Keep Me Ch. 24

Chapter Twenty-Four:

Eric and Sookie were back, once more in their new home in Shreveport. Gazing at the house once again, feeling like it was all brand new for the second time, Sookie went flying towards the door, only to be scooped up by Eric and carried inside and to their bed.

They made love for hours before they eventually ended up sprawled on the kitchen floor, Sookie’s half eaten sandwich lying on the counter, forgotten.

“It is good to be home.” Eric sighed appreciatively as he turned onto his side to stroke the long curve of his lover’s back.

Turning her head to smile at him, Sookie asked, “Do you think Angie will ever want to talk to me again?”

Eric smirked, “I believe she is more likely to have aversions toward me, not you. However, you have learned to drive, and the threat of the fae has been eliminated. You are also more than capable of defending yourself from anything that lurks about during the day. Perhaps you should invite Angie out on a daytime excursion.”

Frowning, Sookie worried her lip between her teeth, “I don’t want to be away from you again, though,” she admitted.

“Sookie,” Eric pressed his forehead to hers, “you will not be far, and you cannot expect to live your life with me attached to you so completely, correct? You wanted friends for so long, and though you and Pam are close, you are not what one would call “kindred spirits”. So, go out, be with people again.”

Smiling at him, Sookie pressed her lips to his, “Okay… And if I get in trouble, it’s not like you can’t reach through time and space and drag me back to your side.”

Eric laughed loudly, “Precisely!”

“Do you think it’s too late to call her?”

“It is still before midnight. If I remember correctly, your friend is quite the night owl. Regardless of whether or not she agrees to meet with you, I am certain she would be relieved to know that you are home and well,” Eric assured.

With a quick nod, Sookie sprung to her feet to find the house phone. She dialed the number of her Witch friend and beamed to herself when it was answered.



Sookie!? Is that you? Are you all right? What happened? Where are you?” Angie asked in a rapid fire inquiry.

“Yes, it’s me. I’m just fine. I got abducted by fairies, but I’m home now,” Sookie explained in the order she had been asked.

Fairies?” Angie sounded shocked.

“It’s a really long story… I could tell you all about it over lunch tomorrow… If you still want to see me…?” Sookie suggested.

Lunch? Like during the day? As in, without your vampire bodyguard lover?” Angie sounded hopeful, and it made the telepath sad.

“Yes, without Eric. I’m sorry about what he did to you, are you okay?” Sookie asked carefully.

I’m not going to lie, Sugar. Your man scares the living hell out of me. I knew to be wary of vampires, but I never knew how bad they could hurt you so quickly! I mean, the bruises are fading now, but he cracked a few ribs.”

“I am so sorry!” Sookie gasped, “I could come to your place if you’re not feelin’ good enough to go out-”

No! I need to get out of this house!” Angie laughed gently, “Want to go to Danio’s for lunch tomorrow? It’s in the same square as the café from last time.”

“That’d be great. How about 1 o’clock?”

Awesome! It’ll be our first outing without a chaperone!” Angie sounded excited.

“I’ll see you there!” Sookie hung up right after Angie said her goodbyes and went to find Eric. He was sitting at the kitchen counter, still naked and watching her amusedly. “She’ll still hang out with me!”

“So I heard.” Eric smiled, “Please, give her my apologies for the way I acted last time?”

“Of course.”

“And I will give you plenty of money before you leave so that you can buy both of your meals, and perhaps you would like to go shopping with her. You will have plenty to spend on your little friend, too,” he added.

“That’s so nice of you, Darlin’!” Sookie gave him a long kiss. “I think she was a little excited about it just bein’ us. Not just because of what happened, but because we never have just been the two of us. I can tell from her mind that there are a lot of things she always wants to discuss that she holds back on because you’re there.”

“Yes, it is difficult to have a “girlfriend” when your lover is sitting right there listening. I know that there are things girls do not like to speak about when men are present,” he chuckled.

Sookie shrugged, “I’ve never had a problem with it.”

“That is because you never learned social cues growing up,” Eric smirked. “Your Witch is quite open when she speaks around me, but I can feel her hesitation. Mostly, her flippancy around me is a blatant attempt at showing me that she is unafraid of me. I have no doubt that if she were to be around me again, she would not have the same cadence.”

“So, this is one of those things everyone knows except me,” Sookie frowned.

