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No, not really. The menu has been revamped several times today- sorry about that. However, ALL of ‘Keep Me’ is up. I added my disclaimer/summaries page to the beginnings of ‘Never End’ and ‘Keep Me’ so if you want to skip that, that’s up to you. You will no longer be forced to read a summary if you do not wish to.

Hopefully my goal of making this page easy to navigate and user friendly is going well? I know I don’t have banners and buttons and links (Oh, my!), but I would rather spend my time writing new stories (or editing old ones) for you all to enjoy.

Speaking of editing old stories, I have to decide if ‘My Angel’ or ‘Trouble Maker’ is next, and I’m having a rough time of it.  How about you guys decide? For those of you who haven’t read them on FF.NET:

‘My Angel’: Sookie discovers that someone’s been watching out for her for years, and comes to find that her Guardian Angel is actually a devil in disguise! After learning the truth about his obsession with her, Sookie struggles to let her heart open to him. Can our favorite Viking win her over? (24 chapters long- roughly 120,000 words).

‘Trouble Maker’: Sookie chooses employment over slavery, and Eric welcomes all of the trouble it brings his way when he offers to protect our favorite telepath from becoming Sophie-Ann’s pet. He just cannot fathom the way both of their worlds are about to change. Plenty of roller coasters, but a LOT of filler chapters. Slower moving plot line, many side stories. (50 chapters long- roughly 295,000 words).


4 thoughts on “The Latest

  1. msbuffy says:

    I’m really glad you didn’t send me “Troublemaker” to edit now that I’ve read that it has many that many words & chapters to it! LOL! Silly me, I’ve read it, so I do know that it’s long, but editing something that long… I’ll leave that one to you! 🙂


  2. jules3677 says:

    I’ve read both stories and would appreciate either one posted. Troublemaker is an excellent story. Slogging through to edit and polish your words would indeed be a long process. I look forward to seeing either posted next. 🙂


  3. teachert99 says:

    i have read all of your SVM stories and I love them. I love both Trouble Maker and My Angel- but if I had to pick, it would be My Angel.


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