Catalyst Ch. 18

Chapter Eighteen: Possibilities and Realities

Sookie’s POV:

All right, Little Girl, take a seat,” the little doctor tells me, pointin’ to my bed. I sit down and wait for further instruction. “I am going to begin with a series of questions. Then I will draw some blood to take back for analysis and records.”

Yes, Ma’am,” I nod agreeably.

First, when do you plan on Bonding?” she asks me.

June twelfth,” I announce.

You have a specific date?” She’s surprised.

Well, yeah. Eric said he’d give me a human weddin’ later. I wanted that to be December twelfth ’cause that’s the day we first met. June twelfth is exactly half a year apart. I get two anniversaries,” I grin cheekily.

Ludwig just shakes her head and goes back to her chart. She asks me ’bout my current diet, sleepin’ habits, sexual habits, sexual urges, when my period’s due, if I smoke, do drugs… A whole bunch a stuff that, if she wasn’t a doctor, I’d blush.

Have you any noticeable differences from humans?” She asks.

Er, I’m telepathic,” I tell her and her eyebrows raise, but she just jots it down and nods.

How does that ability work?” Ludwig asks next.

Well, I can hear humans, but not vampires,” I tell her. “As for how it works, I guess I don’t know. It is just a constant background noise. Like, I can hear Jason right now, and a couple people as they walk down the street. I can hear the neighbors… I guess I have the radius of about a football stadium?” I hazard a guess of my range.

Can you hear other Supernaturals? Weres, shifters?” She continues.

Don’t know. It’d be easier if ya sat me in front of one and asked, but if I can hear them, I couldn’t tell by their thoughts what they were,” I don’t mention that I had no idea there were other types of Supernaturals mostly because I feel silly for not realizin’ as much. After all, if vampires and telepaths exist, just about everything else should. “I mostly try to ignore people unless they’re thinkin’ ’bout me, and I only pay attention long enough to figure if they’re a threat,” I admit.

I see…” Ludwig makes more notes.

And, uh, is it weird that my ears are super sensitive?” I mumble shyly.

Your hearing?” Ludwig asks.

No, um, like arousin’ sensitive,” I tell her with a blush. “Eric’s made me… Y’know…a couple times playin’ with my ears.”

Is that so?” Ludwig raises an eyebrow and my face goes even redder. “Well, Endymion did confirm that you are part fairy. Fairy ears are a noted erogenous zone. It is not uncommon for them to be brought to orgasm by stimulating them. It is more common in young fairies than mature ones. You are quite young. You can probably bank on that level of sensitivity for a couple centuries.”

Oh,” I frown, disappointed that I won’t have any control over it for so long.

She does a hearin’ test, an eye exam, takes my temperature, rubs a lemon peel on my skin, gives me a spoon to hold, and, finally, draws some blood into several different vials.

After that, she measures me all over, my height, weight, my bust line, waist, hips, and thighs. Dang, she’s goin’ all out! I think in surprise.

I wish to do another exam next week while you are on your period, and then one just before your Bonding ritual,” Ludwig tells me.

Yes, Ma’am,” I nod at her request. “Do I call ya when my period starts or-”

I will know,” Ludwig announces as she starts packin’ up her stuff.

You’ll know?” I ask in alarm.

Ludwig gives me a devilish grin, “I am a Supernatural doctor, Little Girl. I have my ways.”

May I ask you a quick question?” I stop her from leavin’. Ludwig pauses, and I take that as my cue to ask. “The livin’ immortality thing… How does that work? Will I look eighteen forever?”

Ludwig shakes her head, “In your case, it is more likely that your body will age to its optimal maturity and then stop naturally aging. As for your fertility, that remains to be seen. I am hoping you will only have the quarter century fertility of a fairy. If you are popping out immortal children every ten months for the next thirty to forty years, we will have a real problem with population surplus!”

I laugh at that, and Ludwig gives me a stern look to tell me she’s completely serious. C’mon, quarter century fertility! I think wildly. Anythin’ ta not get glared at by the doctor like that ever again!

I will see you next week,” Ludwig tells me, and then there’s a loud POP, and I’m standin’ alone in my room.

I blink several times, tryin’ to figure out where the doctor went, but it’s like she vanished from the face of the Earth.

