Keep Me Ch. 09

Chapter Nine:

Monday came all too soon for Sookie. The few days that had remained between her finding out about the trip and the actual departure date had flown by, and the girl now found herself pacing nervously, awaiting Eric’s rising.

The vampire could immediately feel his lover’s nerves before he had so much as opened his eyes. He could hear the fast pace of her trekking feet walking back and forth across the carpet and hardwood of his floor. “Lover,” he sighed, still not opening his eyes, “you will ware a path into my floor at this rate.”

“I can’t help it,” Sookie replied chokingly. “I’m nervous about meetin’ more vampires.”

“Just remember all of the training Pam and I have put you through. With any luck, you will hardly ever use most it,” Eric reminded her as he got out of bed. He was pushing her towards the bathroom so they could shower and dress together as they did on almost any other night. He hoped that the routine would calm her down, but not even his advances upon her in the shower seemed to distract her.

Soon, their luggage was loaded into the Escalade and Pam was behind the wheel as Eric crooned and murmured at his lover in the backseat. Pam made a few jabbing remarks about her Maker, trying to get a laugh out of Sookie, but even Pam questioning Eric’s masculinity whilst he whispered sweet nothings to Sookie could not make her laugh.

When they arrived at the airport, Pam was a bit relieved. She could no longer deal with seeing her powerful Maker completely wrapped around the young telepath’s finger. After all, it was not usual for Eric to show so much affection, especially around her. She just hoped that Eric was not losing his edge.

“It’s just because it’s Godric,” Sookie assured Eric as she paced the aisle of the private jet while they awaited the opportunity to take off. Once the “fasten seat belts” sign flashed, Sookie was buckled in, but only remained that way until the light went back off to resume her pacing. “I just want to make a good impression. I don’t want you to look weak in front of the Dallas vampires, or anythin’, and I know I’ll remember my lessons. I know I will, but what if somethin’ we haven’t covered comes up? Or what if they notice that I’m not glamoured?”

“Sookie,” Eric was rubbing the bridge of his nose, “please relax. Your unease is quite unwarranted. Come here.” He held his arms out to her, and Sookie fell into his lap. “The sooner we are Bonded, the better. Once you can focus in on my calm, you will be better apt at handling such strenuous occasions. It is good that we will be Bonded before I introduce you to the Queen and her court.”

“I-I’ll have to meet a Queen!?” Sookie gasped, and Eric silently berated himself for broaching the topic at such a time and place.

“In time, my lover. Not for quite a time now. Just focus on the fact that you have nothing to fear in this meeting. Just remember to keep quiet around vampires that are not myself or Godric, and all will be fine.” Sookie nodded slowly, and took in a deep, calming breath.

In what seemed like no time, Sookie was buckling back into her seat and the plane was landing. A limousine was there to meet them at the tarmac and the chauffeur was the one to gather their luggage and put it into the vehicle. Sookie could tell by his brain patterns that he was a Were, but the few thoughts she got from him were not threatening.

“He’s on Godric’s payroll?” Sookie asked when they were seated in the backseat of the limo.

“Hush, Little One. No more discussions in the vehicle. I will talk to you at the Nest.” Eric realized he should have warned Sookie that a Were could hear her through the partition. Having never truly brought Sookie in on supernatural interactions, he was making a whole new list of things he needed to train Sookie in avoiding. Like the fine art of not acknowledging the supernatural in general. Questions would be asked if it were realized that a human could identify Supes at less than a glance.

When they pulled up to an inconspicuous looking two story house, Sookie felt somewhat surprised. She had anticipated her vampire’s Maker to have much more lavish accommodations. Somehow, though, the building’s subtlety was comforting to the girl.

As the limo pulled to a stop, the Were chauffeur opened the door for them, and Eric took Sookie’s hand to assist her out of the car. Their hands remained linked all the way to the front door, but parted when it began to open. Sookie took a half step back behind Eric, knowing she could not stand directly at his side in front of other vampires.

A husky looking cowboy was at the door, looking entirely put out at Eric’s appearance on the doorstep. However, his attention shifted quickly to Sookie when he caught a whiff of her appealing scent. Sookie, kept her eyes down, a blank expression on her face, while the strange vampire scented the air discretely.

“Godric is expecting you. He awaits in his library,” the vampire growled, but Sookie noted that it was a human growl and not a vampiric one. He was repressing his vampire mannerisms because of her presence.

“Thank you, Stan.” Eric nodded, stepping inside, Sookie on his heel like a short, pleasant smelling shadow.

Eric lead the way to Godric’s library, and Sookie did her best not to look around. She could feel the presence of a few humans in the house, but by the fog surrounding their thoughts, she knew they were glamoured.

As Eric opened the double doors of the library, Sookie felt her heart hammering against her ribs. It gave Eric brief pause, but he continued into the room. Without raising her eyes, Sookie realized that the only vampires in the room were Eric, and who she assumed would be Godric. Still, she kept her eyes down until Eric told her otherwise.

“My Child.” Godric was leaning against the bricks of a fireplace, the wood crackling merrily as a flame danced in the hearth. “And this must be Ms. Stackhouse. You may look at me, Little One.” Her heart contracted as the mirth in his voice made Sookie want to look up, but she remained with her head down until Eric said it was okay.

“My Maker’s command is my command, Sookie,” Eric explained with amusement.

At last, Sookie raised her gaze to Godric and stared at him in surprise. He appeared to be around her own age, though she knew he was even older than Eric. Godric had short brown hair and wore light colored linen pants and a tunic. She thought, bemusedly, that he did not look like he was trying very hard to fit into modern fashion… Unless he was emulating a Hari Krishna. “G-Good evenin’,” She stammered self-consciously.

