Catalyst Ch.05

Chapter Five: A Weight is Lifted

Jason’s POV:

Ugh, that couch looks so good right now, but Sookie won’t shut up. She’s goin’ on and on about somethin’. Oh good, she’s talkin’ soft now and slowin’ down.

“Jason,” Sookie whispers, “why don’t you take a nap ’til the doctor gets here?”

I grunt out a reply and flop onto the lumpy couch, wincin’ as a spring pokes into my ribs. Don’t care. Fuckin’ sleep!

Next thing I know there’s this loud poundin’ on the door, and I’m jumpin’ off the couch like it bit me. ‘Course, with all the springs, it probably was.

I shuffle toward the door, expecting to find some sort of burly sports therapy doc, and what do I find? A four foot nothin’ biddy, who looks about eighty.

“You the doc?” I ask in surprise.

“Got a problem with that?” she snaps at me like I’m a huge asshole. Yup, this has got to be the doc.

“Not at all. You’re good enough to come to me. I woulda come to your office, but Eric said he’d send ya over. Sorry if it’s messin’ with your day,” I apologize.

Her pissy glare tones down a bit after I apologize, so I figure if I’m cordial without layin’ it on too thick, she’ll be easier to deal with.

“First, take off your shirt,” the doc commands, lookin’ for somewhere for me to sit I imagine. Only two places she could probably check on my arm is the bedroom or the bathroom. Somethin’ ’bout havin’ this little, ancient doctor in bed with me gives me the shivers, so I tell her we can do this in the bathroom.

Soon I’m shirtless, sittin’ on the edge of the tub, and she’s standing in the tub feelin’ at my shoulder, pressin’, pullin’, and makin’ it sting like a bitch! “How long have you been benched?” she asks me. When I look at her all confused, she looks taken aback. “You haven’t been playing with your arm like this, have you?” she demands.

“Well, last game of the season was the last Sunday of November,” I tell her. “So, what, I’ve been out since two weeks or so ago? Had a practice night before last, but that was all fun and games, not a real practice.”

Doc’s mouth tightens into a real thin line and her face is all red, “Do you realize you have a nearly severed infraspinatus!? You mean to tell me you have been playing like this!?” She is PISSED!

“I guess… I just manned up and ignored it,” I shrug. In reply, Doc thumps my shoulder in just the right spot with such accuracy and power, I actually lurch forward and puke into the toilet. I felt that pain shoot all the way up into my fuckin’ head!

“Idiot,” she grouches at me. “A torn rotator cuff muscle, and I can hear bone on bone in this shoulder. You are a fool,” she scolds me over and over while she bends into the tub and I flush the toilet. “I was hoping I would have something other than this to fix your problems, but you have completely destroyed that arm!”

I look behind me to see her holdin’ a red vial and the biggest, fucking needle I have seen in my entire life. I look at her like she’s crazy if she thinks she’s stickin’ that in me!

“You will need three injections of this serum. Here,” she points to the front of my shoulder, “here,” points to the back, “and here,” She raises my arm and points to my armpit. Fuck, that’s gonna hurt the worst! “Hard one out of the way first,” she tells me while she’s already swabbing my armpit with rubbin’ alcohol. That fucker of a needle is jabbin’ into me next, and I scream in surprise, pain, and a bit of anger. Warn a man, God damn it! “Man up, Stackhouse. You are apparently good at that! Two more to go.”

I grit my teeth and resolve myself not to strangle this fuckin’ bitch. Then, just as I’ve decided I won’t kill her, she sticks me again. Deep! Third time’s a charm, and by the time she’s made the final injection, I’m all but runnin’ out the bathroom door!

As I’m fuming, pacin’ ’round the livin’ room, I suddenly notice that my arm doesn’t hurt for the first time in about four months. It’s hurt on and off the last year, but since September, it’s been a constant hurt. I mean, always, when I’m awake, asleep, using it, or not. It always hurts! Now, it’s like it never hurt before in its twenty years attached to my torso. The fuck she give me?

