Keep Me Ch. 05

Chapter Five:

Sookie woke up with a horrible pain in her abdomen. Reaching down, she cupped her nether region and whimpered at the thick, slimy moisture she found there. It had been a while since her body went through a period, and she was ashamed that it had returned with a vengeance.

Crawling off of the bed, Sookie held herself as she examined the linens. She was grateful that she had awoken before she could ruin Eric’s sheets. Sookie took that comfort with her to the bathroom where she locked the bathroom door and crawled into the tub and laid there.

Wanting the pain to go away, Sookie plugged the drain and began running the water as hot as she could stand until it was high enough to cover her abdomen. Once the heat began to soothe the pain, Sookie turned off the faucet and flopped back against the tub. In a matter of moments, she was unconscious again and in much less discomfort.


Eric rose to the smell of blood. His pupils dilated at the aroma of his lover bleeding that sweet, heady blood of hers. It was different from what he recalled, but the delicate taste in the air made him sure that it was Sookie. Reaching for her spot on the bed, he found it very cold, and this caused him to frown. It took less than a second for Eric to register all of this before he realized that somewhere in this house, Sookie was bleeding.

Rising from the bed swiftly, Eric scented the air to find his injured woman. She had not gone far.
Going to the bathroom door, Eric went to open it, but it was locked. Growling, Eric gripped the knob hard and pushed the door open by forcing the latch past the strike- too impatient to reach her rather than find a penny and open the lock that way. What he found was confusing and savory at the same time.

Lying in a tub of tinged water was Sookie, her long blonde hair dipping into the rust tinted water in lovely ringlets. Her hands and feet dangled awkwardly over the sides of the tub, preventing them from becoming pruned, though making her position comical to look at.

Kneeling down, Eric put his finger in the water and felt that it had gone tepid. “Lover?” He listened to her heartbeat, which was sedated from sleep, but not distressed before dipping his hand in the water and touching her womanhood- it came back thick with blood. “Ah,” He realized why the aroma of her blood was so different, and the vampire was grateful that she was not injured somehow.

In that moment, he was in wonderment over how he fretted over this young woman. There was a definite distinction to menstrual blood, one Eric was more than capable of identifying. Yet, he had jumped to the conclusion that she was injured well before acknowledging that it was something as common as her cycle.

“Sookie,” Eric patted her cheek with his dry hand and her eyelids fluttered open. He smiled at her, but she recoiled and tried to get away. “Sookie!”

“I’m sorry!” she choked, curling away from his touch and turning her body from him.

“Sookie,” Eric wrapped his arms around her, dragging her against his body and out of the tub. “Calm now, Little One,” He held her tighter as she struggled. “Calm. You are all right. There is nothing to be sorry about,” he soothed, realizing belatedly that this might be another reaction from her years of abuse. “I do not mind what your body is doing,” he said quietly. “You do not need to be ashamed.”

Sookie continued her shaking for a few more moments before she turned in his embrace. “Eric?” she sniffled.

“Yes, Lover?” Eric nuzzled her crown.

“I’m really tired,” she whispered, still feeling exhausted.

“I know, Little One. I have been taking too much of your blood, and now that you are menstruating, I am afraid that your iron levels are extremely low. You are probably anemic,” he explained, unstopping the drain and lifting her out of the bathtub the rest of the way. “We also did not get you any feminine products for this time of the month while we were out.”

“Feminine products?” Sookie was confused.

“Tampons, sanitary napkins, those sorts of things. Also, I believe there are medicines that help with the discomfort,” he told her.

“I don’t understand,” She was getting frustrated. “What do I need napkins for?”

“No, dear one, they are hygienic products for women to use during their menstrual cycle so that they do not bleed onto their clothing.”

“Oh yeah… I haven’t used anythin’ like that in a long time. My uncle always locked me in the bathroom when I got my period. I would eat in there and sleep in the tub until I was done,” she told him, and Eric growled in frustration.

“I am going to kill him,” he said in all seriousness. “Would you hate me very much if I were to kill this Bartlett Hale?” Eric asked.

Sookie was quiet for a long moment before she replied, “You really shouldn’t… But I wouldn’t hate you. I could never hate you.”

Kissing her forehead, Eric gazed at her eyes for a moment. “Take a shower while I run out for the things that you need.” he told her.

“Okay,” Sookie smiled shyly at his thoughtfulness.

