Keep Me Ch. 10

Chapter Ten:

Sookie was sad when Eric and Godric began ushering her inside of the house. They could feel dawn coming, and needed to get to their resting places before they died for the day.

Despite promises of swim lessons, the trio had spent the evening experimenting with their new found telepathic abilities. Eric and Godric tried to communicate with each other without Sookie, but found nothing but silence and curious looks. They did discover that Sookie could link their minds and open a pathway for them to speak, however it was exhausting for the girl, and they agreed that it should only be done in extreme emergencies when having Sookie relaying messages would be too time consuming, and would need to speak directly to one another.

“It is strange, Lover.” Eric slipped off his Speedo as he prepared for his rest. “It feels like the evening has only just begun. I wish that I did not have to leave you for the day, but continue to explore our new gift. Although, I am sure that you are thoroughly exhausted from all of the evening’s events.” He pushed a damp tendril of hair from her face as he leaned in to kiss her lips gently.

Sookie smiled into his lips before pulling away and sprawling on the bed. She too was not feeling the least bit tired, but she decided it was because the night’s events had left her giddy. “Keep talkin’ with me until the sun finally takes you from me?” she requested, reaching out her arms to embrace him.

“Of course, I love slipping away to the sound of your voice.” Eric slid into her loose hug and wrapped his arms about her waist, “What will you do today?”

“I don’t know, probably explore Godric’s house a bit. It’s much bigger than I realized. I was so distracted last night, that I wasn’t really payin’ attention to the place,” She told him. “Is Terrence goin’ to be my driver today?”

“Yes, and you may wish to get a bit more information about him. Godric was very intrigued about learning more about his personal employees… Also, now that you are comfortable in my home, and a bit more educated, I was considering hiring some domestics to keep the house. I am very unhappy with myself for allowing you to take those duties upon yourself,” Eric confessed.

“Why are you unhappy with my cleanin’? Don’t I do a good job?” She looked disappointed with herself.

“I am not unhappy with you, Lover.” Eric chuckled as he shook his head. “I just do not wish for you to be the one to clean. I want you to be able to focus on your education instead of being a housekeeper. Also, I wish to have someone to cook for you. You seem to be eating too many processed foods, and I know you still skip meals. Your body should have filled out much more than it has in the past few months, and I would like someone in the house to be making sure you are getting all of your meals.”

Sookie’s was having trouble being happy with these potential changes. She was already content with the existing arrangements, and was unsure how she felt about having a stranger in her home with Eric dead for the day. “That’s a lot of changes…”

“Yes, it is, but you will benefit greatly from these changes. I hope to hire a tutor for you soon. Your mind is learning quickly, and you need continuous coaching in your studies.” Eric tapped her nose playfully. “If you were not waiting for Pamela and I to rise for the evening, imagine what all you could have learned by now!”

Sookie smiled at him before nuzzling against his chest and continuing their talk. Part of their evening to morning ritual was snuggling together and discussing the near and distant future. Sometimes they would talk about her studies and what Sookie would be learning next. Other times, Eric would tell her his plans for after the Great Reveal. A lot of the time, Eric and Sookie would discuss Fangtasia as they tried anticipating the reception of the club. Eric could not help but gloat at the thought that Sookie was excited to help him troubleshoot issues that occurred at the club once it was safe to open.

“Eric…” Sookie gave him a surprised and confused look. “Are you able to stay up later into the mornin’ now?”

“What do you mean, Lover?” Eric asked curiously still stroking her hair.

“Well, I just looked over your shoulder at the clock… It’s nearly 10 AM, and the sun has been up quite a while now…,” Sookie told him hesitantly. “Hold on.”

Godric, are you still up?” Sookie projected to him.

Yes, and I can tell that Eric is as well. I can feel that Pam is still aware, too. Meet me in the living room. The curtains will have drawn by now, so it will be safe for us to walk about.”

“Godric wants us to meet him in the livin’ room,” Sookie told Eric. The vampire made a confused face, but dressed quickly, as did Sookie.

When the three had reconvened in the living room, they all stared at one another for a moment. “Do I dare try it, Eric?” Godric eyed the window.

“I am younger, I should try it first,” Eric argued.

“Yes, but should you collapse, Sookie would not be able to drag you back into the house,” Godric pointed out.

“She has just had my blood last night, she will be plenty strong enough.” Eric waved off the excuse.

“You make a good point.” Godric sighed, but the urge to protect his progeny was overriding common sense. “However, I would like it to be me. I have gone over a thousand years longer than you without seeing the sun.”

It was the first time Sookie had seen Eric fidget so openly. “Don’t worry, Eric. I’ll make sure he gets back inside safely. We’ll go out together.” She smiled warmly at Godric and let him take her hand.

Sookie opened the front door as Eric paced the den worriedly. Luckily, Godric had opened his end of the bond, and between his Maker and Bonded, Eric would know if any danger was occurring.

“Thank you, Sookie.” Godric took a deep breath as she opened the door, and he had to fight every ounce of his self-preservation to take his first step past the threshold and into the sunlight.