Godric smelled the air as he returned her greeting. “Good evening, Sookie. Come, sit down.” He gestured to a plush sofa which had two equally comfortable looking chairs facing it. Sookie sat on the sofa carefully, Eric placing himself beside her as Godric took a chair across from them. “You are just as pretty as Eric described you, and you smell even better.” He smiled.

Sookie shuddered. “Th-thank you.”

“You do not need to be so meek, Little One.” It tore Sookie’s heart every time he called her that. That was a name for Eric to call her. “Ah, but I can feel through Eric how nervous you are, and twice now you have cringed at something I have said… Hmmm…” Sookie let the deep chocolate eyes of her love’s Maker take her in. “She is quite extraordinary, Eric,” he said.

“Yes, she is,” Eric agreed, placing a hand on her thigh, and taking one of her hands that rested there. “You can see why I have brought her so suddenly.”

“Yes.” Godric nodded in understanding as he rose from his chair to crouch in front of Sookie. “Little Sookie, my Child tells me that you have spared his existence. That you killed a Were to defend him after knowing him only a single night. It is not among my kind to express gratitude towards a human, but I am in your debt.”

Sookie swallowed hard, embarrassed by the display. “I-I am still indebted to you, Sir, for makin’ Eric. He saved me from a lot more than just death.”

“You may just call me Godric.” Eric’s Maker hummed to himself amusedly. “Beautiful, delicious, and modest. Eric, wherever did you find a child of this caliber in this day and age?” he joked.

“Fighting like a wildcat outside one of my own buildings.” Eric chuckled. “She was taking refuge in the doorway of the warehouse that will be Fangtasia in the future. Two men were accosting her, and she fought them off valiantly whilst suffering of starvation. Had she not been so weakened, I doubt that she would have needed my assistance.”

“I also understand that you have other gifts, Little Sookie, other than determination and courage.” Godric smiled at her, and she could slowly feel herself warming up to him. “I, unfortunately, must rely on my millenniums of experience to discern another’s loyalties.” Glancing at Eric, he nodded. “I give you my permission to take Ms. Stackhouse as your Bonded.” Sookie let out a long breath that she had not realized was caught in her throat.

“Thank you, Master.” Eric bowed his head gratefully.

“Y-you needed permission?” Sookie gasped.

“It is not a requirement, however, it is in good form to ask permission, seeing as my progeny risks great future bereavement by committing himself so entirely to another.” Godric explained. “Also, a Bonded couple is something even as his Maker, I cannot interfere with. If Eric were younger, I would compel him to rethink this, however, seeing as he is not a fledgling, and has raised a promising progeny, I feel no need to question his judgement.”

“So… What if you weren’t a nice Maker? Eric’s always told me that you are a very fair Master, but not all are like you, right?” Sookie asked tentatively.

“Ah,” Godric frowned, “yes, it is quite sad that many vampires sneer at the act of Bonding. They find that it degrades the vampire rather than raises the expectation of the human-” Godric caught Sookie glancing worriedly at Eric, and glanced at his Child curiously.

Eric cleared his throat uncomfortably. “He means that other vampires would look down on me for Bonding to you.”

Sookie flushed with embarrassment. She had managed to follow Godric’s candor up until that word, “degrade”, and though she was pretty sure she knew the general meaning of the word from the context, she could not help but reflexively look to Eric for a definition.

“I, um, couldn’t read up until a few months ago,” she explained as a light blush crept up her cheeks. “I still run into a lot of words I don’t know.”

“Ah, well, I did not learn to read until I was nearly three hundred, so you beat me by quite a bit.” Godric smiled at her softly. Eric exuded gratitude to his Maker for extending that information just to make his lover less self-conscious. “Do you like to read now?”

“Oh, yes, and Pam gives me all kinds of different stuff to read. Usually magazine articles because she said my fashion sense needs as much improvement as my readin’.” Eric and Godric chuckled at Sookie’s remark, but she had intended the statement to lighten the mood.

“And she knows how to laugh at herself.” Godric’s smile widened. “I hope that she knows how to laugh at you, as well.” His eyes twinkled teasingly. “Tell me, Little Sookie, how old are you?”

“17, but my birthday is only a little ways away now,” she told him.

“I see.” Godric nodded. “When are you planning on presenting her?” he asked Eric.

“Once we are Bonded, and she has had a bit more training up,” Eric assured him. “Sophie-Anne’s Late Autumn Moon Gala will be the perfect opportunity. There will be many there mingling, and direct focus will not be on Sookie.”

“That sounds like a perfect situation for her to be introduced. It will be a short audience as well.” Glancing sideways at Eric, Godric asked slyly, “Speaking of Sophie-Anne, have you heard from André recently?”

Eric growled. “Not directly. He is, however, the one who sicked a Were on me.”

“Ah, yes, in pursuit of getting you out of Area 5 so that he could put a procurer in your place. Tell me, Eric, have you yet discovered what André is looking for?” Eric’s eyes flitted at Sookie quickly before he looked back to his Maker, Godric nodded in understanding. “Yes, I believe you are right.” He sighed.

“None-the-less, André will not be able to acquire his prize after all. I could go so far as to file grievances with the Queen over her Child’s actions if he were to try and take her, or have another attempt to do so.” Eric smiled.

“Me?” Sookie gaped for a moment. “You mean André sent that Were to your house so he could get you out of the way to get me?” She was entirely flabbergasted.

“That is still unconfirmed, however, after some investigating, and a few choice questions from my ear in the courts, I have been able to deduce that the item that André wished to procure is none other than the little girl who saved my very existence from his attempt.” Eric eyed her appreciatively. “My lovely, soon to be Bonded.” He took Sookie’s hand and brought it to his lips.

