Keep Me Ch. 23

Chapter Twenty-Three:



Pam and Godric stood frozen in the door of Eric’s cell, disbelieving what they saw before them. The mentally unstable vampire’s arms were elbow deep in the wall, though the wall was undamaged, save the blood that painted its surface.

They remained staring in awe as the Viking’s arms seemed to grasp something, and pull it through the wall and into his chest.

“Sookie…?” Pam took a tentative step into the room, her brain not trusting what her eyes claimed. The overwhelming aroma of copious amounts of fairy blood had both vampires holding their breaths to resist temptation.

The little blonde collapsed into Eric’s body, and his broken, bleeding arm was against her mouth instantly, while his uninjured arm drew the sword that impaled her from its gruesome sheath. Crimson floods spilled from the wound for a moment before the gaping hole began to close.

As Sookie weakly nursed on the elixir of Eric’s essence, the pair of vampires in the doorway only continued to watch in apprehension. They could feel her now through her connection to Eric, and what they felt was not promising. Her life force was still fading, despite the consumption of the ancient vampire’s blood.

“Sookie, my Bonded,” Eric murmured, rocking the boneless body against his sturdy frame. He was trembling, but his fingers against her wound gave him hope. It was closing. Her heart was growing stronger. Her breaths were less labored between the weak mouthfuls of his blood she was swallowing.

The sword that had done the unspeakable damage clattered to the floor as Eric shifted his weight on the formerly unused bed to better hold his beloved, and Godric took an even closer vantage point than Pam. A soft “snap” rented the air as the bones in Eric’s forearm reset themselves from his earlier escape, and the vampire sighed as if the relief of the break healing took a huge burden off of him. However, both Pam and Godric knew that the relief came when Sookie’s eyes slowly opened.

“You called me home.” She smiled up at him, her eyes slowly returning to their natural color as his lost the ethereal glow they had maintained for a short time.

“Yes,” was all Eric could answer. The sweet relief of having her against his body was slowly subduing days worth of torment and insatiable rage. Though the depression persisted, he had to wonder if it was not fear that she could be taken from him again that made that despondency linger.

“I love you,” she murmured, reaching up to stroke his cheek. “Thank you for givin’ me all the strength you had left to fight.”

Eric’s eyes squeezed shut, bloody tears trailing down his face as he buried them in her hair. She smelled strongly of fairy, was coated in fairy blood, but all he wanted was to hold her in his arms for the rest of eternity. After spending several days in a state of perpetual bloodlust, it was quelled easily by just the feel of her familiar, little body in his arms. It was scream or sob for him in that moment, and he chose the latter. Who knew that the mending of the heart could be so painful?

“They will be well,” Godric put his hand on Pam’s shoulder. “Let them be alone for now,” He smiled at the younger vampire before bestowing a relieved smile on his Child. Days of agonizing over ending his Child’s existence were lifted, and he could focus once more on living out his own.

The pair left quietly, and Eric lifted Sookie into his arms. He carried her out of his cell and back to the room that they had shared the last time they lived in Godric’s royal estate. Though it seemed ages ago that they had resided here, Eric thought with vacant amusement that it had been little over a week or so since they thought they had left it behind for good.

Crawling onto their borrowed bed, Eric laid Sookie out before him as he curled up beside her, not daring to take his eyes off of his Bonded. He would never let her leave his sight again, he vowed silently. Sookie chuckled.

“You’re not goin’ to want to watch me use the bathroom for the next couple centuries, are you?” she teased, and Eric realized he had felt that thought so intently that he had projected it at her. “Our enemies amongst the Fae are dead, Eric. I saw to that.” She cast her eyes down with sudden shame. “I’m so sorry, Darlin’. I could’ve come home sooner. I could have spared you days of pain, but I killed the Water Clan while I had the chance,” she admitted.

Eric’s lips quirked in the smallest of smiles. “I am proud of you,” he told her quietly. “The suffering is worth the insurance you have provided us.”

“I wanted to come back to you so badly once I knew how,” she whispered, tears building in her eyes. “Oh, God!” She sobbed. “It hurt so much! It hurt even worse when I knew I could come back to you, and turned away… Like in that horrible dream! I had to… I….”

“Shh, you did what you knew you must. Do not apologize for that.” He pressed a finger to her lips to stop her objection. “I am going to call Ludwig. I want to be sure that you are all right.”