Sookie merely stared into Godric’s eyes as he gaped, open mouthed, at her and then turned disbelieving eyes back on his sun soaked skin. “This is… I…”

Eric, come outside.”

Eric was beside them at vampire speed, but stopped mid-step upon seeing Sookie. “My Bonded, you are… So lovely in the sunlight.” Eric nuzzled into her throat and hair. “Gods, the smell of sunlight; the taste of its warmth on your skin.” He let a long lick trail up her throat. “This is incredible. Godric, what does this mean?”

“It means, that we are daywalkers now, Eric.” Godric was staring at his pale hands as the sunlight shown on them. “I am… At a loss. I have heard of the rare occurrence of vampires rising as daywalkers, but never of one becoming such later on.”

“There have been vampires that could walk in the sunlight?” Sookie asked wondrously.

“They do not feel the call of the sun. They do not die for the day. Instead they remain conscious throughout the day and must remain in light tight areas. I have never heard of one walking into the light,” Godric explained. “This is completely unheard of.”

“So, what do we do?” Eric was still gazing at Sookie as if he had never seen her before.

“I say that we spend the day outside and see if there is any change. Also, call Pam and tell her to make sure she stays in a lightproof location. You may see if the daywalking works for her when you return. However, I am curious if Sookie must be present for the ability to walk outside.”

“How do you mean?” Sookie asked.

“I will take nothing for granted.” Godric shook his head. “Our abilities could be linked to physical proximity. It should be tested at some point, unfortunately Pamela would be the best one to test it since she is the youngest…”

Eric growled at the thought, but had to agree. “She would be the best, but it will be me that does it. Sookie will know if I need her. What distance would I need from her do you think?”

“It is difficult to say.” Godric shrugged.

Pam, this is entirely up to you, but will you try walkin’ into the sunlight? Eric and Godric are outside, and want to know if you would have the same immunity despite how far away you are from me physically. They’re arguin’ over who will test it. But, I think, if I can link minds with you, then you have the same protection. I respect any decision you would make.”

As Godric and Eric continued to debate over the best way of testing their theories, Sookie kept her eyes closed and focused on Pam’s well-being through her bond with Eric.

“I cannot bring myself to let my Child-” Eric froze mid-sentence as his cellphone began ringing. “Pamela?” he spoke into his phone.

Master, it is an absolutely gorgeous day outside. I cannot wait to see if I freckle!”

“We told you not to experiment!” Eric growled harshly into the phone. “What the fuck were you thinking, Pamela!? Or were you even thinking at all!?”

Sookie explained to me that you were having an argument with your Maker about whether proximity to Sookie would matter in the case of daywalking. She told me it was entirely my decision to walk out the door. I have stood outside for over five minutes, and have yet to smoke or burst into flames. I will continue to remain outside until either occurs, or until the sun sets.”


I apologize for my brash decision, Master, but this was our best opportunity to test the distances, and I knew you would never agree if I asked. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission,” Pam told him.

“I will have to punish you when I return, Pamela. Expect the worst when I return,” Eric warned her.

Of course, Master.” Eric hung up immediately after her acceptance.

“Sookie,” Eric would not look at her as the girl approached, “I love you dearly, but you have put my progeny in danger as well as gone behind my back in doing so. You will be punished as well.”

Sookie swallowed hard. “Y-yes, E-Eric.” She tried so hard to sound brave, but Eric had never punished her for anything before, and she was absolutely terrified at what penalty she had incurred.

“Go to our room and wait for me there,” he told her firmly.

“Yes, Eric,” she squeaked, fighting back tears as she ran back into the house.

“What are you planning?” Godric asked curiously.

Eric paused a moment until he heard that Sookie was in their room. “Her punishment is already happening. With her history, physical punishment is useless. She has been abused so much physically, the damage I would have to subject her to is… Unthinkable.”

“You spoke of the sexual abuse that your Bonded endured. Was there more even than that?” Godric asked carefully.

Eric broke eye contact with his Maker. The memory of what Bartlett’s glamoured mind had allowed his lips to speak still brought upon rage. “Hale participated in the Korean war. Though he was never subjected to torture by the enemy, he heard tales of different torture methods used in, specifically, China. The ones he could manage while being in a wheelchair, as well as not leave too much physical evidence, were practiced on her. Hale was particularly fond of whipping her feet because he said that it kept her from being able to sneak around the house.” Godric kept his gaze steady as Eric explained a bit more about Sookie’s past. He could feel the utter contempt coursing through his Child, and was surprised by it. Eric had inflicted such torture before without a care, and yet here the same creature stood, feeling disgust at the thought of the technique’s use. Even though this newly discovered respect for torture was only linked to its use on Sookie, Godric was grateful that, at last, his Child’s capacity for cruelty was tempered by something.

“If I am honest with myself and you, I admit that I could not bear to inflict that pain upon her. She will only receive a single swat on her bottom for this.” Godric cocked his head, curious now, “You can feel her turmoil right now, her utter despair at disappointing me. I will leave her to that for a short while.” Eric smiled to himself slightly. “She has never needed discipline in the months she has been with me, mostly because she punishes herself more than sufficiently for her mistakes. This is the first time, other than a corrective clearing of my throat, that she has needed to understand any disapproval I have had.”

