Keep Me Ch. 03

Chapter Three:

Sookie awoke the next afternoon, tender and sore from the love making marathon that continued after arriving home. She had only been with Eric a single day in this house, and it was already more of a home than she had experienced in her entire life. Limping to the bathroom, Sookie filled the tub and let the hot water soothe away her aches and pains.

When she was clean, shaved, dry, and dressed, Sookie left Eric’s room and went to the kitchen to eat. Eric had told her he would have a job for her tonight, after he had finished a long phone call in a language she did not recognize, and she was supposed to be dressed and ready to leave when he rose. The telepath was curious what kind of job her lover had in mind, but she did not contemplate it much. The odds of her figuring it out were too low for the young woman to even bother with a guess.

Sookie went over to one of the Wal-Mart bags that was still on the counter. She took a book from it that had a plastic wand attached to it by a wire. Blushing with embarrassment over how silly she felt using a child’s toy to learn how to read, she settled in a stool at the kitchen counter. Eric had grabbed a few kids’ books for her that would tell her the words she was unable to recognize. He told her that it would be good for her to work up to higher reading levels, and to start here when he was not there to fill in the voids of her vocabulary.

In all honesty, Sookie found the book boring, and had little interest that cows went “moo” and pigs went “oink”. Still, the fact that she had to use the pen for more than a few words frustrated her, and she threw the book down impatiently. She liked Eric’s way better, when he sat with her in his bed, letting her lie between his legs, between sexual adventures last night, with a book in her lap, as her fingers traced the words he was reading. She liked it very much when he read to her.

Missing him already, Sookie got up from her seat and unlocked the pathway to Eric’s sleeping chamber. She curled up next to him in bed, taking his arm and wrapping it around herself. Before long, she was asleep again, awoken hours later to a cool mouth kissing her neck.

“Good evening, Lover,” He heard her breathing change and knew that she had awoken.

“Evenin’,” She turned in his arms and gazed at him. “I missed you.”

He smiled but said nothing as he leaned in and captured her lips, “I am going to shower quickly, and then we will go.”

“What are we doin’?” Sookie followed him into the bathroom, hopping up on the counter as he turned on the shower and stepped in.

“I hired a tracker to obtain Douglas for me. We are going to question him,” Eric replied over the sound of the shower. “I will ask the questions, and you will listen in on his mind,” he explained, shampooing his hair and rinsing it.

“Okay,” She smiled brightly, excited to help him again.

“Then, I will take you to dinner, and we will come back here and work on your lessons,” he said after a moment.

“Yay!” Sookie cheered, grinning widely when Eric emerged from the shower and started toweling off.

“There will be another vampire there tonight. So, I will need you to be a good girl and be on your best behavior,” Eric explained.

“Okay,” She grinned up at him, rejoicing when he leaned over to kiss her, his wet hair brushing her cheek. “Do ya-you want me to dry your hair for you?” she asked, picking up the hairdryer and a brush. Eric chuckled, but leaned down enough that she could reach his head. In a short matter of time, Eric’s hair was dry and felt soft and light.

“Nicely done, Lover,” He kissed her again, unable to ignore her pouty lips for long, and took her hand as he went back to the bedroom to dress. Sookie practically melted as she watched his lean, muscular body prowl around the room, slipping into a pair of tight black jeans and an equally dark and tight A-shirt. His bare arms, defined and appearing to be carved from stone, would have been marvelous wrapped, once more, around her body. With his shoes in hand, Sookie watched as Eric went over to the safe room control panel and began punching keys. “I have changed the pass codes,” He proceeded to tell her the new entrance and arming numbers. Normally, he would have changed them the previous night, but he could not risk writing them down, and he did not wish to trap Sookie in his safe room all day, should she forget the new passcode so close to sleep. “Ready to go?” he asked after a pair of socks were on his feet and then covered by heavy, steel toe boots- in black, of course.

“Uh… Huh…” Sookie was practically drooling over her lover’s appearance. She felt so dull in comparison.

Leaning in and kissing her lips, Eric mumbled against them. “Is this… doubt that I feel?” Eric asked, reading her emotions.

“You just look so good. No one will think I should be with you,” she muttered back, nuzzling her face against his chest.

Grabbing her hips, Eric lifted her to sit atop his dresser. “You are gorgeous, Sookie,” He kissed her neck. “Anyone would be thinking I am the lucky one.” His mouth suckled there for a moment. “So beautiful, I cannot keep my lips off of your skin…”

“Vampires just might be jealous of feedin’ rights. If I’m as tasty as you say I am,” She giggled, capturing his exploring lips with her own. “We should get goin’,” she said breathlessly, pulling out of the kiss.

