Catalyst Ch. 14

Chapter Fourteen: No More Secrets

Eric’s POV:

“You already knew…?” I stare at the woman before me in disbelief.

Sookie shrugs, “Sure! Jason and I figured out back in January what you and your “siblings” were.” She uses her fingers to put quotes around the word. “We’ve been waitin’ all this time just for you to confirm it.”

Stunned does not even begin to describe how I am feeling. Sookie knows that I am a vampire, and not only does she not care, but she seems rather excited about it. Even after a half hour sitting on a park bench, explaining the sort of work I do, she is nonplussed by my confessions. She knows that I have murdered and still do on occasion. She is aware that I threaten, beat, and often maim to make a point. She tells me that she does not like it, but understands that my world and hers cannot follow the same rules because they are two different worlds.

What seventeen-year-old girl is this… Tolerant? There is not even a word to describe this sort of response. She is not naïve, I know, because I gave terrifying examples of things that I have done in the past, and she nodded patiently the entire time.

“Sookie, you are not under the impression that now that I am with you, that these things will never happen again, are you?” I test her resolve.

She smiles in that Sookie way that makes me feel like an imbecile. “Eric, if vampires are as dangerous as you say, then it sounds like there’s chances for a battle at the drop of a hat. You don’t seem like someone who goes out of their way to put yourself in danger like that, but you sound like you’re someone in a seat of power, someone like that will have enemies.” I nod that she is correct. “So, if I wanna be with you, which I know I absolutely do, then I gotta know that you’ll keep me safe. If doin’ what you do is the only way you can make any sort of guarantee about that, then I ain’t gonna hold ya back. ‘Cause if I get killed for bein’ with you, it’d kill Jason. Can you promise me that, Eric? Can you promise you won’t get me killed?”

“I promise you are safe with me, Sookie,” I tell her in complete solemnity.

“Then ya got me, Eric,” she shrugs. “But, before ya accept me,” she hesitates, “there’s somethin’ you should know. You weren’t the only one holdin’ back a secret.”

Immediately our incident in Starbucks when I discovered she could not be glamoured comes to mind. Calmly, I encourage her, “Go on.”

“The reason me and Jason figured ya out so easy was ’cause, well… We kinda knew other stuff already existed. Particularly… Me,” she whispers that damning pronoun.

“You?” Certainly, she smells sweet, and the inability to be glamoured is curious, but what about her is “other”?

Sookie pauses again, her eyes shut tightly in concentration as if trying to resolve herself in her confession. “I’m a telepath,” she whispers under her breath. “Apparently, I can’t hear vampires, but I can hear humans clear as if they were talkin’ to me.”

“You cannot hear my thoughts, but only the thoughts of humans?” I ask, maintaining an outer mask of indifference while on the inside I am reeling.

“That’s right,” she confirms. “Do you still want to be with me?” she asks softly.

“I will not pretend that I am not shocked. I would love to know more about that gift of yours, but not here,” I tell her. “I would prefer going somewhere I can be certain we are not overheard.”

“There’s no one around within earshot,” she tells me confidently.

“What about another vampire?” I test.

“Nope, none of them either. I can’t hear them, but I can sense them. They’re like a bubble of nothin’ when I listen. Like, their thoughts are there, but under a cloak or somethin’.”

“I see,” I nod. “Is that how you seemed to feel me at the library the night I first met you?”

“Yeah,” she nods as well. “I felt you nearby, and, my gosh, there was one point that night when you moved and I thought I was goin’ crazy! I gotta ask; can you fly?”

My eyebrows raise at that, “Yes. How did you guess that?”

“’Cause that night at the library, it felt like you were over my head at one point, and then across the street. Unless you can scale a building, jump across a street, and land silently, I figured you could fly.”

“Well,” I chuckle, “I could do that, but it is unnecessary because I can fly.”

“That’s pretty cool!” she grins up at me. “Will you take me up sometime? Can Pam fly? What about Godric? Are you guys a vamp family? How does that work?”

