Catalyst Ch. 12

Chapter Twelve: Quirks

Eric’s POV:

‘Dracula 2000,’ I think with mild amusement again while I fly toward Shreveport. Pam had shrieked with laughter when I told her about Sookie’s comment regarding fangs being ‘sexy.’ My progeny seems convinced that outing ourselves might not be as tedious as once thought.

I, on the other hand, am less optimistic. There are things about vampires that Sookie might not find all that sexy, not being able to have children, for one, and the fact that I murdered four vampires just moments ago because the Sheriff of Baton Rouge is an abysmal excuse of a vampire.

I am done playing games with Area 2. If François cannot keep our meals from being discovered, then my next trip to the bayous of Baton Rouge will result in the eradication of the remaining undead inhabitants of the swamp. I am tired of making this flight and having my own Area to oversee. Of course, there are only six vampires remaining in that miserable bog, but I do believe I have made my point clear.

The Baton Rouge P.D. is beginning to fear a serial killer, having found five bodies in the bayou in less than a year. I do not blame them for their concerns, but having to clean up a mess that I am not even responsible for is pissing me off!

As I land atop the condo where Sookie and her brother are staying, I call Sookie’s cell phone. She answers immediately.

Eric! Are you back already?” Sookie asks excitedly, drawing a smile from the lips that have worn nothing but a scowl over last thirty-six hours.

“Yes, I just arrived. I can be at your condo in twenty minutes. Is that enough time?” I sit on the edge of the roof, hearing her below scrambling about her room.

Yeah, I can be ready,” she declares. “Umm, the next showin’ of that movie is 7:50. Think we can make it?”

“Yes, I believe it is possible.” Pam parked my Corvette in the lot down the street, so I am not pressed for time.

I slowly rise back into the sky and begin heading for my vehicle slowly, so there is not too much static caused by the wind.

Pam and I had a lot of fun last night,” she comments as I hear her preparing for our date. “She bought me some make-up, then when we got back she showed me how to put it on! It was super cool!”

“Oh? She explained about not using too much, I hope?”

Yeah, she said my skin was pretty and that I don’t need a whole lot,” Sookie assures me. “I think I can do some without lookin’ like a clown or prostitute.”

I chuckle and easily scale down the side of the building near the parking lot. There are security cameras on the buildings around here, so I am forced to descend to the street in a more human method. “Well, I should not be long. I look forward to seeing you soon.”

Me too,” she replies and I smile as I hang up.

Slipping into my car, I drive leisurely to the condo, arriving a few minutes ahead of schedule. Jason opens the door for me, inviting me inside to wait as Sookie finishes up. She does not keep me waiting long.

“Sookie, you look beautiful,” I rise from the sofa and greet her with a chaste kiss. She blushes and looks sideway at Jason, embarrassed to be kissed in front of him. Her make-up consists of mascara and lip gloss. The sight of the soft application of cosmetics forms a relieved smile on my face.

“Thanks,” she plays with her hair before waving goodnight to her brother and taking my hand.

We arrive at the theater in plenty of time for Sookie to pick out a beverage before the film begins. The theater itself is sparingly filled, and Sookie tugs me toward the very back where there are only four seats available. She sits directly in the center, discouraging others from seating themselves by us. I grin at her tactic.

“You sincerely have no desire to watch this movie,” I observe with a chuckle.

“No, not really,” she admits in a whisper, and I enjoy watching the red stain of a blush creep across her face. I must confess that I am enjoying seeing Sookie act so confident, even with those blushes that give away she has so little. She is trying, and it is for me that she tries.

As the lights dim and the advertisements begin, Sookie glances at me with uncertainty. I know that she wishes to kiss me, but I am curious to see if she will initiate this make-out session she has been anticipating, plotting even. After each movie trailer, she looks at me expectantly, but I maintain my focus on the screen. She continues to sit with her hands neatly folded in her lap the entire time.

Finally, when the opening credits of the movie start, Sookie leans in my direction, pulls her knee beneath her on the seat, and cups her hand over my ear as she whispers, “Eric, are you gonna kiss me?”

My reply is to turn my head and capture her lips with mine. I must reward her bravery, encourage her to speak freely with me about her wants and needs. She sighs appreciatively against my mouth, and I push the armrest out of the way to pull her closer. Sookie’s arms wrap around my neck as I draw her into my side. My tongue grazes carefully against the seal of her lips and this time, she parts them at my first request.