“Yes, we should,” Eric agreed, lifting her back off of the dresser and holding her hand as they walked out to the car.

The drive to Eric’s property was a quiet trip, and Sookie pondered what she would experience this night. She recognized the building Eric pulled up to- she had fallen asleep in its doorway only two nights ago.

“This is the location my night club will be at. I am already at work getting the renovations done, and the plumbing and electricity up to code,” Eric explained, taking out a large ring of keys and barely paying attention to which key he singled out and unlocked the door with.

“What are you gonna name it?” Sookie asked.


Sookie giggled, “Really?”

“Yes,” He glanced at her. “Why? Do you not like it?”

“No! I think it’s cool, I just… It seems a bit silly- I thought someone like you would try and make it sound dark and scary,” she explained.

Eric chuckled, “The name is a pun, which I do find silly and entertaining. That is why I chose the name. Most vampires think that exposing ourselves like this is a ridiculous idea. I am opening Fangtasia for several reasons, but the name, other than being a pun, is also a mockery of the Great Reveal, because we will be attempting to make humans think that we are like them. We will have to downplay our malicious sides, and play the roles of the tortured immortals that human authors have portrayed us as,” He laughed darkly. “With you at my side, I will display what being a vampire really is.”

“How will you do that?”

“We will discuss it later. We have business to attend to right now. Herveaux retrieved a gift for me and awaits in the basement. Shall we go unwrap it?” Eric asked, that dark smile he obtained when he was doing “vampire stuff” was curling his lips.

Sookie followed Eric down the stairs into the basement and gasped when she saw a large man sitting on an unconscious man’s back. “Northman,” The large man nodded, and Sookie shied behind Eric, recognizing the snarly red mind of a Were.

“Herveaux,” Eric nodded back. “How is your son?”

“Started seein’ a shifter named Debbie,” Herveaux did not sound pleased by this. “She’s a real spitfire, and pain in the ass.” Sookie saw him glancing around Eric’s large body to get a fleeting look at her, “Your dinner fer tonight?”

Eric smirked, “My dinner every night… And dessert.”

“Haven’t heard of you trainin’ a human before, Northman,” Herveaux was surprised. “She smells good though. Even a Were would drool over that one,” He laughed lightly before glancing at his watch. “Well, Charlie should be here soon. I’ll leave ya to it then.” The Were headed towards the stairs and left- curious about the human girl that Eric Northman was so intense about.

Eric went over to a black, metal box that Sookie thought looked like a toolbox, and he took out a little vial. “Just smelling salts, Lover,” Eric explained as he walked over to the man on the floor that Sookie decided must be Douglas. She had never actually seen him, so it was merely deductive reasoning that clued her in. After all, how many unconscious people would Eric take her to interview in one night?

Eric wafted the bottle in front of Douglas’s nose, and the man jerked awake with a clinking of chains. It was then that Sookie noticed that the prisoner had a collar around his neck that was chained to the floor.

When Douglas saw Eric, he burst into tears. “Now, now, Douglas, you do not look happy to see your employer. Why could that be?” Eric feigned curiosity. “Maybe because you sold me out, breached my security, and offered my head to André?” he growled now.

“I-I didn’t offer you to André! He came to me. He said if I got Mack the password to your safe room, he would turn me, and get me a position in the Queen’s favor,” he explained quickly, his voice pitching in near hysteria.

Eric scowled. It was one thing to think he was betrayed for just money, but the fact that André had told Douglas about vampires and offered him immortality was more than just agitating, “André would have drained you and left you for dead. He would never want someone as disloyal as you near Sophie-Anne. Selling out someone like me was not a smart move. Did Sophie-Anne know anything about this?” Eric asked.

“No. André said she likes you too much to assassinate. Unless you were up to something, Sophie-Anne would never go along with an assassination attempt against you,” Eric glanced at Sookie and she nodded that he was telling the truth.

“And what did you do with all of the things you stole from my home; since you thought I would not have any use for them as of last night?” Eric growled.

“They’re still at my apartment,” Douglas squawked. “I didn’t have time to fence them.”

“Is there anyone else at your apartment?” Douglas shook his head, and Sookie nodded that he was still telling the truth. “And what pack did Mack belong to? I am not sorry to say that he did not live long enough to let me in on that.”

