Do You Know What Time it Is!?


Yes, you heard me! A new story will be debuting this Saturday! It is titled, ‘Making Heroes’, and is the sequel to ‘Keep Me’! It only took THREE YEARS to get the sequel out, but it happened!

‘Making Heroes’ is an eleven chapter sequel. It continues directly from the epilogue.

Now, here’s the rub.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you read my previous stories to fully experience the upcoming sequel. That’s right:

Keep Me

Trouble Maker

My Angel

Never End

These are all important facets to enjoying the full story. However, ‘Keep Me’ is the only story that is absolutely necessary to read prior to ‘Making Heroes’.


Aside from starting the sequel this Saturday, I am pleased to announce that ‘Making Heroes’ will be updated THREE TIMES A WEEK! Do you know what that means? That’s right! In two and half weeks, you will have the complete story at your leisure to enjoy!

Why am I doing this, you might be asking yourself. Mostly because it is a short story, and it is already completely written, so why make all of you wait for weekly posts? However, the main reason is that after the conclusion of ‘Making Heroes’ there will be ANOTHER story making its debut! (Are you all realizing that I have no life right about now?)

I will TRY to work on the remastering of ‘My Angel’ and ‘Trouble Maker’, but they are available to read on FF.NET until I have that much free time!

See y’all on Saturday!



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