“Sookie!” I laugh bemusedly that she is acting like a teenage girl again. “Yes, I will take you up some time this summer when it is a bit warmer. No, Pam cannot fly, but she is still young and might develop the ability later. Yes, Godric can fly. Yes, we are “a vamp family.” Godric is my Maker, I am Pam’s Maker. Godric is the Master of our bloodline, which would make him my “father” and Pam’s “grandfather” if you want more human terms to go by.”

Sookie giggles at my explanation, “He’s so young! It’s funny he’s in charge of you two!”

I smile at her good spirit, “You are a marvel, Ms. Stackhouse, an absolute miracle to someone such as me.”

I lean in, pressing my lips gently against hers. Her arms rise immediately, wrapping around my neck, and holding me tightly. After not nearly long enough, Sookie pulls away to catch her breath. She leans her forehead against my clavicle and says, “I wanna be alone with you, Eric.”

Stroking her hair, I lean back to stare at the big, shy blue eyes looking up at me. “Sookie?” I ask carefully.

“Not sex,” she clarifies. A blush creeps across her cheeks. “I want to feel close and intimate with you, and I’ll probably want sex soon, but not yet… I guess I want my first time to not be all nervous and shy. So, I thought, maybe if we did, umm, other stuff we’ve been puttin’ off, I might be more…y’know…confident…”

“Sookie,” I whisper, “I will make you feel like a Goddess.”

Her face reddens and she attempts to hide her cheeks against my chest. I capture her chin and kiss her softly once more before releasing her, taking her hand, and leading her to the car. I ask if she should call Jason, and she asks me if I am dumb. I laugh in response.

I hold her hand the entire drive to Bon Temps and she marvels at the paved driveway and the newly erected garage attached to the back of the house. When I lead her to my living room, Sookie pauses.

“Do you wish to change your mind?” I ask carefully. She does not know that I refuse to do any more than allow my hands access beneath her blouse. Even though Jason has lifted my age of eighteen restriction, I have not.

“I don’t think so,” she tells me, and I continue leading her to the living room. I encourage her to sit on the couch while I quickly get a fire going. It is a warm evening to have the fireplace active, but I want to fill the room with ambient noise and a soft glow.

Once the fire is growing, she sits while I stand silently, almost awkwardly a moment, her mood has changed since the park, and I plot the best way to rekindle her earlier curiosity and excitement.

“I have a feeling the bedroom will make you apprehensive at first,” I begin thoughtfully, walking over to where she is seated. “This might be something more your speed to start.” I open my arms in invitation, causing Sookie creep over meekly and sit upon my lap. My arm wraps about her waist and my other hand tangles in the hairs above her nape.

I kiss her slowly, rolling my tongue against her now more experienced one. Her kisses are loving, sweet, and entirely Sookie. Though she is no longer clumsy with her tongue, she is adorably docile in her dance. She prefers to follow rather than lead, meet, rather than run. It is almost impish how she prods at me on occasion, and surprisingly playful when she does. I have never thought of kissing as fun, but with Sookie it is. Perhaps because I have not kissed a woman as often as I have Sookie and been urged to find it suitable in compensation for my usual hungers. Maybe it is how she makes me feel in general. I do not know nor care because she is with me, and she is mine. I hope that she will stay that way always.

When she surrenders entirely to my mouth, my hand begins to explore paths left untraveled. Gliding across her waist, my knuckles graze the underside curve of her breast, making my intentions clear to her. She shifts in my lap slightly at the contact, but kisses me more urgently in reply. My hand traces the roundness to her side, caressing the curvature up and down, over and over. I splay my hand open, gently squeezing her mound and Sookie gasps into my mouth. When my thumb finds her nipple, rubbing it in slow circles, she shimmies again.

The hand at her nape flexes, and I skim the shell of her ear with the lightest of touches.