“The M-Monroe Motorcycle M-Mutts,” Douglas stammered.

Sookie rolled her eyes. “That’s a stupid name,” she snorted, then covered her mouth, realizing she had said that aloud. Eric just shook his head, a small smile playing on his lips, though she could not see it. He could feel that she was concerned that he would be displeased with her outburst. However, now was not the time for him to be placating her insecurities.

“Was there anyone else in on this plot?” Eric asked, sounding like a businessman conducting an interview.

“No, Mack just needed the money and he was a Supe that wasn’t from your area. André set it up, and I just gave the password to your safe door, and left the front door unlocked.”

“And robbed me. You also endangered my woman’s life, since she was with me when Mack tried to end my existence,” Eric snarled.

Douglas looked at Sookie in surprise. “Yeah, I’m the reason he asked for food in the house,” Sookie answered his unspoken question.

“Why did André hire an assassin?” Eric asked.

“I don’t know,” Douglas squeaked.

“Because he wants to put someone else in charge of Area 5,” Sookie answered. “Someone he can control… Douglas doesn’t know who it is though. There’s somethin’ valuable in this area and André wants to get his hands on it,” Douglas’s eyes were wide and frightened at Sookie’s response.

“Any idea what this valuable thing is?” Eric asked.

“He doesn’t know. He don’t know nothin’ else,” Sookie replied confidently.

“He doesn’t know anything else,” Eric corrected gently.

“He doesn’t know anythin’ else,” she repeated him and Eric smiled. He found that the way she dropped her “g”s was too endearing to correct.

“Thank you, Sookie. Please, turn around and cover your ears,” Eric told her. Sookie did as she was asked, but could still hear the sickening crackle of Eric snapping Douglas’s neck. Apparently, Eric had not thought that she could clearly see through Douglas’s eyes what her lover was doing. She shivered at the sight.

Eric placed his hand on Sookie’s shoulder and began turning her around to face him. Lowering her hands from her ears, Sookie smiled timidly. “I-” He stopped and sighed, “Charles is here.”

“Sheriff,” Sookie turned to see a shorter man. He was rail thin and looked nimble. Charles’s hair was a mahogany brown and was shaggy around his cheek bones. His eyes were dark brown, almost black, and his skin was pale, like all vampires.

Sookie immediately fell behind Eric, not comfortable around the strange vampire. Unlike with Eric, the absence of his thoughts was more frightening than soothing. Though Sookie hated her telepathy most of the time, she had to admit that it kept her out of as much trouble as it got her in. The scales eventually leveled out.

“Charles, I called you out here because you have a Child in the Queen’s court,” Eric explained. “What does Dana think of André?”

Charles growled, “My Child hates him, but she loves our queen and puts up with André’s bullshit for her.”

“I see. Do you think you could convince her to do a bit of espionage for me? This filth,” Eric nudged Douglas’s corpse with the toe of his boot, “allowed an assassin into my house under André’s orders. From what I have gathered, André wants to put a younger, more easily managed vampire in my place to rule Area 5. I need to know who this vampire is, and what their mission will be.”

Charles growled, but nodded, “I will contact Dana immediately.”

“Take this with you,” Eric jerked his head at Douglas’s body. “I have plans tonight, that I would rather not delay.”

Sookie could practically feel Charles breathing in the air. “Yes, if I had a meal like that waiting for me, I wouldn’t want to waste any time, either. Do you have enough to share?” he asked, with a toothy grin.

“I do not share,” Eric gave a warning growl. “She is mine.”

Charles nodded. “I wouldn’t share that either,” He grinned again. “Yeah, I’ll dump the body. Broken neck?”


“No problem.” Eric unlocked Douglas’s collar as Charles went to scoop him up. “You had her long?”

“A couple of days.”

“She’s training well. If I wasn’t being taunted by that S’n’B, I’d think we were alone in here,” Charles nodded approvingly. “Are you going to take her to the Late Autumn Moon Gala?”

“I was considering it,” Eric crossed his arms over his chest, bored with the small talk. “We will see. It is not until December.”

When Charles was gone, Sookie turned to Eric. “S’n’B?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Scent and Beat. The smell of your blood, and the sound of your heart. Some of the younger vampires enjoy abbreviating or transforming statements into slang. I find it an annoyance,” Eric informed her. “You were very good while Charles was here,” Eric kissed her forehead. “I am very proud of you.” Sookie grinned up at him happily.