After I’ve made certain the doctor’s gone, I get up off the bed and head back to the livin’ room. Jason and the vamps are all chattin’ animatedly when I arrive.

How’d it go?” Jason jumps up from the couch.

Good, I guess. She just asked me a bunch of questions, took my measurements, and drew a little blood to run some tests. I think she wanted to get herself a baseline for what was “normal” for me before things start changin’,” I explain.

Makes sense,” Jason nods slowly.

His mind is a whirlwind of everythin’ we’ve been told tonight. I was bein’ uncharacteristically invasive of Jason’s mind while with the doctor, but I hadn’t wanted to miss anythin’ while I was gettin’ checked out. So, I know about Jason’s plans on becomin’ a vamp, and the darker aspects of what we’ll all be undergoing, particularly the fact that I’ll be the weak link of the group. I don’t like that at all, but Jason made a fair enough point. What are the odds I’ll be out much without my brother, my future husband, or his Bloodline?

Even though I don’t like the idea of bein’ babysat the rest of eternity, the advantages and opportunities that come along with it are too much to throw away. By Bondin’ with Eric, his entire Bloodline will be able to walk around outside durin’ the day. Silver won’t hurt them, and they can’t be killed by anythin’! It’s worth the small sacrifice of havin’ a vampire bodyguard with me at all times, ’cause, honestly, it ain’t even a sacrifice. I already wanna be around Eric all the time anyway! An excuse to be with my husband or brother all the time? Yes, please!

And babies!

The thought of actually havin’ children and knowin’ I won’t have to lose them at any point makes me crazily happy! Even though I would’ve gladly given up the opportunity to have kids to be with Eric, the fact I don’t have to makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I just hope I’ll have my first teachin’ job before the chance to have kids even rears its adorable, little head!

Sookie?” Pam looks at me quizzically.

Huh?” I startle out of my musings.

Are you all right? Master Godric has been trying to speak to you, and you have been in your own little world,” Pam explains, and that’s when I realize the whole room’s starin’ at me.

Sorry,” I blush and mumble. “I kinda got lost in my head with all the news we got tonight.”

Eric smiles at me knowingly, and I blush even redder. “Hoping the pitter-patter will wait until after college?” he hints none-too-subtly.

That’s what I’m hopin’, too,” I assure him bashfully. Lookin’ toward Godric, I offer an apology, “Sorry for ignorin’ ya. What were you askin’?”

Godric gives me a soft, cheerful smile, “I was asking how you felt about all of this?”

Oh, well, I’m really happy and excited. Even though I’m gonna be your guys’ soft spot, I know y’all will keep me safe from the bad stuff. I kinda was resolvin’ myself on it, y’know? It won’t be so bad. It just means I’ll be spendin’ tons of time with my husband or brother. Gettin’ manicures and stuff with Pam… Sorry, you and I don’t have a thing yet, but I’m sure we’ll get along great, too,” I offer with a grin. “What do you like to do?” I ask.

Godric smiles all gentle again, “I enjoy reading, going to the theatre, and concerts. Have you ever been to a symphony, Sookie?” he asks.

No, but it sounds real neat. I always like listenin’ to the school band’s concerts,” I offer.

Well,” Godric nods, “it seems we will find plenty to do together. However, until your brother is turned, I will probably be his bodyguard. He is currently our weakest link.” He gives Jason an apologetic grimace, “He will not have any sort of protection like you do until he becomes part of the Bloodline.”

Hey, it’s cool. As long as y’all are keepin’ yourselves under wraps for the time bein’, no one’s got a reason to come after us,” Jason points out. “We’ll make it work.”

Yes,” Godric agrees. “Unfortunately, I will not be able to continue our discussion any further this evening. I must return to Dallas. I need to begin training Isabel as Sheriff of Area Nine and preparing the paperwork for my discharge of duties. I will move this way as soon as possible. Eric, if you could find me a suitable residence for my return, that would be appreciated.”

Consider it done, Master,” Eric nods.

Please, keep me informed on circumstances surrounding this matter. I would prefer to be kept in the loop. Eric, you said you plan to Bond a month from today?” Godric asks him.

Yes, June twelfth is the date Sookie requested. That means on June thirteenth, none of us will ever die for the day again,” Eric tells them.

Sookie, Sookie!” Pam looks at me excitedly. “Spa day on the thirteenth!?”