“I see. Well, do not let her punish herself for too long. I will leave this to you. I am going to go back to the pool and enjoy this sunlight some more!” Godric walked off to the backyard to go for a swim with that final statement. He wanted time to himself to contemplate his Child’s new respect for torture. Before, Eric had respected the methods for the ability they had to induce compliance from others. Now, it seemed, Eric had finally come to understand the psychological repercussions they inflicted on those who suffered by his hands.

Eric walked back into the house and went straight to his room. Even as he walked the hallways, he could feel Sookie’s terror and panic rising steadily. When he arrived in their room, she was sitting on their bed, holding back tears. Forced to bury his side of their Bond within her despair, Eric allowed himself to experience the bottomless chasm of regret at making his lover feel so terrible. He never wanted to be the source of her fear, as loosely as she associated that terror with him right now. No, it was not a beating that she cried over, but the thought that Eric would dismiss her or abandon her.

Sitting beside her, Eric placed a hand over hers. “You understand why I must punish you, Sookie?”

“Y-yes, Eric,” she hiccuped.

“You understand that I am angry with your decision, but that I still love you very much, right, Sookie?” he asked.

“Yes, Eric.” She nodded.

“All right. ” Sookie looked at him curiously, feeling the Bond flood with love and acceptance, “You have suffered enough already, and will only receive a single spanking.” As much as it hurt to raise a hand to her, Eric knew that threats meant nothing if they were not followed through with.

“Yes, Eric.”

“Bend over my knee, Sookie.” Eric opened his arms and Sookie stood from the bed to bend over his knee obediently. Pulling her skirt up over her bottom, and pushing her panties down, Eric poised his hand over the exposed globe of flesh.

The spanking came without preamble or any warning. It was very hard and drew a yelp of surprise and pain from Sookie’s mouth. She knew very well that he was not spanking her with all of his strength, but it still stung worse than anything she had felt in the months they had been together. Save the ribs she had cracked that second day. This was nothing like the pleasurable, little slaps he gave her rear during sex!

“All right, my Sookie. That is all this time.” Eric stood her upright and hugged her tightly, running a cool hand over her bottom gently to soothe the quickly reddening flesh.

Sookie choked out, “You forgive me?”

“Yes, you are forgiven, Sookie. Now, no more talk about it. It is in the past now.” Eric kissed her forehead. “Now, go put a swimsuit on, and Godric and I will teach you to swim since we never got around to it during the evening.”

Sookie was still trembling as she put on a second swimsuit that Pam had packed for her, since the one from last night was still cold and wet. This one was cerulean blue, but cut the same way as the red one.

Eric let Sookie walk in front of him on their way outside, and marveled at the brightness of her red, heart-shaped ass. The coloring enthralled the vampire, having never seen skin flush so entirely with a single strike. A coil of lust was building in him, for the crimson evidence of his corrections reminded him of how deep a red he could make that bottom get when he gave it loving slaps during their love making. How he wished to make that luscious ass the envy of a freshly plucked cranberry!

Godric was waiting for them in the pool, and Sookie blushed when she saw that he was naked. When Eric began to strip behind her, Sookie nearly broke into sobbing laughter. “Come on, Lover, it will make you bottom feel better,” Eric told her as he grabbed her by the waist and carried her into the water.

Sookie had to admit that the cool water did feel marvelous on her throbbing skin, and once she was in the water, it was easier to pretend that the two vampires were wearing swim trunks, as long as she avoided looking at their lower halves for too long.

“Why so shy, Little Sookie?” Godric chuckled.

“I’ve only ever seen Eric.” She laughed nervously, eyes still pointed skyward.

“Supernatural creatures do not balk at nudity, so it is best for you to become comfortable in such situations. Most find the false modesty annoying rather than endearing. However, with humanities’ current representation of how a body should be viewed, it is becoming less and less about indifference and more about creating a shallow stereotype and standard. Where Supes are accustomed by either necessity of nudity or the overall acclimatization of it; humans use nudity for shock value or incurring jealousy, humiliation or insecurity,” Godric told her, but Sookie was confused by his explanation. Aside from the large words, the entire explanation of the concept was over her head.

Sookie was not in the least bit shy about her own body being on display, having had years of forced exposure living with her abusive guardian. However, seeing others naked was still foreign to her, and that was what made her uneasy.

Deciding that if they were just as comfortable with their nudity as she was with hers, there was no reason to feel uneasy at all, and Sookie began her first ever swim lesson with two ancient vampires as her coaches. Godric and Eric were patient with her, but it was unneeded. Sookie took to swimming like a fish, and soon the three of them were laughing and splashing at each other like children.

Sookie alternated between swimming and laying about in the sun while her skin de-pruned, but it was nearly impossible getting Eric and his Maker out of the water at all. It was as if the sunlight on their skin had removed their centuries of darkness and suspicion, returning them to days of childish wonder and adventure.

The feelings she was experiencing from Eric were the most elating sensations of her life. His happiness on this day fueled her love for him, because it was the most innocent happiness she had ever felt.

