Keep Me Ch. 02

Chapter Two:

Sookie awoke with a cool arm draped over her waist. She delighted in the sensation of a man, albeit a vampire man, lying beside her in a bed in which they had shared and enjoyed each others’ bodies. Sookie had never anticipated finding someone she could bear to have sex with, and the fact that she had, as well as the fact that he was very talented at the art of sex, made her swell with joy.

The telepath had never allowed herself the fantasy that she would lose her virginity to a man that she loved. It was a defensive mindset that she had developed in her formative years. Even though she was not in love with Eric, she was extremely fond of him, and she hoped that he was just as fond of her as well.

Perhaps the fates had decided to take pity on her, and delivered a man that she could love one day. Whatever it took, Sookie was determined to embrace this opportunity, and protect any future she may have with this lovely immortal.

Snuggling into the cool, lifeless body beside her, Sookie let her mind wander over the promises he had made her. The idea of finally learning to read was exciting to the girl; who for so long was thought of to be too simple minded to bother teaching. She knew her numbers and letters, and she also recognized very small words. She was resolute that she would not become a disappointing student.

‘Gotta get out of here fast! Mack is going to be here soon!’

Sookie sat up quickly as a mind invaded her own. She saw flashes of a wiry built man in her mind, and he indeed looked scary.

‘I gave him the password to the safe room like André instructed… I just hope no one else knows I was involved… That vampire said no one would know, but…’ Images of a childlike man popped into Sookie’s head, images of whom she assumed was André. She listened breathlessly as the man’s thoughts turned to his new job opportunity once his boss was dispatched, ‘Why did he want me to deliver food today, anyway? Maybe he was planning on human guests? Whatever, he won’t be meeting them now, so no point in stocking the fridge.’ Sookie’s stomach growled at the mere idea of food. She could not remember when last she had eaten, but she was so accustomed to hunger pains nowadays that she ignored them dutifully and focused on the problem at hand.

Getting up from the bed, Sookie began rooting around the dark bedroom for any sort of makeshift weapon. Finding this useless without any light, she turned on the lamp on the bedside table to begin her search anew. Checking under the bed, she found a sword. She gaped momentarily, but quickly recovered from her shock as she dragged the sword out. She could barely raise the thing, and left it lying there in search of something lighter. Finding a dagger in the nightstand on Eric’s side of the bed, she set it down on the duvet and began to put on Eric’s t-shirt from the night before.

Eric’s employee had just left, and she listened to him all the way to his car before losing him down the street. If he was gone she was running out of time. The assassin would surely know where the safe room was and how to get there. She needed to find a spot close by, but hidden, to ambush him.

“Don’t worry, Eric. I’ll keep ya safe,” She kissed his frozen lips before picking the dagger back up and leaving the bedroom. She made sure to re-engage the locking mechanisms as she left. When she was in the kitchen, she quickly began scanning the room for a decent hiding spot. She could not risk hiding behind the closet door; reopening it would be too noisy.

Sookie flinched as she heard the front door opening. It was quiet, stealthy, but to someone wide awake and listening for it; completely obvious. Ducking around the corner to the dining room, Sookie pressed into the wall and waited silently. Why had his thoughts been silent as he approached? Clearing her mind, she listened intently with her ability. The most she could make out were snarls. This assassin was apparently supernatural. What other fairytale things are there? Vampires, fairies… What else? Sookie saved her question for later. The supernatural was paused in the door, he seemed hesitant. Sookie clearly heard him focus on a heartbeat. Of course! He knows someone else is here!

Since a surprise attack was out of the question, Sookie decided her best new course of action was to present herself, and hopefully catch the assassin off guard. He was already heading for the pantry. She gasped when she realized her planning and hesitation had already allowed him to disengage the first lock.

Slipping back into the kitchen, balancing the hilt of the dagger into her ring and pinky fingers so that the blade hid behind her wrist and forearm of her left arm, Sookie stepped behind the assassin. “Can I help ya?” The contract killer spun around, looking agitated, but not overly surprised because he knew a human was in the house somewhere. “Are ya Eric’s day man? He said someone would be by t’ bring me food,” She played dumb trying to lure him away from the door.

“Yeah,” Mack grinned at her. Eric’s day man, Douglas, had only had the password to the first door, and neither had anticipated a second code being needed. “I’m Douglas,” Mack sauntered over to her.