“OH!” she pulls away from my mouth with a shocked cry of pleasure. She does not orgasm, but I can smell her arousal saturating the air in response. “Please, don’t,” she cups her ears protectively. “I don’t want you to do it to me like that.”

“All right,” I do not push her. We will overcome this hurdle in time, but we will overcome it. Those ears! The possibilities are too delicious to ignore forever! “I thought a light touch would feel nice, not so…jarring.”

“It’s okay,” she mumbles in embarrassment. I can tell that she is still particularly ashamed of how her body responds to her ears being stimulated. It is a rather curious thing. Fairies are the only creatures I am aware of to have that particular erogenous zone.

That is a thought I store for later pondering. However, it does strike an interesting idea that might comfort her.

“Sookie, would you like to know something interesting?” I ask.

“Uh, what about what we were doing?” she bashfully mumbles.

“Believe me, it has very much to do with that.” She nods for me to go ahead. “Vampires have a spot like you do. One that we find very arousing when stimulated that most would consider quite innocuous.”

“Oh?” she frowns, but seems particularly curious.

“When our fangs are down,” I let mine slide slowly to their points, “you can rub your tongue here,” I point to my gum line nearest my fang. “It will drive us absolutely crazy.”

“R-really?” she asks tentatively.

“Yes, and I am telling you that
now because I do not want you to do it by accident. All right?” I raise my eyebrows.

“What happens if I do?” she frowns.

No sense in lying, “I will fuck you very, very hard.” Her eyes widen in surprise at my blatancy. “Therefore, I will do my very best to keep my fangs hidden. They seem to distend whenever I have sex, but I am more than capable of controlling them. If you ever allow me to feed from you, though, they will be down, and you must remember not to rub your tongue around there when we are first becoming intimate. Understand?”

“Umm, okay,” she squirms on my lap again. “What if we aren’t doin’ it and I do that?”

“Then we will not not be doing it for very long,” I warn.

“Oh,” her eyes get large again and it makes me laugh.

“Come here, Sookie,” I am still laughing as I pull her mouth back to mine and begin kissing her anew. I am less hesitant this time, and my hand is quickly back at her breast, squeezing it, and tugging at the nipple hardening beneath my palm. Each pinch makes her shift her hips against me, and I find myself pulling her leg astride my waist. I feel her hot center press down against my erection, and my hips arch beneath her for some additional pressure. She gasps into my mouth when she feels me, and then moans as her body begins to rock. “Slow down, Sookie,” I hold her tightly to halt her motion.

I am curious to discover if her ears are the only responsive part of her body, and I begin my quest to find out by slowing the rough pace of her hips and undulating them against my erection. When I hear her gasp excitedly, and feel the heat of her arousal warming me through our clothes, I know that I have found the perfect angle.

Her arms wrap like vines around my neck, and her mouth buries against my throat as I control both our movements. My hips arch in synchronicity with the sliding motion of hers, and the little gasping breaths against my skin begin to accelerate. As Sookie begins to pant, I allow her to move her hips as she desires, kneading her bottom until she sobs in my ear, and the air around me is thickly perfumed with evidence of her pleasure.

While she calms from her orgasm, I place kisses up the length of her throat until I come to her panting lips. I kiss her deeply, letting her stunned tongue reawaken. She kisses me back slowly, sedately, and I pull her onto her side to face me as I ease in to the sofa.

“Eric,” she whispers against my face as my hand ghost trails along her side.

“Sookie,” I return with a smirk when she appears at a loss for further words. She squirms closer to me, draping her leg over my hip. “Do you feel all right?” I ask softly after a moment of only hearing her slowly calming breaths.

“Better than all right,” she giggles, hiding her face in my chest. “Can I try and make you feel all right?”

I laugh at her modest suggestion, “I assure I will be better than all right if you did, but not tonight. I made a promise to myself and Jason that no clothes would be removed before you are eighteen.”

“But,” she pouts at me from where she lays nestled against my chest, “that’s not fair to you.”