“I will drop by next Saturday to see how the treatment is working for you,” Ludwig announces when she comes out of the bathroom, all her gear stowed back in her movie prop of a doctor’s bag. “Aside from discussing how your arm feels, we will also discuss how you feel overall. There will be several embarrassing questions, but I need answers. Be prepared for that,” Ludwig warns me.

“Ain’t ya s’pose to talk to me ’bout side effects and shit before givin’ someone drugs?” I ask dumbly.

Ludwig smirks at my question, but answers… Kinda… “It is an experimental mixture. I have used it several times for multiple sorts of injuries, but never this specific injury. Side effects should not occur in the application.”

“A miracle drug with no side effects?” I know I look doubtful. “Why ain’t it used all the time?”

Doc crosses her arms over her chest and replies, “The compounds for this serum are extremely difficult to obtain. Most of the time it is needed, it is like pulling teeth to acquire. That is all I will tell you about it. Now, as I said, I will return next Saturday to see about your progress.”

I can only nod as she leaves. Once she’s gone, I go to the fridge, pile together a lunch, and sit with my schoolwork at the coffee table. I got most my homework done at the Buy’n’Bag during the first half of my double shift, but I have Finals startin’ on Monday. I can’t take a break from studyin’.

After I’m done with lunch, I stretch a bit, still blown away by how easy my right arm swings. Even those shots with that porn-sized needle don’t hurt. I decide it’s time to see if I can actually sleep for a few hours straight now without the pain wakin’ me up. Optimistically, I set the alarm clock for 7 PM, just in case I actually manage to pass out a whole seven hours.


“FUCK!” I shout at the sound blastin’ beside me. It’s 7:00 o’clock and the alarm I set did what I asked of it. Holy shit! Is this what bein’ well rested feels like?!

I slap the alarm and quickly start pullin’ myself together. I change clothes for work ‘cause Sooks always does laundry on Saturday night after work, and the jeans I was wearin’ definitely need a wash. I’m just puttin’ together a sack lunch when Sookie comes through the door.

“Hey, Sooks,” I greet her in a fashion I haven’t in over eighteen months. I scoop her up under her arms and lift her over my head.

“WHOA!” she laughs, and when I set her back down, she’s cryin’ and huggin’ on me. “Your arm is feeling better!?” she asks hopefully.

“Yeah, Sooks. It feels great, and for once I’m not just sayin’ that,” I tell her assuredly. “It feels like a whole new arm.”

“Oh, Jason, I’m so glad!” she’s actually sobbin’ now while she hugs me around the middle.

“Hey now, don’t go crackin’ a rib!” I tease, pattin’ the top of her head. “I made you a grilled cheese. I gotta leave,” I tell her as I point to the plate on the counter. I grab my thermos and my bagged lunch, kiss her on the head, and run out the door.

As I catch my bus to the stadium, Hank, the bus driver, looks at me like I’m a stranger, “Wow, Stackhouse! You look good! What happened?”

“Finally saw a doctor about my shoulder and got a full seven hours’ sleep,” I tell him, sittin’ directly behind his seat. “My arm feels amazin’. Don’t know exactly what the doc gave me, but it’s nothin’ like that one time I took Vicodin. No nausea, no excessive sleeping, no fog. It’s amazin’.”

“You ain’t seein’ pink elephants on parade now, are ya?” Hank teases.
“Nope. No hallucinations that I can tell,” I laugh. “It don’t feel like a drug, y’know? I just feel… healed.”

“Well, don’t push it. Usually when you get treatments like that, the pain comes back just as bad if not worse,” he warns me.

“Yeah,” agreeing with him makes me gloomy, but I’m also optimistic. I don’t have any physically taxin’ shit to do until next fall. That’ll hopefully be enough time to rest up my shoulder and let it heal good and proper. Probably shouldn’t have picked Sooks up like I did, but I was just so excited. She’s been worryin’ so much over me, I just wanted to show her how good I felt. Make her stop feelin’ so guilty.