Holding out her hand to shake his, she prepared herself for her chance to strike. A big man like him would need a quick death. He could do a lot of damage to her if he had time to fight back. Throat it is, “I’m Sookie,” Mack took her hand. “Would you… Like to keep me company ’til Eric wakes up?” she asked huskily, tracing her fingertips up the length of his forearm, before reaching to cup his chin and bring him close enough to strike.

Mack’s eyes flashed with an immediate heat that made Sookie shudder nervously, but he interpreted it as arousal. As he leaned down to capture her lips, Sookie struck, driving the dagger deep into the side of his neck so that it came out the other side. Mack’s eyes widened in surprise, then pain registered, and Sookie tore the knife out and began stabbing everywhere that she could to ensure a quick death.

Grabbing her hair, Mack kept her from escaping, but the blood loss was already taking affect, the lack of available oxygen clouding his vision. Sookie could not get away from him fast enough to keep his bulky, body from crashing atop of her, pinning her to the hard linoleum floor. Pain flared next as his weight crushing down on the small woman cracked a few of her ribs.

Struggling to get free was moot, she was in too much pain, and not strong enough to move the body that bled all over her. She felt Mack’s heart make its final thud, and listened as the breath in his lungs whistled out entirely.

Eric was safe. That was all she needed to keep telling herself until the painful resistance of her lungs finally slowed her breathing enough to send her into unconsciousness.

Eric rose alone and was not happy about it. When he saw his broadsword lying on the floor, out of its usual resting place, he was furious. The little witch had been an assassin! Though, why she had not given him his final death, he was not sure. Obviously the visibility of the sword was a symbol that he had been that close to final death.

Pulling on nothing more than a pair of jeans, Eric stomped towards the door and unlocked it. It was once he was past the first door that the smell of spilt blood finally registered.

Confused now, Eric opened the second door and gawked at what lay before him. A man, dead in his kitchen, and a little blonde girl trapped beneath him. He could still hear her heart beating, and quickly pulled the Were off of her. She was completely covered in blood, and her eyes were closed as if she had fallen asleep. He could hear the grinding of bones as she took a full breath, and her eyes sprung open at the pain.

“Eric,” she whimpered, clutching his forearm. “Yer day guy sold ya out. That guy came t’ kill ya. Someone named André sent him,” she told him in a breathless whisper. “I did the best I could-”

“Shh, Little One. I will make the pain go away,” Eric soothed her hair back before raising her into a half upright position. Tearing open his wrist, he held it to her lips, “Drink quickly.”

Sookie hesitated for only a moment before latching her mouth onto the wound and sucking deeply. Eric moaned, and she grabbed his arm tightly to keep him from escaping. The taste of his blood was ambrosia, and she never wanted to stop drinking. Eric had to pry his arm out of her hold when he decided that she had consumed enough, and she whimpered at the loss.

“Sleep, Little One, you will feel better when you awaken,” he assured her. She promptly passed back out, and Eric took her up into his arms to get her washed up before disposing of the body. He could tell that she had been lying pinned under him for several hours already- five, six tops.

After getting his beautiful savior cleaned up and in a fresh t-shirt, Eric made quick work of dumping the body of the Were assassin. How did such a little girl inflict so much damage on a Supe? He would have to ask her what exactly happened when she was awake and healed.

When he returned, Eric found Sookie lying on his bed still, but her eyes were open and she was staring dazedly at the wall, “Sookie?”

She looked at him and smiled, “Ya already cleaned up, I woulda cleaned the kitchen fer ya.”

Eric shook his head, “You killed someone today.”

“He was gonna kill ya,” she told him.

“Yes,” Eric sat on the bed. “When I rose and saw my sword on the floor, I thought that you were an assassin but had a change of heart for whatever reason.”

“Nah, I heard in yer day man’s head that someone was gonna come and kill ya. He was snoopin’ ’round the house lookin’ fer expensive stuff t’ sell before the killer came. I also heard the name André,” Eric growled. “Do ya know him.”

“I do.”

“What was Mack?”


“The killer. I couldn’t hear his head too good, so I figured he was somethin’ different like us. I was right, ’cause one of the thoughts I did hear was him realizin’ there was a heartbeat in the house,” she explained.

“He was a Werewolf. How did you overpower him? You could not have snuck up on him,” Eric was more than just a little curious.

“I came on t’ him, and when he leaned in t’ kiss me, I stabbed him in the neck and then pulled the knife out and just kept stabbin’ ’til he fell on me,” She shrugged.