Eric laughed at that, “No, many people who did not have your disadvantages share this trait. However, where the trait is endearing for you because of the innocence of naivety, others are more of an annoyance because it stems from a need to be the center of attention.”

His Bonded nodded slowly as she absorbed this before giving him a playful smile, “Want to take me back to bed for a while? I have a lot of time to kill before I need to start getting ready to meet with Angie.”

“Mmmm,” he purred, “that is quite appealing. I will need to get my fill of you before you leave me for the day.”


Sitting nervously in her BMW, Sookie realized this would be her first excursion alone in the car. Though Eric had let her drive them all the way back from New Orleans the previous night, again, she had never driven alone.

“Relax, Sookie, and have a good time. Do not be mad at me if I check in on you regularly, though,” He looked apologetic as she pulled out of the garage.

“I’ll probably be checkin’ in on you too!” She laughed as she craned her neck to not overrun the driveway.

“I will look forward to it!” Eric called after her as she pulled out of the driveway.

A deep pang reverberated in his heart. He hated to see her leave, but he knew that she would be only twenty minutes away, even less with the way he drove.

Pull it together, Northman. You have left her behind for Sheriff’s duties for much longer and greater distances. Eric thought this to himself as he went back into the house, but it was little comfort. Pausing by a window, he watched her drive down the street, until he could see her no longer. It would be a very long day if he did not find something to distract himself, and quickly!


“Whoa, nice car!” Angie hollered as she recognized the little blonde that pulled up near the restaurant. “And you drove yourself! That’s great!”

Sookie laughed as she got out of the car and hit to remote to lock it. “How are you feelin’?” she asked, giving the other woman a very gentle hug.

“No worse for wear now,” She shrugged softly. “Although, Goddess help me whenever I sneeze, or cough… Or sigh.”

The girl crooned sympathetically, “Eric wanted me to tell you how sorry he is for what he did to you. I understand if you want to tell him to shove it, but he did ask me to give you his apology.”

Angie smirked, “Well, I do want to tell him to shove his apology up his ass. I mean, did he just jump to the conclusion that I helped that old guy take you or something?”

“No,” Sookie shook her head, “it wasn’t that he thought you helped. Y’know how I don’t like bein’ away from Eric?”

Angie snorted, “Noooo, I hadn’t noticed one, little bit.”

Sookie rolled her eyes, but still managed a chuckle when she began her explanation, “Well, it has more than just to do with my gift. We are Bonded. I’ve told you a little bit about what that means. You know that we can feel each other from great distances,” The girls were walking towards the restaurant as Sookie explained. “Well, when that fairy took me, he took me into a completely different realm, one where the time differences were very extreme. Every hour was a day here. With that much time difference, Eric’s end of the Bond couldn’t feel me. He experienced my kidnappin’ as my death in the Bond.” Angie’s jaw dropped at that. “When a vamp loses his Bonded, he goes into a bloodlust. If it weren’t for the fact that he could logically reason that I wasn’t dead yet, he would have gone on a rampage and killed a lot of people.”

“So, you’re saying I’m lucky I’m not dead, and so is everyone that was in the café that night?” Angie asked.

Sookie grimaced, “Yes, pretty much.”

“So, how long were you gone?” Angie asked.

Sookie did not reply right away as she told the hostess that they needed a table for two. It was the middle of the lunch rush, so she handed Sookie a little electric device that would flash when they could be seated. The women went and stood in the corner before Sookie answered Angie’s question.

“For me, it was only about eight hours, but for Eric, it was eight days. By the fourth day, Eric’s Maker had to bring in other vampires to run thick, metal bars through his body and into the ground under him, just to keep him from either killin’ himself, or goin’ on a murder spree,” Sookie told her. “My end of the Bond was crazy. Since Eric was in a perpetual state of bloodlust, I was the one goin’ on a rampage.”

“What do you mean?” Angie was gaping at her friend.

“I killed a lot of people in the other realm,” Sookie admitted quietly.

Angie stared at her friend for a long time. “I… Wow… Were they bad?” she finally asked.

“Yes. There were only a few that I can’t say for sure didn’t have it comin’, but I needed to get back to Eric so badly. Unfortunately, there was somethin’ I had to do before I could even think of leavin’ Elfyria.” Her eyes became distant as she remembered taking on the Water Clan. “There were a group of fairies that want to kill hybrids like me. I had to take them down while I had the chance.”