“Nooo,” she grabbed his healed arm, “stay.” She hugged that limb tightly.

“I am not going anywhere.” He lay back down, placing an arm around her waist and pulling her close. “Telepathically ask Godric to call Ludwig,” he suggested.

Sookie nodded, liking that plan much better, ‘Godric, can you call Ludwig to check us out?’

‘Certainly, Sookie,’ Godric’s reply was quick, and Sookie nuzzled deeper into Eric’s chest.


Every glass object in the room shattered at the sound. The mirror, the window, the vase on the dresser; all were destroyed as Sookie instinctively reacted to the sound of someone teleporting near her.

Ludwig merely laughed, “Thank you for not blowing me up, Little Girl.” She chuckled as she sat on the bed, “Have you two made love yet?”

“No,” Eric shook his head. “She was badly injured when she returned to me. My first instinct was to give her my blood.”

“That is something, at least,” The doctor laughed. “Neither of you is any worse for wear now. Make love. It will help you both disperse the lingering depression. I promise it will all feel better afterwards. And, Little Girl, I want you to eat heartily once you have had your fill of your vampire. I can tell by your life force that you used far too much magic while in such a state. You are lucky you had the strength to make it home. I will be by tomorrow to give you a thorough exam, but I promise to call first.” She chuckled again. “Now, have plenty of sex before you do anything else.” With that, the little doctor teleported back out of the room.


“Shh.” She leaned into his lips. “Sex first, words later.”

“You are healed enough?” he pressed.

“Mmm, go gentle for now. I’ll let you know if anythin’s wrong,” she assured, wrapping her arms around his neck and slowly pulling him atop of her. The woman realized quickly that Eric was being more than just gentle. His hands ghosted across her skin as though she was made of sugar, and he seemed hesitant to try and remove her clothes at first. Sookie sighed and undid the belt of her dress, before wriggling her way out of it, going so far as to ignore the ripping sound that occurred when she got a little too aggressive with the garment. The dress made a disgusting, slopping noise as she flung it to the floor, layers of grime, blood, and flesh clinging to it.

“I have never seen something as beautiful as you are right now,” Eric murmured as he grabbed the side of her panties and yanked them with a primal tear.

Sookie giggled. “I think that’s the separation sickness talkin’,” she teased, craning her neck upward to capture his lips. He kissed her hungrily as his fingers went between her thighs to prepare her. His impatience was growing as he stroked the center of her nether lips, his thumb circling the little bundle of nerves that caused her leg to strain and jump reflexively. “Oooh, too slooooow,” she complained, arching her hips against him.

“You are not ready yet,” Eric answered, leaving her lips to let his teeth toy with an erect nipple. He captured the rosebud with his teeth and gave it a firm, sharp pull. In turn, the action brought a gasp from Sookie’s lips, as well as increased the moisture between her thighs. “I have been waiting for you all week, where you have needed me only a few hours. We need to be even, do we not?” He gave her other breast the same treatment and his fingers began to slide effortlessly into her wet channel. “See? Now that little pussy is begging the way I like.” He brought his dew coated fingers to his mouth and licked them clean, his eyes rolling back into his head. “Ah, I had forgotten your period was about to start before you were taken.” His mouth trailed down her abdomen, taking a moment to kiss the angry, raised skin where she had been wounded. Finally, he engulfed the surface of her womanhood with his mouth. “It has not begun yet,” he gave her slit a long, penetrating lick, “but I can taste the change.” His tongue delved as deep as it could, wriggling and sending Sookie into an agonizing pleasure.

“Oh, Eric!” she groaned. Her fingers tangled in his hair as her body shimmied along with his movements, effectively grinding Eric’s mouth harder against her needy center. As he felt her getting closer and closer to oblivion, he slowed down and began to rise above her once again. “Noooo,” she moaned, reaching down between them to stroke Eric even as she protested.

“I need to feel you come around me,” Eric told her as he took his member from her hands and guided it to her entrance instead. The head of his cock traced the slit that coated him with its juices. It caused him to revel at the sensation momentarily before sliding deep inside of her inviting warmth. “Go-Gods!” he gasped, thrusting slowly, enjoying every tremor and squeeze of her inner walls. “Sookie, my Bonded,” he groaned while burying his face in the blood smeared hollow between her neck and shoulder.

