Keep Me Ch. 18

Chapter Eighteen:

What the hell do you mean, ‘We are takin’ the throne’!?” Sookie demanded.

To be exact,” Godric interjected, “I will be taking the throne. My call to Isabel was to have her submit my resignation as Sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas.”

Why was I never made aware of this plan?” Sookie asked.

It was a last resort. None of us wished for such a political position, but I gave Sophie-Anne an option, and this is what she chose.”

She’s choosin’ to side with the Fae and save André,” The telepath realized, “… Was that André’s angle from the beginning?”

I believe so. He took many risks to put himself in a position that would force Sophie-Anne into an alliance with Niall. That Were was never meant to get to me. He was suppose to fail, and I was meant to follow the breadcrumbs back to André. If the Were did not fail, I believe André’s safety net was to hope that Godric would seek retribution. In the mean time, Bill would have ended up here; looking for you while Godric was chasing after André. Bill would have kept you until Sophie-Anne agreed to work with Niall, and then all of them would have done as they wished with you once the war in Elfyria was over.”

Why didn’t I see any of that?” The girl crossed her arms over her chest with a sudden chill.

Bill would never have known all that. He had the least ambition for his wants out of the arrangement. It is understandable that he would know the least,” Eric wrapped his arm over her shoulder.

How did you figure it out?” Sookie asked.

I thought about what any of us would do for one another. It was the most logical conclusion.”

You guessed?” She gaped when Eric nodded.

I prepared for several outcomes, but I played my hand as though I knew this would happen,” he admitted.

Shaking her head, as if to loosen up the current of new information that was congesting her thoughts, Sookie asked, “How do you sift through all of this? How do you know what is real information, and what is false?”

Eric smiled at her question, “It is like a game of chess. There are times when you play opponents that you know, and times that you play against complete strangers. You must learn about the character of your adversary based on the way he moves his pieces. Sometimes you can anticipate their moves because of your history with that person. Niall is particularly interesting to play against because he is similar to me. We do not share information unnecessarily, and rarely details that are true. When Niall said that he knew nothing about you until you escaped from Hale. I knew this was false, as you obviously must by now,” Sookie nodded. It was apparent to her since she had read Bill’s memories, and it had surprised her to say the least. “With Godric as King of Louisiana, Niall will need to go through him to get any assistance. If he tries this, we will have our opening to end Niall.”

And what about Elfyria?” Sookie asked.

What about it?” Eric asked right back.

Niall rules Elfyria, right? He’s at war with the Water Fae, who from what I’ve come to understand, want to destroy all hybrids like me,” Her expression became pensive, “I’ll be fighting the rest of my existence. I can’t even be sure that they’ll leave me alone if I become a vampire.”

I will protect you,” Eric promised her.

Sookie shook her head, “No.”


I don’t want to be protected,” She told him, “I want to be revered… No… Feared by the Water Fae. They won’t want to come after me once they have met me. I want them to know it will be certain death if they ever tried.”

Pam turned her head, looking at Sookie from the driver’s seat, “And how might you accomplish this?”

I’m goin’ to go to Elfyria and confront them.”

Pam snorted, “Might I ask, how?”

Niall still needs an heir. He still needs me for that,” She looked at Eric carefully, “You need to give him an openin’ to take me.”

Eric growled at the very thought, “I could not bring you back from Elfyria without the aid of a fairy.”

I will bring myself back,” She shrugged.

Impossible,” he snarled.

No it’s not,” She patted his hand in a placating manner he did not appreciate.

I do not even know if I could feel you through the Bond if you were to go to that realm,” He tried to dissuade her, “How would I know when you needed me?”

And the separation sickness,” Godric pointed out, “You might go mad if you are away from Eric too long.”

If the Bond is negated by traveling through to that world, Eric and I might last longer than before.”

Or it might deteriorate your faculties sooner,” Godric was quick with his reply.