Her tongue is hesitant and clumsy. It takes some persistence on my part to slow her movement and prod her into action. Currently, her technique consists of barreling her tongue past mine, then hiding in the corner of her mouth. I slowly kiss her, attempting to tangle my tongue with hers, but she again rakes hers briefly across mine and hides in the other corner of her mouth.

I realize her back is tense, her shoulders locked. Is she afraid of being discovered? Slowly, I pull away and whisper below her ear, “No one is watching you, Sookie.” She nods stiffly, but when I dive into her lips once more, I place my hands at her back and massage there until she begins to relax. Eventually she is calm and enjoying our tour of juvenile sexuality. I wonder how she would react if I gave her a hickey? Mortified comes to mind, but, on the other hand, I am certain that if it is placed in an area guaranteed to remain covered, I do believe Sookie would find it exciting. Just one so that she may have the experience…

My mouth leaves hers, kissing along her jaw and chin. Wandering down her throat, suckling and nibbling lightly, I earn a harsh panting from the girl enjoying my expedition. Her hand is tangled in my hair, clutching me tightly to her as I lavish her throat with attention. I can smell her arousal growing as I explore and offer great consideration to each line of muscle and special attention to her carotid. It is hammering beneath my tongue, urging me to pierce it, but I hold back. Instead, I keep working downward, clipping her clavicle with my tongue and teeth as I move toward her shoulder. Finally, once I am pushing the material of her shirt aside, I clamp the thick muscle of her trapezius between my teeth before suckling there hard.

Her hold around my head tightens, her excitement saturates the air, and an unmistakable note of pleasure is subject to a commanding glottal stop before it can ring toward its true tone. I suck, and pull with my teeth for several moments. I taste her blood vessels popping beneath my tongue, protected by the undamaged, superficial layer of skin. She tastes so fucking goodI want to taste her fully but, again, I test my restraint until I know I am tempting myself far too much. Finally, I disengage the meaty part of her shoulder, give the mark I have left a cursory glance, and begin working my way back up her neck.

I work higher than I began before, all the way to her ear. When my tongue gently traces the lobe, I feel Sookie tense in my arms and gasp excitedly. Surprised at the degree of reception this achieves, I suck the fleshy lobe between my lips and gently tug with my teeth. I can hear her little gasps, and her heart is racing frantically against my palm. It is enthralling, the way her body reacts to the gentle suckle of my mouth on her earlobe. That captivation is what spurs me to give the hard cartilage of her ear a quick nip.

Sookie’s response is…surprising.

A pleasurable whine echoes from her lips until she mutes it with another gasp, her arousal is so thick in the air I am nearly overwhelmed by it myself, and finally, her face reddens to the point that I might have thought her ill. After the brief reaction, Sookie pulls away, clutches the front of my shirt and begins panting to compose herself.

It takes only a moment after she has regained her breath for her face to flush once more. A humiliated expression covers her face, and she swiftly rises from her seat and slinks out of the theater. Left momentarily stunned by her abrupt escape, I realize the degree of her arousal. Sookie had climaxed under my attentions. So fucking responsive! I think with a carnal surge in my body.

I quickly follow her into the lobby, finding Sookie sitting with her face in her hands on a bench by the restrooms, looking utterly upset. Kneeling in front of her, I take Sookie’s chin in my hand and kiss her softly.

“Are you all right?” I ask carefully, trying to meet her gaze, but finding resistance.

“N-no,” she shakes her head shamefully. Though I admit I have never met a human woman who had an orgasm from having her earlobes tugged, I am anything but displeased by such a reactive body.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about, Sookie,” I tell her soothingly.

“Yes, there is,” she whispers and puts her face back in her hands.

I do not think so,” I assure, gently rubbing her calves as I attempt again to catch her eyes. “Do you want to leave?” She sniffles and nods. “Please, do not cry,” I beseech.

Swiping at one of her tears, Sookie mumbles, “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” I ask, still rubbing her legs since she has yet to rise.

“I don’t know,” she admits, still quietly bemoaning what she considers a shameful act. “It just seems like I did something very rude.”