“Eric!” she moaned, her legs wrapping firmly around his waist, climbing his chest with her knees to let him in deeper. There was no way to get him far enough inside her body and it made her crazy.

Lifting his head from her shoulder, Eric captured her lips, his tongue delving deep into her mouth. His hands found their bounty in her own, tangling their fingers, their palms pressed firmly to one another’s as his hips stayed close to hers with hard, deep thrusts. Their chests smashed together, her legs hugging his sides. Eric could not imagine how their bodies could get any closer in that moment, but their souls found a way.

As their bodies moved harmoniously, Eric could feel a pounding against, no, in, his chest. It was her heart beating inside him, it was her blood flowing within his stagnant veins, and it was her soul making love to his own. Between his roar and her scream as they came, a balanced melody sang throughout the estate as two spirits clung to one another, vowing to never let go again.

“I love you,” Eric whispered in Sookie’s ear as she panted beneath him.

The days of torment were lifted off of the vampire’s chest. Assurance that he would never need to feel that way again were silently vowed between them. He was finally at peace.

“Mmm… I love you, too,” she murmured happily. “Eric?”

“Yes, my Mate?” Eric kissed the shell of her ear.

“Wash me?”

“With pleasure.” He climbed off of the bed, pulling Sookie into his arms as he made their way to the bathroom. He was holding her against his side as he felt her legs go limp, and he started the water in the shower. The grime that covered her body required that they shower, but he would make it quick and have them in the bath once all of the gore rinsed away.

While Eric held his Bonded in his arms, soaping a wash cloth one handed, he felt a strong nostalgia, for he had bathed her in such a way the first night they had met. Of course, she was much more aware than she had been in that first shower, but her body was just as boneless.

Once they were clean, Eric wrapped Sookie in a towel as he let the bathtub begin to fill, and as it did, he came back and sat on the tiled floor, pulling Sookie into his lap as they waited.

“A bath too?” Sookie asked tiredly.

“Yes. I want to be warm and holding you. I have felt so cold these last few days. I have not felt the cold in so long, but without you, it was as if there were arctic winds blowing around inside me,” Eric whispered.

A tear fell down Sookie’s cheek as he admitted this, “I am a horrible a person. I let you suffer to exact my vengeance.” She choked on another sob.

“You knew that I was suffering,” Eric said, not asked. “Which meant that you were suffering, too. You fought on despite the pain, and did what you had to do to keep our family safe. It was a sacrifice we both had to endure, but it made us stronger. It gave us more power and security. Do not berate yourself. I am proud of you, and I do not hold you responsible for our suffering.” He kissed the top of her head as he stood up and carried her into the tub. “You did kill Niall while you were at it, yes?”

Sookie nodded. “Yes, and when I did, it was like an explosion in my gut. All I wanted after I killed him was to keep killin’. It was like the only time I felt remotely sane was when I was covered in a fresh coat of blood,” She sounded unsure, maybe even a little frightened at the realization. It had been easy to go about her murder spree in Elfyria, under the influence of despair. Now, in Eric’s arms, it did not feel so justified.

“Yes, that is genuine bloodlust. Vampires experience it in battle and in extreme anger. Those of us who have dealt with these situations have better control of it, and are not so easily seduced by the impulses. You, however, would have been like a fawn in an open field. You would have run amok, oblivious to the dangers.” Eric kissed her neck as his hands left her hair to play with her breasts absentmindedly.

“I don’t know about “oblivious”, I took pretty good precautions while I took down the Water Fae…” She pouted.

Eric smirked, giving a nipple a hard pinch and earning a yelp of surprise from Sookie. “And those good precautions are why you returned to me with a sword through your belly?”

Sookie reached under her arm and gave one of Eric’s nipples a hard pinch as payback, but he did not even bat an eyelash at the retribution. “I killed over fifty people a few hours ago and only got touched once. I think that’s pretty freakin’ spectacular,” she huffed, and Eric chuckled before tilting her chin back to kiss the side of her mouth.
“Tell me how you disposed of Niall. I want to bask in the glory of your kill.”

Sookie shrugged. “I ripped his limbs off one by one and then blew out his chest. I gave his head to Claudine as proof of death. She will be the new queen of Elfyria, I guess.”


“One of my last livin’ relatives. I’m not quite sure what kind of relative she would be. Niall was her grandfather, and he was my great grandfather.” She felt puzzled, and it made Eric laugh.