We need to focus on the point at hand!” Pam interjected, “We can discuss Sookie’s suicide mission after we have taken the throne. Perhaps, it will go as Eric plans, and Niall will make a move to acquire Godric’s assistance. That will give us our opening to take on Niall. But none of that will happen if we don’t work out our strategy against Sophie-Anne!”

Everyone nodded slowly at Pam’s observation, although a lingering apprehension over the previous discussion was still a cloud of despair looming above their heads.

We should attack before dusk and destroy as many as possible before they rise,” Sookie suggested, “That will let me store energy in case it continues after they begin to rise and I’m forced to use my telekinesis.”

The grounds are guarded by Weres during the day,” Eric told them, “We should use the access tunnels under the estate. They will be guarded as well, but we will encounter the sentries in smaller groups.”

Sookie, can you find a vampire’s void when they are dead for the day?” Pam asked.

Yes,” She nodded.

Good. Then we will know when all have been eliminated,” The vampiress gave an approving nod, “How close do you need to be?”

Sookie shrugged. “I’ve rarely used my gifts for stuff like this,” she admitted, “I guess within a football field distance? Maybe a little bit larger area.”

That will be fine then,” Pam looked to Eric, “There are rarely guards inside the palace during the day. If we get in through the tunnels without sounding an alert, we can take out the vampires with ease.”

Regardless, we will need to stock up on silver and stakes,” Eric told her, “Pam, you get the silver. Sookie and I will get the stakes.”

I will access the blueprints of the compound and find our best point of entry. Eric, while you are out do not forget to acquire wire cutters,” Godric reminded.

Of course,” Eric nodded, “We will meet back in an hour.”

Everyone exited the car, so that Godric could get in the driver’s seat and leave while Eric, Sookie, and Pam split up to undertake their own tasks.

Eric?” Sookie began carefully as they walked down the aisle of a hardware store.

Yes, Sookie?” He was grabbing wood posting stakes and pressing them into Sookie’s waiting arms.

Are you nervous about this?” she asked quietly.


Are you just sayin’ that?”

You can feel me, Sookie. You would know if I was uneasy about our task,” Eric reminded her.

I know, but… Do you really think it’s goin’ to be as easy as all that?” she whispered.

Yes. Weres do not stand a chance against ones as old as Godric and I. Once the Queen is dead, they have no reason to put forth resistance,” he explained, using his mind now that they were talking about a sensitive topic, “As long as we kill her and her Children swiftly, we will have no other resistance.”

How would you explain them all bein’ dead?”

We slay any that enter the palace before nightfall,” Eric shrugged, “As long as no one sees us during the day, there can be little suspicion about how it was achieved. We will have plenty of time to destroy security footage.”

How long do you think it will take to get in, and take down everyone?” Sookie asked.

Getting in could take about 30 minutes. If we split up in the residence, we could dispatch everyone in ten or twenty minutes. However, I would prefer that we stick together in the event that Sophie-Anne has laid any traps,” Eric was now stacking the wooden implements into his own arms. He could not imagine that many vampires being on the grounds during the day, but he did not want to risk being unprepared. Plus, a lot of the furniture, though quite able to become a makeshift stake, was quite expensive, and he did not wish to destroy potential revenue. “We stick together once we begin.”

No wanderin’. Got it,” Sookie had a flaring of curiosity and then asked, “How does takin’ over work? Can there be resistance?”

Of course,” Eric shrugged, “That is why I sent Dana to sound the alert that my bloodline is taking over.”

Is that what that number/letter code you recited was?” she asked.

Yes. My followers will make their march to New Orleans to lend support tomorrow evening,” Eric nodded.

What do you have to do after Sophie-Anne is gone?” she pressed.

Godric has resigned from his affiliations with Texas. Once we have taken the residence and dispatched the old house, he will be required to submit a formal notice to the Council about his undertaking the new kingdom with a list of no less than 51% of the Louisiana population agreeing to surrender their fealty to him uncontested. After the majority relinquishes their allegiance, Godric will be formally recognized by the Council as the new King of Louisiana. He will have five months to collect his house, establish Areas and Sheriffs, and register his Royalty fee to the Council.”