“You are a marvel,” Eric leaned in and kissed her forehead.

“So yer not mad?”

“Why would I be mad?” Eric was surprised, and completely taken aback by her calm attitude after murdering an assassin.

Sookie shrugged, “I didn’t hafta kill him. He only had the password t’ the first door.”

“He would have found a way around that. You did very well, Sookie. I am very proud of you,” Eric could feel through his new connection to her that Sookie’s whole spirit soared at his approval. There was something else she was feeling that Eric could not begin to place. “What is it, Sookie? There is something else you want.”

“I’m hungry,” she admitted sheepishly. “Yer day man never brought any food ’cause ya wouldn’t be havin’ no guests since ya’d be dead. I haven’t ate… In a while actually,” She blanched.

“Let us get dressed then, and I will take you out for some food. We will stop by a grocers and pick up more so you will be set for tomorrow.”

“I don’t wanna be a bother,” she mumbled.

“Consider it my first payment in a long line of repayments to come. I owe my existence to you, Sookie,” He kissed her lips. “Now, go upstairs to Pam’s room and find something nice to wear,” He kissed her again quickly before pulling out some clothes of his own.

Sookie hopped up from the bed, skipped out of the room and to the upstairs guest room. Eric had been correct last night. Pam’s public apparel was much more acceptable in the young girl’s mind, and she quickly picked out a powder blue blouse and flowing white skirt. Her panties, which were again lacy, and more than a bit risque, were white and enticing.

She met Eric at the front door and he smiled in approval at her choice in clothing, but then frowned, “You are not wearing a bra,” he stated curiously.

“A what?”

“It is an undergarment that holds your breasts. You are not wearing one,” he explained, confused by her obliviousness.

“Oh, well, I never used t’ wear one anyway,” Sookie shrugged, but he could tell that she was uncomfortable.

“You have large breasts. It would be best for you to wear one with that blouse,” He laughed. “Come, I will help you,” He took her hand and led her back to Pam’s room. The white bra he found, which coincidentally matched her panties, was a bit snug on Sookie, but did its job. “After we eat, I will take you to the store to buy clothing more to your liking.”


“Do not resist me on this, Lover. For what you have done for me, prepare yourself to be spoiled,” He grinned.

“Are ya still gonna teach me t’ read?” she asked.

“Of course. I promised that I would. We will also work on your articulation,” Eric smiled.

“Articu-what?” Sookie laughed with embarrassment.

“The way that you speak,” Eric simplified. “I want you to fully pronounce your words. No more slurring. Your accent is delightful, but your execution is sloppy.”

“How do ya mean?” Her brow knitted in confusion.

Eric could not resist a smile, “Say “yes” not “yeah”. “No”, not “Nah”. “Your, not “Yer”. Do you understand?”

Sookie nodded, “Yes, Eric.” His smile widened and he placed a kiss atop her head. Sookie cooed appreciatively before experiencing a slight fidget and asking, “Do we have to go to a restaurant?”

“It would be quicker for you to obtain a meal that way. Otherwise, we would need to buy something, come back here, and then go back out,” he pointed out to her.

“Yeah, but… Yes, but you’ll have to read the menu to me,” Sookie was still embarrassed.

“That is fine,” Eric smiled reassuringly, lacing her arm with his. “Now, shall we?”

“We shall,” Sookie grinned up at him.

Sookie had been unconscious for her first ride in Eric’s Corvette, so she enjoyed the ride immensely, not even flinching at his disregard for the speed limits. “Eric,” she said after a minute, “can ya… you teach me how to drive?”

Eric laughed, “Of course, Little One.” He took her hand in his, stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. “Anything you want to learn, tell me, and I will teach you.”

Sookie hesitated a moment. “Can you teach me to be exactly what you want?” she asked quietly.

Eric glanced at her, “Those lessons, my Lover, will have to wait a while, but I can definitely teach you that.” Bringing her hand to his lips, he kissed the inside of her wrist, “However, you are very much what I want already.” Sookie blushed deeply at that. “By the time of the Great Reveal, you will be my perfect companion,” Eric told her with certainty. “You are already rising to the challenge of what I expect of a mate.”

Sookie beamed with pride, not knowing that Eric could feel her acceptance to this role, not knowing that he was happy about her docile attitude towards becoming his.

“You should know, Sookie, that being mine will give you little acceptance towards the vampire community. Vampires do not view humans as little more than cattle. Becoming mine would only…”

“Make me a prized cow?” Sookie finished.