Eric took off at vampire speed and decided not to bother with his car. It would be faster to fly, and Sookie needed him for reassurance. Dressing quickly, he was out the door and in the air in a matter of seconds. Flying over Shreveport, he descended on to the roof of the Walgreens that they had gone to the night before. Checking for security cameras, he jumped off the roof and made his way around the building to the door.

Finding the correct aisle, Eric scanned the shelves and for the first time in a long time- felt slightly overwhelmed. A woman who had come down the aisle giggled knowingly at his blank look. “Wife or girlfriend?” She patted his arm comfortingly and Eric could feel her slight recoil at the coolness of his skin. Of course she could not have guessed what he was, and recovered quickly- ignoring his oddity.

“Girlfriend,” Eric decided that would be the most appropriate term for humans in his description of his relationship with Sookie.

“Hmm, well if you don’t know her preferences…” The woman reached around him to grab a box and a tightly bound plastic package. “Those are the ones my daughter likes. She says they are very comfortable.”

Eric decided the woman must be passed her child bearing days since she was referring to her daughter’s preferences rather than her own. That, or she was too embarrassed to admit they were the products she herself preferred. “Do you know the medicine that women take for their menstrual pains?” he asked hopefully, not wanting to flounder about and waste time that Sookie needed him for.

“Yes, of course. Does she get severe cramps?” the woman asked, leading him towards the drug section.

“I woke up and found her asleep in the tub. Would that qualify as severe?” Eric asked.

“Oh, my yes!” The woman eyed him sympathetically as if that gesture would extend to his girlfriend and comfort her. “Here, she’d want this one if she’s in that much pain.” She handed him a box of Excedrin Menstrual Complete. “Also, you might want to get her some dark chocolate. It should improve her mood if she’s feeling down. And, if you’re any good at it, rubbing her lower back will help, too.”

Eric was especially surprised by that last two bits of information as he thanked her politely and headed to the checkout lane. On the way, he grabbed a bar of Godiva’s dark chocolate. The male cashier at the register blanched sympathetically at Eric as he rang up the order, and the vampire wondered if all men received such reactions when their women needed such things.

Once he was outside, Eric walked out of range of security cameras before taking to the sky again. Glancing at his watch, Eric was happy to see he had only been gone 15 minutes, and he hoped that Sookie was still in the shower.

Landing on the front lawn, Eric went inside and straight to their bathroom to find Sookie still in the shower. What was odd was that she was lying on the floor of the shower, the hot spray hitting her directly in the abdomen as her eyes stared unblinking through the steam.

“Sookie?” Eric knelt down, pushing the door open a bit. Her head tilted slowly towards him, eyes blinking dazedly as she tried to smile apologetically at him. “Did you wash yourself at all?”

“I was too tired to stand,” she admitted exhaustedly. Smiling at her, Eric peeled off his clothing before picking her up by her waist and stepping into the shower with her.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Sookie closed her eyes and let Eric support most of her weight as he washed her body and hair. When she was washed and dried, Eric picked up the plastic bag from the store from the floor, and set it down on the counter as well as plopping Sookie next to the sink, too.

After a few awkward and more than uncomfortable moments, Eric had gone through the procedures of using the feminine products and had the matter squared away.

“This should help with the discomfort,” He pulled the Excedrin out of the box and gave her the appropriate dose. “Also, a woman suggested that you have some of this.” He plopped the chocolate bar in her hand next, making Sookie giggle. “Now, get comfortable in bed, and I am going to get you some food and your vitamins from the car,” he told her.

Sookie nodded tiredly, limping her way to the bedroom, clutching her candy bar as she went. Eric smiled sympathetically at her back before he threw on the pants he had worn before the shower and went to do what he had said he would. When the vampire returned with a simple sandwich, glass of water, and all of her vitamins, Sookie was curled up in their bed, wearing one of his t-shirts as she nibbled on the chocolate disinterestedly.

“Here you go, Little One,” Eric handed her the plate and water as he went about opening the bottles of vitamins and supplements. When he had one of each pill, he handed them to her and watched her pop them obediently. “I have to keep my lover healthy,” He nuzzled the side of her head affectionately. “Are the drugs helping at all, or does it take longer?” Eric decided when she shook her head that they were not working, that it just had not been enough time yet. “Eat up, Little One,” He smiled at her, taking her nibbled chocolate and setting it on the nightstand while she ate something a bit more substantial. “I am going to leave these in the bathroom, Sookie. Make sure you take one of each when you wake up tomorrow.” He left for a moment and grabbed the box of tampons and the pads he had bought, putting them under the counter in the cabinet.

“I’m sorry about tonight,” Sookie mumbled from bed.