Royalty fee?” Sookie’s eyebrows raised.

Yes. Every year a Regent must give the Council a contribution of wealth to maintain their status as a Regent,” Eric nodded, “Thankfully, my bloodline is more than able to afford this. Also, Sheriffs are required to pay their Regents monthly for their status, and civilians must pay to live in an Area and pay their Sheriff. It is a tax, for lack of a better word.”

Huh… How does Fae royalty work?” She followed him towards the checkout.

Similar to that of the Old World. Their Royalty is that by blood. However, unlike humans, the Fae used to revere their women, and the crown passed down on the female side of the line. That is why Niall is only a Prince. He cannot claim the title of King unless he is married. It is believed that he killed his wife, though never proven,” Eric told her, “That is probably why, despite being a hybrid, you are able to produce Royal heirs. Hence, why you are an asset to Niall. If you have a daughter with a male Fae of the court, he would be able to raise and manipulate her. She would wear the crown, but he would call all of the shots. Unfortunately, because the royal bloodline has been so thinned out, you have, apparently, become eligible for the throne. If you were to have a female child with a fairy, though, it would have more fae blood than you, and immediately have more right to the throne.”

So, because I’m a woman, I have more right to the throne than Niall?” Sookie asked.

Unless there is another female fairy in your bloodline that has, thus far, been unable to claim it,” Eric was quiet a moment as he kept his thoughts to himself, “It is quite peculiar that you are even eligible. After all, you are a descendent of Fintan, who was only half fairy, not even a fairy of Royal blood. It was Niall’s second wife that made him a Prince, and that line of descendents would be the ones most eligible for the throne.” Eric shook his head, “Fae politics are impossible to figure out. Sometimes, I wonder, if they even have any rules.”

Sookie laughed at that, “What time is it?”

Closing in on 9,” Eric replied.

Wow, we got a long night ahead of us.”

Yes,” Eric agreed, “and we have much to do.”


Eric and Sookie were the first to arrive back at the Escalade. They waited inside, Sookie on his lap, as he petted her hair in silence. Both were raising their anticipations for the mission ahead of them, and did not bother mentioning their thoughts verbally or mentally.

After a while, the front passenger door opened and Godric slid in, “I got the specs for the underground of the estate. There is really only one good point of entry,” He unfolded a large blueprint.

How did you get these?”

Public records. I do not need an invite to enter that building,” Godric smiled at her, “See here?” He pointed at the paper now, “This is only going to get us onto the grounds. None of the systems remain large enough for us to gain access to the actual structure. However, this one leads into outer building that will get us close enough to the main one. It is a stretch from the outer building to the main, but…”

We would be better off flying over the fence,” Eric sighed. “I had hoped since the estate was older that it would have a more suitable point of entry.”

It would seem, if those points had existed, Sophie-Anne had them eliminated,” Godric agreed.

Could you dig a tunnel?” Sookie asked, “We got all night and between the three of you…?”

Eric smirked, “It would be too noisy, but it could be done. However, with Were ears listening, they would know something was happening.”

Oh,” Sookie frowned, “How many guards would there be?”

At night there are ten. During the day, I would assume no less than double,” Eric supplied.

Twenty Weres,” Sookie murmured to herself, “What are the best ways to take down a Were? I want to conserve as much energy as possible in case we get in a pinch.”

Neck breaking is the most efficient. Weres tend to fight back wildly if they do not take an instant death,” Godric answered.

Don’t I know it,” Sookie grumbled, remembering how in Mack’s final moments, he had managed to hold Sookie so tightly that she had been crushed beneath his collapsing body. The memory of it was enough to make her ribs ache, “But I can’t snap necks.”