All the guys at the stadium comment on how alive I look tonight. They all say how I’ve never looked better, now all I gotta do is fill back out. That shouldn’t be a problem with all the food Eric packed into our kitchen. I can already see the color comin’ back to Sook’s cheeks and eyes. It’s only been four days, but the shadows under her eyes are already gone. I guess puttin’ weight on ain’t so hard when you actually got food in the house.

I got my uniform on, my Batman Belt, flashlight, radio, and I’m actually pretty energized for work tonight. I’m whistlin’ and grinnin’ as I walk the halls. Mallory is clankin’ by in her usual heels, ready to leave, but she stops suddenly when we’re about three feet away and watches me walk by.

“You look good today, Stackhouse,” she tells me.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” I’m a bit surprised. I don’t think she’s ever acknowledged me the last three years I’ve worked here. Sure, I’ve caught her checkin’ me out every so often, but I don’t think she’s ever spoke to me. “You look nice,” I add after an awkward moment.

“Thanks,” she smiles at me in a way I ain’t had a woman look at me in almost five months. I feel Little Jason wake up from his hibernation, and I’m kinda surprised. I ain’t even got mornin’ wood in the last two months, I’ve been so fuckin’ exhausted.

“So, got any plans tonight?” I ask, knowin’ I should be workin’, but another part of me is wantin’ for attention.

“No,” she pouts, all girly. Her bottom lip is juttin’ out, and she looks up at me from beneath her lashes. “I have to be back here tomorrow morning early. I hate getting ready for tax season,” she complains in this playful, sweet voice, all with that thick bottom lip pokin’ out at me, and Little Jason ain’t so little no more.

Fuck, I need it bad! And with that thought, I swoop down and mash my mouth against that plump lip. It’s like crash landin’ into an airbag, I’m so desperate for some physical connection. Then her arms are around my neck, and she’s tryin’ to climb me like a tree. I grab her hips and push her against a wall as my mouth keeps pushin’ against hers. My tongue’s twistin’ and dancin’ with her tongue. It’s hot and impulsive and I just can’t stop!

“Tell me to stop,” I pant against her mouth. “Ya gotta tell me t’stop,” I insist.

“Don’t stop,” she groans, flexing her legs around my hips and digging my cock right up against her center. Fuck me!

“It’d just be sex,” I tell her. “I don’t want anythin’ but that from ya. Tell me to stop,” Even as I’m begging her to make me stop, my hands are sliding up her thighs, kneading them, pushing up her skirt.

“That’s all I want from you,” she assures me.

“I don’t gotta condom,” I tell her.

“My purse,” she points to the ground, and if there’s one thing every guy’s ever told me, it’s ‘be wary of girls who carry condoms.’ But I’m so hard up at this point that I could smell chlamydia, and still go for it.

I set Mallory back on her feet, hand her the bag, wait as she digs through it, and finds a rubber. Next she’s opening my pants and rollin’ it down my cock like a fuckin’ pro. I don’t even think I can put a condom on myself that good.

I pick her back up by her hips, push her back against the wall, and use my hand under her skirt to push her panties to the side. Then I’m in her, and it feels too fuckin’ good. It’s been too long, and all this energy has been cooped up, and fuck. Hold on, Stackhouse, hold on. Ya gotta savor it. It might be another five months. Savor it!

I push my hips tight against hers and stay in real close, but hard. Her panties ain’t goin’ nowhere now, so I use that same hand to reach above where we meet and start rubbin’ at her clit. She jerks at the attention and I gotta hold her tight as her hips start churnin’.

Fuck, fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck! I don’t know how long I can hold out.

