting her hips at his slow ministration. “Patience, Lover. You will get there,” he promised her, gliding his thumb around her clit now while his middle finger shallowly penetrated her. It seemed to go on forever, and Sookie let out a cry of frustration that lead Eric to start pounding his hand against her relentlessly. A surprised yelp came from the girl’s mouth as her lover suddenly complied, making her come so abruptly that she pulled back on her knees while her back arched, and Eric could hear her vertebrae popping at the harsh stretch. Eric chuckled at the sound of the joints cracking. “See, Lover? You got there just fine,” He grinned as she moaned and beckoned him upward.

Eric’s grin widened as he slid up the length of her body, catching the crease of her knees in the hook of his elbows. In the same movement, Eric drove his cock deep into her still clenching channel. “Ah!” She screamed as she felt him stretch her insides. “Eric! So good!” She gripped his shoulders as he pounded away mercilessly.

“You are so tight, Lover. Do you feel me stretching you? Can you feel your little pussy squeezing me?” Eric growled into the girl’s ear, making her groan and whimper.

“I lo-love when ya… when ya t-talk like that!” she stammered between gasps of breath. Eric growled again, nipping at her throat with his blunt teeth. “Do it!” she cried, holding his head to her throat. Without hesitation, Eric bore his fangs and drove them deep into her neck, sucking contentedly on her intoxicating blood as his lover shrieked with her climax and pulled him over the edge with her using those splendid internal muscles.

Eric withdrew is fangs and lapped at the wound he had left when he heard Sookie’s heart slow down. When he opened his eyes, hers were closed, and her breathing was evened out. “Sookie, Lover?” He stroked her cheek gently causing her eyelids to flutter. “Are you all right?” he asked gently.

Sookie moaned softly, but did not rouse. Eric realized he had probably taken a little too much blood from her over the past three evenings, and her body was finally being struck with fatigue from the loss on this fourth consecutive night. Kissing her gently, Eric wished she could read well enough so that he could leave her a letter to remember to take her vitamins, which he realized that they had left in the car. Deciding that it was better to start her on them the next night rather than risk her taking too many by accident, Eric stayed where he was in bed.

Tucking her body up against his own, Eric held his incapacitated lover for a while before leaving to get some work done, including sending an e-mail to the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. When he came back just before dawn, he kissed her gently before succumbing to the sun.

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  1. ericluver says:

    I’ve read this before and have it stored in my “Fanfiction” file on Kindle. Have always liked it and am enjoying reading it again.
    But could I ask one favour? A “next” button at the end of each chapter would make reading the whole story so much easier than having to look up each chapter in the menu. Just a suggestion 👍😀😉


  2. Jillian Broomhead says:

    I think this is my third reading of this story, while I find a naive Sook a bit annoying I love how you develope her character and finds her place in her world.


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