I refrain from snorting, “I did not find it rude,” I tell her. “In fact, I found it rather…impressive on your part. There is nothing shameful about having a receptive body.” That might not have been helpful to her, I realize as she cringes at my compliment. “Let us go somewhere more private.” Her eyes widen at my suggestion and she shakes her head frantically. Oh, hell, what is she taking me for so suddenly? “I meant somewhere to talk, Sookie,” I tell her firmly. “I am quite disappointed that you would automatically assume my intentions like that.”

Her head bows guiltily as I rise from my knees. She finally stands, and it takes me a moment to offer her my hand. I am still agitated that she thought I wished to have her alone for my own selfish gain, but I remind myself she is feeling embarrassed and vulnerable. I am certain her discomfort had nothing to do with me, and all to do with her own sense of repugnance toward herself.

Once we are in the moderate privacy of my car and able to speak freely, I sit and wait for her to begin talking. Instead, she continues staring at her hands in silence.

“Have your ears always been that sensitive, Sookie?” I ask conversationally, trying for a sense of levity under the circumstances. It is all I can do to dispel the giddy musings of how many times I could make her cum in a single coupling with such a receptive partner.

She blushes and shrugs, “I don’t know. No one’s ever… I don’t know.”

“Well, I will give them a wide berth when we are in public. Would you feel more comfortable if I left them alone until we are at a point in our relationship that involves that level of intimacy?”

“Yes, please,” she mumbles.

“All right. I promise to avoid touching your ears for now.”

“Thank you…”

“Will you do something for me as well?” I request. When she looks at me hesitantly, I explain, “I would like you to forgive yourself, and to know and believe that you did nothing wrong.”

“That’s not how it feels,” she whispers. “I feel embarrassed and ashamed and-and disgusting.”

“Why?” I look at her in confusion. “You cannot help how your body responds, so there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. You should not feel disgusted because what your body did was entirely natural. Orgasms happen, Sookie. There is nothing disgusting about that.”

“Do they happen because someone nibbled on your ear?” she demands.

“Not to me,” I confess. “That does not mean it is any less natural. Everybody is wired differently. What one person finds arousing might be completely unimportant to another. You have particularly sensitive ears, and you were already aroused by what we were doing. That is how your body responded, and considering your lack of experience, you could not have known it could cause you to climax.”

“Eric,” she mumbles softly, “this is real embarrassin’… I don’t wanna talk about this with you…”

I tilt my head curiously, “Why not?”

“Because it’s not… Proper,” she tells me with another sweet blush.

Fucking, puritanical bullshit!

“Sookie,” I take her chin in my hand and force her to look at me, “are we in a relationship?”


“Do you see yourself remaining in a relationship with me for quite some time?”

“I really hope so,” she admits and finally offers me one of her sweet smiles.

“And at any point in the future, do you believe you might wish to be physically intimate with me?”

I do not believe I have ever seen her face turn so red!

“… Yes,” she confesses.

“Then, at some point, you will need to talk to me about your body. What feels good, what does not, what makes you uncomfortable, and why. I can be a patient lover, Sookie. I understand if speaking about these things is difficult for you because you have never spoken of them with anyone. That said, nothing your body does influences me negatively. Nothing you enjoy or do not enjoy will give me pause. I know that discussions like this are particularly upsetting for you because we have not known each other long, and in your mind, what happened this evening should have been much further in the future.” She nods gravely in agreement. “Yet, it did happen and now we are talking about it.”

“So, you don’t think I’m any less a lady after…what happened?” Sookie asks me hopefully and I cannot help the comforting smile that tugs at my lips.

“Not at all,” I reassure her.

“Please don’t tell Pam what happened,” she requests of me suddenly.

“Why do you think that I would?” I ask in surprise.

Sookie shrugs and looks at her fresh manicure for an answer. Finally, she admits, “Pam says stuff sometimes… Stuff that makes me feel like you share a lot of information about our relationship with her. I understand that you two are really close, and I respect that ’cause me and Jason are really close. The difference is… You and Pam seem able to talk about real intimate stuff and in detail… Jason and I can’t. It makes us both super uncomfortable… I just feel like… Like I don’t have anyone to talk to or help me or… I can’t talk to Jason… I can’t talk to Pam… I can’t talk to anyone at school… I just feel real alone in this.”