“Speaking of which, when did you want to complete the process?” Godric asked.

“As soon as possible.” Eric’s eyes were still trained on Sookie’s.

“Very well. We shall adjourn to the main room. Eric, please take Sookie there while I retrieve the ceremoNiall dagger, and quickly explain her part in the ceremony.” Godric left the room in a blur.

“W-we’re doin’ it now?” Sookie gasped.

“Are you against it?” Eric looked down at her, surprised.

“No! Not at all, I just didn’t realize that we were gonna be Bonded tonight!” Sookie trembled slightly, a mixture of excitement and worry coursing through her. “Does Pam know that this is happenin’?” Sookie asked carefully.

“She is aware, although, whether she knew or not- it should not influence your own decision on the matter.” Eric quirked an eyebrow at her, and Sookie bowed her head nervously. “Sookie, what are you holding back?”

“I want this, Eric, but I can’t help but think you’re rushin’ through this all the sudden. What aren’t you tellin’ me?” Sookie whispered.

Eric sighed and let go of his lover’s hand. “I want this, Sookie-”

“I mean, for an immortal to be worried about havin’ to wait five months to have his Maker approve of his Bonded is kind of a red flag,” Sookie continued, regretting having cut him off.

“You are right, Sookie. I have been pushing us quickly down this route… I have a confession.” Eric took her hand firmly, but not with vampire strength. “Do you remember shortly after you came to live with me, and you came along to question my day man?” Sookie nodded. “You remember Charles?” Sookie shuddered at the memory of the other vampire who had left the girl much more cautious of the undead. “I had him open some ears for me in important places, and the chatter I have collected has lead me to believe that you are in danger of becoming a procurement. Unless I bind you to me quickly, my queen can force you to come to her. As of now, you are merely Mine, nothing more than a pet or a drinking fountain- something that can be taken away. If you are bound to me, it is a sign to the kingdom that I am taking a mate- someone whom I intend to turn eventually. She will never be able to take audience without me by your side, even while you are human,” Eric told her all of this so quickly that the telepath’s head was spinning.

“Why would they want me?” Sookie asked breathlessly.

“At first it was just whispers and hearsay. But now… Well, word has gotten out that I have taken a pet, one that smells utterly divine, and that I never let leave my side in public. A human whom I have invested so much time in has piqued the interest of the queen. She collects human flavors as a human may collect fine wines.” Eric brought Sookie’s hand to his lips and kissed it while he breathed in the scent of inner wrist. “I can deny my queen very little, but as my Bonded, you will never be negotiable until my final death.”

“So, I’m not this valuable thing in the area.” Sookie sighed, relieved. “That’s at least good. When you mentioned that, I got worried. You just found out about the queen’s interest in me because you already had ears listenin’ for anythin’ up in your Area.”

“That, as I said before, is still unconfirmed. The way Compton questions me about you, insisting on meeting you for the purpose of my security is suspicious. My deductive reasoning points to you being involved somehow with the attempt on my existence, but I do not know for certain. It is still not undoubtably confirmed. I am acting as if it is, though,” Eric explained.

“But you do want to be Bonded to me, right? It’s not just about makin’ claim of your feedin’ privileges?” Sookie asked, and she could not stand how horrible she felt to have to ask it.

“Sookie!” Eric looked wounded. “You should know better than that by now.” Sookie smiled with embarrassment, but gave the hand that was holding hers a squeeze. “I had wished that our Bonding could wait a while longer, since it will slow down your body’s aging process, but too many vampires are becoming intrigued by your presence. Even some Weres. You must be indisputably bound to me before any more interests can be piqued. The only thing that has deterred procurers to this point is my age and reputation. It is only a matter of time until the Queen requests an audience with you, and that is when our real problems will begin on that front.”

“How so?”

“You cannot be glamoured, Sookie. I have never met a human that could not be. That will raise a lot of questions in the court,” Eric explained as they came closer to the large living room. “Now, we must discuss our Bonding ceremony. It is short and easy. When Godric, Stan and Isabelle arrive with a few more witnesses, we will do a mutual blood exchange. You will open a wound with a dagger that Godric will bring… It is a very special dagger, Lover, and it is the other reason we needed to see Godric before we could be Bonded.”

“What’s so special about it?”

“I will explain in a minute, but let me tell you what we need to do for the ritual first.” Eric assuaged her persistence with raised hands and quick talking. “You will cut into my neck and begin drinking, and I will bite your throat. Both of us should feel the magic around us, and you will feel it when the binding has been completed,” he assured. “Now, you will experience a much more intense wave of pleasure in reaction to the ceremony because you will be feeling my experience of the situation as well as your own. Do not feel shy or embarrassed if you climax, for I will be doing the same.” He gave her a wolfish wink that made Sookie giggle. “Once you feel collected, you must hand the knife back to me. That is the end of the ritual. When witnesses have observed the returning of the dagger to the vampire it is recognized that the human has willingly submitted their existence to that vampire.”

Sookie nodded. “What’s so special about this dagger, though?” she asked quietly.

Eric leaned in and spoke quietly to her. “It is enchanted. Godric was gifted it by supernatural royalty. He was told by the King that if the dagger was never used maliciously it would grant those who used it by their heart protection. We have called this dagger ‘The Bloodletting Blade’, for that is the only action a vampire could perform out of kindness. It has not been used, for Godric could never guarantee that the user had no ulterior motives other than to save a life. We will be the first to use this blade.”

“How do you know it’s not cursed?” Sookie asked breathlessly.

Eric smiled. “Godric has had this blade since before I was made. He has had it inspected numerous times; once even by the Ancient Pythoness.” He brushed a stray hair from her face. “Believe me, if there were some malevolent aspect about that dagger Godric would have known about it by now.”