“There is nothing to be sorry for,” Eric assured her as he came back in from the bathroom. “Oh,” he leaned over to his nightstand and grabbed a pen and notepad, “here is your witch’s number.” He wrote it out and tore it off the pad and put it on the opposite nightstand on her side of the bed. “You may be feeling better tomorrow and get a chance to call her.”

Sookie nodded. “I didn’t think my period would come back so quickly,” she thought aloud as she ate her sandwich.

“What do you mean?” It was not uncommon knowledge to him that women went through this on a monthly basis. “Is it early?”

“Don’t know about early, but it’s back,” She shook her head. “A few months ago it stopped comin’.”

“Why?” Eric was confused, wondering if Sookie had suffered an illness that his blood had reversed.

“Dunno… I remember hearin’ in one of the nurse’s heads at the hospital that she was worried ’bout a girl in one of the other wings who had stopped gettin’ hers and must’ve stopped eatin’ again. They had to put her on a feedin’ tube.”

“So you believe your malnourishment while living on the streets stopped your cycle?” Eric pieced together.

“Nah-No, Bartlett started feedin’ me a lot less and put locks on the pantry and fridge ’cause he didn’t want my boobs gettin’ any bigger,” she explained matter-of-factly.

Eric did not think he could hate Hale any more than he had started to the other night, but twice now this evening, that hate had escalated dramatically. The fact that Sookie spoke so simply about that particular abuse just increased his furry all the more. With everything Hale had made his great niece endure, starvation barely phased her as an abuse.

“Perhaps my blood a few nights ago repaired more than just the damage to your ribs,” Eric reasoned, keeping his tone even despite his anger.

Sookie nodded agreeably to his theory, reaching for her chocolate bar again. Eric smiled, losing a bit of his anger, and handed it to her. “A woman I ran into at the store told me you might like that.”

She blushed sheepishly. “It’s really good. It tastes different from anythin’ I’ve ever had.”

“It is dark chocolate.”

“Oh, I’ve only ever had Hershey bars. I guess they’re different,” Sookie shrugged.
“Yes, they are normally milk chocolate.”

“What’s the difference?”

“The percentage of cocoa.”

“Why would a vampire know that?” She giggled.

“Over the course of a few centuries, one tends to notice things, even if they are inconsequential to them. Knowing such things has helped me blend in with humans over the years,” he explained, gently rolling her onto her stomach once she had set down her candy bar again.

“So, when the Great Reveal happens, are you not gonna need to notice so much pointless stuff?” her voice mumbled into the mattress as Eric’s hands pressed firmly into her lower back, making Sookie moan with relief.

“Possibly, but it is still a good idea to keep up on such things. It makes it easier to communicate with others when you do not need to keep asking questions. Plus, being well rounded in knowledge reflects on one’s own education and understanding of the world. Detachment in such small areas is unnerving to others.”

“I knew I had a lot to learn, but I didn’t realize how much,” Sookie sighed dejectedly before giving another moan of relief as Eric’s hands melted away the pain.

“Once we get the big things out of the way, I am sure that you will pick up on the little things quickly.” He stopped his ministrations when Sookie lay bonelessly beneath him, and then rolled her back onto her side so that he could see her face.

Sookie let out a contented exhale as she snuggled her head into Eric’s chest. “Are you goin’ to feed from me tonight?” she asked.

“No, Little One, I am not. You have lost enough blood to me the last few nights, and your tiny body needs time to recover. Also, your cycle will have depleted your iron. That coupled with feeding me has turned you a little anemic. However, if the idea does not make you squeamish, I may wish to feed between your legs tomorrow night…” he whispered into her hair.

Sookie flushed a little at the thought, but mostly felt great anticipation. “I wouldn’t mind.”

“I am glad. I am sure that your flavor will be a little more robust, and not just sweet,” he said thoughtfully. “I suggest that you use the sanitary napkins tomorrow,” he explained.

“Okay,” She nodded. “I think I remember using those a couple of times… I got my first one when I lived with Gran, and I think that’s what I used then. Only, I just had a couple of them before Gran had her stroke and I went to live with Bartlett.”

“He would do that to you from the very beginning?” Eric asked and Sookie nodded. “Perhaps it would be best if you did not share any more information on how that monster treated you for a while.” She gave him a curious look. “I will need to be level headed when I kill him, and if I hear another word about how he treated you, I may just leave this instant and murder him in a bloody and gruesome way.”