“Why do you feel that you cannot talk to me?” I place my hand on her back, allowing my thumb to stroke her spine encouragingly.

“’Cause you’re who I need to talk about!” she wails. “You make me feel a bunch of stuff that really confuses me. I’m nervous and excited, and embarrassed and I always wanna be around you, and I don’t understand any of it. I’m also a little scared of you,” she admits.

“What about me scares you?” I coax gently.

“That I’ve only known ya two and a half weeks, and I already like you so much. That you have secrets you think will scare me off. The way my body reacts to you. All kinds of stuff,” she explains.

“I see, well, what if we cut back on our interactions, and give you some space for perspective?” I suggest, though I want anything but space between us.

She looks at her hands sadly at my suggestion. “I don’t want to see you less,” she confesses after a moment, and it is a relief to me. “I like seein’ ya all the time. I just wish I had someone to talk to that didn’t make me feel so…”

“Vulnerable?” I hazard a guess.


“Why do you feel you cannot talk to Pam?” I ask. “I would not be embarrassed by anything she knows about me.”

“I think she’d laugh at me,” she chokes.

My shoulders slump. That is not an unfair assessment. Sookie knows Pam to be very confident and sexual. Her inexperienced questions would seem trivial to Pam, and it is not beyond my Child to poke at another’s insecurities. However, I know that my Child cares about Sookie, and even Pam can suppress her brashness.

“I do not think Pam would laugh at you,” I can make absolutely sure that she does not!

“Do you promise not to ask her about what we talk about?” she meekly requests.

I give Sookie another soft smile, “I promise… As a matter of fact, I do believe Pam and your brother are a few blocks down the street having coffee. Perhaps I could drop you off there? I am sure Jason is probably getting fatigued by now. I could drop him off at home, and you can stay with Pam at the shop.”

“What? All the sudden like that?” Sookie asks in surprise.

“This is troubling you, Sookie. I would suggest you talk to someone sooner rather than later, so that you may sleep easily tonight,” I explain gently.

“Okay,” she mumbles as I reach for my keys and turn over the ignition.

As we drive, I call Pam and let her know of the plan. She seems confused, but does not question me. Soon we are pulling up in front of a Starbucks and we climb out of the car. When we approach Pam and Jason, my Child rises.

“Sookie has very personal things to discuss with you. I want you to be nice. Do not laugh at her, do not brush off her questions,” I mumble in Pam’s ear under the disguise of a greeting hug.

“Yes, Master,” Pam is frowning.

“Thank God you’re takin’ me home,” Jason announces as he tries to lift himself from the booth. “I’ve had, like, four people come over and ask me about the B’n’B shit. I’m ready to go home,” he grouches.

I smile at Jason and pat his back while assisting him from the booth. He looks uncomfortable with my help, but does not say anything.

“Sookie, I will see you later,” I tell her as she settles into her brother’s spot. I lean down and give her a quick, brief kiss before leaving.

Do not disappoint me, Pam.

Sookie’s POV:

God, where do I even start?

“Not such a big fan of fangs, huh?” Pam interrupts my mad scrambling for an icebreaker.

“Huh?” I ask dumbly.

“It is barely even 8:30. The movie started at 7:50, but we all know the first ten minutes are trailers. That means you left the theater well before the end of the movie. Was it that bad?” Pam asks me.

I look at the cup of coffee she’s put in front of me, “I don’t know, we weren’t really watchin’ it,” I mumble shyly.

Pam smirks, “I see.”

“Somethin’ happened…at the theater,” I begin quietly. I’m surprised Pam doesn’t have to lean in to hear me.

“Oh? What?” she asks, placin’ her face in her hand, her eyes all bright with the prospect of gossip.

“Umm, me and Eric were makin’ out,” I keep whisperin’, “and…it was real nice.”

“So, why did you leave if you were having such a good time not watching the movie?” Pam teases, but I know she’s just tryin’ to make this all seem less formal. I get the feelin’ Eric gave her a warnin’ when we first got here.

“Umm, he… Well, we were kissin’ for a while, and…” God, how do I even say this? “He was kissin’ on my neck, and that was real nice, too… But he, umm, he got to my ear, and…” My face is gettin’ hotter and hotter, “When he tugged on my ear, I…” I lean in real close, and I don’t even know if any sound is comin’ out when I confess, “I think I might have… Had an orgasm?”