The vampires chuckled, “You will be between the three of us. Pamela is more than old enough to handle Weres, and your telekinesis will only be used under extenuating circumstances. Keep your guard up, but you are really only coming along because Eric could never leave you behind,” Godric explained.

Sookie nodded in understanding. A moment later she flinched as Pam appeared at the driver’s side door, yanking it open.

“I bought a great deal of sterling silver jewelry. The saleswoman was both excited and confused, but did not put up any resistance,” Pam opened a bag to show Eric, “I asked for the biggest, gaudiest silver rings, and thick silver necklaces.”

Good job, Pamela. Now, let us drive to the Queen’s compound and do surveillance. Sookie, I would like you to get an idea of how many bodies, Were, Vampire, or whatever are inside the grounds,” Eric instructed, as Pam settled into her seat and brought the car to life, “Pam, concentrate on being discrete while you drive. Godric and I will look for a point of entry,” Everyone nodded as Pam pulled into traffic.

As they drove by the estate, Sookie did not need to be told that they had arrived. The amount of Supernatural minds was enough of a clue, and the ostentatious décor also confirmed the telepath’s suspicions.

Woah, I think she amped up security for you, Eric,” Sookie grimaced, “I have about fifteen voids, and about twenty red snarls.”

“Thirty-five bodies on the compound?” Eric asked.

More. There are about ten humans in there as well,” Sookie told him.

Forty-five, then,” Eric reassessed, “The humans will be the least of our concerns, but must still be viewed as a threat. I would prefer to just glamour them rather than kill.”

Agreed,” Godric smiled, “I believe the western garden wall would be the best access point,” he added. “It has good coverage, although a much larger distance to the main building.”

Yes, but the tree line comes closer to that side of the house than any other point,” Eric gestured to the forested area. “Sookie, do you think you can use your gift to open a lock?”

I don’t know. I’ve never tried,” Sookie admitted apologetically.

We will try it out beforehand then. If she can do it, we can walk right in the back door,” Eric smirked. This plan was getting easier and easier. “We will have to prepare for the shift change in the guards as well. Unfortunately, anyone who sees us there during the day will have to either die or be glamoured. Weres are immune to glamouring, and will need to be eliminated.”

If we are lucky, a human will be responsible for overseeing the shift change, and we can glamour them into keeping the Weres unaware. However, the likelihood of no blood being spilled is very unlikely, and their hyper sensitive scenting will get them killed,” Godric looked disappointed by this, and Sookie inquired about it, “I do not enjoy ending the existences of any creature. Human, Vampire, or Two-natured. I have long since overcome my predilection for basking in blood for the sake of it. It saddens me now to take lives for useless cause.”

It’s not useless, though,” Sookie comforted, “We are at war. War means casualties, and…”

Sookie?” Eric felt a deep sadness in his Bonded.

The girl shook her head, “I’m not any better than Niall.”

What are you talking about, Dear One?” Eric asked gently.

These past couple of days I’ve been spoutin’ out all this indignant crap about how the Fae ruined my life without a second thought about me as an individual. Now, here I am, ready to kill people who are probably parents, or at least someones child,” she whispered, “All so that my life can be better. I just realized what a selfish hypocrite I am.”

But you are not fighting for just yourself right now, are you?” Pam craned her neck around to look at the girl, “We are all in danger, and that had nothing to do with you. That was all Niall’s work, along with the help of his pawns. Yes, you might have a few personal motivations, but you are fighting alongside us, are you not?”

Well, yes-”

We are not going on this mission just for the sole purpose of liberating you. We are protecting our bloodline in the process.”

Well, that’s true, too-”

Now get those thoughts out of your head, and remember: this is a war. We choose our sides and we fight for something. Those Weres joined the royal guard with the knowledge that their lives could be forsaken at any moment. We are entering that compound with the same knowledge,” Pam’s voice was firm, resolved, “With the knowledge that any one of us could not walk out of it ever again.”