“Did you get hurt?” Angie asked breathlessly. Looking behind her to be sure no one was looking, Sookie raised the shirt tail from the waist of her skirt, displaying the puckered scar from where she had been run through. “Holy shit!” Angie’s eyes were perfectly round as Sookie tucked her shirt back in, “How the hell… Does it go all the way through?” she asked.

Sookie nodded. “I got impaled from behind.”

“Wouldn’t vamp blood have kept it from scarring?” Angie asked.

“I asked Eric to leave it. It’s kind of my “badge of honor”,” she chuckled.

The little electric brick started shaking and blinking, and Sookie took it back to the hostesses’ stand, Angie in tow. They were seated then, and Angie leaned across the table to whisper conspiratorially, “There was quite a perk to Eric almost killing me.”

“Huh?” Sookie frowned, wondering how being beaten so badly by a thousand year old Viking could have a silver lining.

“Well, the girl who found me in the ladies’ room ran out, screaming for an ambulance, and there was a cop there who had, like, triage training. He’s a Were, and smelled that a vampire had done it to me, so he stayed with me the whole time, even at the hospital. His name’s Clay. He’s so cute, too! He’s got black hair and big hazel green eyes. He’s very muscular, and just…” Angie made a purring sound in the back of her throat, as if that were the only way to describe how attractive she found him. “Anyway, we started dating the second I was out of the hospital. Since he’s a Supe, I told him a bit about what happened. I didn’t mention Eric’s name, though,” she assured.

“So, you’ve been seein’ this Clay Were for a couple weeks now, then?” Sookie asked.

“Yeah, we’ve gone on two dates, but we talk all the time.” Angie was grinning. “I was telling him this morning about meeting up for lunch with you. He was apprehensive after what happened the last time.”

Sookie’s eyes went round at that. “You told him what exactly about me, and what happened?”

“Don’t worry, I just told him I was meeting a friend for lunch. He doesn’t know it was you I was with the last time, only that the last time I went out with a girlfriend was when I got attacked. He did feel a lot better that I was going out during the day, though.”

“I’ll probably never get to meet Clay.” Sookie frowned. “He’d smell Eric all over me, and recognize his scent from the vampire that attacked you.”

“Well, if things go well between him and I, and we give the relationship thing a run at the long haul, I’ll explain to him how things really went down. I don’t think he’ll ever trust Eric, anyway, just because Weres and Vamps don’t really trust one another to begin with.” Angie laughed.

“That’s true. They’ll work together under the right circumstances, or with proper compensation, but they don’t really like each other,” Sookie agreed.

After they had their drinks and were waiting on their food, the two women chatted animatedly until Sookie went rigid and began looking around the restaurant.

“What!? Don’t you freakin’ do that look! What’s wrong!?” Angie demanded in a low hiss, her body thrumming with adrenaline. She really could not stand to get beaten up again so soon.

“There’s two fairies in here. I felt them appear just outside the buildin’. They’re comin’ in now…” Sookie concentrated, but kept her eyes wide open, watching for a threat.

‘What is wrong, Lover?’ Eric’s voice was in her head, and she could feel him becoming aggressive.

‘Hold on, Darlin’, I need to concentrate,’ Sookie sent back to him distractedly, but then relaxed. ‘It’s my cousin. Don’t worry, she’s not here for anythin’ bad.’ Sookie smiled at Angie reassuringly. “Don’t worry, it’s family. They’re not here to hurt us.” Angie did not relax her rigid posture, and Sookie could see that the woman was breathing fast and shallow. “You’re goin’ to hyperventilate if you don’t calm down… Or your ribs are goin’ to really ache,” she pointed out, and the jolt of humor managed to shake Angie out of her panic.

“Should I leave?” Angie asked, looking around for a fairy, but not spotting any, that she could tell.

“No. She’s not approachin’. Claudine knows I’m telepathic, so she’s just thinkin’ at me right now. If anyone leaves the table, it will be me,” Sookie explained.

“Are you listening to her now?”


“And holding a conversation with me?”


Angie laughed. “Now that’s some serious multitasking.”

“I’ve gotten used to it.” Sookie smirked. There was no way of telling Angie that linking minds between three vampires and herself took far more concentration than just listening to Claudine and Angie simultaneously. “Ah… Yes, I will have to leave the table for a minute. You’re safe, but stay here until I get back… Just in case.” Angie groaned at the suggestion. It was not that she wanted to leave her seat, but the prospect that she could be in potential danger if she did was not appealing.