“We will refer to her as your cousin. Technically she is your second cousin, but we will not split hairs,” Eric told her.

“So, if Claudine is my second cousin, if my cousin Hadley had a kid, what would you call them?”

“A first cousin once removed,” Eric answered, playing with her damp hair.

“That’s confusin’,” she grumbled, making Eric chuckle and kiss the back of her head.

“That is why we will just call Claudine your cousin,” Eric told her. “What was her involvement in regards to you?”

Sookie grimaced, “None. Not really, anyway. You remember how we thought Niall wanted to use me as a brood mare?” Eric growled at the memory. “Well, he didn’t. He was usin’ Claudine for that for about a decade. She doesn’t know how long she’d been a prisoner, so her memories couldn’t really tell me how long it had been goin’ on, but Niall locked her in a cell a long time ago and just had male fairies comin’ in and rapin’ her over and over. I don’t know if she’ll be able to have kids after all that,” Sookie thought sadly. “I don’t know if even a fairy’s body can come back from what hers was put through.”

“It is good that Niall is dead,” Eric grunted. “He had no honor. Not even towards his own kin.” Sookie nodded in agreement. “What was it that he wanted of you, then?”

“A weapon. Claudine’s sister, Claudia, was a Seer, and she foresaw me as bein’ able to destroy all enemies of the Brigant line. Of course, Niall just thought that meant HIS enemies… I guess he didn’t realize that he had become his own family’s worst enemy of all… Anyway, Niall went out of his way to make my life a complete misery so that he could come and be my “savior”. He wanted to be to me, what you are, but not with the love.” She hid a stray tear by nuzzling Eric’s arm as it tightened around her. “He thought he could control me that way.

“The Water Fae were only a minor concern to him,” Sookie told him. “Niall had many more enemies than just them. He wanted me to take care of the remainin’ revolutionaries as an example of my power, and in turn, his power. But he would’ve made me his personal guard. Hence why he wished to make me his concubine. He wanted me to be devoted to him, so that I would protect him at all costs. He was goin’ to train me to be his personal, royal guard and sex slave.”

“But how could he think that would work? How could he think that you would agree to any of that when you are mine?” Sookie craned her neck back to look at Eric, she could feel his confusion and sadness.

“Niall was gifted at magic. He was goin’ to perform a spell specifically to transfer my imprint of you onto him. When I saw his face, I would see your face. That was much easier to do than trainin’ me to like him,” Sookie explained.

“Why didn’t he do that when he first caught you?” Eric asked.

“He had begun. The haspberries that he poisoned me with were the beginnin’ of the spell. They would lower my cognitive abilities, and make me easier to manipulate. However, he was lettin’ me remain myself for a time so that he could revel in knowin’ how you agonized over losin’ me. He was enjoyin’ watchin’ me suffer, as well as knowin’ that it meant that you were sufferin’ just as bad, if not worse. He was a rather sadistic fucker.”

“I have known that,” Eric grumbled. “If you were never meant for André, why did Niall agree to let you out of the mental institution?”

Sookie sighed, “It was more of a point André had made. Niall hadn’t considered what livin’ my entire life in that place would do to me. When André pointed it out, Niall gave the go ahead about gettin’ me out. If I became too mentally damaged, even fae magic couldn’t fix it.”

“And your uncle? If you were not meant as a brood mare, why keep you untouched?” Eric pressed.

Sookie made a disgusted face, “Eric wanted that… uh….”

“Do not even speak the word,” Eric hushed her. “I have only just ceased my raging, and could not take another bout of it.” He kissed her crown and held her tighter. “So the entire thing was a dog and pony show. None of our information about Niall was correct.” Eric did not know whether to be impressed, or livid.

“Maybe not accurate, but some of it was true. Just… Not in the context we thought. Niall wanted to demonstrate my power by killin’ off the Water Clan, but he couldn’t keep me in Elfyria indefinitely. He even said himself that hybrids can’t stay in that realm for very long. At least not in a functionin’ sense.” Eric gave her an inquisitive look. “He was goin’ to force me to drink a draught when my abilities weren’t needed. It’s a suspended animation potion, kinda like cryogenics, but magical not scientific. Then, he’d put me in a box and store me away until he needed to use his weapon again.”

“He should be grateful that he is dead. If he knew what I would have done with him, he would beg for a second death,” Eric was snarling quietly under his breath.

