Post Never End Expectations

More Stories?

I am sure everyone is wondering what the “Next Story” will be even though we are just barely clipping into the halfway point of Never End.

Therefor, to manage your expectations, here is the itinerary:

i.) Completion of Never End

ii.) Remastering of all previous works

  a.) Re-editing will be completed in order of original post

b.)  Story lines will not be altered, only word choices/grammar/etc

iii.) Sequel to Keep Me debuts.

Also, you will eventually get the conclusion of My Angel for any of my ffnet readers who have been asking for over a year now, “When is that getting finished!?”

There is a reason My Angel has been on the back burner. I promise it will be completed. Mostly it has to do with a change of heart I’m having as well as an issue with its continuation conflicting with… With things.

Anyway, Merry Christmas. I will see you all on Sunday with Chapter Fifteen of Never End! If you have any questions, send me a message! I’m bored out of my skull today and now would be a great time to ask me questions and receive prompt answers!



7 thoughts on “Post Never End Expectations

    • dream7me7to7sleep says:

      Actually, I already have PDFs of Never End because I had them on my phone for editing checks during my breaks at work. If I can find a secure way to make them available, I will absolutely do so in the event enough people are interested. Making PDFs isn’t time consuming 🙂



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