Walking over to the hostess stand, Sookie saw Claudine and Colman standing in the far corner of the waiting area where Sookie and Angie had stood not too long ago.

“Your Majesty.” Sookie nodded at her cousin. “Colman. You are both well?”

The female fairy nodded. “Yes, and it is thanks to you. You seem much nicer now that you are under control. I am glad to know that you are usually a calm person.” Sookie smirked at Claudine’s remark, “Colman and I have managed to take control of the kingdom. It only took a couple of hours to get the guard under proper command; Niall’s head was very motivating to the troops. Thank you for it.”

“It was my pleasure.” Sookie grinned. “Now, what about this Gatekeeper business?”

“Are you interested?” Claudine asked cautiously.

“I wouldn’t have left my table if I weren’t,” Sookie pointed out.

The new queen of Elfyria smiled, “There was once a bloodline in Elfyria that lived to protect the portals through the realms. The mark of the Gatekeeper is a rather impressive saber.”

“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t really use weapons often,” Sookie reminded her cousin.

“No, but it will serve another purpose. The pommel of the Gatekeeper’s saber is made of Empyrodite. Whenever the portal is accessed, the Empyrodite will resonate. You do remember where the portal in this realm is, yes?” Claudine asked.

“Yes, it’s in the graveyard next to my Gran’s old house.” Sookie remembered the surprise, though it had been tempered by the nausea, when she recognized where Niall had first taken her after the café. “You expect me to move out of Shreveport to guard the portal?”

“Of course not.” Claudine laughed. “You know that you need Empyrodite to use the portal, right?”


“What makes the Gatekeeper’s Saber so special is that the blade points to Empyrodite,” Claudine explained.

“But they can teleport, and I can’t… Yet…,” Sookie argued.

“True, but I am sure that you will come into that power soon. Besides, I will make a point to tell any crossing over to your realm, in non-aggressive terms, to check in with you before they go about their business,” Claudine assured. “That should lessen your time hunting most down. If they are entering your realm illegally, you will know because they will not wait for you.”

“I suppose I can always place an instantaneous passage marker at the portal. Octavia, my witch friend, showed me how to do it, but it takes a lot of energy to do, even for me.” Sookie shrugged. “That would give me reason to go to Bon Temps and visit my brother often, though.” Nodding to herself, Sookie held out her hand in agreement. “Okay. I’ll take the job. Where’s my sword?”

Claudine laughed and took Sookie’s hand, shaking it. “I have it here. There is a temporary reduction charm on it so that I could give it to you inconspicuously. It will wear off in about five hours, so be sure that you are either home, or somewhere out of view. It would probably be advisable that it lie flat on a surface so that it does not cause you or anything else damage when it returns to size.” The queen reached into her pocket and handed Sookie a miniature sword, no longer than the telepath’s pinkie finger. Drawing the tiny blade, from the its equally tiny scabbard, Sookie just chuckled and re-sheathed the blade before inclining her head to Claudine and Colman. “I will be in touch, Sookie. Be well, Cousin.”

“Be well.” Sookie smiled back and watched the pair leave. Before long, she felt their minds disappear outside the building. With a sigh, the new Gatekeeper went back to her table, and to her awaiting lunch, “Well, that was an unexpected turn of events.” She smiled at her friend.

“No bloodbaths, beat downs, or wars today?” Angie asked hopefully.

“Nope.” Sookie laughed and shook her head. “I just got my first job.”

“Oh?” Sookie explained her position to Angie, the best that she could. “So, your cousin, who was a prisoner of the guy that took you, is now queen of the fairies, and she asked you to guard the portal between our world and hers because you killed a revolutionary group that was a threat to you?” Angie recited, wondering if she managed to cram all of the provided information into a single sentence.

“Pretty much.” Sookie nodded as she finished her lunch, setting her fork on her plate, and pushing it away ever so slightly. As Angie finished up her own dish, Sookie asked, “Did you want any desert?”

“No, that was a big plate. I am so full.” Angie chuckled, patting her belly.

“Did you want to go shoppin’, or catch a movie?” Sookie pressed.

Angie giggled a little bit. “Well, that sounds really nice, but you’re getting frayed around the edges. I think you should get home to your man. I know he’s dead for the day, but it probably still makes you anxious to leave him alone when he’s so vulnerable, right?”