They were quiet a moment before Sookie asked in a whisper, “Is Angie still alive?”

Eric was slow to answer, “Yes, but she was left more than a little worse for wear. I am regretful to admit that I did not take your abduction well, and became violent toward her. I left her alive, but I could not tell you how bad the damage I inflicted was.” He looked down at her. “Are you angry with me?”

“Not angry. It’s a difficult emotion…” She shook her head confusedly. “I feel upset that you hurt Angie, even though none of this was her fault, but I have felt your despair and bloodlust. I killed a lot of people while I was in Elfyria, some without considerin’ if they deserved it before it was too late to change my mind. I understand what happened to you, and even though it hurts me to know that Angie suffered at your hands, I also know that… That it must have taken a lot of self control to leave her alive in the state you were in. I’m just glad that Godric kept you from goin’ on the same rampage that I did.”

“It was not without difficulty. My Maker was forced to call in a favor. He contacted the King of the Mississippi to send over three vampires older than myself so that they could secure me to the ground, and prevent me from either going on a rampage, or giving myself the final death,” Eric told her quietly.

Blanching at Eric’s admittance, she asked, “How… How did they secure you?”

“They impaled several steel re-barb through my body, and several feet into the concrete ground beneath me. I am not certain, but I believe I spent four or five days like that. However, a few hours ago, something came over me. It was not the Bond, but more of an intuition, perhaps? Something inside of me was telling me that you needed to come home, and that I could bring you back to me.” Eric was stroking her hair absentmindedly, staring off through the steam in the air from the hot bath. “My blood was already spilling, and I covered the wall with it, just calling you over and over again in my head until my hands passed through the wall, and then… There you were. In my arms.” He looked down at her with a smile, “It was a miracle.”

“It was the Bloodletting Blade,” Sookie replied gently.

“Pardon?” Eric’s brow scrunched.

“Remember the names of the blade? Vampires called it The Bloodletting Blade. The dwarves called it Ong Zan, which is One Blood. The fairies called it Erfea, which is One Soul. The angels called it Coueretella, which is To My Heart. It was a knife forged by dwarves, enchanted by fairies, and blessed by angels. A pair that united themselves with the blade could never be forcefully parted. If they wish to be together, wards, spells and even realms can’t keep them apart. One of the pair is called the Master of the blade, and he’s like a lighthouse. I can always find you, or you can forcefully bring me back to you. We just have to want it,” Sookie explained to him. “Claudine said it’s easier for me to go back to you, than it is for you to bring me, because it’s easier to follow than it is to lead, but also because you wouldn’t know how to do it. Either way, you figured it out.” She turned against his chest, her hand reaching up to stroke his face. “But you can figure out anythin’,” she laughed.


Godric was in his study, relaxing against his chair, and feeling the weight of several days of anguish rising off of his body. As he sat in quiet reflection, he realized that he should call the King of Mississippi, and let him know that all was well within his bloodline once more.

Godric,” Russell’s voice sounded politely sympathetic as he answered his phone, “I am so sorry for the loss of such a promising progeny,” he crooned.

“What do you mean?” Godric frowned at the condolences he was receiving before he realized what Russell meant and then laughed. “Eric is not dead. In fact he is very well. His Bonded has made it back to us. A little frayed around the edges, but she is recovering from her ordeal, and Ludwig has already been in to see them. She advised that they be left alone for quite some time; apparently part of recovering from such extreme separation sickness is re-consummating the union several times over,” he chuckled.

Alive? Your Child’s Bonded made it back from Elfyria alive? Who assisted her?” Godric could hear the uneasiness in Russell’s voice.

Godric could hear the conversation that took place between his Child and Sookie, but chose not to divulge the true happenings of Sookie’s return. “She fought her way out, found an ally, and managed to obtain passage out of Elfyria,” he summarized, not lying, but not being entirely forthcoming.

The little hybrid did all of that? My, Godric, your nest has become quite formidable. I am grateful to be in good standings with you. A vampire could not have done what she did if this is the truth,” Russell sounded a little nervous.

“Sookie is very gifted, and well trained by her Bonded and our bloodline as a tactician. I am grateful that my Child managed to tie himself to one such as her. Not only can Sookie protect herself, no matter the foe, she will do what she must, even if it means sustaining great agony to accomplish it,” Godric praised. “It will be a grand evening when she is brought over.”

Will that be soon?” Edgington asked.