All I can do is roll my eyes and laugh. “Pam,” I giggle, and my cheeks go red at the words I’m about to say, “the thirteenth will be my first full day with my Bonded. Do you really think he’ll let me outta bed?”

Jason clears his throat uncomfortably as Pam and Godric laugh. Eric has a you-know-me-all-too-well look on his face.

Well, we’ll see ya later, Godric,” Jason waves awkwardly. “Pam, ya wanna go out and tear up the town? Looks like my sister and your “brother” want some alone time,” He points to the two of us, doin’ his best not to frown.

That sounds like something to do,” Pam shrugs.

Once the three of them leave, and the door shuts behind them, Eric picks me up by my waist and crushes his mouth to mine again. My legs automatically wrap around his hips and my arms snake around his neck.

I moan into his mouth as he carries me to my bedroom. Soon I’m on the bed and he’s completely on top of me now, kissin’ me all soft and slow. His member is beginnin’ to press into me, and I push up against him, makin’ him growl.

Do not tempt me with only two weeks more to wait,” he murmurs into my ear and gives it a tug, so my eyes roll back in my head. “You are the one creature who could break my resolve,” he tells me as he grabs me by the butt and pulls me hard against him. “Although, you are very very tempting in these very tight jeans,” he growls again and I melt. Next thing I know, he’s undoin’ my pants and draggin’ them off my legs until I’m layin’ in bed in a pair of lacy, pink underwear and a fitted t-shirt. “You are the sweetest thing I have ever seen, Sookie,” he tells me before leanin’ down and kissin’ me again.

Our tongues tangle back and forth between our mouths. He’s bitin’ my lip, and his hips are diggin’ his erection into me at just the right angle to drive me wild. I can feel my panties gettin’ wetter and wetter, and soon the friction between us is smooth and slick.

Eric,” I whine into his mouth, and he pulls away, shoves my shirt and bra above my breasts, and starts torturing my nipples. He’s suckin’ at one hard, pullin’ at it with his teeth all while his hand is twisting and tuggin’ the other one. I’m panting and whimperin’ underneath him. I can’t believe it’s been a week since he touched me! I’m wearin’ less clothes now than I’ve ever had on when he’s gotten frisky. I always want him touchin’ me like this! The fewer clothes, the better! “Why’d you make me wait, ah! So long?” I ask as my hips twist, tryin’ to find more friction.

Because,” he pulls his mouth from my nipple and replaces it with his other hand while he speaks, “I broke a promise to myself as to when I would do these things with you. Therefore, I have been trying to restrain myself until your birthday.”

That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… Now get where I need ya,” I shove at his hand, urgin’ it downward, and he laughs at me.

Sookie, this is as far as it goes. I am not getting into your panties with only a short time remaining until your birthday,” he chastises me teasingly.

I have been dreamin’ about this for a week, Eric. I don’t even think I can make it to the twelfth before I end up jumpin’ you!”

He laughs again, but starts peelin’ off his shirt, leavin’ his torso naked, except for the iron snake necklace I gave him for Christmas.

He throws his shirt to the side, splits my legs wide open, and pushes his hard-on against my center. His tongue is wicked, cool, and soft against my throat. It snakes along the muscles of my neck, and I can feel my body squirmin’ cause I need more friction against my core. It feels so good that I’m at battle with myself over just enjoyin’ this, or urgin’ him to pay more attention to the spot where it feels the most pleasurable.

Oh, God,” I whimper when he gives my clit a moment of attention with the firm pressure of his hips. “Please, Eric,” I moan, and my hand reaches for his head, tanglin’ in his hair. My feet plant on the lower part of his back as I rock beneath him.

When he sucks my neck right below my ear, I almost come undone. I twist and pant at what he does to me. His mouth feels so good! “Ah!” I gasp when his tongue flickers quickly over my earlobe. He doesn’t stop playin’ with it. His fingers are pluckin’ at my nipple, tuggin’ at them so hard that it makes my body buckle in response. His fingers twist with a firm pressure and I can’t bite back the wail it causes. He does it again, swirlin’ his tongue against my ear in tempo with his fingers. I can’t breathe!

My body tenses like I’ve never felt before, and the next thing I know I sob while I start to climax. It’s fast, hard, and intense. It feels like all my female organs are clenching and releasing all at once, makin’ the surrounding muscles turn to mush.