“I trust you, Eric.” Sookie smiled up at him. “But you know that I’m cautious about all these things right now.”

“Yes, Lover, and I am very grateful that you have a brain and consider ramifications before leaping into potential danger. Your survival instincts are unparalleled by any human I have ever met, and soon your logistics will match.” He grinned down at her approvingly. “The witnesses will begin arriving in a moment,” he warned her seconds before the sound of vampires moving very quickly rented the air, and Sookie found herself being leered at by several unknown vampires.

“So, the Viking is Bonding?” Stan sneered at the thousand year old warrior. Sookie did not appreciate how he said “Bonding” like a dirty word.

“Stan,” Godric’s voice was a warning, “this ceremony is the most revered process our kind can experience. If I ever hear a disrespectful utterance about it, I will rip off your arm with great prejudice.”

Stan lowered his head, but his eyes still were unhappy about the whole situation.

“He will turn her shortly,” Isabelle’s tone was placacting toward Stan. “He would not keep her human for long,” she pointed out, and Sookie had to fight her urge to say that she was still unsure she wanted to be turned.

“I do not like the manner you use to presume my motives and intentions.” Eric sneered at the vampiress who had just spoken. “It will do you well not to assume so much.”

After that statement, the group grew silent, and Eric turned towards Sookie. Godric handed over a dagger that appeared to have been forged in pure gold. The edges appeared sharp, but the blade’s belly was encrusted with rubies before it tapered into the beveling on its edges. Gilded with detailed etchings and beautiful jewels, Sookie could not understand how anyone would even attempt to use the blade as a weapon, but she guessed in dire circumstances one would resort to just about anything.

“I, Eric Northman, claim Sookie Stackhouse as my Bonded by blood and blade,” Eric vowed as he placed the dagger into Sookie’s hand and brought it to his throat. Slitting a long wound across his jugular, Eric leaned down, offering his blood to Sookie. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders before enveloping the bleeding gash with her lips. Once she had begun to pull on the wound, Eric’s fangs clicked into place and he punctured them delicately into Sookie’s throat.

The telepath’s mewl against his flesh made Eric growl and his arms wrapped tightly about her waist as they simultaneously nursed upon each others’ blood. Sookie could feel the magic enveloping her, she could begin to feel his hunger, his want, his lust. The overpowering sensation of his emotions doubled up inside her until her lips tore from his throat and she let loose a cry of unrestrained pleasure.

Eric was snarling as he grasped her golden hair. Pulling away from her throat, he crashed his blood coated lips to hers, tangling their tongues together intensely. Several clicks sounded as many of the vampires in the room became aroused by the scene in front of them, but Godric ushered them all out with a glare. Godric could see Eric restraining himself just long enough for the last of the strange vampires to leave before he began ripping Sookie’s clothes open. The girl gasped and pleaded as her lover yanked up her skirt before quickly undoing his own pants.

“Yes, Eric!” she cried, dropping the dagger at last to reach out and stroke him.

Eric growled again before batting her hands away and thrusting deep into his Bonded. Godric sat down on the sofa, observing his Child interacting with his mate. The girl seemed completely unconcerned at being scrutinized, and that intrigued the ancient vampire. She also seemed unfazed by Eric’s complete abandon and aggressive actions to her body; not uttering a single cry unrelated to pleasure and enjoyment.

Godric did not care how much a woman loved a man; a human woman would not be able to handle the intensity at which his Child took Sookie without betraying discomfort.

When Eric finally howled out his orgasm, Godric rose to reconvene the vampire witnesses, taking his time to give Sookie a moment to put herself back together.

Sookie was trembling and shaking as Eric helped her right her torn clothing, managing to scramble up a modicum of modesty. Godric opened the door to the foyer and nodded at the vampires to re-enter. They stayed long enough to witness Sookie returning the Bloodletting Blade back to Eric before they inclined their heads to her ever so slightly and went about their business for the evening.

“Eric, Sookie, take a seat.” Godric nodded at the sofa he had sat at while watching them. “I have a question for the both of you… Do either of you know if Sookie may be something other than human?”

The two looked at each other, and Sookie could feel Eric’s appraisal. “The thought has crossed my mind more than once,” Eric replied honestly. “You and I have tasted pretty much everything there is to taste on this earth, and her flavor is unique, though not entirely unfamiliar. There is something to it that I cannot help but feel I have had it before.”

Godric nodded. “As I thought. When I first smelled her, she made me feel the same way.”

“I don’t know what I could be if not human. I thought my te-… temptin’ scent had to do with my virginity at first.” Sookie stopped herself from mentioning her gift in a house full of vampires, and Godric and Eric nodded at her approvingly. “But I guess the flavor didn’t fade afterwards… Eric… The first time you tasted me, you said I could rival a fairy…”

“Yes, I did, but you do not taste of fairy, you are just sweet like one.” Eric smiled down at her, brushing a tendril of hair from her face. “If you were fae, I would feel the effects of your blood, becoming inebriated by it.”

“If she were not entirely fae, however, that might explain a dilution in the effects of her blood,” Godric pointed out. “Perhaps Sookie had a relative that was only part fae?”

Eric pondered this for a moment. “Yes, but Sookie’s other attributes would not be explained by this, only her taste.”

“Yes, that particular gift is unrelated to fairies.” Godric agreed.
“We have it on reasonable authority, that Sookie may be a Natural Witch.” Eric supplied and Godric grimaced. “What?”

“If Sookie is indeed Fae, that could be a problem as she gets older. Fairies reach their magical maturity at 28, and pairing those two sources of magical energy could be catastrophic,” Godric replied in a hushed whisper. “I have never met such a combination in my two millennia on this earth… Not a successful one at least.”