“No. With her fae heritage, and her regular consumption of Eric’s blood, her youth and longevity will be extended greater lengths than a normal human’s would under the same circumstances. She wishes to remain as she is for a time, and Eric wishes the same thing. Sookie is very young still, and Eric wishes for her to have more human experiences before bringing her over,” Godric explained.

That is quite sentimental. You do not oppose such carelessness?”

“Not only do I not oppose it, I encourage it!” Godric assured. “Even as a mortal, Sookie is a force to be reckoned with. I do not see any sort of disadvantage by proceeding this way. In fact, I find it very beneficial to my bloodline.”

Well, it is your bloodline, and I know you protect it fiercely. If you see no harm, but actual benefit, then I more than trust your judgment. Thank you for calling me, as well as updating me on the happy reunion,” Russell sounded genuinely appreciative. “I would fancy meeting this charming creature when she is up for a journey.”

“I will be sure to extend your invitation to them once they are recuperated and willing to leave their bedroom,” Godric laughed.

Fair journey, Godric. May our paths cross again in good favor.”

“Fair journey, Russell,” Godric replied and hung up.


Eric groaned as Sookie raised herself slightly against his chest and sunk back down on his erect phallus. She hummed happily as he filled her, but her movements were unhurried and gentle. Eric’s arms wrapped about her waist, assisting her in her sedate movements, merely enjoying the sensation of her warmth wrapped around him as they continued their soak in the tub.

“Sorry,” she gasped, “I needed you inside of me so badly.” Her nails dug into the flesh of his arm. “Even though it was only a few hours for me bein’ away from you, I need to feel close to you.”

“Never apologize for that, my Bonded.” Eric nipped her earlobe as he flexed beneath her and gave a bit harder of an impact where their bodies were joined. “I felt the same, but…”

“But you’re still worried that I might be injured?” Sookie guessed.

“Yes.” He rocked her body against his slowly, kissing and nibbling her shoulder the entire time. Looking down between their bodies, he could still see the dark scab of her healing wound. “I should give you more of my blood soon; perhaps even cover the wounds with it. Otherwise it will scar.”

“Part of me wants to let it scar,” she admitted. “A reminder of what we have endured.”

Eric shook his head, “I never want to be reminded of this week.”

“I do.”

“Why?” Eric asked breathlessly.

Sookie was quiet a moment, enjoying the feel of him moving inside of her, before she answered, “Because, don’t get mad at me for feelin’ this way, but I feel like I proved somethin’ over this time. I feel like I proved, and earned the right to stand beside you. That I’m not with you for protection. I don’t need you standin’ over my shoulder, or Pam or Godric. I earned the right to stand and fight alongside all of you.”

It was Eric’s turn to be silent as he absorbed her claim, and he found it to be not only true, but reasonable, “When we took Sophie-Anne’s throne, you felt like you were tagging along. Nothing more than a lock pick and radar for threats. You felt like a tool, not a comrade.”

“Yes,” Sookie confessed.

Eric squeezed her tightly, “Would you like me to let it scar?”

“Not if seeing it will hurt you.” Sookie shook her head.

“Perhaps it will be a good reminder for me, too.”

“How so?” Sookie’s eyes squeezed shut as another delicious impact took her breath away.

“It will remind me of your strength and perseverance. Sometimes, I find myself needing a reminder that you are not the frightened little girl I brought home a year ago. You became a self-assured woman who can handle herself in battle. You became my equal so quickly in so many ways. What you lack in experience, still, is something that will fill in over time; of which we have more than enough. Every time I resist letting you leave my side, this scar will remind me that it is the last one you will ever receive.” His hands came to her breasts now, reacquainting himself with their weight and shape, not that he could forget an inch of her body, especially in such a short time frame where all he could think of was her.

“So you’ll leave it?” Sookie asked, moving a bit more frantically now.


“AH!” She bit her lip as he pinched her nipples hard with his fingertips. His movements became just as hurried as hers now, and his thrusts more demanding. As they raced for their climaxes, she begged, “Drink from me!” and his fangs did not hesitate to puncture the base of her throat and swallow her blood greedily.


Pam was lying on her bed once more, though in much better shape than the last time. In her hours spent mending on this mattress, she had discovered something about herself, and come to enjoy the peaceful reflections that came to her. Was it a human thing to meditate like this? She did not know, nor did she care. In fact, it seemed to offer an environment of solitude that was both insightful and psychologically expanding.