While I lay on the bed, gasping for breath, and recoverin’, Eric looms over me and kisses me deep. “Worth the wait?” he teases.

You’re worth the wait any time,” I tell him in all sincerity.

He smiles and kisses my lips very gently. “I am glad,” he whispers against my mouth. “Are you still coming over to my condo the Friday night after next?”

I don’t know if I can resist keepin’ it in our pants,” I tease him, earning a scowl. “I’ll be over as soon as the sun sets, then I’m all yours ’til Sunday night,” I wiggle my eyebrows at him suggestively.

He chuckles, kissin’ the side of my head now, “May I request you bring minimal clothing?”

Can I request some food in the condo?”

The refrigerator will be well stocked,” he assures me.

Then I guess I got nothin’ to go out for,” I grin up at him. Reachin’ up, I tangle some of his hair around my finger, givin’ it a tug. “I love your hair… I wish it was longer, so I could wrap my hands all up in it.”

Do you?” He seems a little too excited by my question.

I’d love to see you like that,” I admit reluctantly.

My hair was once almost as long as yours,” he tells me softly, kissin’ down my face toward my neck. “I could allow my body to regenerate it if you would like?”

My eyes widen at the idea, “Would you be upset if I ended up not likin’ it and asked you to cut it all off again?”

Not at all,” He shakes his head. “I do not mind the length it is now. It took me some time to acclimate to it, but Pam was rather insistent about it. She has been nagging at me to go even shorter, like your brother’s hair.”

I scrunch my face in distaste. “I wouldn’t want it shorter than this,” I tell him.

Good,” He smiles against my throat. “Since we are on the topic of hair, may I make a request?”

You don’t want mine shorter, do you?” I ask worriedly. I’ve never had short hair a day in my life, and I don’t want to think about how I’d look with it that way.

No, not at all,” Eric assures me. “I was hoping,” his hand is strokin’ my belly, workin’ its way toward the top of my panties, and I hold my breath, “that you would consider growing your hair back here…” He runs his hand across my pubic bone. “Not here,” he strokes my nether lips briefly through my underwear, and I pant a moment because it’s the first time he’s touched me there with his hands, “just here…” He’s rubbing my mons pubis again, and I mourn the loss of his dexterous fingers against my slit.

I get waxed,” I try to explain as my brain returns to me. “They take the whole thing when they do it.”

Eric’s brow furrows and then he scowls, “You could ask them to leave some.”

I can?” I ask in surprise.

Eric rolls his eyes, but I get the feelin’ it’s not because of me. “I will throttle Pam for making you believe that.”

Next time I go, I’ll make sure they leave ya a nice size ‘welcome’ mat,” I tease. “It shouldn’t take long to grow back after keepin’ the wax off that area with the next treatment.”

Will you make sure they do it like this?” He traces a pretty good-sized triangle across my pelvis and I laugh. “Is that too much?” he asks with a frown.

If it’s what you want, I’ll see what I can do, but Summer’s here and I wanna still wear a bikini. I promise to grow it out a little though,” I give him a playful leer. “So, you went and started pettin’ me. You gonna do anythin’ about it?”

No, I think I will leave you wanting for more until your birthday,” he teases me.

Eric,” I whine, clutching at his arms, “please?”

He laughs and shakes his head at me, “No, Sookie. You will be wild and pent up, and I cannot wait.”

You’re so mean,” I pout even harder.

I only want the best for you, Sookie,” he tells me softly. “With how much you have accelerated the path of our relationship these past few weeks, I just want you to take time. Please? As a creature who has existed a very long time, will you humor me?”

I groan and roll onto my back, “I guess puttin’ all this faith into an almost-eighteen-year-old feels like a gamble.”

You have all of my faith, Sookie,” he assures me, “but you cannot fathom the regrets some of your decisions may bring. I have been around long enough that when I see you make a decision, I can see the paths of regret that might follow.”

I turn back on to my side and look at him, “That’s what all this waitin’ and holdin’ out is about? You think I’ll regret a hundred years down the road not waitin’ two or four weeks?” I actually laugh at the realization.

You do realize we were only going to explore on your birthday weekend? You know that I had no intention of having sex with you then, correct?” he asks sternly. My brow knits at the question. I still have to wait? “You said you wanted us to be married first, taking our Bonding as a marriage.”