When the afternoon began to lull into dusk, the trio finally went back into the house to shower and dress. When they emerged from their rooms to reconvene in the kitchen, Sookie finally realized that it had not been since their plane ride over that she had last eaten.

“I am going to take you to dinner now, Lover.” Eric grimaced at the loud rumble his Bonded’s stomach gave. “This is why we need to hire a cook for you! I keep forgetting to feed you!” Sookie could see the despair in his eyes, and feel glimmer of failure and shame in his emotions.

“It’s not your fault!” Sookie kissed his chin. “I’m just used to not eatin’ often, you can’t recognize my discomfort if I don’t even acknowledge it,” she pointed out.

“You are kind to overlook my neglect, Lover, but I cannot permit myself to be forgiven.” Eric shook his head. “Come now, let us get to a restaurant and get you fed. Godric, you will meet with us at dawn?”

“Yes, seeing as how our days are no longer filled, we will be able to see each other more on your trip than I anticipated.” Godric chuckled.

“See you in the mornin’, Godric.” Sookie waved to him as Eric ushered her out the front door.

The vampire treated his Bonded to a wonderful dinner on the balcony of a five star restaurant before taking her shopping. Most of the stores were closing shortly, and Eric realized that he and Godric could take Sookie shopping during the day! However, would it be safe for them to actually go out in public during the day? What if a security camera got footage of them and a vampire viewed it? Eric supposed they could always put on disguises, but it was not particularly easy for a 6’5″ blond viking to disguise himself.

“Your birthday is next week, Lover,” Eric told her as they swung their arms lazily between themselves.

“Yes, I guess it is.” Sookie smiled up at him, flattered that he remembered.

“Was there something special you wanted?” he asked.

Sookie laughed. “Eric, you treat me special even when it’s not my birthday. I don’t really think there’s anythin’ I need to ask for. You treat me extremely well.”

Eric smiled gently at her. “I was thinking about getting you a piece of jewelry.”

“Really, now?” Sookie looked at him suspiciously, her free hand playing with the diamond solitaire that she rarely removed.

“Yes, since it will be your 18th birthday, and we are already Bonded, I thought that a ring of engagement might be appropriate,” he told her in a surprisingly cautious manner.

Sookie blushed slightly and bit her lip. “I would like that…”

“Well, it seems that I have a week to acquire your engagement ring.”

Wrapping her arms around his, Sookie hugged the appendage as they walked down the sidewalk.

“I didn’t know vampires had weddin’s.” She giggled as they continued their stroll.

“In my community, weddings are merely contracts and business arrangements. They last in, usually, intervals of 50 years. A contract can be renewed, or the pair may choose not to. However, my intention of getting you a ring is so that other humans know that your are taken.” Eric smiled down at her. “I fear that we may not be able to have a human marriage, though. With the Reveal only a few years away, going through with a legal, human marriage could cause many issues.”

“So, what are we goin’ to do?” Sookie asked.

“We will have a long engagement and see how the Reveal goes. We will have to play it by ear for now.” Eric explained.

“Okay. An engagement ring is more than I ever expected in my life.” Sookie laughed, and not for the first time, Eric was absolutely captivated by her laughter. Every time he heard it, his soul felt like it was soaring. It was even more captivating when he was laughing right beside her, for it had been so long since his laughter had been genuine, abandoned mirth.

As they walked on, Eric asked her curiously, “How is your gift?”

Sookie shrugged. “I’ll have to let go of your arm to find out.” She released her hold on him and flickered her eyes about. “Wow.”

“What is it?” he asked excitedly.

“I can hear individuals, it’s not all just comin’ in a blast anymore,” she explained, training her eyes on certain people. “But I can make myself listen to everythin’ all at once. I can filter through a lot better, too.”

Eric nodded. “That is very good. Can you block without holding onto me?”

“Yes,” she said quickly, “and I can hear those Weres over there real easily now.”

“Shh, Lover.” Eric hushed her as the male Were stopped the conversation he was having to glance at Sookie.

As they closed the distance between themselves and the Weres in question, Eric sneered when the burly youth stepped into their path, abandoning the conversation he was having with his bitch. He growled when the Were sniffed at her and the female Were eyed them with disgust.

“Heightened senses?” the Were asked.

With an annoyed expression, Eric merely gave him a slight nod.

“Never seen you ’round here.” The Were crossed his arms over his chest.

“Since when is it your duty to keep tabs on my kinds’ movements?” Eric snapped. “You would do well to be wary around us, Pup.”

It was the Were’s turn to snarl at the derogatory word. “Fuckin’ tick, you better-”

Eric closed the distance so that he was right in the Were’s face, “I am the second oldest moving thing in this state, Pup. Take a good whiff and realize that you are looking in the face of death.”

Sookie trembled at Eric’s posturing. Though part of her was shocked to see her lover act in such a manner, another part of her felt completely turned on by the display of power.

Eric could feel Sookie’s arousal and he sent affection to her along with his own wave of lust. The Were was oblivious to this, but Sookie could hear him thinking about how good she smelled. Those thoughts quickly became more graphic, and Sookie began to feel uneasy.