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “I would not treat you as such, for I would not trust a cow to guard me while I am at rest.”

“Eric, do vampires love?” she asked next.

“I am not sure if that is the appropriate sentiment. I do not know if I could recognize it if I were to feel it,” Eric admitted.

Sookie nodded as if she understood. “What other kinds of fairytale things are there?” she asked.

Eric laughed, “You may refer to them as “supes”, Sookie, and there are a lot more than I could explain in a single night. Let me just say, that if you have heard of it, it probably exists on some level.”

“Hmm,” Sookie watched the scenery flash by as they came into downtown Shreveport. “Soups… ‘Cause… there are so many different flavors of creatures?”

Eric belted out a thunderous laugh, “Not “soup” like a meal. “Supe”, which is short for “supernatural”.” He caught her confused look, “Supernatural means something otherworldly. A fairy, ghost or myself would be supernatural. You are supernatural.”

“Oooooh… Sorry,” Sookie mumbled as another flustered blush covered her cheeks.

“There is nothing to apologize for, Lover. Your vocabulary will broaden as you are exposed to more and more words,” he encouraged.

“Thank you.”

“It is not a problem. Promise me that if there is a word you do not know, you will ask me for its meaning.” Sookie nodded in agreement. “Now… What would you like to eat?” Eric asked.

She shrugged noncommittally. “Anythin’. Whatever’s closest,” she laughed.

Eric pulled into an Italian restaurant’s parking lot. As Sookie undid her seatbelt, Eric opened her door for her and held out his hand. She smiled shyly up at him, and took a deep breath. “Focus on my silence, Lover. I am sure that it will keep the voices quieter.” She nodded and clung to him.

“It’s easier if I’m touchin’ you, that’s how I focus it. If I’m touchin’ someone, I can usually hear in on just their thoughts. In yer- your- case, silence,” she explained as they went into the restaurant.

True to his promise, Eric did not release her hand, opting to sit beside her to read her menu for her, touching the back of her neck, or holding the base of her spine while she ate. It was the first time Sookie ever felt normal in public. She was not responding to people’s thoughts, or flinching at the less savory views of her. She just basked in the normalcy of going out on her first date.

After she was finished eating, full for the first time in months, Sookie was whisked off to the mall to shop for clothing. She modeled off clothing for Eric and blushed as he picked out lingerie for her that he approved of, and then, before leaving, he steered her into a jewelry store.

“What are we doin’ here?” she asked curiously.

“I want to buy you a gift to express my deepest appreciation for your actions today,” Eric told her, glancing at the cases. “You seem like a modest girl, and I want to give you a modest gift.”

Eric’s modest gift turned out to be a diamond solitaire on a delicate platinum chain. It was a 1.5 carat princess cut stone, and Sookie nearly fainted when the saleswoman rang it up and the total was $8,500.00 before taxes. Eric did not even bat an eyelash as he nodded to the woman, took the necklace from its case and put it around Sookie’s neck.

Though the price of the necklace was staggering in Sookie’s world, she would have been more alarmed at Eric’s less than impressed opinion of the piece of jewelry. However, the vampire could tell by her reaction to the cost that anything more would have probably turned the girl catatonic from disbelief.

“Beautiful,” Eric smiled, leaning in to kiss her cheek. As he pulled away, Sookie heard the saleswoman think how cute they were together, though Sookie did look a bit young. That was the nicest thought Sookie had heard from a stranger about herself.

“Eric, thank you,” Sookie placed her hand over the diamond where it nestled in the little hollow between her clavicles. She could feel her heart fluttering beneath her palm.

As they left the mall Sookie asked, “Did your blood heal me?”

“Yes, it did. Vampire blood has many effects on humans. In exchanging blood, I have formed a bond with you. I can feel your emotions, you will be drawn to me sexually, you may even have a need to please me.”

“I already had those last two,” Sookie giggled.

Eric smiled, “If I were to exchange blood with you two more times, we would be bonded. You would be able to feel me as well, and we could exchange our feelings from great distances. It would also give you protection from younger vampires, only much older ones being able to question my claim. It would, however, put you into the servitude of my Maker.”

“Your Maker?” Sookie tilted her head curiously.

“The vampire that made me a vampire. His name is Godric. He lives in Dallas,” Eric told her.

“Oh… Is Pam…”

“My Child. I am her Maker,” Eric nodded.