If the idea were not so frightening, Sookie might have giggled at Eric’s confession. The reason she did not was because she knew him to be entirely serious; as well as entirely capable of doing such a thing. Though part of the young woman knew that Bartlett could never come near her again, that she was forever safe from him, a darker part still wanted him wiped from the earth. No matter that he could never hurt her or anyone else ever again, she still wanted him to die. That part of her was what frightened her more than Eric’s plot for murder. Knowing that she was capable of ending a man’s life with a simple request scared her. Realizing that she wanted to make that request is what terrified her.

“What an interesting emotion you are experiencing. I have tasted fear in many flavors, but never this one,” Eric played with a strand of hair that framed Sookie’s face. “What is this feeling, Sookie?”

She was quiet for a long moment, trying to figure out the best way to describe this fear. It was another minute before she quietly asked, “How bad is it that I can so easily ask you to kill Bartlett? And how much worse is it that part of me really wants to ask you to do it?” She whispered, “I know that killin’ people is bad, especially when it’s not in self defense… Bartlett can’t never hurt me ‘gain, but I still want ya t’ murder him,” She finished with a sob.

“Sookie,” Eric sighed gently, “this is not the same circumstances that most people encounter. Hale is not just a man to you. He is your boogyman, your childhood monster. Every child wishes to banish that monster, to destroy it… Only your monster is not one of imagination, and it did not go away when you grew up. The fact that he actually exists is what haunts you, and your need to destroy your boogyman is one that never seemed possible. But it is possible, and it is reasonable. Anyone who would do to a child what has been done to you deserves to suffer, and I will gladly make him suffer. I will destroy your childhood monster and free you of him like you deserve.” Burrowing against his chest, Sookie rubbed away the tears that were beginning to fall. The liquid evidence of her pain trickled down the expanse of his bare chest while his voice tried to sooth away the emotional pain. “I will never think that you are evil or a monster,” he assured her. “You will always be the most beautiful woman I will know, and the only woman I could love.” Sookie smiled against his chest as the tears continued to flow.

After a few minutes of holding her, Eric decided to bring her back from the dark conversations. “Sookie,” Eric turned on his side to gaze at her, “if you could do anything, learn anything, what would you want?” he asked curiously.

The telepath was quiet for a moment as the last of her sniffles abated and she shrugged. “I don’t know… I guess… I guess I’d want to go back to Bon Temps… Show everyone what I could’ve been. I never liked bein’ seen as such an idiot. I want to be able to walk through town and show them all that I’m smart and…”


“Wanted,” she finished quietly. “That’s what I really want. To be wanted.”

“I want you,” Eric murmured, pushing her hair from her face repeatedly. “In so many ways.”

“For my blood and body and telepathy,” Sookie mumbled back, but he could feel that, for her, it was enough. To have acceptance, even for such superficial or one sided reasons- it was enough for her. He had to reassure her that his need for her ran so much deeper than such things.

Eric shook his head. “And your fire. You have this pride and self-respect… It has been buried and broken, but is entirely capable of being revived. When I saw you fighting like a demon against those two men, I knew you were strong and brave. When you told me you were not a runaway- that you were a survivor- it caught my attention,” Stroking her hair, Eric gazed at her contemplatively. “Lover, one day, I will take you back to Bon Temps, and you will show that miserable little town exactly what it had neglected.”

Sookie raised her eyes to his and smiled softly. “I could live without that, as long as I knew you were proud of me. As long as I know you want me, that’s all I’ll ever need. More than learnin’ to read and write, more than learnin’ to drive and becomin’ smart. You bein’ proud of me for learnin’ those things means more too me than actually learnin’ them.”

“You give me a large responsibility, my Lover. Your happiness revolves solely on my perception of you,” he stated.

“I’ll be happy with the knowledge I get out of this, but it wouldn’t mean nearly as much if it wasn’t comin’ from you,” she explained.

Eric smiled at her for a moment. “But is it enough, Sookie? Do you not have some expectations of yourself, or a dream you wish to pursue? When you were a child, what was it you wanted to be?” he pressed.

Sookie paused for a moment. “Normal.”

Eric was speechless a moment. It was not fair. It was not right. This remarkable creature had been so misunderstood and mistreated for so long that she had never even gotten a chance to indulge in childish fantasies of growing up! No wonder her expectations revolved solely around him, he was the only one to expect anything of her!

He would not speak it, or even let on what his new goal was for her. Her training and tutoring would no longer be just about making her “average”. Eric would make her realize that she was extraordinary. And, by the Gods, he promised to himself, she would hold her head high without him standing beside her to tilt her chin back for her! This was his silent oath, and when he made a promise like the one he secretly made to her now, he always fulfilled that promise.