He’s not recognizin’ you as an older vampire,” Sookie told Eric.

The vampire let out a low growl at the young Were’s insubordination. “Get back to your female, Pup,” Eric held open his arm, which Sookie quickly and obediently ducked into, “and be grateful that you do not reside in my area.”

As Eric and Sookie continued their walk, Sookie told him telepathically, “I’m sorry, I just blurted that out without thinkin’…”

It is all right, Lover. Perhaps, when we are not at home, we should only speak of your gift like this. This sort of communication does not seem to be taxing me at all. Does it tire you?”

No… But in a weird way, it feels like I’ve always talked like this. Maybe ’cause I’ve always listened?”

It is possible.”

Do you think we’ll ever sleep again? I mean, I don’t feel tired at all!”

Eric chuckled. “I do not know. However, it would be good to rest on occasion. Perhaps sleep is now optional? I do not know for certain. Godric, nor I, have ever heard of something like this occurring, and we have yet to conclude if it is because of your heritage or our use of the Bloodletting Blade.”

I sure know how to complicate things.” Sookie actually laughed. “Wait… Eric, do you know what the Bloodletting Blade was called before it was given to the vampires?”

I do not, but perhaps Godric does?”

Reaching out for Eric’s Maker, Sookie projected, “Godric?”


Sookie balked, “Nia?”


Did you just think at me in another language?” Sookie asked.

English is not my first language. You caught me off guard,” Godric answered.

Do you normally think in… Whatever that was?” she asked curiously.

No, but when I am speaking in Greek with another vampire, I tend to think in Greek as well,” he explained. “You needed something, yes?”

Oh! Right! Do you know what the Bloodletting Blade was called before you got it?”

There was a long pause, and Sookie found that she was so focused on his response that, had it not been for Eric, she would have smashed her face into the sidewalk as she tripped over a crack in the concrete. Thankfully, Eric caught her, and leaned up against a nearby building with her as Sookie continued waiting for Godric’s reply.

It was forged by Dwarves, and I believe they called it Ong Zan. And the king who gave it to me called it Erfea.”

Do you know what either of those means?”

I know that Zan is blood. Vampires know the word for blood in just about every language.” Sookie could feel his amusement. “I will let you know when I have translated it,” he promised.

With a sigh, Sookie looked at Eric with a shrug. “You are not pleased,” he noted.

“Well, I figured if you guys gave the knife the name you did because of how it was meant to be used, maybe the original owners did the same thing. Only, they named it in their own languages, and Godric doesn’t know the translations off the top of his head,” she explained.

Eric smiled at her burst of inspiration for delving deeper into the blade’s history. “Godric will recall when he is no longer distracted. Perhaps in the morning we will be able to venture the subject once again.”

“Yeah…” Sookie shook her head with a little smile that Eric knew meant she was amused by her own impatience. “Okay, change of topic! Are you still goin’ to hire a cook when we get back?”

“Yes. I was quite serious about my concern over your missing meals. It is not healthy for you,” Eric told her firmly. “It is true that you are no longer gauntly thin, but you should have put on much more weight in the time you have lived with me.”

“What about the tutor? I mean, now that your days aren’t as… Full.” Sookie pressed.

“The tutor is rather pointless now… Although, I am thinking about hiring a gardener. Yes, it would be lovely to look upon a garden in the light…” Eric’s eyes became distant for the briefest of moments, but quickly snapped back to reality. “Ah, I must retrain myself.”

“How do you mean?” Sookie asked.

I have survived as long as I have by being diligent in observing my surroundings. With the ability to walk about in the sunlight, I am becoming distracted while considering all of the new possibilities,” he admitted.

I see your point. I mean, even if you’re not watchin’ out for other vampires, there’s still plenty of other things that could kill you durin’ the day.” Sookie sighed.

We will not be able to leave the house during the day. It is important that we not let anyone know of this ability,” Eric explained to her.

What about when the Reveal occurs? Humans will know you as Vampire, and what if they saw you movin’ about the house?” Sookie asked worriedly.

Humans can be glamoured, and my home is set far off from the street and any other neighbors. We will need to be diligent in our secrecy.”

What about the human you hire to cook for me? Or the gardeners you want to hire?” Sookie pressed.

A little glamouring will cure the problem-“

I’ve felt what glamour does to humans’ brains. If you have to glamour them every day to forget them seein’ you in the day- you’ll fry their minds!”

Eric sighed, “Please trust me, Lover. There are ways of instilling glamour on humans that does not require the continued use of it. I can simply attach the mental image of night to their perceptions of me. Therefore, whenever they think of me, they will believe that they have only seen me late in the evening.”

Sookie decided that arguing was pointless. Still, she could not help but wonder if glamouring in such a way was not more dangerous than doing it every day. What if altering their perception caused a paradox in the human’s mind? If something entirely contradicted the altered perception, like if Eric sat with her during lunch- a meal served midday, but the cook was certain they had only ever seen Eric at night? Sookie gave her head a rough shake. The idea was making her own head spin.

“You are troubled, Lover,” Eric stated plainly.