She reveled in the peace coursing through her connection with Eric. After days of torment, either from his accidental experiences that he shared, or the torture of not knowing what was happening with her Maker at all, Pam felt subdued and content with what he offered her now.

A portion of her longed briefly for the same connection her Maker had found in Sookie. Was she too broken or cynical to ever have that? Did it bother her that she may have to wait a millennium or longer to find it, and recognize it when it arrived like Eric had so swiftly in Sookie?

Letting out a long sigh that she felt all the way to her toes, Pam grunted and sprung from her bed. That was enough melancholy sensitivity for one day, she decided. Now, she went in search of Godric.

“Master Godric,” Pam announced herself before approaching her Maker’s Master.

“Good evening, Pam,” Godric nodded to her and she made her way the rest of distance to him. “Is there something that you needed?” he asked.

“No.” She sat gracefully in the plump chair in front of his desk. “I was considering going out, now that Eric has recovered. Did you wish to accompany me?”

“I have a great deal of work to catch up on now that Eric is no longer in danger, and I can once more concentrate on my obligations,” he admitted with disappointment.

“How long will you remain a Regent, do you think?” Pam asked.

“It is not all that difficult to handle. I may consider keeping the position for some time. Perhaps until the time Sookie is brought over,” Godric became thoughtful. “She could be a very interesting vampire, and I might like to enjoy her newborn stages alongside Eric. However, I would hate to impose, or take away from his enjoyment of raising her into a promising Bonded Child.”

Pam grimaced, “She could remain mortal for a very long time between Eric’s blood and her heritage. Perhaps a few hundred years before she truly begins to age, and wishes to halt the process. I know that Eric wished for her to look closer to his own age before transforming her.”

“Yes, he does have an appreciation for more developed women, and given the rounding out her figure made in the last few months, I have no doubt that she could be quite luscious… Given time to mature, that is,” he added.

“I suppose that with such a mate, he will need the enforcement of his Regent to keep them left alone. Especially by the Council,” Pam continued.

“That is always a possibility, but even the Council cannot cause too much trouble for a Bonded couple. It would be an infraction against magical law if they were to cause them an unjust difficulties or restrictions,” Godric reminded her.

“Yes.” Pam was thoughtful a moment before asking, “What do you think of her Fae relative that she came to free while in Elfyria. Any potential threat there?”

Godric shook his head, “The Fae have a rather extensive history for favoring those that have saved their lives. I am certain that her cousin will try and honor Sookie in some way, and actually poses a great alliance to us.”

“I am glad that you feel that way. It was a Fae that you saved that gifted you the Bloodletting Blade, yes?”

“Ah, the former King of Elfyria bestowed that upon me during the Vampire/Fae war that I fought in during my fledgling days. I was a mere 100 years old. I protected a fleeing female fairy that was with child. It was obvious to me that she would be but a casualty of war. She was not fighting, but trying to save her unborn child. When the war ended, she told her husband, who I did not know was King of Elfyria, of the young vampire warrior that had not only spared her, but gotten her to safety. The King came to me, at great risk to his person, to gift me the blade. He only told me that if a vampire were to use the blade during their Bonding ceremony, that it would offer a protection that would never let their souls be parted from one another. I did not understand what it meant until I saw Eric pull Sookie from another realm, and back to his side.” Godric became pensive as he sat across from Pam. “That female I saved gave birth to Niall’s future wife. Of course, he had already had Fintan with a human woman before Dahlina’s birth, but Dahlina is the one who made Niall royalty by marriage.”

“I wonder if it was destiny,” Pam was a bit distant as she spoke, her mind several miles away.

Godric smiled, “Destiny… Yes. I believe it was. Myself, Eric, and you. All made for a girl thousands of years in the making… Yes. I believe the universe foresaw Sookie, and banded together a strong bloodline to protect and love her.”

“But why is she so special?” It was not a snide or disbelieving inquiry, but an awed one.

“Because sometimes, the world needs a little extra light in the darkness.”

On to Chapter Twenty-Four


2 thoughts on “Keep Me Ch. 23

  1. murgatroid98 says:

    Excellent. Like Godric says, it’s interesting how events work together to create something, or someone, spectacular. I hope Eric and Pam make up. She tends to speak her feelings without thinking at times. She loves Sookie, too, but she was terrified for Eric.


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