Sookie choked on her next objection. Thoughts of Pam being taken down by a Were, or a hidden guard getting the upper hand on Godric set her nerves on edge. Her mind could not even fathom the possibility of losing Eric. Then, the notion that she was about to risk her life for this, that she could be the one Pam had just jinxed terrorized her mind.

Merely considering the idea that she could die the next day made the girl’s heart race frantically in her chest. It seemed befitting, though. In some cruel poetic ending to her life. Misery and dismissal with the briefest interlude of passionate happiness stunted prematurely in the flurry of battle. Regardless, her heart sedated once more, and a strange calm enveloped her being. Sookie was unsure at the moment if it were Eric sending her that calm, or that the sudden thought she had caused it. Euphoria at the realization that, in all of her years of darkness, she had experienced the sweeping romanticism that every young woman fantasized about. Even if it was brief, and she died tomorrow, Sookie decided that it was all worth that whirlwind of joy she got to have.

None of us are goin’ to die tomorrow,” Sookie said knowingly, “We stick together. No matter what. No one can get the drop on any of us if we’re together, because I’ll hear them comin’. Even if a vampire is somehow awake, I’ll feel their void approachin’.”

We do not separate,” Godric nodded in agreement, “It will take longer to clear the estate, but it is our safest measure.” He looked to Sookie, his expression stern, “Do not blow anyone up unless we get rushed. I want you to strain yourself as little as possible in the event that we are cornered, outnumbered or somehow over powered.”

I understand,” Sookie gave a sharp nod.

What time do we attack?” Pam asked.

Since we are sticking together, I would say around three. That will give us four hours before shift change. Sookie will do a ground check before we go over the wall,” Eric decided.

Pam, did you bring any artillery before you drove down here?” Godric asked.

Eric has a few weapons in his vehicles at all times. I believe we have the broadsword in the escalade and the katana is in your Corvette,” Pam supplied.

You brought nothing else?” Eric frowned.

I am sorry, Master. Had I known we were going to war, I would have packed my arsenal,” She gave him a lazy leer. Eric sighed, but still buried the telltale signs of a smile.

The night is still young. I can easily make it to Shreveport and back with more weapons,” Godric reasoned.

Yes. Bring whatever you think we need from the underground vault. The combination has not changed,” Eric nodded. “Sookie,” he turned to his Bonded, “you should take more of my blood before the fight. Even if it does not give you any extra strength, it will help you heal faster should you sustain an injury.”

The girl nodded as Godric was getting out of the car to leave once more for Shreveport, “We should go somewhere that I can practice opening locks with my telekinesis.”

That is a good idea.”


How many bodies?” Eric asked softly in Sookie’s mind as he, Pam, Godric, and Sookie pressed beneath the treeline outside the wall of the estate.

Sookie’s eyes were closed as she concentrated, “Five making rounds on the inner wall. Another four on the outside of the of the building itself. Two Were’s on the main floor of the estate. I’m countin’ four voids below the main floor. Three voids on the main floor… Still ten human minds. It seems that Sophie-Anne isn’t expectin’ anythin’ durin’ the day.”

That is good. That means we only have eleven true threats right now. Are any of the humans sleeping?” Eric asked.

All but one. I don’t like his mind. Very dark. Very intense,” Sookie warned. “Oh! A Were on the outer wall is comin’ this way to investigate. He can smell us.”

Stay here,” Eric commanded. “Five outer, four inner,” he relayed to the others as they jumped the wall swiftly.

Sookie only had time to just start getting her heart pounding before an arm was hanging in front of her face, offering to pull her over the wall.

The way is clear to the doors. Hurry. Security will be on to us shortly,” Pam hissed as she flung Sookie over the wall and onto the grounds of the property.