“Come here, Lover, I will read to you,” Eric turned onto his back and parted his knees so that Sookie could curl up with him. Her contentment at being held by him was what made Eric happy to do this. She felt so at home in his lap, and it felt so natural to read to her and tell her tales. They read to each other on and off the remainder of the evening, until the sun called Eric to rest, and Sookie drifted away without his emotional presence.


Sookie awoke to a dull ache in her womb. Hobbling to the bathroom, the girl took her vitamin, iron, and another dose of Excedrin before getting into the shower. Per Eric’s request, she lined her panties with a pad, and went back into the bedroom to put on one of his shirts. Grabbing Angie’s phone number off of the nightstand, Sookie went to the kitchen to call the witch she had met the other night.

Hello?” Angie’s voice came over the line.

“Hello, Angie?” Sookie asked uncertainly.


“This is Sookie. We met at the dance club?” Sookie reminded the witch.

Yeah! Of course!” Angie’s voice sounded like she was smiling. “How ya doin’, Sweetheart?”

“I’m good. Sorry I didn’t call yesterday. I was havin’ a rough day,” she apologized.

No problem. Are you okay?” Angie was concerned, and that surprised the young telepath.

“Uh, yeah. I was gettin’… I think Eric said I was… “Anemic”? I think that’s what he said,” Sookie explained.

Yeah, I bet getting chewed on by a vamp regularly would do that,” Angie chuckled, but she did not seem judgmental or disgusted.

“Yeah… I wasn’t feelin’ very good,” She sighed.

So, I was talking to some women in my coven, and they all really want to meet you!” Angie laughed.

Sookie giggled nervously, “I don’t know…”

Well, we always all go out on Wednesday nights to a coffee shop here in Shreveport. It’s called Espress Yoself. If you want, you should drop in for a bit and bring the vamp with you. You don’t have to stay long, or you could if you wanted,” Angie suggested.

“What’s today?” Sookie asked, having lost track a long time ago.

Monday,” Angie laughed.

“I’ll talk to Eric and see if he has any plans for us the day after tomorrow,” Sookie assured her.

The two chatted for another hour or so, and Sookie was excited to be speaking to someone- happy that someone was interested in knowing her. However, Sookie found herself getting to know more about Angie than the witch learned about her. She found out that Angie was 20, a middle child with an older and younger sister, her favorite color was green, which did not surprise Sookie since Angie had florescent green tips in her hair. She loved to read, and watched very little television, but loved movies. Angie worked as a physical therapist at a hospital and used her ability to heal by manipulating energy. She was very blunt and physically affectionate, which Sookie had realized instantly when the young woman had hugged her upon meeting.

So how did you and Eric meet?” Angie asked.

“Umm…” Sookie was unable to decide how to explain that one. She was against admitting that she had been living on the streets for a little over a month, and, surely, Eric did not want Angie to know that he had initially brought Sookie home as a snack.

It’s okay, Sweetheart. You sound like that subject makes you uncomfortable. Just forget that I asked,” Angie told her soothingly. “Have you been working on your reading at all?”

“Eric and I read last night together. I really like when we do that ’cause he sits me down between his legs and holds me while I hold the book. I follow along with my finger, and he reads, and then I’ll read a chapter. We usually do that before bed, and I fall asleep while he reads. He’s got a really nice voice, and I think he can tell when I’m gettin’ sleepy, ’cause his voice starts gettin’ softer and softer and then I’m asleep,” She giggled.

That’s really sweet. From what I know about vampires, they’re not usually so patient and they’re definitely not care givers.”

“I think he’s just really into makin’ me happy, and he knows learnin’ to read means a lot to me. Plus, it’s also somethin’ that would help him, ’cause he wants me to use my telepathy to read his employees and stuff. If I have to do that durin’ the day or without him, I’d need to take notes on what I heard, and I’d need to be able to read questions he’d want me to ask,” she explained.

So he’s just using you for your gift?” Angie sounded annoyed.

“Oh, no!” Sookie shook her head vehemently, though Angie could not see it. “He likes me well enough, and I think he cares about me a lot. But he doesn’t waste anythin’ he has. He knows he’s got an edge with my ability, and he’s not gonna put me on a shelf and pretend it don’t exist. Considering how others have responded to my disability, I kind of like havin’ someone see it as somethin’ useful… It’s nice to have someone believe in it, and not just think I’m crazy and hearin’ voices.”