Eric’s teeth clenched as he gripped Sookie’s hand. “How do you mean?”

“Fae and Witches use two different, and very potent, types of magic. A single mind and body cannot begin to attempt powering them both. If you are indeed a Natural Witch and Fae, either your mind will shatter trying to control both, or your heart will give out trying to power both.” Godric paused to look at his shocked Child. “If you receive confirmation that Sookie is part fae, as well as part witch… You, young lady, should consider being turned before your fairy magic manifests. Eric, I will do my best to find out as much as possible. You should do so as well, and quickly. I cannot predict if Sookie’s maturing powers will accelerate or diminish with the Bond… I will make some calls and keep in contact.”

“Oh, are we goin’ home already?” Sookie asked, having a difficult time digesting Godric’s declaration.

“No, my Bonded, we will be staying in Dallas for a couple of days. Godric is taking us to his private residence for the remainder of our stay, but he will only be available from time to time.” Eric smiled at her. “If this were a wedding, you could call this our honeymoon.” He winked at her teasingly.

With a giggle, Sookie looked up at her lover shyly. “I guess we already consummated the union, huh?”

Eric and Godric both released boisterous laughs, and Eric could not help but feel quite a bit impressed with Sookie’s use of the word consummate, until he realized with a groan, “Has Pam been giving you romance novels?”

“Yes, why?” Sookie asked innocently.

Eric merely shook his head and kissed the top of her head affectionately. “No reason, Lover. Shall we head out, Godric?”

“Yes,” the older vampire nodded, amused at his Child’s interactions with his enigmatic Bonded, “we should be getting a move on.”

Sookie felt a little thrill as Eric took her hand and kept it in his grasp while they walked back out of the house to the limo that had sat waiting. As the Were driver opened the back for them, Sookie inclined her head gratefully to him as she slid in between Eric and Godric. Once they were seated, Eric’s hand rested upon her thigh, their fingers still locked loosely.

“What else have you been hearing from your ears around your less than adoring fan, Eric?” Godric asked as the car began to roll away, reigniting their unfinished conversation.

Eric let out a disapproving grunt. “Nothing confirming that she is what it is he is looking for. I do not even know if he knows exactly what it is. The only hints I have received that lead me to conclude that she is, indeed, his goal are a few comments… I heard the word “hybrid” a few times, and considering her questionable heritage I cannot help but be suspicious. As for trying to replace me… Well, that no longer seems to be a problem since I gave him an opportunity to plant a procurer in my area without actually destroying me.”

“Really?” Godric looked interested.
Sookie could feel Eric’s complete contempt moving through him. She frowned at his mood, wanting to feel the emotions he had been experiencing before Godric had brought up André. With a little push, she focused on how she just wanted to wrap her arms around him and take away all of his frustrations and annoyances.

Eric let out a long, unneeded breath, basking in the sensation like he had slipped into a hot bath. Godric did not miss the glimmer of bliss that flittered across his Child’s face, and in a moment, he could also feel the effects of Sookie’s use of the Bond. “Ah, I was not anticipating that.” Godric chuckled.
“What?” Eric asked sluggishly, still letting Sookie’s soothing presence distract him.

“I can feel her through our bond now. Before, when you first arrived, Sookie was just a variable on the perimeter of your emotions. Now she is as entwined with your experiences as if she has been there all along. It may take me a while to discern where one ends and the other begins.” He smiled. “She is even more deeply melded to you than your Pam.”

Eric was surprised to hear that. “I did not think that possible unless she was turned.”

“Oh, no, Child.” Godric grinned. “Where you can feel Pam, she cannot feel you unless you permit her to. Sookie not only feels you, but can manipulate how you experience situations. You were, only moments ago, frustrated and annoyed, but when she pushed her will into the Bond you became relaxed and sated. Sookie is a quick learner. I have never heard of the human manipulating the Bond so soon after the exchange. I believe most take a couple of years to master what she has so easily performed.” Looking to his Child’s Bonded, Godric told her pointedly, “Do not abuse that ability, Sookie. Eric’s experience of a situation can save your life. If something were to make him feel uneasy it may very well be because there is great danger. All right?” Sookie nodded in understanding.

Sookie leaned her head upon Eric’s shoulder, shutting her eyes softly as they continued the ride in quiet conversation. Eric and Godric continued to murmur quietly to one another, and Sookie occupied herself by listening to the Were driver’s snarled thoughts. Though Weres were more difficult for her to listen to, Sookie was surprised to hear several complete thoughts. Usually she would only catch clips, or only see images when she used her ability to read Weres.

“Something has piqued your interest, Lover,” Eric announced, giving her hand a squeeze and taking her by further surprise. She had managed to not only hear a Were’s thoughts, she had also done it while making physical contact with someone else; a vampire, sure, but usually she could barely hear anything when a vampire was touching her.

“My… Hearin’ is getting better,” she told him pointedly which made both of her vampire companions raise their eyebrows in intrigue.

“Is that so?” Godric tilted his head curiously. “Did you hear anything interesting while we were distracted?”

Sookie shook her head. “No, I was just surprised to realize it, not surprised by what I heard.” The vampires nodded in understanding. “You don’t think it’ll be harder for me to block now, do you?” She turned to Eric worriedly.

“We will need to test that later.” Eric frowned as the car came to a stop and soon the driver was opening the door again.
“Thank you, Terrence.” Sookie smiled at the Were kindly as she awkwardly stepped out of the limo. Terrence was taken aback, but nodded curtly at her. “D-did I do somethin’ wrong?” Sookie asked worriedly as Eric took her hand and lead her towards Godric’s private home.