Even as the girl was regaining her equilibrium, Eric had her by the hand and slung her over his back like a sack of potatoes. The movement and force was enough to knock the breath out of her, and the overall disorientation of moving at vampire speed had her confused when she was suddenly at the back door of the building. In the moment she took to catch her mind up with her body’s new location, she spotted two heaps of bodies along the outer perimeter. It took her a moment to shake the earlier feeling of regret before she could bear to take on her next task.

The door was locked, forcing Sookie to use her telekinetic technique to flip the lock open. However, she was nervous, and ended up cracking one of the little glass panes of the door.

As they opened the entryway, Sookie heard a Were coming to check out the strange noise at the door. “Were comin’ in,” she warned just as he appeared around the corner. Eric had just enough time to deflect the Beretta flailing towards his face and Godric swiftly beheaded him with the Katana Pam had originally brought. With the same deftness that he had decapitated their foe, Godric caught the plummeting head by its hair to keep it from thudding noisily to the floor.

The last one will smell the blood,” Eric frowned, “Where is he?”

The next room to the left,” Sookie whispered breathlessly.

Godric zipped into the room and Sookie could hear the audible crackle as his neck was snapped even through the wall. When he returned, Sookie was glaring at him.

What?” Godric frowned at his youngest comrade’s optical daggers.

“We’re suppose to stick together,” She crossed her arms over her chest.

Godric smirked, “My apologies, Little Sookie. I will not react so spontaneously again. Where is this human that you mentioned?”

The girl pointed to the right and followed them as they went to the room. It turned out to be the security office, which was good for them since they would have to destroy evidence of their daytime activity. The security technician was glamoured quickly by Pam, and sent out of the house as Pam went on to destroy the footage of their assault on Sophie-Anne’s estate.

I don’t like this,” Sookie’s nerves were amping up, “Why is this so easy?” she whined.

Because it is daytime,” Eric answered, “Sophie-Anne could never have anticipated a daytime attack of this caliber. I would have needed to hire Weres, and she would have thought I could not raise an army so quickly.”

Still makes me nervous. I’m waiting for an ambush,” she grumbled.

Do you sense anyone?” he asked, eyebrows raised.


Then relax!” Pam snapped, “You’re agitating me.”

I am surprised that we did not run into any demons,” Eric was frowning.

You don’t think that I can’t hear them, do you?” Sookie became alarmed at the notion.

I doubt it. You cannot hear vampires, yet they still take up space that you can feel them out. Demons should be no different,” he assured. “I just find it surprising that Sophie-Anne did not have at least one on retainer.”

Considering Sophie-Anne’s detestation of the Fae, she might have had similar feelings towards demons,” Godric pointed out, “They run in enough similar circles, that the Queen might have disassociated herself with them as well.”

I hope that is true,” Eric was still frowning, “Sookie, where are the humans?”

Nine upstairs. They’re all sleepin’,” she told him.

Then upstairs we go!” Pam lead the group and Godric handed her back the sword he had commandeered to slay the Were in the kitchen.

It was quick work, rousing the sleeping humans and glamouring them into leaving the estate. Sookie took care to check their memories for all security measures they were aware of, and then Pam, Eric, or Godric handled the alterations of their memories.

Now the vampires,” Eric announced, “The basement, yes?”

Sookie nodded and the quartet made their way back to the main floor to begin searching for the access to the lower levels of the estate.

Sophie-Anne’s extravagance was placed in all of the wrong places,” Godric frowned, “An estate this large needed much more security.”

From the memories I gathered from the humans, this was pretty much a common daytime set up security-wise. They weren’t glamoured memories, either,” she added that last part. Thanks to Jason, she had a very good idea what a glamoured memory felt like. “Ah!” She grinned as her fingertips found a bump behind a bookshelf. The girl pressed it and the bookshelf released from the wall. “Secret passage! Just like an old haunted house movie!” Her grin lessened the tension that was mounting and the vampires shook their heads amusedly.

Eric pulled the bookshelf the remaining way from the wall, and the four went down the stairway into the darkness of the basement. Sookie was clinging to Eric’s arm, her night vision not the superior version her vampires had, though still much better than a normal human’s.