I can understand that,” Angie back pedaled. “I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just concerned for a moment that your gift was the only reason he kept you around and took care of you.”

“Nah-No, I really think he likes havin’ me around. If nothin’ else, I think he enjoys the company,” Sookie admitted.

“I love the company.” Sookie shrieked when a cool, panty soaking voice whispered in her ear.

“ERIC!” Sookie yelped, dropping the phone for Eric to catch deftly.

Sookie could hear Angie laughing on the other end as Eric handed it back. “I’ll let you go, Sweetheart. Enjoy your vampire,” She hung up, and Sookie flushed as she took in a shirtless Eric.

“Good evening, Lover,” Eric purred leaning forward to cup Sookie’s bottom and lift her off of the barstool and set her on the kitchen counter. He took a deep breath through his nostrils and shuddered slightly at the mixture of blood and fresh wave of arousal. “Lie back…” he instructed in that same voice that made her tremble and follow his instructions quickly.

Before she knew what was happening, Eric had slipped off her panties and pushed her borrowed t-shirt up along her torso. He growled hungrily before descending upon her bleeding sex. Sookie mewled happily as her lover drank from her and pleasured her, gripping the edges of the counter as her hips bucked against his face until he was forced to immobilize them.

Eric was moaning at the flavor she was emitting. It was deep and rich and hot. When he drank from her throat it was sweet and exhilarating, but this blood was different. It made him feel a deep power within himself, as if he was capable of anything, or nothing could ever stop him. Every time Sookie orgasmed from his technique and the flavor of her blood mingled with the sweet tangy-ness of her arousal, Eric nearly lost it. He continued drinking her with a great fervor, plunging his fingers into her hot depths to encourage more blood to flow until he had his fill, which he never expected to happen. He would drink her all night if she allowed it.

An electronic version of Für Elise interrupted Eric’s newest favorite treat, and he growled impatiently as he abandoned Sookie, who was still writhing on the kitchen counter, to retrieve his cell phone. “WHAT!?” he snapped as he picked it up and came back to the kitchen, shoving three fingers back into Sookie and making her scream in pleasure.

Master, I didn’t realize you were entertaining. Should I call back?” Pam’s voice was amused.

“You knew damned well what I was doing, Pamela,” Eric snarled, knowing his Child could feel the extreme pleasure he was experiencing, as well as the irritation he felt now. He pounded his hand against Sookie’s pussy until she came again with another scream, and he let her inner walls clench around his fingers for a while, enjoying the sensations.

Yes, well, you also knew you promised to pick me up at the airport this evening. You told me so last week,” her tone was dry.

Eric was extremely annoyed, but not with Pam. He was annoyed because he had never actually forgotten to do anything until he had met Sookie. All of the sudden he was so eager to be with her, that he was forgetting small appointments, as well as silly things like buying her vitamins and supplements even though he had planned on doing these things. He was even losing track of time. Though his pleasuring Sookie seemed to have only been for a few moments, apparently they had been at this for more than just a while. Long enough for Pam to rise, board a plane and LAND in Louisiana. Even with the time difference, that was still two hours he had spent unaware with Sookie!

“The airport is not far out. Would you like to wait, or grab a cab?” Eric removed his fingers and splayed his bloody hand across her stomach, leaving red fingers smeared across her gorgeous flesh.

Pam snickered, “Do you think my shoes could fit in a mere taxi?” she asked, and Eric agreed that it was unlikely.
“I will bring the Escalade. I will also be bringing a companion with me.”


Eric hung up and looked down at Sookie regretfully, “Lover, we must make a trip to the airport. My Child has arrived.”

Sookie stared at him in a daze before she seemed to collect herself. “O-Okay,” She slid off of the counter bonelessly, and clung to her lover gratefully as he dragged her towards the bathroom to clean them both up. Eric’s chin was coated with blood, and the insides of Sookie’s thighs felt the same way. They showered and dressed quickly, and Sookie was surprised when Eric lead her to his larger car. “You have two cars?” Sookie had never been in the garage before.

“I have several cars. These are the only two on this property, however,” Eric opened the passenger’s side door and helped Sookie into the seat.

“Wow,” Sookie smiled when Eric was beside her instantly, turning the ignition. They tore off together down the street and onto the highway. Sookie was nervous and excited about meeting Pam. She knew that Pam was important to Eric, and she wanted very much for his Child to approve of her. “Eric…”

“Yes, Lover?”

“When we were drivin’ home the other night… You said that if I drank from you one more time, I would be yours…”


“What… Why haven’t you let me be yours?” she asked quietly.