“What’s the Late Autumn Moon Gala?” Sookie asked.

“It is a party that the Queen throws every year on the last full moon of the fall season. Sophie-Anne is particularly fond of Winter, more so than the rest of us, and she throws a party to celebrate the end of the Fall lunar cycle,” Eric explained.

“Why do vampires like Winter?” Sookie swooned when Eric wrapped her arm around his and began leading her out of the basement.

“Shorter days, and longer nights,” Eric answered simply.

“That makes sense,” Sookie berated herself for not picking up on that one.

“It is all right, Little One. You were not trained to think in such ways. Soon, you will,” he encouraged. “Did you try to read any of the books I bought for you?”

Sookie nodded, blushing a bit. “Yeah-yes, but I felt so stupid readin’ them,” she admitted. “Besides, they’re just dumb anyway.

“You wish for more adult reading material?” Eric asked.

“No,” Sookie sighed. “I needed that stupid pen thing too much.” Pausing for a minute, Sookie asked him something that had been bothering her, “Eric, when is the Great Reveal?”

“About five years from now. Why?” Eric looked at her curiously as he lead her from the building.

“You said, last night, that by the time of the Great Reveal, I would be your perfect companion,” she told him. “Will it really take me that long? I’ll try really really hard, I swear!” Sookie was afraid. Afraid that if she took so long to be what Eric wanted, that he would get annoyed with her, and he would no longer want her around.

Eric chuckled. “That is something you cannot control, Lover. The reason it will take so long, is because I want your body to mature and ripen. Right now, you have the body of a child, and I would like you to grow up a bit more so that your body is fully developed,” Eric could hear the acceleration of Sookie’s heartbeat even before he could acknowledge the emotion that was consuming her. “Lover? What is wrong, I do not know this emotion…” he admitted.

“I want to go home,” she whispered quietly, letting go of Eric’s arm and opening the passenger door herself.

Eric sat in the driver’s seat beside her. “Did I say something to hurt your feelings, Sookie?” he asked gently.

“N-no,” she gasped, her heart still pounding.

“Sookie, you are terrified right now. What did I say that has you so frightened?” That was one of the feelings he could pick up, but there was such an intense blend of dark emotions, that Eric could not sort through all of them. Conflict, shame, ANGER, FEAR-

“I wanna go home!” She hugged her arms around herself, turning to face her door and not look at him. Eric turned the car on and started driving back to his house, swimming in the toxic blend of dark sensations the entire journey. When he was parked in front of the garage back at his home, Eric watched Sookie practically jump out of the car and walk briskly to the front door. She waited for him to unlock the door and let her in. Her arms remained crossed over her chest as if she were trying to hold all of the raw wounds she wore closed.

Eric did not open the front door immediately. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her body and pulled Sookie into his chest. “Sookie, you need to tell me what is wrong,” he said quietly.

“I don’t wanna tell ya,” she whispered so quietly, that Eric had to use his vampire senses to hear her.

“You really should,” he encouraged.

“I can’t,” she whimpered, trembling in his arms.

“No, you will not,” Eric pointed out.

“Please, don’t make me talk ’bout it just yet. I promise, I won’t freak out like that again, just don’t make me tell ya yet,” she sobbed.

“All right, shhh, it is all right, Sookie. Just do not cry,” He rocked her from side to side awkwardly. He had not comforted anyone like this in a very long time. “I have you, Lover, do not cry,” Eric ached as she trembled in his arms. He would do almost anything to take back whatever it was that he had done that made her respond like this. How had this girl transformed him so quickly? How long would the transformation last?

“I-I’m okay,” she stammered, pulling away slightly, so that her damp face was no longer soaking his shirt, but she remained in his embrace and let it soothe her.

“Let us go inside. You can eat, and then I will read to you. Does that sound all right?” Eric asked, in that low, soothing timbre she loved.

“I’d like that,” She nodded with a hiccup.

Following the plan, Eric held Sookie between his legs that evening, with a book at her chest. He read the lines as she traced them with her finger, and she even stuttered her way through a chapter with Eric’s guidance. When he took over again, he could feel her fading fast into unconsciousness, and when her finger slipped from the page, he put the book down and curled her against his body.
Kissing her forehead, Eric left her to research on his computer. With a little help from a hacker he had on retainer, Eric ran a check on Sookie. Her uncommon name, since it was luckily her birth name and not a nickname, made it easy for his hacker to track down. Around 3 AM, Eric had as much official information on Sookie available to him that was possible at that moment.