She feels so good, and she’s gettin’ wild as I keep rubbin’ at her. Mallory starts to cum around me, and as she does, I start losin’ control of my hips. I’m slammin’ her pussy so hard, I’m surprised she don’t hit me. Instead, she starts really moanin’. Like, loud. Loud enough that I’m almost nervous Ross might hear us.

“Oh, God,” Mallory groans in my ear. “Oh, my fucking God. I’m gonna cum again,” she tells me, and sure enough I feel her pussy start squeezin’ me again.

“I can’t hold it,” I warn her as she starts to cum again. As she lets out another loud moan, I feel my cock start pulsin’ and jumpin’ inside her. I hold her real close and tight as I finish. “Thanks,” I gasp against her ear, not sure what else to say.

“Thank you, too,” she pants as I start to slip out. “Maybe I’ll stay late on nights you work more often,” she comments once I set her back on her own feet.

As I pull the condom off, knot it, and shove it in my pocket, I watch Mallory collect her things, straighten her clothes, and walk away. Rather than the usual clack, clack, clack of her heels, it’s more of a cu-lack, cu-lack, cu-lack. Do all women walk so sexy after a good fuck? I wonder as I fasten up my pants again.

I’m practically running to finish my circuit on time, my head whipping back and forth when I hear over the radio: “Damn it, Stackhouse! If you’re gonna fuck on your shift, could you at least do it off camera? Y’know there is a video blind spot ten feet away!” Larry reprimands me.

My face immediately goes red while I grab at my radio and respond, “Sorry, kinda got lost in the moment.”

It’s cool, Kid. I’ll take care of the footage.”


Did you just fuck Mallory, Stackhouse!?” Ross’s voice comes over the radio now. “I’m so fucking proud! You’ve needed some action for months!”

“Thanks, Ross,” I roll my eyes.

How was it?”

“This isn’t what the radios are for, Ross,” I tell him.

Aw, C’mon. Was it good?”

“It was pussy, Ross. Yes, it was good.”

At 3 AM, the relief security shows up and they are already ribbin’ me ’bout Mallory. Apparently Larry spilled the beans about my quick ‘n’ dirty fuck in the hallway. Whatever, I don’t care. It’s what I needed.

I change back into my street clothes and start heading toward the bus stop when a minivan pulls up along the curb.

“Stackhouse,” I turn and see Pam in the van. She’s smirking at me, “I will give you a ride home.”

What the hell is this?

Pam’s POV:

The boy is looking at me stunned, but eventually clambers into the passenger seat.

“How was your doctor’s appointment?” I ask, gaining intel, per Eric’s request.

“Good. My shoulder feels great,” he tells me happily. “Even managed to get a whole seven hours sleep after.”

“You have not been having any adverse reactions?” I ask, knowing that Eric has not sensed a new presence within him since rising.

Stackhouse shrugs, “Nothing that I’ve noticed.”

He smells like sex. I wonder if it is because of the blood he was injected with, or because he is feeling better. Regardless, he looks good. Thin, but good. Almost as if a weight has been lifted from his shoulders both literally and figuratively.

“You look better,” I offer.

“Thanks,” he nods, looking uncomfortable.

“You look like you got laid,” I comment, causing him to sputter and look at me guiltily. “You needed it.”

“Uh,” Stackhouse’s discomfort entertains me. “So, how’s your brother?” He is changing the subject, trying to get the spotlight off himself.

“Well. Not as well as you, apparently,” I taunt him further and earn a blush. Mmm, he smells quite delicious. Especially smelling like sex and pussy. As I am pulling up to his street, I decide to cause him further embarrassment. “Would you like more?” I ask, pulling up to the curb.

“More of what?” he looks dumbfounded and guileless.

“Sex,” I tell him.

“What!?” He pushes against the passenger door in surprise.

“I wouldn’t mind fucking you,” I shrug. It is true. He is attractive, and maybe I can sneak a taste of what promises to be a delicious sample. If I do it just right, I will not even need to glamour him.