Pam stares at me for a long time, no real expression, just starin’. Finally, she asks, “You think you did?”

“Well, I did. I know what it was. I just, I only ever had one before, and that was in my sleep, and… Well, it was a roomful of people, and Eric knew! How embarrassin’ is that?” I anxiously pick up my coffee and take a sip. It’s decaf, which I don’t normally like, but I probably shouldn’t have any caffeine right now, I’m so edgy.

“You have only orgasmed in your sleep before, and it was once?” Pam fixates on the totally wrong part of my statement.

“Pam, it was a roomful of people, and Eric knew what I did!” I moan in embarrassment.

“All right,” Pam shrugs. “Look at it this way. No one in that theater had a clue what was going on. If you made any sound at all, they probably all figured it was two teens making out, which I promise you is not an abnormal occurrence. As for the Eric part of the equation, let me share something about men that you might find comforting. Do you know how exciting it is for a man to know he has a responsive lover? It is a huge boost to their ego to be able to pleasure their woman, and for you to be that easy… Oh, that probably did not sound encouraging… You are not easy,” she assures me. “I am merely making the point that Eric will be a very, very happy boyfriend when you finally go to bed together.”

“Really?” I frown. I don’t get how it can be any fun for him if I’m finishin’ after a good tug on my earlobe.

“Of course!” Pam grins. “What man doesn’t want a woman who responds so enthusiastically to his touch?”

“But what if it’s not about Eric?” I ask worriedly. “What if I’m just a freak?”

Pam’s eyebrows shoot up at that and she reaches across the table at my face. Before I realize what she’s gonna do, her finger traces the shell of my ear before gently pinching my earlobe. It feels nice, but not orgasm-inducing nice.

“Did you cum?” she asks skeptically. Dumbly, I shake my head. “There you go, then. It’s not your ears; it’s him. Sure, your ears are freakishly sensitive, but that doesn’t diminish the effect Eric was having on you by a long shot. Is that what you were scared about? That your ears were some sort of hidden orgasm button anyone could push?”

I blush.
Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t say anythin’ to Eric. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“I won’t lie to you and say that your ears are not insanely sensitized for causing that to happen to you,” Pam tells me. “I don’t know a single woman that has cum from having her ears tugged after a little necking, but good for you!”

Okay, so it’s strange, but a good strange, I think in moderate relief. I’m still embarrassed about them, but at least I don’t have an indiscriminate ‘orgasm button.’ “I’m sorry if I’ve been stupid about this,” I mumble.

Pam shrugs, unaffected. “Knowing the mechanics of things is not the same as performing them. I am curious why you wished to speak to me of all people about this? Why not ask one of your friends from school that isn’t fucking your brother? Or at least isn’t your boyfriend’s sister?”

Because I’d have to listen to every little thought they had on the topic, “’Cause I don’t want to be part of the rumor mill at school. High school girls gossip. Even if you gossiped, we don’t know any of the same people other than Eric and Jason.”

Pam nods, accepting my excuse without question. I feel oddly guilty about lying to her, and that surprises me. The only person I’ve ever felt guilty for not tellin’ that I’m a telepath is Jason.

We chat about less personal stuff as I finish up my coffee, and Pam drives me back to the condo. When I see Eric’s Corvette still parked out front, an idea starts to form.

“Are you comin’ up?” I ask.

Pam smirks at me, “Seeing as you told Eric to dissuade me against fucking your brother while he is still healing, I will pass.”

I shake my head at her filter-less comment, but don’t say anythin’ about it. That’s just Pam, I guess.

Before I’m even in the condo, I can hear Jason yellin’ at the TV about ‘traveling,’ so I know he’s watchin’ basketball. When I open the door, Jason and Eric are sittin’ on the couch watchin’ the game. Eric seems less captivated with it than Jason does, though.

“Hey,” I greet them, takin’ off my coat and draping it over one of the barstools, “who’s winnin’?”

“Rockets,” Jason replies, eyes glued to the TV.

“Cool,” I smile and lean over the back of the couch to whisper in Eric’s ear. “Can I talk to you a minute in private?”

Eric cranes his neck to look at me before nodding and standing, “Of course.”

I lead him to my room, grimacing at Jason’s thought of, ‘Oh, what the fuckin’ hell is this? Is this okay?’