Eric chuckled. “Not at all, Lover. Weres are just unaccustomed to being addressed by vampires and their companions. However, I do not believe he ever gave his name. He may have been curious how you knew it… How did you know it?”

“Oh,” Sookie blushed, “one of the thoughts I caught from him was a memory of what he was doin’ last night. He really likes when his lover yells his name in bed.”

Eric smirked. “Well, I do as well, so I cannot say that it is an uncommon source of pleasure.”

Sookie giggled slightly and swung Eric’s arm childishly with her own. “I could hear him even though you were holdin’ my hand,” she explained softly as Godric opened the door to his residence and disengaged the alarm system.

“I see.” Eric’s brow frowned as well as his lips. “Were you trying to listen to him?”

“Yeah, you and Godric were talkin’, so I was just kinda lookin’ for somethin’ to do. I started listenin’ to him to pass the time, and it wasn’t until you squeezed my hand that I realized you were still holdin’ it. That surprised me,” Sookie explained.

“Hmm, it seems that your gift is getting stronger, but not necessarily in an unmanageable way.” Eric nodded contemplatively. “We will test that tomorrow evening. Tonight, however, Godric has some plans for us.”

“Oh?” Sookie looked at her Bonded’s Maker curiously.

Godric smiled sweetly at her and Sookie could not help but giggle at such an expression on a vampire. “My Child informed me that you cannot swim. I thought we might all enjoy a nice moonlit swim lesson.” He chuckled at Sookie’s mortified expression. “Afraid of the water, Ducky?”

“N-no.” She stuck up her chin, but Eric could feel the trepidation stirring in her emotions.

“We will not let anything happen.” Eric chuckled as he sent reassurance through the bond. “You will be perfectly safe.”

“Okay.” Sookie let Eric’s positive mood wash over her for courage. “Eric, do I have a swim suit?” she asked tentatively.
“I do believe Pam packed a few for you. She thought, even if you did not swim, you might like to tan during your visit.” Eric nodded. “I will take you to the guest room we will be staying in.”

“But our luggage-”

“Is already waiting in the living room. Terrence brought it over while you two were having your ceremony,” Godric assured her.

“Oh, okay then!” She grinned happily, taking Eric’s hand as he lead her to the living room.

Now that Sookie was less preoccupied, she began to inspect the house. She had not been paying attention to the outside, but the inside was subtly rich. The floors were a dark walnut in real wood, not that laminate fake stuff Sookie had seen. All of the upholstery was in warm browns and reds that went well with the cream and golden colors of the walls.

As they stopped in the living room to retrieve their luggage, Sookie gawked momentarily at a large oil painting that hung above the fireplace. Sookie did not know anything about art, but she felt that the piece was quite old, and, more than likely, very expensive.

Eric pulled Sookie from her admiring to lead her to their bedroom for the next few days.

“The code has not been changed since your last visit,” Godric nodded to him, “but it has been redesigned. It will not engage until ten minutes before sunrise, so you will not need the code to come and go as you please during the night. However, during the day, the code must be re-entered each time you wish to open it, Sookie.”

“Very nice.” Eric smirked. That would be a convenience for clothing changes during the evening, though it would not benefit Sookie at all during the day.

After digging through their luggage, Sookie found a red string bikini. The flimsy garment was simple, to say the least, but the girl had a feeling it cost a lot despite its simplicity. Without regard to how many times Eric had seen her naked, Sookie could not suppress a blush every time she changed in front of him. The way his eyes leered at her and the purring sound he made as she slid the skimpy bottoms on made a slickness begin to coat her nether lips.

Very nice.” Eric growled as he prowled over to the young woman. “Mmm,” he buried his face into her crotch, “you smell so good, My Bonded. We do not need to be outside right away.” He breathed deeply through the thin material of her bottoms. “Lie back, Lover.” He pushed her hips gently until Sookie flopped back against the mattress.

Sookie wondered why she bothered putting her swimsuit on to begin with now that Eric had her completely naked again. Soon, his lips were trailing over her tan skin and planting gentle kisses along her thighs before spreading them wide and diving down.

With a pleasured cry, Sookie reached down to tangle her fingers in Eric’s long, blond hair. Her hands fisted in his locks, holding his face tightly to her wet slit. “Oh, Eric, oh yes!” She cried excitedly as her hips began to buck against his mouth.

As her first climax peaked, Eric kissed back up his lover’s body to slip his fingers within her as his other hand quickly undid his pants. Sookie arched against his fingers before they slipped away and were replaced by his cock.
“AHH!” She cried as her arms wrapped around Eric’s neck and he clutched her hips to thrust strongly against her. “Please don’t stop!” She screamed as Eric picked up his pace and began fucking her in vampire speed. “Oh, OH MY G-” Her throat cut out in a silent scream as her back arched and body jerked in three short, violent spasms.

“Mmmm my Sookie.” Eric growled as he stayed in close. “You are perfect, Lover.”

Panting excitedly, Sookie groped for Eric’s strong arms, digging her nails into the firm muscles as she lulled into her third orgasm. Eric followed her into oblivion, biting into her throat as he did.

As he drank his fill, Eric could not help but notice a new essence to her blood. It seemed different, but he was unable to discern what the difference was. It was not that the taste had changed, but that it seemed more filling- thicker.

Eric licked the wound closed before flopping beside her on the bed and pulling Sookie against his body contentedly.

“You are amazing, Sookie.” He kissed the side of her head happily. “My perfect mate.”

Sookie purred contentedly at his announcement and snuggled deeper against him. “And you are mine.”

“Now, I must get you back in your bathing suit so that we may finally meet Godric at the pool.” He laughed, giving her one more kiss before getting off of the bed and fetching her bikini. Sookie pouted as he handed her the top and crouched down to slip her bottoms up her legs.