“Listen, Pam,” his voice has raised an octave, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. My sister has a little crush on your brother, and I don’t really date, and I like your brother and I don’t want to get on his bad side and-”

“Quiet,” I tell him as gently as I can manage. “First off, I do not date either. Second, what you and I do will have no effect on your sister and Eric. Third, Eric could not care less if he walked in and saw you fucking me.”

“But, but- I-I just had sex, like six hours ago,” he tells me.

“You can’t get it up again after six hours?” I ask while smoothly reaching for his shaft. He is already hardening beneath my hand. I squeeze him gently and he swells further. “I would not think a fuck six hours ago could stop you.”


“Stackhouse, do you want to fuck me or not? It feels as if you do,” I tell him in a low, seductive voice. I want his blood, and I want to taste the pussy on his cock.

“I don’t have any condoms,” he tells me.

“I am on birth control and clean,” I tell him. Nothing more 100% effective against accidental pregnancy and venereal disease than being dead.

“O-Okay,” he whispers, almost frightened, but I am already unzipping his fly and quickly have his cock in my mouth. “Oh shit!” he cries out while I work my tried and true techniques. Eric spent a great deal of time training my mouth when I first became vampire, and now this boy is reaping the benefits. I can taste the residual lubricant from the condom he used earlier, and when I take him to the back of my throat, my tongue captures some of the flavor of the woman he had. Her flavor, though preferable to the precum now coating my tongue, is not the best pie I have sampled.

When I feel that he is on the verge of climax, I disengage his member and crawl into the backseat. He awkwardly follows me and is soon on top of me. Stackhouse kisses my neck and works his way down to the buttons of my blouse. His hands are a bit clumsy, but his touch is enjoyable. He is a bit rough, which I do not mind, but I chalk it up to his inexperience. When he shoves the cups of my bra out of his way, his mouth is suckling and nibbling at my nipple while his hand plays with the other, twisting and plucking. I find myself quickly dissolving from judgmental to enthralled. He is captivating me with his attention, and when he has paid equal attention to each breast, he begins opening my shirt further, kissing down my belly.

Needless to say, I am shocked and maybe a bit impressed when he pushes my skirt up, yanks my panties down, and starts licking and stroking my slit. Apparently he is a tit for tat man, and since I gave him head, he wishes to return the favor. Since he is not doing a poor job, I situate myself to give him better, more comfortable access, and then I just lean back to enjoy.

Normally I am unimpressed with mortals going down on me, but Stackhouse has definitely raised my expectations. I had always believed it was merely a chasm between our races that made human men unappealing lovers, but Stackhouse is proving that theory incorrect. He spreads me as wide as the backseat will allow and is alternating between snaking his tongue into my hole and assaulting my clit with quick, steady flicks. I give him an encouraging moan and find myself clutching at his hair. What is this boy doing to me?

He knows to find a speed and stick with it, but he also knows how to keep a girl on a precipice, wanting. He has me. I am on the verge, but he keeps backing down right as I feel my orgasm about to explode. Son of a bitch.

“Do you want it, Pam?” he asks from between my folds, and the little bastard gently tugs one of my labia with his teeth.

“Of course I want it, Stackhouse!” I snap at him.

“You made me uncomfortable. I figured I should return the favor,” He tugs at the other nether lip and I actually groan at his teasing.

“And how long are you planning on keeping me in suspense?” I ask him.

“Long enough that one orgasm will be worth it for you. I’ve never fucked without a condom. I don’t know I’ll last long enough to get you off again,” he confesses, and then torments me to the edge of oblivion before easing me back down. I have to admit that his forthcoming is rather admirable. “God, you’re so fucking wet,” he groans and starts licking me clean. He looks up at me from between my legs and his pupils are so big in the darkness and desire. I watch as he sucks my clit between his lips once more and chooses a quick, steady speed until I find an unwanted scream erupting from my mouth.