“Sookie,” Eric was speaking quietly, slowly, “you have only known me a few days. A blood bond is forever. You are young and-”

“I know I’m young” she gasped, “but I’ve never felt this way before! I want to always be with you! I want to know you can never leave me, ’cause I know I could never leave you!” she rambled out quickly.

“Hush, Little One,” Eric soothed, taking her warm hand and rubbing his thumb over the back of it. “I have every intention of making you mine; of keeping you forever,” he assured her. “Just give it a little time. I want you to be comfortable in my world before you are tied to it.”

“I could live anywhere, and deal with anythin’ if I knew you were the one I was doin’ it for,” Sookie said quietly, a bit more subdued.

“We will discuss this more tonight,” Eric promised her.

“Where is Pam sleepin’?” Sookie asked, changing the subject before she could muster up the will to bring it back up.

“The spare bedroom is light proofed, but much less secure than my day chamber. She will sleep there,” Eric explained. “She is moving back to the area on a long term basis so that she can be settled and help me with setting up Fangtasia before The Great Reveal. She will be looking for her own place while she stays with us.”

“Okay… How long will she be stayin’?” Sookie asked.

“Not too long. She has been checking out the local real estate from New York, and already has a few houses in mind. A few months at most.”

“Does she know a Were tried to kill you, or that the house isn’t really too safe right now?” Sookie asked as they pulled into the airport receiving area.

“Not yet, but I will speak to her about it later. I have been preoccupied these past few evenings,” Eric silently cursed himself as he pulled up to the airport’s roadside receiving area. Yet another thing he had forgotten over the past week!

Sookie gawked at the woman standing next to a pile of luggage at the sidewalk. Her demeanor appeared bored with an underlying sense of agitation.

Slipping out of the car when Eric opened her door, Sookie stepped behind him and approached the female vampire. She was not feeling as nervous around Pam as she had with Charles, and Sookie wondered if it was because Pam was Eric’s Child; affirming that she knew she was safe. “Pam,” Eric stepped slightly to the side to display Sookie, “this is Sookie.”

“Mmm, so this tasty morsel is what has had your mood fluctuating to all of those pleasant places,” Pam purred at the younger blonde.

Sookie tilted her head down shyly as she took in the woman before her. Stunning would never even begin to cover her appearance. The telepath was immediately dazed by Eric’s Child, and smiled sweetly at her.

“It’s nice to meet you, Pam,” Sookie nodded softly at her.

“Hon har haft ditt blod,” [She has had your blood] Pam said in Swedish once she noticed this detail after a subtle taste of the air.

“Ett par gånger.” [A couple of times] Pam raised her eyebrow at Eric’s answer in their usual code language. “Hon är speciell.” [She is special.]

“Hmm,” Pam tilted her head contemplatively, “hon luktar speciellt… Särskilt delikat.” [she smells special… Particularly delicious.]

“Let me help with your bags.” Sookie leaned towards the luggage, having spent enough time standing by awkwardly while they spoke in a foreign language. She took the bag closest to her and started to turn before she felt it swept from her hands by Eric.

“That is not necessary, Lover. I brought you for your company, not to haul luggage.” Eric smiled at her. “Please, get in the car with Pam, and I will load up the trunk.” He opened the back door for her, and Pam slid between them.

“Allow me to take the back, Master, I do not mind.” Pam could tell that Eric wanted Sookie beside him in the car, and only went to put the girl in the back so as not to offend her.
Eric nodded approvingly at Pam and stepped aside so she could get in the car before he opened the other door for Sookie.

“Thank you,” Sookie said timidly as Eric went to load up Pam’s luggage. “I know you did that for him, but it means a lot to me, too.”

Pam eyed the little blonde curiously. “How long has Eric had you? I felt his emotions changing a few days ago, but that might not have been the instance he met you. He does not allow me access to his feelings often, but has been surprisingly forthcoming this last week.”

Counting back on her fingers, now knowing that today was Monday, Sookie finally answered. “Eric found me Tuesday night.”

“I have not known him to spend so much of his time with a mortal.” Pam’s gaze was both calculating and unsettling to Sookie. “True, you do smell very good, but that would be no reason for him to keep you around so often. I can tell that you have not been glamoured either.” This made Pam even more suspicious.

“Oh, that’s because-”

“What are we talking about, ladies?” Eric asked as he slipped into the car. One of the perks to the Great Reveal would be no longer having to adhere to human speed and strength. Had he not needed to worry about exposing his vampire abilities, Eric could have been home by now.