When they were on a flat surface again, Sookie continued to hold onto her Bonded, “I feel them to the left. Is there a door or hallway that way?”

A hallway,” Eric told her.

Wait, wait, wait,” Sookie mumbled, tugging Eric’s arm, “There’s somethin’ else down here.”

What?” Everyone froze as Godric asked.

I don’t know. It’s like a whisper or something. So subdued. It was close enough to the voids that it was enveloped by them. There’s three.”

Looks like the demons were guarding the actual resting places,” Godric growled. “Sookie stay back. You cannot see as easily down here,” he instructed, “Put your back to the wall, and do not move.”

Sookie did as she was told, her eyes clenched tight as the sound of a fight broke out a few yards to her left.

Vampires!?” She heard an unknown voice shout in surprise as it realized exactly what it was fighting followed shortly by three simultaneous shrieks. Eric had flung a fistful of iron powder into the demons’ faces as he, Godric and Pam rushed them. The demons choked on the iron, the toxic metal burning their eyes and skin as it debilitated them. A second later Sookie heard a gurgle and groan as she assumed one demon’s throat was slashed. She still had not forgotten that sound from when she had performed a similar kill all those months ago.

Eric flicked his wrist, causing the blade in his hand to disperse some of the blood that was coating its smooth belly. His keen eyes took in the anticlimactic scene before him as Pam pierced her opponent’s heart with her own sword, and his Maker put his fist through the gut of the third demon. The Viking was quickly understanding what Sookie meant. This was easy, but sadly, not too easy. If the four of them had tried this as dusk or true night, he knew that the situation would not have been so favorable.

Sookie,” Eric whispered as he drew close to her, letting her know it was him approaching, “is there anyone else in the building?”

“Just the voids. But I can’t be sure now that I know demons have such subdued minds,” she admitted. Casting out her gift to encompass the whole lower level, Sookie let out a sigh, “I am certain there are no more down here, but we should do a second sweep of the estate when the vampires are taken care of.”

Agreed,” the vampires said in unison.

Do you have a code for this security alarm?” Eric asked hopefully.

No, but…” Sookie went to the wall and knocked the plaster by the door, “I don’t need one.” She leaned back and kicked hard against the wall, her foot going through. Extracting her foot from the hole, she then reached in and managed to reach the doorknob on the other side of the wall. With a sharp twist, the door opened and she turned to grin at her companions.

Does my home’s system have the same flaw?” Eric asked slowly.

No. Yours has a solid wall about three feet from the door frame,” Sookie reassured him.

You checked?” Eric was surprised.

Not really,” she blushed a bit, “I just noticed whenever we did it standing up against the wall that the point by the door was much sturdier, and didn’t give that hollow sound like when it was any of the other walls.”

Everyone laughed at the explanation, “Shall we get this over with then?” Pam finally asked once they had sobered up from their laughter.

As the four entered the room, Pam groaned, “Well, shit.”

What? What’s wrong?” Sookie looked at the pile of bodies strewn about the large bed in the chamber. The girl had thought Eric’s bed was huge, but it was incomparable to the one in the Queen’s chamber.

She had her Children sleep in her bed, but André is not among them.” Eric explained, “The “Berts”, the Queen, and her youngest Gracie. André must be one of the three Voids on the main floor.”

Why is this a problem?” Sookie asked.

A Maker will feel when their Child is destroyed, as a Child will feel when their Maker is destroyed,” Godric explained the situation, “When we kill any of them, they will awaken, even during the day.”

So there’s five all together, and we only have four,” Sookie realized, “Which means, André could get the jump on us when we kill these guys?”

Yes,” Eric nodded, “Fortunately, he will be weakened. Unfortunately, he could still have time to call reinforcements.”

Will a vampire wake up if they’re moved during the day?” Sookie asked next.

Not usually. It is very difficult to wake a vampire during the day,” Eric told her.