Sookie Marie Stackhouse

Date of Birth: May 24, 1983

SSN: 337-98-3765

Last Known Residence: 428 186S Bon Temps, LA

Birthplace: Bon Temps, LA

Mother: Michelle Stackhouse (Deceased August 5, 1991)

Father: Corbett Stackhouse (Deceased August 5, 1991)

Guardian: Bartlett Hale as of April 2, 1994

Sibling(s): Jason Corbett Stackhouse

Institutionalized at Central City Mental Health Center; New Orleans, LA on September 14, 1989– Committed by Parent(s) Corbett Stackhouse and Michelle Stackhouse

Released from Central City Mental Health Center; New Orleans, LA on August 7, 1991- Recovered by Guardian(s) Adele Stackhouse

Eric growled at the short paper in his hand. This was nothing for him to go by. The only upside to the information was that he now knew Sookie’s birthday and former address. He contemplated going to her last address, which he assumed was owned by Bartlett Hale, and getting information out of him.

Aside from the dates everything had occurred on, Sookie had told him everything he had on paper with exception of her social security number. The additional pages he had printed were a few notations on her psychiatric evaluations, but they were short and not very informative, considering psychiatrists do not believe telepathy is possible. Also, the documents were scans of the originals from the 80’s, and the information was incomplete because updating from hard copy to computer backups were time consuming.

“Eric?” Eric was actually surprised to hear Sookie. He could not remember the last time someone had gotten this close, although she was still in the kitchen, without him noticing. Normally, he would have heard her get out of bed.

“Yes, Lover?” Eric called from his office. She came in, looking taken aback by the room. Sookie had changed into one of the negliges he had bought for her the night before. It was red with areas cut out and replaced with black lace. The chemise was short, barely covering her enticing sex, and tight, hugging her modest curves.

“It’s nice in here,” she commented, sitting in one of the leather chairs across from his desk. “Like somethin’ you see in movies when they show a rich guy’s study,” She giggled.

“You seem to be in better spirits,” Eric smiled at her.

“Yeah-Yes, until I woke up alone,” She pouted playfully.

“Why are you awake?” Eric tilted his head curiously.

“I missed you,” She shrugged, making him smile a bit wider. “What are you readin’?” she asked.

“I did a background check on you, Miss Stackhouse,” Eric admitted.

She tensed up. “But I’ve told you everythin’…” She cast her eyes downward. “Okay, not everythin’.”

“I was hoping to find something to help me refrain from giving you another lapse into depression,” he explained somberly. “Unfortunately, the information I have is only just a slightly more detailed accounting of everything you have already told me,” He sighed. “Useless.”

Sookie was quiet for a long time before she spoke again, “After my parents died, my Gran got me out of the loony bin. She took me in and raised me. Jason-that’s my brother- he didn’t want anythin’ to do with his crazy sister, and he went to live with my aunt and cousin before Gran could even bring me home.

“Then, when I was 11, my grandmother passed away, and I was sent to live with my Great Uncle Bartlett because my aunt didn’t want me around Hadley- that’s my cousin. She said havin’ a disturbed child around normal children was dangerous.” Eric managed to suppress his growl and listen on.

“Uncle Bartlett was happy to have me. He was in a wheelchair from a back injury. Completely paralyzed from the waist down. The first month was… Okay. He just liked me t’ sit in his lap a lot.” Eric tensed so tightly that he felt the chair tremor beneath him in protest. “He wouldn’t let me go t’ school, and “home schooled” me instead. After a few months he started demandin’ I walk ’round naked ’cause I was growin’ too fast fer him t’ spend money on so many new clothes. Then, when my body hair started growin’ and my boobs started to really come in, he’d make me shave off all of my gross hair. He’d also make me duct tape my boobs down and wear really small t-shirts to hide the tape.” Eric watched her silently, noting the glaze that had come over her face, the vacancy in her eyes, the way her accent thickened and devolved from all of her earlier hard work. He wanted to kill Bartlett Hale with more prejudice than he had slain any other creature.

“The worst though… He’d make me… Touch myself… down there… And he’d just watch. I can still see his face as he watched me do it,” She shuddered. “That was the most sexual thing he ever done though. He never touched me down there. I think ’cause he knew I was already becomin’ a woman. I’m just glad he wasn’t in my life before that.”