“Your interest in this creature,” Pam answered.

Sookie beamed at Eric when his free arm went over her shoulder, and Pam was surprised because she had never seen such a gaze bestowed upon her Maker by a mortal nor vampire. The way she could feel how that gaze affected Eric was even more surprising. Was this love? Was her Master in love with this little girl? Eric could feel Pam’s surprise and confusion, and it made him cautious.

Eric ignored Pam’s response by closing off her access to his emotions, “Have you eaten yet, Lover?” he asked Sookie while putting the vehicle into gear.

“Oh, no, I was on the phone with Angie all afternoon…” She admitted sheepishly to Pam, “I forget to eat a lot.”

Eric smiled at her, though his eyes were dark and cold, now knowing that her constant missed meals was something she had adjusted to even before she was homeless. She was so used to being hungry that unless she was about to collapse, she tended to either ignore or not notice her hunger pains.

“We will stop somewhere so that you can eat.” Eric nodded to himself.

“No, that’s okay. There’s food at home, I’ll eat when we get there.” She smiled brightly at him, not wanting to be a burden to the group.

“Home? She is living with you, Master?” Pam was reeling.

“Sookie does not have a home,” Eric explained shortly.

“So you offered her lodgings out of the goodness of your heart?” Pam raised a suspicious eyebrow. It was nothing like her Master to invite a complete stranger into his residence to stay. It was risky and stupid, and nothing like Eric. “And you allow her to roam around your nest while you are at rest? Can she get in and out of your safe room too!? What are-”

“Enough, Pamela,” Eric hissed and Pam’s mouth snapped shut.

Sookie deflated into her seat. She thought that her and Pam were getting along fine up until this point. Suddenly, Sookie felt like she was a home wrecker.

The remainder of the ride was silent, and when Eric pulled into the driveway, close to the front door to make unloading Pam’s luggage quicker, his Child went into the house to browse around as her Master brought in the suitcases. It still amused Pam how much Eric spoiled her when she returned after being away for long periods of time.

Sookie followed behind the other woman silently, and flinched when Pam picked up one of the books Eric had bought her.

“I didn’t realize that your taste in literature had declined so much.” Pam smirked at her Maker as he came in with all of her bags as she held the My First Book of ‘B’ book that was literally a book with a lot of words beginning with the letter “B”. Eric’s face became stoic as Sookie was overcome with shame while Pam held the book up amusedly. “Broadening your vocabulary, Master?”

“Pamela,” Eric said in a warning tone.

“She can’t read?” Pam was not at all impressed with her Master’s pet.

Sookie was extremely grateful that she was unable to hear Pam’s thoughts. The words she said alone were enough to make her want to crawl under a rock and die. Bowing her head, Sookie took a step back and clamped her lips together. She could not allow herself to get into a quarrel with Pam. She knew that Eric’s Child meant a lot to him, and she would not do anything to challenge her, out of respect for him. She could take the insults, they were just words; words she had heard all of her life. An old wound was no reason to cause a fuss, even when the scab of it made her shiver whenever it was picked at.

“Pamela,” Eric snarled, making his Child flinch, “this petulance will cease now. You will not speak to Sookie in such a manner. Take your belongings to your room. I do not wish to see you the remainder of the evening.” His voice was commanding, and Pam left silently, though not without shooting another disapproving glance at the young woman. “Come here, Lover.” Eric opened his arms to Sookie and she stepped into his embrace tentatively. “I am sorry that she hurt your feelings. She does not like the extent of my feelings for you.”


“She believes that they are making me sloppy and stupid,” he told her simply. “Which is very true.”

Sookie frowned harder. “I’m sorry that I’m such a distraction,” she whispered.

“Hush, Little One.” Eric smiled into her hair. “I would gladly trade a bit of precaution for the evenings I have spent with you.”

“I don’t want you gettin’ hurt, though, and if I’m makin’ you sloppy, then I’m puttin’ you in more danger!” Sookie turned in his arms, looking up at him worriedly. “What if someone like that André vampire finds out about me? What if they use me t’ hurt you? You’ve already gotta target on yer back by stayin’ in this house fer me!”

Eric was surprised how quickly Sookie made those connections. “Yes, Sookie, you will be a weakness of mine,” he admitted slowly, “but I will do everything in my power to keep that weakness from being exploited.” He kissed her cheek gently. “I will protect you, and I will teach you to protect yourself,” he assured her.

“Teach me to fight.” Sookie stared deep into his eyes, her expression grave.

“That is a promise.”

On to Chapter Six


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