About the Writing

Well, as someone who enjoys their anonymity, saying much about myself is tedious. Therefore, this page will be more about my writing, and what you can expect.

First off, I pretty much only/always write NC-17 rated material. I don’t often elude to what is occurring between characters, but boldly describe it. These descriptions include sexual content, themes involving torture (both physical and psychological), and coarse language.

If that is NOT what you’re looking for in your reading material, then I am not your brand of story writer. Sorry about that.

Secondly, I will take you on a roller coaster of emotions throughout my stories. You might be angry, frustrated, scared, holding your breath, crying, praying for the characters at some point in any of these stories.  And yeah, you’ll get your fluffy little lovey-dovey stuff too, but I’m kind of a “take the bad with the good” kinda writer.

Finally, despite the craziness of the previous paragraph, I am predominantly a HEA writer. You just have to go through a lot of crap with me first. I don’t make the road to happiness an easy trek for my heroine or hero, but I try to make karma work in their favor in the end.


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