So, why don’t we find André, drag him down here with the rest and drive some stakes?” Sookie shrugged.

As good of a plan as any,” Godric tilted his head thoughtfully, “Eric, one of us can easily stake two simultaneously, and that will leave one for the rest of us. Sookie, you are willing, yes?” he checked.

Only,” Sookie held up a hand, “if I get to kill André.”

Agreed,” the other three said in unison.

I would hate for you not to carry out on your vendetta against all those that ruined your life,” Pam smiled mischievously at the girl, “Will you be blowing him up, too?”

No, I’m kind of interested in this stakin’ business. I want to see what that’s like,” Sookie smirked back as they made their way out of the basement and back to the main floor. “Plus, Godric did tell me to restrain myself on the telekinesis.”

Ah, yes. That is true,” Pam frowned, “I suppose another explosion would be too soon after Compton’s. I really would hate to become apathetic with it so quickly.”

Godric and Eric were shaking their heads in confused amusement at the women’s conversation, but continued to follow Sookie as she lead the way to the nearest void.

The three vampires groaned when they saw who the first vampire guard was.

I would sincerely dislike killing Donavon,” Eric sighed.

He’s only a few decades younger than you, correct?” Pam asked.

Yes, and a very loyal and reliable vampire,” Eric added.

Couldn’t we just wrap the coffin in silver so he can’t get out too early?” Sookie asked. “I mean, I’m still human… ish… I could’ve broken in during the day and done this.”

No,” Godric shook his head, “That would raise too many questions. We do not need other supes questioning just what kind of threat you are. If you are seen as that powerful, it will only ensure us more enemies,” he looked to Eric, “Would you prefer if I did it?”

No. He deserves to be killed by someone who knew and respected him,” Eric shook his head, took a stake out of his inner coat pocket and plunged it into the vampire’s chest. He did not even react to the blow, merely disintegrated before them. “He should not have had to be here during the day… Sophie-Anne probably figured if I struck soon after dusk, Donavon would have been the only one in her Queendom that could stand up to me. She was unaware that you were here as well.”

Let’s find André,” Sookie suggested gently, and they left the room for the next void. This one was André, which Sookie had anticipated, given the extra security on this room. “Should we take care of the other vampire first and come back for him?” she asked.

Everyone nodded and they disposed of the last remaining vampire that was not part of Sophie-Anne’s bloodline. It was not a vampiress that anyone gave much thought about, and they moved back on to André. Eric hoisted the lifeless corpse over his shoulder and followed the troupe back to the basement to place him on the bed with the rest of his bloodline.

I would like to dispose of Sophie-Anne myself,” Eric said quietly, “She would not have taken this battle if it were not for her love of André.”

I’ll take the “Berts”,” Godric offered.

That leaves me with Gracie since Sookie called dibs on André,” Pam sighed, taking a stake and placing it over the small woman’s chest.

Sookie took a stake from Eric as he placed his own over Sophie-Anne’s heart. The telepath was taking slow breaths as she waited for the countdown.

3… 2…1-” All four drove their stakes through their selected victims. The blood covered them in copious amounts as it pooled and splattered outward from their deteriorating vessels.

Letting out a long breath, Sookie looked at her comrades with a weak smile, “I guess all that’s left is Niall…”

No. We must kill any Weres that come for the shift change as well,” Eric reminded her, “Also, we decided that we would do another sweep of the estate in case there were any more demons lurking.”

Wouldn’t they have come after us by now?” Sookie asked.

Not necessarily. We accomplished this all very quickly. It has not even been an hour,” Eric explained. “Now, let us do a final sweep, and then we will get in our holding pattern until twenty after dusk. At that point, we will be able to allow those who show up the opportunity to live.”

The quartet gave the estate one last scouring before encircling the main entrance of the building. Forming a barrier at the door, weapons in hand, they waited patiently.

On to Chapter Nineteen


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