“I just can’t wrap my head around how this will work.” Sookie sighed. “What if… I mean the Reveal is comin’ up anyway… What if you just told them what you are? Not right away or anythin’! But if the people you hire are good, and I don’t get any bad vibes off of them; why not let them in on the secrets?”

Eric let out a dissatisfied growl. “I would never-”

“Eric, you said you trusted me to keep you safe durin’ the day. Remember?”

“That was while I rested-”

“Please, trust me to keep you safe. If I get the faintest glimmer that you would be betrayed, you do your thing.” The plea in his Bonded’s eyes, and the sincerity of her voice made Eric want to give in, but a thousand years of survivalist training was combatting it. After all, Douglas had managed to betray him without Eric ever telling him of his vampirism. Apparently André had clued Eric’s former assistant in and started the bargaining process.

“I will… Consider your suggestion,” Eric conceded the tiniest bit.

“Well… At least you’ll give me that much,” she said quietly as her thumb traced tiny circles on the back of his hand.

Eric could feel her hurt, and it felt like it was crushing him. Before their Bonding, it was more difficult to read her more minute emotions, and her mild sense of insignificance felt like bitter betrayal now.

“Sookie,” Eric stopped mid-step and spun his Bonded around to face him, “I trust in you and your abilities, but you must trust my instincts. Please, trust them to keep us safe.”

“We should be a team, Eric.” Sookie squeezed his hand tightly. “You function on instinct and experience, but all that instinct and experience can’t tell you what I hear and know.”

Cupping her cheek in his massive hand, Eric tilted her chin so he could lean down and kiss her lips. “You are right, my beautiful Bonded. I know that you are right, but I must retain a modicum of insurance if we are to do this. Understand?”

Sookie nodded, and Eric felt her disappointment vanish, and he smiled in relief.

“You shouldn’t feel like you need to fix every little insecurity that flashes through me.” Sookie gave him a bemused smile.

“Ah, yes, well, I also knew I could not deny your logic. I am not humoring you, Lover. You truly do have the upper hand on me in these situations. After all, I thought that I had Douglas’s loyalty, and it is only by your good graces that I continue to exist.” Eric tilted his head to the side to look at her adoringly.

Sookie smiled at him sweetly and accepted another of his kisses before they continued walking.

It was only one in the morning when Eric and Sookie found their way back to Godric’s private home. The pair settled in with a movie and curled up on the plush sofa as Sookie sipped on a cold soda they had bought at a convenience store.

“Sometimes,” Eric said suddenly during the middle of the film, “I marvel at how many of your experiences are so new to you. The most simple things that I consider mundane completely entrance you still, and I know that many of those things are everyday for most humans.”

“Like what?” Sookie asked curiously.

“Like watching movies, or riding in cars… Going shopping in little stores and reading books.” Eric sighed. “Such trivial things, and you find them so amazing.”

“Is that bad?” Sookie asked hesitantly.

“No, Lover. It is only that now that we are Bonded, I can experience these things as you do. Before, I could tell you were excited or nervous, but I did not feel it. It is almost as if I get to experience your wonderment first hand, and it is rather pleasant. Almost nostalgic.” He chuckled.

Sookie giggled as well. “I’m glad it doesn’t bother you, because a lot of this stuff still feels so new! It’s even more excitin’ knowin’ I’ll get to experience so much more with you, now that the sun doesn’t take you away durin’ the day.” Eric smiled down at her as he petted her hair softly. “What will we do durin’ the day?”

Eric became thoughtful for a moment. “I suppose we will make your lessons during the day time since Pam and I may only be out in public during the evenings… I was beginning to think that we might put a swimming pool in the backyard since you seemed to enjoy that so much today.”

“Oh, I don’t want you spendin’ so much money on-”

“Hush, Sookie, you should know by now that I have no qualms in spending money. If I were unable to afford something, which has yet to happen for several centuries, I would not consider purchasing it.” Eric laughed. “Now, would you enjoy having a swimming pool?”

“… Yes…,” she mumbled embarrassedly.

“Speak up, Lover. If you are being asked a question, it is important that your answer be heard,” Eric chided.

“Yes, Eric. I would like a swimmin’ pool,” she stated clearly, making him smile.

“Good girl.” He kissed the top of her head. “So, your studies will be during the day, as well as your physical training.”

“Physical training?” Sookie was flabbergasted.

“Oh, yes. I have wanted to begin training you in more than just self-defense for a while now, but have been waiting because of your base abilities, and general studies getting in the way. Now, it seems, we have plenty of time to squeeze these things in… Also, I will be contacting a few witches and Supes that I know.” Eric paused for a second. “And I must prepare you to go to the Queen’s court. Unfortunately, the best individual to go to in order to find out if you are indeed part fairy, is André.”

Sookie made a face that Eric found amusing. She looked disgusted and horrified as well as more than a bit worried. “Why him?”

Eric chuckled. “He has a gift for picking up fairy blood. Even when it is diluted with human.”

“Is he goin’ to have to… Taste me?”

Eric growled at the very idea. “No. He may have to get fairly close to you, but he will be able to smell your blood without tasting it. If he so much as licks your flesh, I will have every right to end his existence.”