Well…” I flush at his point. It really is getting harder and harder to hold out.

Sookie,” he rumbles low in his chest.

No,” I finally admit, “I thought you would make love to me on my birthday weekend.”

Eric turns on to his back and stares up at the ceilin’ for a long time. I don’t like when he gets quiet like this.

It is this fluctuating resolve that concerns me, Sookie,” he finally says in a soft voice.

It just means my resolve and certainty about you is stronger than ever,” I whisper back, placin’ my hand on his chest and caressing him gently. “Every time you touch me, all I want is more. Every time you hold me, I never want it to end. Heck, even though you’re makin’ me feel like a spontaneous child right now, I never want you to stop talkin’ to me. I want to spend all day and night laughin’ and arguin’ and just bein’ with you. Doesn’t that mean so much more than some arbitrary date?”

I see the telltale smile on his lips and feel the burst of anxiety he inspired recede. He lays his hand over mine, brings it to his lips, and kisses it, “Yes, it does.”

After our brief debate, Eric and I are lyin’ side by side, partially-dressed on my bed, and talkin’ ’bout everything we’ve learned tonight.

Will I heal vampire quick?” I ask, remembering stories he’s told me about how quick his kind heal.

He shakes his head, “No. Even Living Immortals cannot compare with vampire healing. Something that is truly unchanging can be replicated quicker than something that changes. You could, in fact, experience a level of scarring. Scars will diminish with time, and never be near the severity of a mortal’s, but they are still possible. However, the good news is, even after you give me babies, your tight, little vagina will be snug again in only a month or so.”

Oh that’s the good news,” I grumble. “Good for you, maybe. It just means the next time I give you a baby, it’ll be like havin’ the first one all over again.”

That makes him grimace, “I suppose that is true.”

I think about that for quite a while. “Can I tell you a secret?” I finally whisper.

Of course,” He nods.

It’s a bad one,” I confess.

He sits up, cradlin’ my head against his chest, “You may tell me anything, Sookie. You know that.”

It’s gonna sound real self-centered and stupid.”

He laughs and kisses the top of my head, “Just tell me, Sookie.”

I hide my face by tucking my head further into his chest and starin’ at his navel, “I’m scared of becomin’ a Livin’ Immortal.”

How is that self-centered or stupid?” he asks gently.

‘Cause I’m gettin’ so much outta it!” I tell him. “I get you mornin’, noon, and night. I get to keep my brother forever. I get to have babies with the man I love. I get to stay alive. I get so much, and all I can think of is how I’m still gonna be the weak link of the group. What if y’all get sick of protectin’ me? What if I can’t protect my own kids? What if you don’t protect our kids and somethin’ happens to one of them? Am I gonna hate you for that? Will they? Forever?”

Sookie,” Eric hushes me, “those concerns are anything but stupid. However, you are worrying about hypothetical children. You will always worry about your babies, no matter how old, strong, or capable they become. That is a mother’s right. Yet, they are still hypothetical. You need to relax and just enjoy yourself. As for the rest of it… Sookie, if I was human, you would have me morning, noon, and night. You could have children with me if I was human as well. Your chances of keeping your brother until the end of your life would have been fairly certain, only now it is guaranteed. So, really, your fear is reasonable because you are only gaining advantages you would not have needed had you not fallen in love with a vampire. The gift you are receiving is immortality. That is all. We are the ones gaining all the benefits, and our Bloodline will gladly, without indignation, protect you until the end of time to keep those advantages.

Now,” he begins anew, “aside from the dangers our potential children may have to face, what has you afraid?”

What if I get bored?” I ask softly.

Eric laughs again, “Boredom is the blight of immortality, but we will be unrestricted, Lover. We can travel all over the world, visit every remote aspect of the entire world. With my impervious immortality, there is nothing to fear. We cannot become trapped anywhere. If there was a situation where we were immobilized, one of our Bloodline would come for us. The only thing we have to fear is the cold, and I doubt any of us would find the North or South Poles appealing, and they are the few areas we could not be easily recovered from or thaw from in time.”

What if the vamp community gets scared or upset about all your advantages and they ban together to, like, freeze us in carbonite?” I press and, this time, Eric full out howls with laughter.