As I recover from the surprisingly good orgasm, Stackhouse is on top of me, pushing inside of me. He thrusts deep and stays still a long moment, moaning and groaning above me, burying his face into my shoulder until he can regain control.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he tells me, pressing his teeth into my shoulder. “You’re so fucking wet and tight, Pam,” he chokes out and I begin undulating my hips beneath him. “No, don’t move. I ain’t got the control not to cum if you start doing that.”

I still beneath him while he starts kissing and sucking at my throat and shoulder. He kisses up to my chin and eventually my lips. His tongue is far clumsier with my mouth than it had been with my pussy, and that amuses me. Apparently he finds kissing more intimate than going down on a woman. I disengage his lips and kiss over to his ear, giving the lobe a slight tug.

“You have to start moving some time, Stackhouse,” I tell him. He wraps his arms beneath my back, cradling my shoulders as his hips begin to move. “Yes, harder,” I command, and revel when he easily complies. He picks up a hard, punishing speed and I am arching beneath him. Something about the animalistic movement makes up for the fact he can’t move with the speed or strength of a vampire.

One of his hands leaves my back and is between my thighs. Oh, good, he knows how to play with a girl’s clit while he’s fucking.

“Fuck, Pam, I can’t,” he gasps in my ear. I sense that my opportunity to taste him is coming, and I lie in wait as he pumps into me over and over. Before I can seize my opportunity, my body begins convulsing in orgasm, and I feel him explode inside of me. He is roaring in my ear, and I manage to collect enough of myself to pierce his shoulder and sneak a sample of his blood.

It is sweet and hot, and I would drain him dry if I knew I could get away with it. I want to bottle his blood and save it for special occasions. I want to bathe in it and lick myself clean. Instead, I lance my tongue against a fang and coat his injury in my blood.

He’s still jerking fiercely against me, and I find myself screaming with a multiple climax that overwhelms me before I even notice its possibility. Maybe it is his exquisite blood, or maybe human men can be better lovers than I thought, but one thing is for certain. Jason Stackhouse can fuck me any time!

Jason’s POV:

My legs are jelly when I leave Pam’s van. I don’t know that I’ve ever fucked that hard before in my life.

When I make it to the apartment, I’m beat. I worked a fourteen-hour shift at one job, an eight-hour shift at the other, and fucked two different women. That is one full-ass day.

So, I brush my teeth, pull off my shirt, yank down my pants, and climb onto the couch in just my boxers with an afghan. Thankfully, Sookie’s dead to the world in her bedroom, and didn’t wake up and come lookin’ for me when the water started runnin’. God, I smell like sex and sweat.

Instead of fallin’ asleep like I should, all I can do is lay on the couch and worry over how bad I might have just fucked up. Pam said Eric wouldn’t care if he found out we had done it, but I feel like I just stabbed the guy in the back. If Sookie had told Eric I wouldn’t care if he had sex with her, she would have been lyin’. What if Pam lied? Oh my God, what if she lied!?

I get off the couch and sneak into Sook’s room, goin’ straight to the dresser where Sookie always sets all the shit I leave in my pockets before doin’ the wash. I find Eric’s business card and go to the phone in the kitchen.

Northman,” Eric’s voice is surprisingly alert for almost five in the mornin’.

“Hey, it’s Jason Stackhouse,” I tell him nervously.

Is everything all right? Is your sister well?” he asks and my heart about leaps outta my chest when he asks about my sister.

“She’s fine. Asleep. I just had to call ya,” I tell him quickly.

What is wrong?” Eric sounds frustrated, probably ‘cause he can hear that I’m anxious.

“I fucked your sister in her car tonight. I am so sorry. I won’t even pretend like it meant anythin’ to me ‘cause that would be even more disrespectful. I am so sorry. I don’t know why I did it. I knew better. I shouldn’t’ve took her at her word that you wouldn’t care-”

I do not care,” he flat out tells me. “Pam is a mature young woman. She can make her own decisions without me vetting all of her potential partners.”