Sookie’s eyes widened in surprise. “For somethin’ like that, you could kill him?”

“As my Bonded, your body and gift belong to me. If another were to so much as touch you without my permission, I have every right to kill them,” Eric told her.

“What about Godric and Pam?” Sookie asked.

Eric gave her an exasperated look. “You already know that I can deny my Maker nothing, but it is considered bad form for a Maker to abuse his Child’s Bonded. It would disgrace Godric to do such a thing, but he does have my silent permission to touch you in a respectable manner. He would, of course, never do otherwise which is why my consent does not need to be spoken. Pam has my permission to make contact with you as well, and she knows better than to overstep her boundaries… Although you are very much her type physically.” He winked at her.

“I guess I already knew that.” Sookie giggled. “So my relationships with them remains unaltered.”


“So… What about you?”

“What about me, Lover?” Eric asked curiously.

“If someone were to touch you; do I have the right to kill them?” Sookie asked seriously, which only made Eric laugh so hard that a bloody tear welled up in his eye. “What’s so funny? I’m dead serious!”

“I know, Lover. That is why it is so humorous.” Eric continued to chuckle. “It is very rare for vampires to make physical contact to begin with. However, if one were to make advances on me, I would be the one to exact revenge for them disgracing you. Although, the penance for a vampire making advances on a Bonded vampire is usually monetary, and the vampire who committed the act is required to make a formal, public apology to the Bonded human.”

“So, if a vampire touches me you get to kill them, but if a vampire touches you they give you money and all I get is an apology?” Sookie sneered at that. Eric was surprised at the intensity flowing through his Bonded, and he knew for a fact that anyone foolish enough to touch him would receive a much harsher punishment than they anticipated. “You are mine!” Sookie hissed, straddling his lap to look heatedly into his eyes. “And if anyone, vampire or whatever, disrespects our Bond by makin’ advances on you I will take their fuckin’ head.”

Eric growled possessively at Sookie’s declaration before smashing his mouth to hers and pushing forward off of the couch to sit her on the coffee table. Before the girl could fathom what was happening, her clothes were ripped open and Eric was pushing her thighs apart.

“Eric!” Sookie screamed as he pushed roughly into her. Eric crushed his mouth to hers to swallow her cries of discomfort. Soon however, the pain faded, and she was mewling against his lips in pleasure. The vampire could smell the blood from how roughly he had entered her, but it only fueled his passion and intensity.

“Say it, Sookie. Say it again!” Eric growled against her mouth as his hips slammed into hers.

“You are mine!” Sookie screamed, tears pouring from her eyes as she clawed and scratched at his back, her nails digging in to cling to him.

“And who do you belong to?!” Eric snarled.

“You! I belong t-to you, Eric!” she yelled loudly, crying as he gripped her breasts roughly. “All yours! Only yours!”

Eric dipped down swiftly to sink his fangs into her throat, and heard the wood of the table groan at the additional weight. He did not care, even as the table gave out and splintered beneath their bodies. Eric paused only momentarily to keep Sookie from falling onto the debris; holding her body up with one arm while the other supported both of their weight and his mouth nursed the wound on her throat.

Sookie panted as she clung to his frozen body, moaning as he drank from her. When he finally had his fill, the girl found herself bent over the couch, and Eric was soon entering her from behind. She whimpered and cried in pleasure as he moved at vampire speed within her, falling into her second, or maybe third orgasm.

Finally running out of steam, Eric pushed deep within Sookie, filling her with his come. “My Lover, my Bonded. My Sookie,” Eric mumbled into her ear as he molded his chest to her back. “My everything…”

Sookie moaned appreciatively, reaching behind her head to hold the back of his as he spoke into her ear. Her legs felt like rubber bands, and she knew if she were to try and stand they would wobble and collapse beneath her weight. Eric seemed to realize that she was frozen into position, that she was not even sure if the slightest movement would not make her crumble to the floor. To ease her reluctance, Eric lifted her into his arms slightly and pulled her to his chest to spoon on the couch as she continued to catch her breath.

As the girl rested in his arms, Eric continued to kiss her shoulder and palm her breasts in his large hands. She sighed contentedly at his attention and closed her eyes to enjoy the soothing sensations he gave her physically and through their Bond.

Soon, they heard the front door open, but neither cared to move; opting to continue their cuddling, naked on the couch.

“I had a feeling,” Godric’s voice was coming from the archway, “that I would end up needing to replace furniture during your stay.”

Eric chuckled at his Maker’s statement, but still did not bother opening his eyes. “I will pay for the damages,” he promised.

“It was only a few hundred dollars, nothing to bother with repayment.” Godric waved off the offer as Sookie attempted to right her mostly destroyed clothing. “I just wanted to tell your Sookie that I remembered the translations for the knife. In Dwarven, it means One Blood. In Elvish, it means One Soul.”

Sookie contemplated this a moment. “So, a knife that is enchanted to bind blood to blood and soul to soul? Like, when I became Eric’s Bonded, I became part of your bloodline?”