“I don’t want to keep you in here long. Jason’s imagination will run wild if I do,” I mumble.

“What is it, Sookie?” Eric asks, keepin’ a careful distance between us.

“Umm, well, I’m gonna be quick and honest with you,” I tell him. “I kinda think these areas,” I quickly flail my hands in front of my breasts and lap, “should be off limits. I know you’ve never even hinted at tryin’ to touch me there, and I appreciate that, really. It’s just, I know there’s somethin’ you want to tell me at some point that you think is gonna be some life alterin’ thing for me. And the thing is, until you’ve told me what it is and you know I won’t run, I don’t think you should touch me…in those places. ‘Cause if these,” I gesture to the previously mentioned areas again, “are anywhere near as…umm…receptive as these,” I point to my ears, “then I probably won’t want you to stop… Well… Ever.”

Eric smirks at my point and nods, “I see, well, I will keep that in mind.”

“So, I want to date, and kiss and hold hands and stuff, right now. I’m not sayin’ that after you tell me your big secret that I’ll be all gung ho about jumpin’ into bed with ya, but it’s definitely a prerequisite. If what you tell me is really somethin’ I can’t accept, I’d be awful upset if I’d slept with you and then ya broke my heart with whatever it is you’re still hiding. Is that fair?” I ask nervously.

Smiling at me, Eric leans in, kisses my lips, and answers, “Entirely acceptable.”

I let out a relieved breath and nod, “Thank you.”

“It might make me hesitate to let you in on my secret. If you sincerely do not wish to see me again after you know, then I might not wish to ever tell you. You could stay a virgin a very long time, Sookie,” he admits.

Grippin’ the front of his shirt, I keep Eric from pullin’ away, “I don’t think I’ll run. I really, really don’t, but I’ve never been a believer in certainty, so I won’t promise. Okay?”

“Sookie,” Eric holds my face in his cool, cool hands, “if there is ever one thing I pray that you can be certain of, it is me.”

“If I say I’ll try, does that count?”

He kisses me slowly and softly. His hands leave my face and clamp on to my sides, so that he can pull me flush against him. It’s this smooth, sexy, passionate kiss that makes me glad he’s got a hold on me, ’cause I feel like I could melt onto the floor. I find myself really holdin’ on to the front of his shirt now, just so I feel grounded and won’t float away or drop to the ground. It could really go either way…

He pulls away, holds me with one arm, and uses his free hand to push my hair from my face. “For now,” he says.

On To Chapter Thirteen!


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  1. ericluver says:

    Sookies reaction to her ears being nibbled was a surprise. More for her I think, than Eric. Poor girl, not knowing what to think about it. She really is innocent/naive. Pam handled her insecurities well though.
    I gotta tell you that the waiting for the “big reveal” is killing me! On both their parts. Hope it happens soon. 😋

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  2. mom2goalies says:

    Poor Sookie having no one to discuss things with. I’m very glad Pam didn’t brush her off and actually explained things to her. Loving Eric’s patience with her and wonder if he is surprising himself or just realizes how much he wants her in his life so it feel natural to him. The tension building due to each having a big secret and wondering how each will react is getting very thick. I wonder who will crack first and reveal.

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  3. suzyq591suzy says:

    Pam reacted really well in her responses to Sookie:-) Erogenous zones can happen in the most innocent of places. Curious to find out if the is any fairy connection. I did like how she put the other zones off limits for now.

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  4. redequus says:

    I have sensitive ears too! But not quite THAT sensitive! Lol. Does it have something to do with her Fae heritage? Very sweet how Eric reassured Sookie about her body’s reactions. It’s hard to remember that she’s so inexperience when her and Eric move so well together. I think once Sookie fully trusts Eric, they’ll be able to move at a more easy pace. But that won’t happen until some secrets get spilled. Which won’t happen until there’s more comfort and trust. Ah the viscous circle!

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  5. mindyb781 says:

    This story is so good, I get so excited when I see an update. It is so fun to read. Parts made me giggle. Sookie is so innocent . Talk about built-up sexual tension. The girl has never organismed and a tug on her ears do the trick. Hmmm fae …maybe. They both have secrets. Sookie was calling Eric out on his, I’m curious if he realizes she has one ? The ending was really good.


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