“You won’t let me drown or somethin’, right?” Sookie grimaced at the thought, but Eric could feel through their new Bond that she was merely joking.

“I would never allow anything like that to happen to you, Lover.” Eric gave her bottom a light swat, “You know that.”

Sookie shrugged. “I’ve never been in a pool… Or even a lake. The only time I’ve been in water is to take a bath!”

Eric chuckled at that and took her hand as they walked out of the bedroom.

“Decided to join me then?” Godric winked at them as they came towards the kitchen where the door to the patio was.

“I apologize. I was distracted momentarily.” Eric grinned back at his Maker.

“A reasonable distraction you have.” Godric nodded with amused understanding. “Shall we?”

The trio went out to the back patio which was lit up beautifully. There were tall trees framing the property and offering more privacy than a fence would, as well as a well manicured lawn and well kept garden.

“It’s very pretty out here!” Sookie looked around and saw a hot tub that was just too tempting to pass up. “Ooh, can we go in there first?” she asked excitedly, tugging Eric towards the jacuzzi. The two vampires just chuckled and humored her as they clambered in, Eric pulling Sookie into his lap.

“We still have quite a while until dawn, so a soak before swimming will not make us pressed for time.” Godric smiled at them. “Now, Sookie, I am curious to know about your gift. Eric has told me all about it, of course, but I am curious to hear it from your perspective. Can you try to describe what you ‘hear’? How it sounds to you? Does it sound like regular voices?”

Sookie’s face scrunched slightly as she thought how best to describe what she heard. “It’s kind of like hearin’ a whisper. You know how everyone’s voice sounds different when they whisper? Not like their normal speakin’ voice, but you can usually tell who it is talkin’ anyway?”

“I understand how you mean.” Godric nodded.

“But coverin’ my ears doesn’t dampen it out. I don’t hear with my ears, it’s more like I’m feelin’ a vibration. Like… When the bass is really high up on a song and you can literally feel the words… Does that make any sense?” She giggled nervously. She had never tried to describe the things Godric was asking about, and she had never honestly tried to think of a way of explaining them. Normally, she just pretended they did not exist at all!

“I am following you, but it is so fascinating.” Godric smiled. “I thank you for indulging my curiosity.”

“Godric… What else has Eric told you about me?” Sookie asked softly, reluctantly.

Godric’s smile softened. “Everything, Little Sookie.” Sookie’s eyes ducked down, and Eric nipped her chin up gently. “There is nothing for you to be embarrassed or ashamed about, Little Sookie. We all have our atrocities to combat. Yours just came early on, and I know my Child will keep any future ones at bay.” A glimmer of comfort tittered through the bond and Sookie jolted.

“Was that you? That didn’t feel like Eric.” Sookie stared wide eyed. “W-wait…” Her eyes closed, and the vampires stared at her in captivation as Sookie’s face scrunched up in concentration. “Godric, can you send to Eric like that again?” she requested, eyes still shut, face still tight with focus. She felt Godric’s comfort once more, and she followed that sensation to the outskirts of where she normally felt Eric.

‘Eric?’ Eric jumped and dislodged Sookie from his lap, submerging her in the water. When she came sputtering to the surface again, Eric was cupping her shoulders and staring at her wide-eyed. “You heard that?” she coughed out.

“Yes! How… How did…” Eric was completely speechless.

“What is it, Eric?” Godric looked excited and more impatient than Eric had ever seen.

‘I can speak now.’ Godric’s eyes went even wider as he heard Sookie’s ‘voice’ in his head.

“What… How is this?” Godric’s voice was a shocked whisper.

“I don’t know how to really explain it,” Sookie said with bewilderment. “But when I felt you through the bond, I found where Eric’s mind was, because it’s his mind that ‘sends’ to me. When I found that, I just…” She shrugged, at a loss for an explanation, “It’s weird. I’ve never been able to send before… Well… Not like that anyway.”

“What do you mean, Lover? ‘Not like that’?” Eric’s eyes were still boring into her own.

“Well, back when I lived with Bartlett… He considered lettin’ some of his friends do stuff to me… When he got that thought, I just kinda… twisted it a bit. I used his selfishness to make him not want to let them. But when he decided he was goin’ to sell me I couldn’t twist his thoughts against it. That’s why I had to leave,” Sookie explained.

“Why did you never tell me about that ability before?” Eric tried not to sound demanding, but this was a huge ability for her to dismiss.

“I’d only done it a few times… I just figured it was a fluke or that it hadn’t been me at all, but now it seems more possible I did it; now that I found out I can send to you.” Sookie shrugged.

“Maybe the bond made you more receptive to hearing her?” Godric suggested.

“Then why can she send to you?” Eric asked.
“You are my blood, Eric. As Pam is your blood. Sookie could probably send to all three of us.” Godric shrugged. “Can you ‘hear’ us, Little Sookie?”

Sookie frowned and tried her hardest to hear them. “Not at all. You’re still silent, but… Try sendin’ to me?”

“How would I do this?” Eric asked.

“Just pretend you’re talkin’ to me, but don’t make any noise…?” Sookie gave him an unsure look.

‘I feel ridiculous…’ Sookie giggled and Eric looked at her curiously.

“Don’t feel ridiculous. It could be really useful at some point,” Sookie assured him.

“I am at a loss right now.” Godric climbed out of the hot tub and began pacing the patio. ‘Can you hear me, too?’

“Yes.” Sookie nodded, and Godric was nearly floored. In his two millennium, he had never been thrown off his guard so entirely. “Do you think maybe the Bloodlettin’ Blade might have somethin’ to do with the upgrade my gift is gettin’?”