Eric was silent a moment, making sure she had told him everything she was going to before he spoke. “So, when I said that I wanted you to mature physically, you panicked because you have been trained to think that a child-like body is optimal?” Eric was curious.

Sookie shrugged, “I dunno… I mean, that’s when I started gettin’ worried, but I dunno if that’s why. It’s like… Somethin’ came over me all of the sudden. I can’t explain why I reacted like that.”

“Come here, Sookie,” Eric pushed his chair back away from his desk, and shoved his keyboard off to the side. When Sookie came to him, he sat her on his desk in front of himself. He did not want to place her in his lap just yet. He wanted to be able to meet her eyes unobstructed. “A girl is meant to become a woman,” he said slowly, gently. “She is meant to mature physically and ripen and be enjoyed by another who has also grown up and become an adult. Vampires are unique, because we are surrounded by others who have been trapped in a constant physical state. Some of us appear extremely young, while others were much older when they came over. I want you to know that in my world you may see a vampire who looks no older than 13 with another who could be their father or grandfather. But remember that the one that appears 13 may in fact be much older, maybe even ancient. My Maker appears no older than 15, yet he is often seen with much older appearing mortals and vampires.”

“Will I ever meet Godric?” Sookie asked.

“Yes, I would very much like for you to meet him,” Eric nodded, pleased that she had remembered the name of his Maker though he had only mentioned him by name once to her. “Pam as well.”

Sookie smiled. “I’d like that,” Her eyes shied away then. “So, you’re not embarrassed by me? Or grossed out by what I told you?” she asked quietly.

“Sookie, all that your story made me feel was anger at the man who did that to you. I would very much like to kill him,” Eric told her truthfully before pausing a moment. “You know that, originally I brought you into my home as a meal, yes?” Sookie nodded evenly. “Did you ever truly consider why I let you stay?”

“’Cause… ‘Cause… ‘Cause you wanna use my ability?” She guessed haphazardly.

Eric shook his head. “No, Lover. I had agreed to let you stay before then, remember?” Sookie nodded. “I let you stay because of how you fought those men. You were not just some delicious smelling creature, you were a warrior. I knew that from the moment I saw you fight. You will never back down if it means protecting yourself, and you will endure anything so long as it is better than the alternative. It took strength to endure that life with Hale, it took honor to live on the street without resorting to prostitution, and it took courage to face down a man three times your strength and size to protect me. I cannot say that I have met a woman like you in a very long time. I can say that I am privileged to know you, and to share your life and experiences.” Sookie sniffled back tears, pushing them from beneath her lower eyelashes as she managed a mere nod at his declaration.

“I am not happy at all with how your past treated you, but it has somehow made you the woman you are today. For that I am happy, and grateful… Grateful that it did not break you.” Eric continued, “Your grandmother seemed to be the only pleasantness from your childhood, and I am sorry that you did not get to enjoy your time with her longer. She seems to be the one that instilled the traits I find so beautiful about you, though.”

“She was the only one that came to visit me at the mental hospital,” Sookie smiled sadly, forgetting her tears. “My parents didn’t want anythin’ to do with me, and my brother was afraid of me, I guess. Gran would come by every month.” Sookie remembered how much she enjoyed those visits. Even Gran’s head was a nice place to be. Adele Stackhouse had loved her despite what she was, and Sookie had never heard a bad thought about herself flitter through Gran’s mind. “She was the only warmth I got as a kid. She was the only one that didn’t think bad things about me, and she wasn’t afraid of me…”

“Sookie, I am not afraid of you. You are a delight to have around, and I am very glad that you fell asleep in front of one of my buildings that night,” He smiled at her, pushing her hair behind her ears. Eric gazed at his lover thoughtfully. “Perhaps I need to help you learn how to interact with people,” he thought aloud. “Together, maybe you can learn to control your telepathy and not be listening to others’ thoughts constantly. That would certainly help you socialize better, and some friends would definitely give you a solid support system when I am at rest,” He leaned in and planted a chaste kiss on her pouty lips. “You have been neglected and forced to listen to horrible, untrue things about yourself all of your life, Lover. Let us change that, shall we?”

Sookie bit her lower lip, looking as the perfect picture of the youth that she was. She looked so innocent and trusting when she did that. “Can you teach me to read first? I’d be really embarrassed if I made friends, and then they found out I couldn’t read.”