“That’s why you said you were so close. So, are you and Pam… Lovers?” Sookie asked, quelling the immediate tinge of jealousy.

“We have been sexual partners, but our emotional tie is one that has only been driven so deep by our years together, and the over all effects of my creating her. We are not lovers, but we have had sex on many occasions. She prefers women, though,” Eric told her.

“Will I ever meet her?”

“Yes. Pam will be returning to Shreveport on a long term basis soon. I have a plan for a nightclub that she wants to get in on. Plus, I need a second in my role in our hierarchy,” Eric explained.

“What’s a hierarchy?” Sookie asked, dumbfounded.

“An organization that specifies ranks, in this case, amongst the vampires. In the United States, each state has a queen and or king, and then the state is divided into areas run by a Sheriff. All vampires residing in specific areas answer to the Sheriff, and he or she delegates orders from the king or queen and upholds their edicts. I am Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana,” Eric explained.

“Woah. So, are you a big fish?” Sookie asked understanding just enough of his explanation to comprehend that part. There were too many words she did not know for her to even remember exactly which ones they were.

“Yes,” Eric nodded amused at her. “I am beneath any other King or Queen, but I only owe fealty to Sophie-Anne, Queen of Louisiana, the Council, and the Living Pantheon. Any orders by out of state Kings or Queens can be disregarded, but it is bad form to deny any of them.”

They were back in Eric’s car, heading to Wal-Mart since it was getting late, and other grocery stores were closing. Eric grabbed a buggy when they went in, and he trapped Sookie between himself and the handle bar of the cart.

Once Sookie had picked out a fair amount of groceries, Eric went over to the health and hygiene section so she could pick out a toothbrush and other such necessities. After they checked out and were on their way home, Sookie allowed herself time to process everything that had happened that day. Though Eric had said this was all part of repaying her for what she had done for him that day, she could not help but want to express her gratitude for what he was doing for her.

Unbuckling her seatbelt, Sookie turned in her seat and faced Eric, her body contorting to give her right hand plenty of room to move. Since Eric was so tall, there was enough space between his lap and the steering wheel for Sookie to put her hand over his crotch. Eric emitted a growl that Sookie was uncertain if he was warning her to stop, or enjoying what she was doing. Apprehensively, she looked up into his eyes.

“Is this okay?” she asked tentatively, her hand rubbing slightly over the hardening bulge in his pants.

“Take your panties off and get on your knees while you do it, and it will be perfect,” Eric told her. Sookie nodded and sat back in her seat, kicking off her shoes so that she did not risk tearing or scuffing the leather interior. Next, she slipped her panties down her legs and let them fall to the floorboard. When she was on her knees, she stayed upright long enough to remove his hardening cock from the confines of his jeans. “Flip your skirt up over your ass,” Eric instructed, and she did so quickly, without hesitation. Eric was not sure if she just considered the fact that they were in a car a form of privacy, or that she was truly uninhibited towards where she displayed sexual affections. He hoped it was the latter. He would fuck her in front of a live television broadcast if she would let him.

As Sookie took him into her mouth, Eric released a low, growling sigh. His hand rubbed over the curve of her ass, squeezing and stroking her rear before giving it a playful swat. She moaned, pressing back into the strike, and Eric gave her another slap, a bit harder. She hummed happily around his member, bobbing her head up and down vigorously in reply to his attentions. Content with her response, Eric began tracing the slick gash between her thighs, surprised to find her so wet already. As he fingered her dripping pussy, Eric was pleased with how well she played this game. Sookie did not allow herself to get distracted by her own pleasure and forget to provide him with her attention. She managed to enjoy herself while still remaining on task.

Plunging a finger inside of her, Eric groaned at the tightness he found. True, she was tight anyway, but this position turned her pussy into a vice. “I am going to fuck you in this position when I get you home,” Eric growled at her. “I am going to put you on your knees and take you from behind, Little One,” He added another finger and she whimpered. “Do you want that?”

Pulling her mouth away from his cock, she replied with a gasp, “More!” He shoved a third finger inside of her and she screamed out in pained pleasure before putting her mouth back on him and returning to her task with vigilance. She cried out with every thrust of his fingers, her noises garbled by the obstruction between her lips.

Eric stopped at a red light and placed his left hand on Sookie’s head, forcing her gently down onto his cock, further than she had dared to go by herself. Feeling her throat contract around his girth, Eric pulled her mouth back off of him and allowed her a moment to recollect herself and breathe. He did this several times before the light changed, all the while finger fucking his Sookie from behind.