I shake my head and chuckle, “A relationship is not tit for tat. You want to explore, and you are mature and old enough to desire those things.”

She grunts at my statement, “I’m sure when you were human this whole age thing would have been baffling.”

“True, but this is not over a thousand years ago. Life expectancy is much longer, and humans mature much slower emotionally than they used to. In the age of my human existence, there was not time to worry about such things,” I explain. “I like that humans mature slower, though. I like that many things that were acceptable or ‘everyday’ are no longer that way. The raping of women, the selling of human beings… I like that those things are not so widely accepted any longer.”

“Really? I didn’t think you cared all that much for humans,” she remarks, and I admit that she makes a fair point.

“I do not, but now, holding you, the world does not seem nearly as evil. I do not feel disgust or contempt for the mortal species. Instead, I am just grateful that a world like this is still capable of producing women like you, and that by some stroke of blind luck I managed to make one see me as something worth beholding.

“You are the most beautiful creature I have ever known,” I tell her, pulling her tightly against my chest. My left hand cups her breast as my right arm volunteers itself to be a pillow for her head.

“I love you, you know,” she murmurs to me.

“I hope that is not the earlier orgasm talking, because I love you, too,” I whisper in her ear.

Sookie’s POV:

Holy crap! Did I just do that?!

Eric is lyin’ behind me, massaging my breast as I recover from the most explicit, life alterin’ experience of my life. He’s all careful with my body and gentle and sweet. God, I love him so much!

“I don’t wanna go home,” I tell him.

“You have to, Sookie,” he whispers against my ear. “Not yet, but soon.”

“I wanna stay with you,” I insist. “Don’t take me back.”

I can feel him smile against my neck now. “I want you to stay, too, but your brother would be very upset by that,” he reminds me, and I know he’s right.

Already I’m wantin’ to move in with Eric after I graduate high school, but another part of me doesn’t want to abandon Jason. I’m a conflict of selfishness. I have all these terrifying thoughts. Part of me wants to say ‘screw college,’ marry Eric, become a vamp, and spend the rest of forever in his bed. Another part of me is freakin’ out at even entertaining the idea. Suddenly my fantasy makes me wonder about somethin’ I feel is very important.

“Eric?” I murmur.

“Yes, Sookie?” He kisses my throat softly.

“Do vampires get married?” I ask.

He pauses a moment before saying, “In our own ways, yes. There are three different types of marriage. One of arrangement, which is almost always purely contractual. A Binding union, which is performed between two vampires already in existence. However, the most coveted is a Bonded union.”

“What’s the difference between Binding and Bonded?” I ask, turnin’ in his arms to look at him. The hand he had on my boob drifts down and squeezes my butt instead.

“Binding unions may be ended. Bonded unions are forever,” he tells me. “A Bonded union is when one half of the pair is mortal at the beginning of the relationship. It is achieved by exchanging blood three times.”

“Like the human and the vampire both drink each other’s blood at the same time?” I clarify.


“What does it do?” I nuzzle against his chest and he gives my butt another squeeze.

“It connects them forever and allows them to share their feelings with one another without words. You would be able to feel when I am happy or angry-”

I would? Thinkin’ I’m gonna marry you, Eric?” I tease him.

His hand on my bottom stops movin’ and he gets real thoughtful a moment, “Yes, actually. That is what I am hoping.”

I prop myself up on my elbow and stare at him. “A-are you serious?”

“Yes, very.”

“E-Eric! I’m only just about to turn 18!” I protest and he laughs.

“Yes, Sookie, I know that. I would not initiate the beginnings of a Bond unless you were certain, and you were ready,” he assures.


“Sookie, I am just giving you the answers to the questions you are asking,” he points out.

“Yeah, I guess,” I grumble, floppin’ back onto the couch. I lay there a moment before asking, “So, do you gotta get all three exchanges done within a certain amount of time?”