“But I don’t feel the same way you do when it comes to my sister!” I tell him.

Stackhouse, you have already set your terms in regard to Sookie. I respect them, and I will uphold my promise to tell you if anything between her and I changes before any action is taken. Though Pam is technically the same physical age as your sister, she is not the same mental or emotional age at all,” Eric is surprisingly calm for a guy that’s getting a 5 AM call from the person that just fucked his sister in the back of a minivan. “I never put any boundaries on you in regard to Pam, and you should not be feeling this guilt. Relax. Go to sleep. As I have heard, you had a very long day.”

I swallow hard, “Did she tell you?”

In her own ‘Pam Way,’ yes, she did. I should tell you congratulations. She normally does not enjoy sex with men so much.”

“Pam’s gay!?” I ask in a confused whisper.

Eric laughs at me, “She leans one way more than the other, but could go either. Is that all? Can you sleep now knowing I do not harbor any resentment, and that I have no intention of revenge fucking your sister?”

My jaw tenses at that statement, but I relax when I realize he’s not exactly wrong about what I was worried about, “Yeah. Sorry if I woke you.”

I tend to work throughout the night and sleep throughout the day,” he tells me.


I am far more productive at night and I have enough money that my eccentricities are accommodated.”

“Oh, well, sleep well when you finally do,” I tell him.

You as well.”

I hang up the phone and slowly make my way back to the couch. Pam was right. Eric really don’t give a shit what she does. Personally, I don’t get it. I woulda beat Eric’s face in if the circumstances were reversed. With or without me drawin’ lines in the sand where it came to my sister.

Lookin’ down the hall at the bedroom Sooks is sleepin’ in, I sigh and then look up at the ceilin’. God, if you love me at all, or even if you think you might owe me a favor after all the shit we’ve been through, just make sure Sooks is loved, okay? Don’t let her get used. Don’t let nobody hurt her no more. Ever again.

On to Chapter Six!


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  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    Jason is so cute — I loved his description of Dr Ludwig– and his feeling better showed this too– wonder if Pam will fall for Jason’s allure and if she tells Eric about his taste. Good chapter and I really like this Jason.

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  2. askarsgirl says:

    Good for Jason. His dry spell is finally over, big time! I had to chuckle at Pam’s almost clinical description of sex with Jason and I laughed out loud when Jason phoned Eric to confess(bless his heart) and Eric simply said, “I don’t care”! Lol thanks for the update, love this story!

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    It’s so nice to have a Jason that is sweet and loves his sister. And what young bloke could resist such opportunities? I can’t wait for a peak of Godric’s thoughts.
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    I’m sort of glad you kept Jason a slut. Honestly he goes from one ‘quickie’ to another. Having him ring Eric and admit fucking Pam over the phone was a hoot. I laughed and laughed. Very enjoyable chapter. Thank you. 🙂

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    Excellent Jason POV. He was on the verge of being crippled. Those injections did the trick, but they made me cringe. Glad he is feeling better. So are two women. I hope Sookie is okay. She was a little sick last time. More and better food likely fixed it though. Dr. Ludwig was great. I wonder what personal questions she will ask next time.

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  7. mindyb781 says:

    I’m glad Jason is healing . I can’t imagine the pain he was in with torn muscles and no treatment . I’m so glad he is getting treatment . I’m love that he got with Pam , and apparently did a good job. Great chapter ! !!!!


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  9. ashmo2000 says:

    Jason deserves everything from the Dr to the two bootycalls. He has sacrificed so much to keep his sister with him, then both have sacrificed so much to stay together. Jason deserves a break since being thrust into basically parenthood at such a young age. He is someone truly deserving.


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    Your Jason is so likeable; loves and protects his sister with a passion, and still manages to make two women very happy in a short period of time. That vampire blood was the elixir of life for him it seems.


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