“Good girl, Sookie. Take me as deep as you can,” Eric released her hair when the light changed, and basked in the pleasure of how quickly she took to deep throating after he showed her the possibilities. As his fingers continued to plunder her heated depths, Eric felt the pull of an orgasm building, “Ah! Sookie, I am going to come, and you will swallow everything I give you,” he gritted his teeth. “Understand?”

Sookie nodded her head as she suckled and pumped his cock with her mouth and right hand. When she felt the rod begin to throb persistently between her lips, she braced herself for his spendings, slurping down every drop like he had demanded. “Such a good girl,” Eric panted, though he did not need the breath.

Slipping his fingers from her pussy, he gave her ass another playful swat with his damp hand. “Get on your back and turn that little pussy towards me,” Eric told her, and Sookie managed to awkwardly sit sideways in the seat and spread her legs for him. Pulling up her skirt once again, she bared her womanhood to him entirely. Eric’s hand was on her immediately, his fingers plunging into her, his thumb circling her clit. Sookie moaned loudly as his hand provided her genitals with mind numbing stimulation.

“Yes, Eric!” she screamed as a third finger shoved its way back into her tight pussy. “Ah! I’m gonna come!” She squeezed her breasts through her blouse, arching her back to press harder against his hand. Eric could not keep himself from looking down at her every chance he got- enjoying the sight of her writhing on the leather seat, enjoying the attention of his hand.

The flashing of red and blue lights made Eric growl in annoyance. Not wanting to stop his playing, but doubting Sookie would approve of him continuing while he glamoured the cop, Eric began to pull his hand away. Sookie snatched his wrist, keeping his hand from leaving the space between her thighs, “Don’t stop, I’m so close again!” she moaned as Eric began pulling off to the side of the road.

“A cop is pulling me over,” Eric told her.

“Can’t ya glamour him and keep doin’- ah! What yer doin’?” she moaned as his hand worked over her with a new intensity. Fuck! If he had to pull over anyway and she was willing, why not enjoy her right now?

“Sir, do you…” The cop went slack jawed as he was finally close enough to see the young woman writhing on the passenger’s seat, her legs spread wide and a large hand pleasuring her.

Eric snapped the fingers of his unoccupied hand, catching the cop’s attention, and his gaze. After the cop was glamoured and heading back to his cruiser, Eric turned towards Sookie, flipped her onto her stomach and instructed her to get on her knees and lean over the car door. She did as she was told, quickly, and was rewarded by Eric’s cock burying deep inside of her from behind. With a pleasured scream, Sookie clung to the door, hugging it as Eric pounded into her tight hole. “Please, oh, please, make me come, oh please!” she cried, yelping when he gave her ass a sharp slap.

Eric howled as her pussy clamped down on him like a vice, drawing out his orgasm in a shattering conclusion. Sookie gasped as he collapsed on top of her, pressing her chest into the hard sheath of the window. She screamed in pleasure, her womanhood pulsing with another orgasm as he bit her throat savagely. Before she could collect herself again, Eric had sat back awkwardly in his seat with her in his lap, pumping her up and down on his still hardened member.

Bracing her hands behind them on the car door, Sookie started bouncing up and down on him by her own power, and freed Eric’s hands to push her blouse and bra up and play with her breasts. He reveled in the feel of them jiggling in his hands, bouncing with her momentum as he pinched and tugged on her erect nipples.

“You are amazing, my Sookie,” Eric moaned as he pressed his forehead between her shoulder blades. “A miracle,” He pumped his hips beneath her, meeting her thrusts with an almighty collision. When they both climaxed again, Sookie collapsed back against him, gasping for breath, a tremble wracking her entire body.

Leaning awkwardly against the door, Eric held her to himself, still massaging her breasts as she shook in his lap. “I want to be yours, Eric,” she murmured breathlessly in his sensitive ear.

“I want you to be mine, Sookie,” Eric nuzzled the back of her neck. “I will make you mine.” He leaned back slightly and bit into his wrist again that night, holding the bleeding wound to her lips. “Drink me in,” Her pretty mouth enveloped the wound and sucked hard, enjoying the flavor of his ancient blood until he pulled it away. “One more, Sookie, and you are mine forever,” he whispered into her ear.

“Forever might be long enough,” she sighed, sated.


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