Sookie gave her a bemused smile, partly because Angie would have been right if Eric had been dead for the day. “It is hard bein’ away from him for long,” she admitted.

“Well, we’ll have our girls’ shopping day another time. Besides, I don’t want to go to the mall and get jostled with my ribs healing, and sitting through a movie after eating all that food doesn’t sound appealing either.”

“Okay, let me just get the check, and I’ll walk you to your car.” Sookie smiled. “Lunch is on Eric.” She laughed as she flagged over a waitress and asked for the check.

“Ooh, I wonder how many free meals I can get out of him.” Angie grinned. “We should go somewhere expensive next time.”

Sookie laughed as she took the black, leather binder, shoved a $100 bill in it and handed it right back, “No change, thank you.” She smiled at the waitress, and Sookie relished in the excited gratitude she heard in the server’s head. Sookie could get used to becoming a big tipper. The happiness she gave people when she curried such acknowledgements was very gratifying for her.


“Welcome back, Lover.” Eric scooped Sookie into his arms before she could even get out of her car. “Mmmm, you smell of fairy.” He groaned, nuzzling his face into her throat as he held her even tighter against him. She felt his body rocking gently against hers and she moaned in response.

“Yes, Claudine came and visited me at the restaurant while I was with Angie. Colman was with her,” she added.

“What did they want?” Sookie looked around Eric’s shoulder to see Pam standing in the doorway of the garage. Apparently Eric had gotten bored and called his Child over to entertain him while his Bonded was out.

“To offer me a job,” Sookie answered Pam’s question.

The vampiress sneered. “They want more from you?”

“I think Claudine only offered me the job because she knew I would like what it entailed,” Sookie said slowly as she thought it out.

“Oh? And what will you be doing?” Eric asked.

Sookie grinned. “Killin’ fairies.” Eric laughed at that. “I will sort of be like a Fairy Sheriff. I’ll guard the portal between our world and Elfyria, and fairies that aren’t hostiles will check in with me, and I guess I could give them a sort of visa. Log their time here, their activities, that kind of stuff. And fairies that don’t check in with me, I can call hostiles and kill at my will. I thought I might be able to collect fairy blood from my kills. You could probably sell it to other vampires for a pretty penny.”

Pam snorted. “What a little entrepreneur you’ve raised, Master.”

“I suppose I would also give passage back into Elfyria to fairies that have gotten stranded in our realm. When Claudine was thinking at me, she had a vague thought of her brother, Claude, and how she wondered if he would ever come home now that Niall is dead.”

“And how will you know when fairies cross through the portal?” Pam asked.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Sookie dug the tiny sword out of her pocket. “With this.”

“A toothpick?” Pam raised her eyebrows

“It’s a sword,” Sookie huffed.

“It is a needle,” Eric remarked.

“It’ll get bigger,” Sookie ground out.

“Swords have a tendency to do that around you, Lover. I know mine does,” Eric growled in her ear huskily. Sookie could feel the truth to his statement, proving itself against her backside, and she involuntarily wriggled against it. “So, you will be a Fairy Sheriff? We must get you appropriate attire for your new position.”

“Actually, I’m called ‘The Gatekeeper’,” Sookie told them.

Pam cackled. “Would that make Eric the Key Master? Because that is a gate only one man will ever open!” She could not help herself, merely because Eric looked about ready to shove his “key” into the new Gatekeeper at any moment.

Sookie giggled at her vampire kin’s comment. “I wouldn’t mind Eric workin’ the lock as often as he likes.”

Pam could not stop the laughter bubbling over in her throat as she let loose a marvelous cackle. Once she had calmed a bit she told Eric, “I will head back home, now that your Sookie has returned. Have a pleasant evening, Key Master.” She chuckled her way out the garage door.

Gathering Sookie into his arms, Eric nuzzled her neck as he lifted her up and carried his Bonded inside the house. They lay out on the floor of the den while Eric gazed at her appreciatively, “You smell strongly of fairy right now,” he told her again.

“Mmm,” Sookie sighed happily as Eric continued nudging against her shoulder with his nose, trying to inhale as much of the lingering scent as possible. “I wonder if it will enhance the taste of my blood?” She licked her lips seductively.