“A year,” he replies, “but there must be a sunset between each exchange. If all three are not completed within a year, the spell must be started anew.”

“Spell?” I frown.

“Yes, it is magic. I suppose ‘spell’ is not the correct term. Ritual would be more appropriate,” he explains.

“Is there really magic?” He raises his eyebrows at me as if to say ‘you are lying on a couch with a vampire, and you are asking me if magic exists?’ “What I mean is, are there witches and stuff?”

“Witches, Werewolves, shapeshifters, demons, fairies… All sorts of magical creatures,” he assures.

“Whoa, the world sure is a big place, huh?”

“Yes, it is,” he nods and begins kissin’ at my neck. Next thing I know, I’m on my other side again with my back to his chest. He’s got his right hand squeezin’ at my breast, tuggin’ my nipple while he sucks and nibbles at my pulse point.

His left hand awkwardly pushes my hair from my face and then his mouth is there at my ear. My body tenses and he runs his tongue across the cartilage, makin’ a deep throb resonate in my womb. I can’t hold back the moan, and I take his hand that’s holdin’ my breast and practically shove it between my legs. “Eric, please, do it again,” I plead. His fingers are dancin’ between my thighs only briefly before they flitter away. He gets his knee between my legs and pushes on my backside, pressin’ my center firmly against his thigh. “Oh, please,” I whimper, and he gives my ear another lick with his tongue that makes me give out a very unladylike grunt.

“Gods, you are so responsive, Lover,” he rumbles in my ear, and sooner than I’d like, he tugs that ear with his teeth and I come unglued. I think I scream when I cum, and I definitely convulsed a little. His hand is glidin’ up my body until its around my throat. He turns my head and captures my mouth with his. “I would like very much to bite you, Sookie,” he tells me.

“Will it hurt?” I ask breathlessly.

“No, Lover, not at all,” He starts sucklin’ at my ear again and my eyes cross. His hand leaves my throat and travels back to my bottom to push me down against his thigh once more.

“O-okay!” I squeak when he starts rubbin’ at me through my clothes, and my panties are completely frictionless with the arousal coating them.

His tongue is against my ear and I quickly become a panting, sobbin’ mess all over again. When I cum, I feel this pressure on my shoulder, and then somethin’ I can only describe as relief. I think I feel my blood flowin’ into his mouth. It feels like I’m unloadin’ somethin’ heavy in my shoulder. The sensation stops almost as quick as it started, and my orgasm feels like it’s begun all over again, or maybe it’s still goin’. I don’t know. Did time stop there for a second? Did I black out? Did I black out and keep coming?

All I know for sure is that I’m twitching and sometimes full out flopping on the couch for a good two minutes. Finally, my body starts to calm and I can finally catch my breath.

“It is a good thing it is Friday, Sookie. You would never have made it through school tomorrow,” Eric teases me. “However, if I do not get you home soon, your brother will have my head.”

I nod dumbly, still entranced by what Eric has done to me tonight. This could be the rest of my eternity if I wanted. I could go to bed with him every night for forever. Before I can stop my mouth, the words spill out, “I’m gonna marry you someday.”

Eric laughs at my announcement, “You really need to stop making these sorts of proclamations directly after receiving a life affirming orgasm.”

On to Chapter Fifteen!


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  1. tleel says:

    I just want to thank you for not making us wait for Eric and Sookies unavailing. Love that Eric is still going to wait till Sookie is 18. Loved the chapter looking forward to the next one.

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    I laughed at Sookies marriage statement. I hate to call Eric “cute”, but he and Sookie together are goddamn cute! I’m so glad she told him she was a telepath. I guess he’ll figure out the fairy part eventually.

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    Love this brilliant chapter! You are a magnificent writer!!
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    See? Honesty leads to yummy, happy things! Definitely got a bit hawt! Loved the update and the talking- especially Eric being stunned by her acceptance and her truth. These two are certainly made for each other. Looking forward to the next update.

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