“It is quite possible.” Godric speculated. “We were unsure as to the full ability of the dagger, but this is entirely unexpected, though not unwelcome. This could prove quite useful. Sookie, on your way back to Shreveport, I want you and I to try conversing for as long as we can as you depart. I would like to test the range. You and Eric might be able to communicate from greater distances since it is you that are Bonded, but I would like to see what the two of us are capable of first.”

“That sounds like a good idea, but… Fair warnin’, Godric- that is quite drainin’. I don’t know if vampires get headaches, but I bet you’ll get your first one in a long time if not.” The vampires chuckled at Sookie’s claim. “You two seem to be takin’ this all very well…,” she said apprehensively.

“Sookie, when you are as old as us,” Godric smiled at her indulgently, “something “new” is always welcome, even if it does bring ramifications.”

‘To result in consequences.’ Eric supplied her with a definition.

“WOAH!” Sookie yelped. “I’m really gonna like this! Eric, now people don’t need to know when I don’t know a word!”

“Yes, this will have many benefits, especially since we must send our thoughts to you intentionally,” Eric agreed.

“There’s stuff you don’t want me to hear?” Sookie scoffed playfully.

“Well, we do not want to take all of the surprise and excitement from our relationship.” Eric played along.

“I am curious… As to how much of this is in response to the Bloodletting Blade, and what is, in fact, Sookie’s powers themselves.” Godric was still pacing beside the hot tub. “The blade was said to offer protection to the user or users, however, I am not sure that this falls into that category.”

“Well, it would make things safer for us all…” Sookie replied thoughtfully.

“Yes, but for it to work in such a fashion… It seems quite intriguing that a form of protection would be something so similar to what Sookie is familiar with,” Godric pointed out. “No, in my opinion, this may be unrelated to the blade’s power.”

“Well, what is the blade suppose to do?” Sookie pressed.

Godric sighed and sat down, dunking his feet into the hot tub. “It is… difficult to say how it works, exactly,” he began slowly. “I was gifted the blade when I was barely more than a fledgling. My own Maker tried to take it from me, but it was enchanted. It could only be given not demanded. Since I could not sincerely gift it to him, the blade would not accept him as its owner.”

“What would it do if someone tried to take it?” Sookie asked excitedly.

“Merely disintegrate in the thief’s hands and rebuild itself back in its sheath which was permanently fused to a display stand.” Godric shrugged. “Anyway, I was told by the King that if the blade were never used in violence, it would bestow protection upon the wielder who used it out of love. It was not explained how the blade accomplished this, but I have it on high authority that the Bloodletting Blade is indeed enchanted with powerful, good magic.”

Sookie sighed and leaned against the side of the hot tub. “That’s annoyin’. So, we don’t even know if it worked, or is workin.”

“The best magic,” Eric explained softly, “is the most subtle. A spell of protection is better suited to remaining vague and spontaneous than the bestowing of unnatural gifts. This is conspicuous and can lead to more peril.”

“Because it leads to questions?” Sookie asked.

“Yes, Lover. Exactly.” Eric nodded. “Our ability to speak telepathically will remain a secret. No one, but our blood, will know.”

“And me.” Sookie giggled.

“You are our blood now, Little Sookie.” Godric smiled down at her amusedly.

“Wait…” Sookie gasped, “Eric, are you blockin’ your end of your bond to Pam?” She asked excitedly.

“Yes, I usually do, unless there is a need for it to be open.” Eric raised an eyebrow.

“Can you open it? I found Godric through my Bond with you, maybe I can talk to Pam if you open your end!” Sookie looked excited.

“That is quite a reach, Little Sookie.” Godric looked uneasy.

“I want to try it. It would be a great way to test the range! Imagine if somethin’ were goin’ down in Dallas or Shreveport and we couldn’t risk you two conversin’ on the phone. Eric could tell me to send a message to you telepathically, and the three of us could speak using me as… A router?” She giggled at her choice of words.

“More like a medium.” Eric chuckled. “All right, Little One, I will open the bond, but be sure to tell Pam not to panic and to call my cell phone if she hears you.” Eric zipped out of the water and returned with his phone before settling back into the water.

A moment later, Sookie could clearly feel Pam’s emotions; stagnant as they were. She followed the signature of her emotions like a trail of smoke. It felt like the telepath’s mind was soaring over the trees, across the land until she found the tiny, impenetrable bubble of Pam’s mind.

Pam, if you can hear me, don’t freak out. Call Eric’s cell-

Eric’s phone rang even before Sookie could finish the thought.

Master!” Pam’s voice was panicked and shrill as Eric answered it. “What in the seven circles of hell is going on!? I can hear your Sookie’s voice in my fucking head!

Eric laughed a bit. “Shortly after the completion of our Bonding, Sookie discovered she could converse with Godric and I telepathically. She wanted to test the range of this new ability. Do not worry. We will be explaining more when we return.” Godric held out his hand for the phone and Eric’s eyebrow rose, “Godric wishes to speak with you.”

Once the oldest vampire had the phone, he was quick with his words. “Pam, there is something special happening with this Bond. If you experience anything out of the ordinary while Eric and Sookie are here, call us immediately. Do not experiment on your own. We must work together around this, because it seems that aside from attaching herself to Eric, Sookie has linked herself with all of those sharing my blood.”

I understand. I will report any news immediately upon my discovery, but will not do anything out of the ordinary before their return… Wait, can Sookie read my mind?” Pam seemed panicked at the thought.

“No, she can only hear you if you think at her. You may experiment with her when they return,” Godric told her.

Ooh, I do love experimenting.” Eric and Godric could hear the meaning in her voice and merely laughed before Godric hung up.

On to Chapter Ten


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