“I suppose, but that is how Bonding works. It has nothing to do with the blade.” Godric shrugged.

“No, but you said it’s suppose to bring protection. Well, if I’m fae or witch, then it’s my blood that’s magical, right? So if I’m your blood, that means you’re my blood, too, right?”

“Technically…” Godric frowned, wondering what she was getting at.

“Could that mean that by protection, it means the protection of my blood? Maybe y’all are gettin’ a variation of my gifts, or I’ll get variations of your gifts,” she suggested.

“That is an intriguing prospect. Again, though, we come to the general rule that magical protection is not usually so… Discernible,” Godric protested.

“I just think that it’s more likely that the blade is doin’ this, and not some spontaneous, cosmic gift.” Sookie shrugged.

Eric leaned forward on the couch a moment. “I believe that we should be patient and see what happens over the next few weeks. I believe Sookie’s theory has merit, but also agree that my Master’s knowledge of magic is more accurate.”

Everyone was quiet a moment before Godric finally asked, “Well, then, to change the subject, I was thinking about our conversation last night. You mentioned that you had discovered who your potential “replacement” would have been, but you never actually told me.”

Eric growled slightly, making Sookie’s back rattle. “A mouse of a vampire. William Compton is who André picked as an investigator, this meaning he was mostly likely meant to succeed me in the original plan.”

Godric frowned. “He is barely well into his hundreds, and André wished to put him in your position?”

“I did not know that you knew of him.” Eric was surprised.

“It is his Maker that I am familiar with.” Godric sneered. “An unfortunate acquaintance. She does dote on him quite a bit.”

“Who is his Maker?”

“Lorena.” Eric let out a dissatisfied noise that made Godric smirk. “Yes, it is never good when you are recognized by a first name.”

“You are known by only your first name,” Eric pointed out.

“Yes, but you are ‘The Viking’. It seems that most are afraid to utter your very name,” Godric teased his Child, and Sookie could feel the swell of pride in Eric that made her giggle.

“So, this vampire… Compton… He’s nothin’ really to worry about then?” Sookie asked.

“Not at all. He alone can do nothing. However, he is quite devious,” Eric told her. “He is quite good at procuring for the Queen, and to be so accomplished, he must be very good at deceiving. From what I have heard, he has excellent glamouring skills, but seeing as you are immune to glamour I am unconcerned. So far, his charisma is greatly lacking. I have not at all been impressed by him in our few meetings. However, he has become increasingly curious about you, and I believe your time to finally accompany me on my duties as Sheriff has arrived. Now that you are my Bonded, your behavior will not need to be so subservient.”

“What’s that mean?” Sookie asked.

Godric smiled. “It means that you will no longer need to stand behind Eric. You may now stand beside him where you belong. You are also permitted to look wherever you wish, including into the face of any other vampire. In regards to communicating with vampires, I suggest that you keep it minimal, mainly because the less you speak, the less information you offer a potential enemy. As you become more aware of the chess game that is communicating with a vampire, the more Eric will encourage you to speak.”

Sookie frowned. “If I’m suppose to be his equal, why did he spank me?”

“To discourage any more ill advised experiments. You did not fully think out the potential consequences of talking to Pam behind my back,” Eric explained evenly.

“I knew what your point was.” Sookie frowned. “I just have never thought of myself as your equal. I’ve never been anyone’s equal. Does that mean I’m suppose to smack you when you do somethin’ I think is wrong?”

Eric smirked. “I suppose so. However, it is not just about being “wrong”. You put one of our blood in danger. The correction was to prevent you from putting yourself or any of the Ghal line in danger.”

“Ghal?” Sookie was momentarily distracted.

“That is the name of our bloodline,” Godric explained.


Eric continued after the brief explanation. “If I put you or any of us in danger, it would be more befitting for Godric to reprimand me. However, I am sorry that you misunderstood the nature of the correction. That is a fault of which I am greatly disappointed in myself.”

“But,” Sookie began carefully, “I’m your equal?”

Eric smiled. “In every sense of the word.”

Sookie beamed at him happily, wrapping him up in her arms.

The trio continued to talk, only pausing for a brief moment so Sookie could put on new clothes. As dawn approached, Eric and Godric reveled once again as the call of the sun did not force them into slumber. However, Sookie did collapse against the sofa and into a sudden repose.

Eric and Godric jumped simultaneously at Sookie’s apparent faint. Eric was poking at their Bond, but it was completely void of his lover. Normally he could feel her emotions even as she slept, but there was nothing to feel, only her presence. His Sookie had suddenly, and inexplicably, become a void.

“Godric?” Eric asked worriedly, running his chilled hand up and down Sookie’s warm arm.

“I do not know, Eric.” Godric shook his head in bafflement. “Perhaps, since she is mortal, her body or mind cannot remain conscious indefinitely?” he suggested.

Eric shook his head. “This is not just sleep. There is nothing in our Bond. Usually while she dreams, I can still feel her emotional responses to the dreams she has. There is nothing now,” he explained.

“We will let her rest for the day,” Godric told him. “If she does not rise at sundown, we will summon Doctor Ludwig.”

On to Chapter Eleven


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