“Yes, Little One, I will teach you all of the basics before sending you out into the world. You will learn to read and write, mathematics, science and history. Also, we will make it a habit to go out into public places and work on your telepathy. Do not expect results right away. My experience with telepathy is very limited, and our lessons will be trial and error for a while. I will also teach you about music, sports and movies so that you will have a good grasp on social communications.”

Sookie giggled, “I sound like a project.”

“You are, my Lover. And I am very excited to have something new to do. And very delighted that it involves spending so much time with a lovely, young woman,” He kissed her lips again, still gently. “Would you like to begin some lessons tonight, or are you ready to go back to sleep?” he asked.
“I want to have sex,” she stated firmly, making Eric laugh. “Is that okay?”

Eric replied by crushing his lips to hers and kissing the breath out of her. Sookie wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him as he pulled her by her hips, positioning her bottom against the edge of the desk. As her rear slid against the wooden surface, it peeled the short hem of her nightie up and uncovered her hairless sex. Eric gazed at it curiously. He knew that women shaving off all of their pubic hair was “in style”, but it still felt alien for Eric to look at.

“You do not have to do this anymore,” Eric said softly, running his hand over the smooth flesh of her womanhood.

“I don’t feel comfortable havin’ body hair,” Sookie admitted. The month she had spent on the street had been uncomfortable for several reasons, one of which was her inability to remove excess body hair from herself.

Eric found this to be a peculiar adaptation she had made in her time living with her abusive great uncle. She had probably never experienced having body hair, and the concept was undoubtedly foreign and disgusting to her. He had rather enjoyed her the previous two evenings when she was still unshaven all over due to her lack of a razor at the time. It had been a while since he had enjoyed a woman that had not even shaven her legs.

“All right, Lover, only, I did not want you thinking it was expected of you anymore,” he told her gently. Pam was more partial to smooth, shaved women, but she did not have as many centuries of the opposite influencing her tastes. Although, she did take a while to adjust to the dramatic change, she embraced it far more easily than her Maker. Eric could not deny that it was more than a little pleasant running his hands over smooth, flawless skin, but he still could not shake the displaced feeling of it.

Sookie moaned, releasing her arms from her lover’s neck to lie back against the cool surface of his desk. She rocked her hips against his motionless hand, and whimpered with need, “Please, Eric…” she sighed, tilting her pelvis at him invitingly.

Exploring her exposed pussy, Eric glided his finger between her already moistening folds. He had to admit, it was a pleasant sight to see his finger in direct contact with her luscious skin. “Take off your nightgown, Lover. Let me see all of you.” Sookie arched her back to get the chamise a bit higher up before lifting her shoulders and shirking it off to the side. Eric reveled at the sight of her lying naked, sprawled across the width of his desk. “You are so beautiful,” He leaned down to kiss her inner thigh, earning a sigh of approval and want. With his blunt teeth, he bit the spot he had kissed and earned a little yelp of excitement from his lover’s lips. Turning his head, he did the same thing to the opposite thigh, and she bucked her hips. Every single touch he gave her increased the security she felt, reassuring Sookie that she was still wanted and desired. Eric was all too happy to give her that assurance.

With his dexterous tongue, Eric made a cool, wet path up to her nether lips before encasing her clit with his teeth and giving it a gentle tug that made Sookie cry out and thrust with her entire body against his mouth. She was such a responsive lover, and the fact that she came from a sexually abusive background made Eric curious. Many women who had suffered childhood sexual abuse took a long time to enjoy sex, but Sookie did not seem to suffer any hinderances.

Using his mouth and hands, Eric brought her to a powerful release before he stood up and began to undo his pants. He was pleasantly surprised when Sookie rose up and undid them for him, taking his great length into her hand and pumping him slowly. Eric growled heatedly as she ran her thumb over the tip, using his pre-cum to glide the tip of her thumb more freely against his flesh. Taking a fistful of her beautiful blonde hair into his hand, Eric tugged it gently until Sookie was sliding off of the desk and onto her knees in front of him. Eric sat back in his chair and let her mouth explore the length of his cock while he enjoyed her adventure.

“Ah, use your tongue a little more, Sookie,” Eric instructed, fighting the urge to thrust into the inviting hot moisture of her mouth and throat. She followed his cue quickly and made him fight all the harder to not push her head down and force himself deeper. “Take as much of me in as possible,” he choked out.