Eric pounced on her at that, pulling her dress up until he could press as much of his body against her bare skin as possible. Sookie was tugging at his shirt, wanting the feel of his own flesh pressed against hers.

Soon they were naked on the floor, and Eric was between her legs, his mouth licking and tasting her perfumed skin until his lips were level with her mound. He breathed deeply, enjoying the intoxicating aroma of her arousal. His tongue journeyed outward to taste her, and he groaned in pleasure at the flavor. It was many orgasms later on her part before he came back to her lips and kissed her passionately.

“Eric,” she groaned, using her legs to pull his hips between her thighs. “Need you…,” she moaned with a plea. He did not hesitate to push his entire length deep into his fairy’s inviting hole.

“Ah! Min vackra brud!” [My beautiful wife!] he grunted as he filled her with enthusiasm, always marveling at how familiar, but somehow new it felt to be inside of her.

“Uh! I love it when you speak Swedish!” she cried as his thrusts grew increasingly persistent. Soon, he flipped her onto her stomach, but kept her lying on the ground as he plundered her. “Oh! Yes!” She arched her back, moving onto her elbows, but keeping her hips to the floor. Her legs spread slightly to accommodate his movements, and she cried out as she felt another orgasm forming. “Ah! Drink from me!” she begged, flipping her hair over one shoulder to offer her neck.

Eric happily obliged, his fangs elongating and his face lunging for the exposed flesh to mark it and be sated.

Her blood was more potent after being around fairies. He had not noticed this when she returned from Elfyria, merely because he was so relieved to have her back that he could not have been more overjoyed with her presence than he had been.

The vampire nursed slowly, but for a long time. He savored every drop she could spare, knowing that it would only be this powerful when she interacted with another fairy.

When he knew that Sookie could not give another drop without feeling the strain, Eric withdrew his fangs and lapped at the wound to help seal it. Her inner walls were still squeezing him rhythmically and Eric tore open his wrist to offer her his own blood. She drank him eagerly when the bleeding wound was before her, and another extensive climax had the fairy rearing back against him as he rode out his own bliss.

A few minutes later, still lying on the den floor, Sookie hugging one of Eric’s arms, and his free hand tracing her curves, Eric asked, “Did I take too much blood?”

“Mmm, not at all. Just enough to make me a little tired, but it’s a good tired. The kind where you feel like everythin’s right with the world, and it’s safe to go to sleep,” she explained.

“Perhaps you should take a nap?” he suggested.

“Only if you stay in bed with me.” She yawned before continuing, “I have to set up an instantaneous passage tonight, and I want you to come with me.”

“Oh? Where?” he asked.

“At the site of the portal to Elfyria. I’ll need to be able to get there quickly,” she told him.

“The graveyard?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Sookie turned in his loose embrace to look at him curiously.

“It was the last spot I could feel you at before you were taken to Elfyria.”

“Oh, well, at least its hallowed ground. It’s less likely that my Marker will be disturbed there.” She shrugged.

“That is true. What will you use?” He leaned forward to nibble her shoulder with blunt teeth.

“There’s a band on the Gatekeeper’s Saber that I can remove and leave in the graveyard. I will need to carry the saber at all times, anyway.” Sookie giggled as Eric rose from the ground, taking her with him and to their bed.

“You will probably need to call Octavia and see if she can teach you a reduction charm like the one your cousin used on the blade. It would be impractical for you to carry it openly in public.” He chuckled at the mental image.

Sookie had to laugh as well as she snuggled into their bed. “Actually, Octavia did teach me an interesting spell. I called it “The Mary Poppins Charm”.” She giggled some more. “I can put a charm in my bag to give it extended capacity.”

“That is a good idea.” Eric nodded. “And can the charm be transferred between your bags?”


“That will be an optimal alternative.” He was smiling down at her proudly. “How much longer before the blade returns to normal?”

“Another hour or so. I should probably get it back out of my dress pocket before it gets destroyed!” She went to rise, but Eric pushed her back onto the bed.

“I will take care of it,” he assured, moving at vampire speed and returning with the little blade in his palm. Setting it on the floor near their bed, he climbed back onto the mattress with her. “All taken care of.” He smiled. “I am interested in seeing your new weapon at its normal size. How would you like to pass the time until then?” His eyes were all too telling on how he wished to make the hour or so pass.

Pouncing on top of her vampire, Sookie straddled his hips. “I can think of a few things….”

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