Really? We are dealing in science fiction cult classics now?” Eric is still laughing. “Well, in the event something like that were to happen, our entire Bloodline would need to be immobilized simultaneously. That, alone, would be an insurmountable feat. All Godric, Pam, Jason, and I would need to accomplish would be to maintain the fight until dawn approached. Depending on where we were residing at the time, that could be about twenty-two hours if we were in Finland at the time of the Winter Solstice. Godric and I have held off hordes of fairytale creatures for just as long. We would be fine.”

Even if-”

Sookie, we will not pretend that there are not some possibilities that could not be planned for. The main point is the loss of life and existences it would take to pull off such a risky maneuver that may not even pay off is moot. Others would be better off to befriend us than to make enemies of us, and that is our greatest advantage.”

I guess… But-”

Sookie, please, I encourage you to share your fears and concerns with me, but I beg you not to allow yourself to be consumed by them.”

Lettin’ out a long exhale, I finally nod. He’s right, after all. I can worry all I want, but it won’t change that what will be will be. In a way, I’m kinda glad we have a couple vulnerabilities, even if they are hard to exploit. Maybe it will help us keep ourselves in line. After all, I don’t want Endymion poppin’ in and cuttin’ off my wings if Eric, Pam, or Godric start runnin’ amok. Not that I think they would, but eternity’s a long time.

A sudden thought tickles at my brain. In a way, Eric and his Bloodline are gonna be like superheroes. I know that Eric can fly, and the idea of him swoopin’ in like Super Man and savin’ people makes me giggle. He’d be one sexy Super Man!

“What are you giggling at?” Eric asks at my sudden laughter.

I just thought you would be like Super Man once you’re an Impervious Immortal. Then I thought how sexy you’d be. No spandex though.”

No spandex?” he asks in surprise. “No skin-tight clothing showing off every outline of my body?”

My face scrunches a moment, “Maybe leather.”

He replies with a devilish grin.

On to Chapter Nineteen!


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  1. askarsgirl says:

    I’ve been waiting for this all week, thank you! I for one love Eric with shorter hair so I’m hoping he grows it for Sookie who then realizes she doesn’t like it so he cuts it off again! Pam is right, shorter is better on him😜

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  2. jules3677 says:

    Glad to read Sookie’s 17 year old insecurities are coming out. Pleased that Eric can allay most of them, being over 1,000 years old you’d expect that. 🙂 It was good to read this snapshot of their relationship. 🙂

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  3. mom2goalies says:

    Sookie certainly has a lot of things running through her head. Fortunately Eric can help her through this so she doesn’t get caught up in her own head. Hmmm, Eric with longer hair…I’m sure it willlook much better than that horrible stringy wig that HBO used and I liked him better with the shorter hair because of that. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Sookie likes. Although thick luxurious hair with some Viking braids sounds nice, lol

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    I love Eric with long hair so I’m glad he’s growing it back out. Eric should have Sookie get electrolysis landscaping then it’s done to his and her liking and wont need to be waxed. Love what is going on In this story you are doing a great job.

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    I agree, Eric’s control is incredible. I don’t blame Sookie for protesting I would want sexy time. I hope it happens on her birthday. Dr. Ludwig comments on babies was funny I wonder what will happen. This story is fantastic, I always get so excited for the updates!!!!

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    I’m enjoying this so much. Glad Dr L is on the job. She’ll keep an eye on things.
    Can’t wait for Sookies birthday weekend. Wonder if she’ll tempt him into “going all the way” 😉😉
    Can’t wait for their bonding either. 🙂

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  7. redequus says:

    Those two make me feel all mushy inside! Love how everything is proceeding. Eric seems excited about the prospect of children and a non-post-baby-vagina (which, given, Sookie will get to benefit from as well). Ready for another chapter!


  8. murgatroid98 says:

    It is natural to be insecure and fearful when a major change happens. I thing Sookie will learn to enjoy the present and send her worries into the background. Dr. Ludwig is great. She is on the ball. I suspect this is happening to them because they will be needed for something major, like the others were. Thanks for another great chapter.


  9. theladykt says:

    Ludwig is such a trip. Gotta love her. Can’t wait till Godric is around all the time.

    Glad they are talking out the immortal things. Not stupid or self centered.

    hmm leather


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