Sookie pulled her mouth off of him and began stroking while she caught her breath, preparing herself for her newest task. Steeling herself for the chore ahead of her, Sookie took a deep breath before enveloping the head of his cock with her lips and sliding down as far as she could. She felt her throat constrict with a gagging reflex, but she forced herself to relax and go a bit farther. Eric held her head in place, rocking it ever so gently so that her tongue and teeth slid and scraped against his sensitive flesh. Sookie reared back against his hand and released him, gasping for air before she dove back down and took him as deep as she possibly could again. This time, without Eric’s silent guidance, Sookie bobbed and suckled and flickered her tongue along his length as she alternated between shallow and deep caresses.

“So good,” Eric moaned, his fingers still tangled in her hair, though he did nothing to alter her technique.

Eric was happy with how she was taking to deep throating. He had given her an opportunity to try it in the car the night before, and she was just getting better and better at it the more he had her do it.

“Get up here, Sookie,” Eric pulled her mouth gently away from his hard length, wanting to come in her sweet pussy rather than between her gorgeous lips. Sookie stumbled up from the floor quickly and crawled into Eric’s lap. Wrapping an arm around her waist, Eric helped her straddle him in the chair. Though the desk chair was large enough to hold Eric’s massive body, it did not have enough space for Sookie’s knees to brace on either side of his hips, so with a little maneuvering, he had her knees in the crease of his elbows, draping over the arms of the chair. Sookie wriggled impatiently as Eric took ahold of his cock and positioned it against her moist center. She shimmied again, trying to capture the taunting rod, but he traced the head of it between the folds of her gash, teasing her.

Sookie moaned and mewled, losing her patience when she felt the support of his forearms give out, and she was swiftly impaled upon the entire length of his swollen member. She shrieked in pained pleasure as he abruptly filled her, writhing in the agonizing euphoria. The girl was unsure if she was in pain or experiencing the sweetest sensation she had ever been privy to.

“ERIC!” She arched, feeling him deep inside of her, throbbing and flexing in a way that made her eyes blur as he hit a spot deep inside of her. “OH!” She began to rock against him insistently, knowing that her entire existence revolved around milking his glorious length for all it was worth. Her sole purpose in life was to derive pleasure from him, and give him pleasure in return at that moment. Sookie’s breathing was coming in harsh pants and whimpers and sometimes screams as she wriggled and shook in his lap.

Snaking his arms out from beneath her legs, Eric reached over them and grabbed two handfuls of her beautiful ass to raise her up and down on his cock. Tears were falling from Sookie’s eyes as she sobbed with pleasure when he raised her and then dropped her hard against him again while he thrust upwards. It was a dizzying collision that left Sookie half insane, but she continued to rock and thrust against him regardless of her incoherency. Despite the loss of all of her other faculties, Sookie knew that her life depended on finishing this ride. If she did not come soon, she would die. If she lost the chance to feel his seed shooting deep inside of her, she would never survive.

“Eric, GOD!” she screamed. “I need to come, make me come,” she chanted bracing her hands on his shoulders to achieve enough leverage to move herself even harder against him. Then, she felt one of his hands leave her rear and come forward to play with the bundle of nerves between her legs. Only a stroke or two was what it took to send Sookie careening over the edge of oblivion in a screaming display.

As she came, Eric buried his fangs in her throat, drinking deeply from her as he came with a roar that was muffled against her flesh.

Sookie was conscious of the fact that she was still trembling a long time after they had both found release. She was shaking so intensely that she could hear the chair groaning in protest. “I can’t move…” Sookie whispered unevenly into Eric’s ear. He chuckled at her admission before rising with her securely in his arms.

Carrying his lover back to his safe room, Eric put her under the blankets and then curled up beside her. “You are so lovely right now, Little One,” Eric bit her shoulder with his blunt teeth.

Sookie smiled tiredly, “Eric?”

“Yes, Lover?”

“Please, don’t hurt me,” She yawned snuggling against his chest, eyes closing, her breath slowing.

“Why would I do such a thing?” Eric soothed back her tangled, post-sex hair.

“Everyone else has,” she mumbled, and Eric realized that she only spoke these fears aloud because she was nearly unconscious, and her body was well sated.

“I don’t ‘spect nothin’ from ya in return,” she yawned again, “but I’m fallin’ in love with ya. Ya don’t gotta love me back, but jus’ let me love ya, ‘kay?” she asked sweetly, body boneless as she drifted away.

“Love me all you like,” Eric whispered quietly, and once he heard her breathing even out he continued, “because I think I am beginning to realize what love is now… I believe I am falling in love with you, too.”

On to Chapter Four


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